There was a time in India, especially in the late 1980s and 1990s when people used to refer to the humble television as ‘The Idiot Box’.

Maybe, it was because of the mundane stuff that used to be telecast on TV at that time.

best led tv under 15000

I still remember the days when we bought our first colour TV. It was a 20-inch TV costing around ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 12,000.

In those days, it amounted to a lot of money. As we spent over ₹ 10,000 to buy an idiot box, I do not know who the idiot in the story is.

Jokes apart, the televisions have become smarter today. In fact, we have TV manufacturing companies marketing them as ‘Smart TVs.’

The TVs today have become cheaper as well. We have 32-inches LED TVs costing less than ₹ 15,000 today. Let us look at some the popular 32-inches LED TV brands now.

Best LED TV Under 15000 – 32 Inches

1. Vu 32 inch Full HD LED TV (32D6545)

Vu has the reputation of manufacturing some of the least expensive televisions in India. Of course, they do not compromise on the quality aspect one bit.

The 32D6545 is a full HD TV with clear visuals and great audio. Use the media player to watch your content directly on the big screen by connecting your gadgets to it.

The wide 178-degree viewing angle makes it possible to view the TV from the sides without affecting the viewing experience. Look at the fascinating features of this TV.

A+ Grade Panel Piano Black Design Built-in Media Player Connectivity

The biggest enemy of the flat screen TV is the reflection of external light that falls on it. The A+ Grade Pure Prism Panel on this TV prevents the ambient light reflection thereby ensuring the integrity of the images.

The contrasting Piano Black Design makes this TV look elegant and adds a layer of luminosity as well.
Inbuilt Box Speakers – The inbuilt box speakers with Digital Noise reduction feature ensures a stadium like a surround experience.

Your digital media files have a perfect viewing destination in this TV as the built-in media player allows you to connect your USB pen drives and portable drives.

Connecting various gadgets to this TV is possible because of the presence of multiple connectivity ports like USB and HDMI.

MPEG Recorder – You can watch MPEG-4 files on this TV without compromising on the picture quality.

Wide angle viewing – The 178-degree wide viewing angle makes it possible for you to view the TV from almost impossible angles with no change in colour or contrast of the visuals.

Digital Noise reduction – The Digital Noise Reduction feature reduces the noise arising from the connecting devices to ensure a smooth picture output.

  • Compatible with all kinds of video files
  • Great viewing angles
  • The TV supports NTFS
  • HDMI port is located at the back, hence not easily accessible
  • User Interface is not up to the mark as expected

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a smart TV?
No, it is not.
Does it support the CPU?
Yes, you can connect the CPU using a VGA cable.
I have never heard of this brand. Can I trust it?
Yes, you can. The manufacturer imports the parts from Japan and China before assembling it in India.
Can you use the USB and HDMI ports simultaneously in a wall-mount TV?
No, the HDMI port is at the back. However, if you keep the TV on the stand, you can access both the ports simultaneously.

2. Vu 32 inches HD Ready LED Smart TV (32D6475_HD Smart)

Here you have a smart 32-inch LED TV at approximately the same price. Vu maintains its reputation of offering high quality at affordable prices.

You can watch your favourite HD movies on this TV with absolute clarity. It provides you with a complete TV viewing experience with high-quality audio. Go through the other fascinating features of this smart TV.

A+ Grade Panel Piano Black Design DTS-TV Dolby SoundPremium Smart OS

The A+ Grade panel eliminates the light reflections falling on the screen thereby ensuring you get unhindered viewing experience.

Your TV is smart. It should be one as well. The Piano Black Design adds a touch of elegance to your living room.

The Vu TV delivers stunning audio output making you feel as if you are in the midst of the action. The DTS-TV Dolby Sound feature boasts of Total Sonics, Total Surround, and Total Volume thereby providing audio of the highest quality.

The Premium Smart OS is a fast system that delivers a seamless performance. It has a quick booting feature and hence launches apps faster. The UI is easy to understand and thereby operate. Customize and sort icons the way you wish.

Netflix and YouTube Remote – The TV remote comes with dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons thereby ensuring that you access these sites quickly.

Screen Mirroring – Share content from your mobile or tablet on the TV screen via Wi-Fi or LAN on this AnyView Cast or DLNA network-enabled TV. Viewing files from the cloud storage are also possible.

Game Centre – Sometimes, watching TV can be a dull experience. You can while away your time playing computer games on your TV.

Opera TV App Store – The Opera TV App Store allows you to download music, games, and social networking apps.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connectivity – Connect your Wi-Fi router or connect the LAN cable through the Ethernet port and enjoy various apps.

Pixel Mapping – The 1:1-pixel mapping processor allows you to connect all compatible gadgets to your TV. The TV resolution automatically matches the native resolution of the device and ensures accurate and sharp pictures.

  • Good audio speakers
  • Excellent clarity
  • Smart TV features
  • No DTS or FTP support
  • Motion flow adjustment absent

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect mobile to TV?
Yes, you can. The screencast enables you to watch the smartphone content on the smart TV.
Do you need a voltage stabiliser?
It is not necessary, but if you live in an area with extreme voltage fluctuations, you can use one.
Can I watch Hotstar on this TV?
No, you cannot do so.
Does it support Bluetooth?
Yes, it does.

3. Mi 32 inch LED Smart TV 4A 80 cm

Mi manufactures some of the best smartphones in the industry. Hence, it is no surprise that they have come up with a smart TV as well. These are some salient features of this HD-Ready LED TV.

HD-Ready LED DisplayPowerful Speakers Excellent performance Continuous entertainment

The HD-Ready LED Display ensures full clarity along with vibrant natural colours with enhanced levels of brightness. The upgraded engine reduces noise while improving the contrast and brightness.

The TV has two powerful 20 Watt speakers to deliver the sound of the highest quality. You can now hear the film dialogues loud and clear.

The 64-bit quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM allows you to switch between different apps seamlessly. The multiple connectivity ports like USB and HDMI lets you watch your favourite movies from other media sources. Connect to the internet using the Ethernet port.

Enjoy more than half a million hours of TV viewing experience by discovering excellent content from different apps.

Single smart remote – The intelligent remote feature allows you to use a single remote for your TV and set-top box thereby ensuring a seamless experience.

Screen Mirroring – Enjoy content from your other smart devices like Android phone and tablets on the big screen using the Screen Mirroring feature. You can also control the TV from your Android phone if you connect them to the same Wi-Fi.

  • Great sound and picture clarity
  • High-speed processor
  • Smart TV within your budget
  • Does not have Play Store
  • YouTube and Hot Star not available

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect Hotspot?
Yes, it is possible to connect Hotspot in the same way you do with your mobile phones.
Can it run as a computer?
You need a CPU to use it as a computer,
Does it support Netflix and Amazon Prime?
Yes, you can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime.
Is it possible to play PS4 on this TV
Yes, you can play PS 4 on this TV.

4. Micromax 32 inch HD Ready LED TV (32T8361HD/32T8352HD)

Trust Micromax to bring is something special. This TV has the CLCP technology and the SRS Sound system that differentiates it from its peers. You end up saving a lot of power as well in the bargain. Let us experience some of the exciting features of this TV.

CLCP Technology SRS Surround SoundFive Band EqualiserConnectivity

The Crystal Luminous Colour Polarisation technology polarises the light and delivers high-quality colour along with crystal-clear pictures.

The excellent SRS Surround Sound boosts sound performance at all frequencies thereby ensuring top-quality sound clarity and bass response.

The Five Band Equaliser customises your sound frequencies and renders an immersive audio experience.

Use the USB and HDMI ports to connect your other devices to the TV and play your favourite videos and music.

Power savings – The Micromax TV is energy efficient TV as it consumes less power than the other televisions in the market. You end up saving money in the bargain.

  • Great picture quality
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Best TV in your budget
  • Headphone jack needs improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it support pen drive?
Yes, it supports pen drives. You have to select the USB option to view the files in it.
Does it support all video formats?
Yes, it supports all video formats.
Does it support 4K?
No, it does not support 4K videos.

5. Sanyo NXT  32 inches HD Ready LED TV (XT-32S7200H)

Sanyo has a reputation for manufacturing TVs of good quality. This company uses the best technology available at its command to produce TVs with excellent picture clarity and sound.

The best aspect of this TV is that it uses Japanese technology. Let us experience the other heart-warming features of this TV.

IPS Technology720P HD ReadySlim TV Excellent Sound

The IPS technology-enabled Super Bright Panel lets you experience the most accurate colour reproduction whereby you enjoy the clarity of the highest quality. The best aspect of this technology is that you watch the TV from almost any angle.

The HD Ready feature allows you to view sharp pictures in all their visual glory. You experience sharp images and vivid colours at 1366 X 768 resolutions.

The days of the TV occupying maximum space in the room are no longer present. This TV is a thin TV and hence occupies the least space. It adds style to your living room.

This TV has the HDMI Sound Out feature whereby you can connect external speakers to deliver a theatre-like experience. It enables you to turn your TV into a Home Theatre.

Excellent Connectivity – The TV has three dedicated HDMI ports whereby you can connect your laptop to the TV and watch your favourite movies stored in the device on the giant screen.

Environmentally friendly TV – The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has given 4-star rating for this TV. Hence, you end up saving a lot of power and protect the environment as well at the same time.

Audio Boost – Connect two 16-watts speakers and have a delightful experience.

Excellent quality – Sanyo brings in its technical expertise into play by conducting stringent quality checks. You, therefore have a high-quality product on your hands.

  • Excellent screen quality
  • Perfect sound
  • Great Connectivity options
  • Viewing problems if you have SD set-top box
  • Does not play MKV files and MP4

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect TV with your internet connection?
You need Chrome Cast to connect to the HDMI port of the TV.
Is it possible to use the TV as a monitor?
Yes, the TV has a VGA port.
Does this TV support Bluetooth?
No, it does not support Bluetooth.
Do you need a stabiliser?
No, all LED TVs come with an inbuilt stabiliser.

6. Thomson LED Smart TV B9 (32 inches)

Quality wise, the TV is an excellent one. Appearance wise, this TV is right up there among the best in the business. Let us explore some useful features of this TV.

A theatre-like experienceMultiple media formatsMiracastYouTube

You can connect other devices like your laptop, smartphones, and tablets to this TV and enjoy the movies, videos, and music from these devices on the big screen to deliver a theatre-like experience.

The TV is compatible with multiple media formats like MP3, WMA, AC3, MPEG2, and MPEG4.

Miracast allows you to transfer and share digital content from your smartphones and tablets on to the TV wirelessly.

You can watch YouTube on this TV and access the video content across different genres.

Extremely Slim model – This TV has an aesthetic appeal because of its slim features. The design is an excellent one with minimum space between the screen and bezel.

Excellent Sound – Connect 20 Watt speakers and experience surround sound experience with impressive clarity.

Connectivity – Connect your devices using the multiple ISB and HDMI ports and share content seamlessly.

Exclusive Sports mode – Activate the Sports mode to watch live sporting events. You need high-quality picture streaming to be able to view these fast-paced action scenes.

  • High quality picture and sound
  • Excellent looks
  • Smart TV
  • Screen mirroring is satisfactory

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this TV come with a warranty?
Yes, you get a 1-year manufacturer warranty.
Can you watch Netflix on this TV?
Netflix comes loaded in the Apps section. You can watch it from there.
Can you display my mobile screen on my TV?
You can connect your mobile to the TV through Miracast.
What about the updates?
The Smart TV regularly updates the software.

7. Vu 32 inches HD Ready LED TV (32D7545)

True to its reputation, Vu offers the lowest price on LED TVs in India. However, they do not compromise on the quality aspect at all. You have Vu manufacturing some of the best 32-inches LED TVs under ₹ 15,000. These are some of the best features of this TV.

A+ Grade Panel Piano Black DesignInbuilt Speakers Built-in Media Player

External light falling on the TV screen affects the picture quality. The A+ Grade Panel eliminates the light reflection and thus improves the picture quality.

Your TV is the showpiece of your home. The Piano Black design enhances the appearance of the TV and adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Normally, LED TVs do not have good speakers. This TV is different from the others in the sense that they have high-quality inbuilt box speakers with Digital Noise Reduction feature.

The inbuilt media player allows you to connect your USB drives and other portable drives and watch movies in HD quality.

Connectivity – The Vu TV has USB and HDMI ports allowing you to connect your gadgets to the TV. You can also connect your earphones to this TV and enjoy watching your favourite shows without disturbing anyone.

MPEG Decoder – You ensure better file compression without compromising on the picture quality as this TV supports MPEG files.

178-degree viewing angle – The extra-wide viewing angle allows you to watch the TV from virtually impossible angles.

Digital Noise Reduction – The Digital Noise Reduction feature reduces the noise arising from your other input devices and ensures you end up with a smooth video output.

  • Good video and audio quality
  • Fits your budget perfectly
  • Excellent and pleasing looks
  • Not a Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect a cable set-top box to the TV?
You, you have separate RGB ports.
Do you need a stabiliser?
No, all LED TVs come with a stabiliser.
Can you mount it on the wall?
Yes, you can mount this TV on the wall.
Does it have any USB Port?
Yes, the TV has one USB port.

8. Kodak 32 inches HD Ready LED Smart TV (32HDXSMART)

The Kodak TV offers you a smarter way to watch TV. This TV facilitates connectivity with Wi-Fi and LAN. The wireless design reduces the clutter you have in the living room. Here are some exciting features of this TV.

Anti-glare Panel Endless Entertainment MiracastARM Cortex-A7

The anti-glare screen is the highlight of this TV. It provides a great experience to the viewer as the anti-glare glass panel reduces light and contrast. You can watch this TV for long hours without any strain.

The compatibility with Netflix and YouTube ensures that you have continuous entertainment. Streaming online videos on this TV is possible.

Connect wirelessly with your smartphone using Miracast. Hence, you can browse your phone’s content on the TV screen.

The ARM Cortex-A7 makes the interface quick and responsive. You can control this TV using your smartphone.

Connectivity – This TV has many ports such as USB, HDMI, and VGA ports. You can connect the smartphone and other external devices to this TV.

Excellent Display – The A+ panel brings you dynamic pictures as it reduces the light reflection. It makes for the superb viewing experience. This TV has a screen resolution of 1366 X 768.

Super design – The external appearance of this TV is pleasing. The 178-degree wide angle allows you to watch the TV from any angle.

Great Sound – Connect two 20-Watt speakers and ensure a convincing performance. It adds thrill to watching movies and listening to songs.

  • Mirroring feature for phone
  • Anti-glare protection
  • User-friendly UI
  • Sound quality could be better

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compatible with the MP4 format?
Yes, you can watch videos in MP4 format.
Does the TV need a stabiliser?
No, it does not. All LED TVs come with an inbuilt stabiliser.
Is it possible to connect the home theatre to this TV?
Yes, it is possible to do so.
Can you control this TV with your smartphone?
Yes, you can control this TV with the smartphone, provided both the appliances use the same Wi-Fi.

9. MarQ by Flipkart  32 inch HD Ready LED TV (32DSHD)

Flipkart brings you this innovative TV with HD quality, sharp display and optimal surround sound. The LED technology provides uniform brightness across the screen. The 178-degree wide angle takes TV viewing experience to a different level. Look at some exciting features.

Wide angle view Stunning DetailSuperior SoundPlug and Play

The 178-degree wide angle allows you to watch the TV from almost impossible angles. Hence, you need not fight with your siblings to secure the vantage viewing point. You can as well sit in a corner and still enjoy the experience without any discomfort.

This TV comes with 16.7 million colours that make the picture vivid. You have an enhanced sharpness with a4000:1 contrast ratio. The screen resolution of 1366 X 768 enables you to capture as much detail as possible.

The MarQ Innoview TV comes with a 2-channel speaker system. You get high-quality crystal clear audio without any noise disturbance. The Surround Sound system presents an excellent experience for the sports and music enthusiast.

Connect your gaming console to the TV through the HDMI port and enjoy your games seamlessly. The HD picture quality gets a significant upgrade when you play it with HDMI. Connect your playback device to the TV via USN. This TV supports different kinds of picture and video formats.

  • High-quality pictures
  • Great sound
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Not many people are aware of this brand
  • Inadequate marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this TV have a VGA port?
Yes, you have a VGA port that allows you to use it as a monitor.
Do you need to install a stabiliser?
No, the stabiliser is not necessary because the LED TV comes with an inbuilt stabiliser.
Can you connect the external sound system to the TV?
Yes, it is possible to connect the external sound system and use it as a home theatre experience.
Does this TV support MKV files?
Yes, it supports MKV files.

We have now seen nine 32-inch LED colour televisions under ₹ 15,000. Each of these TVs has its advantages and demerits. The technology has improved to a great extent today. It enables the manufacturers to sell high-quality TVs at such low prices. Compare the cost of the colour TV in the 1980s and 1990s with those available today. You will understand the difference.

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which is the best smart tv 32 inch vu or mi i am confused please tell me


There is a doubt to buy the products online,what happens when the it’s need some repair whom to need contact company or dealers because the dealers says online products has no warranty on the service centers.


Installation, Service, and warranty will be same no matter you buy the Product Online or at an Offline Store. The Service will be provided by Brand Representative. Amazon and Flipkart are the trusted online shopping places in India.


Which is good TV vu32 or micromax 32..


Both VU and Micromax offer Value For Money Televisions. If you are looking at 32 inch HD Ready Televisions of these brands, the Specifications are almost the same.

If you are looking for a Budget Full HD 32 inch Led TV, check out the below model.

Vu 80cm (32) Full HD LED TV (Flipkart Link –!!NNNN)

It comes with 1920 x 1080 resolution (Full HD) and offers better picture quality than a HD Ready Television.