About Us

VSBytes is a one-stop information centre where people can learn more about home appliances, kitchen equipment, electronic devices, etc. This channel attracts between 600 thousand to a million visitors every month. During the festive seasons, the numbers swell up considerably.

Our Ethics

VSBytes follows the following professional ethics.

  • We do not have sponsored content on our website.
  • We do not take any money from the brands to promote their products.
  • We do not accept guest posts.
  • We do not do paid reviews.
  • All are products reviews are free.
  • Our primary source of income is the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Make it simple

We endeavour to make it simple for people who wish to purchase these home appliances for domestic use. We understand that ordinary people put their heart and soul into it when buying home and kitchen equipment.

It is more of an investment than a luxury for the average Indian public. Hence, they have a right to know where they are spending their hard-earned money. Our series of buying guides help people to understand the things to consider when purchasing home equipment.

Precise and Useful Information

Generally, people consult their near and dear ones when purchasing the home and kitchen appliances. The internet has made it simpler for them to know more about a particular device, but information regarding individual products is spread far and wide.

VSBytes amalgamates all this information at a single location where consumers can go through buying guides, product reviews, FAQs, etc. to help them make the right decision.

Our Journey

The credit for establishing this website goes to Vanajri Srinivasa Chaithanya, and engineer by profession and a blogger by choice. The journey started with the creation of the website Kitchenarena.in in 2016.

This website provided useful information regarding kitchen appliances like water purifiers, induction cookers, cooking ranges, refrigerators, kitchen chimneys, mixers, and grinders, etc. Besides, it also catered to other useful home equipment like washing machines, air conditioners, air purifiers, mattresses, and other home equipment.

VSBytes.com was set up in 2017 to cater exclusively to electronic home appliances like PCs, laptops, televisions, soundbars, home theatres, Wi-Fi routers, earphones/headphones, etc.

What started as a small initiative helping people decide on the right product to buy, turned into a tremendous information-sharing centre where consumers can interact with the team, offer suggestions, and thereby help in the mutual learning process.

The year 2020 saw the merging of Kitchenarena.in and VSBytes.com into a single website for easy manageability. VSBytes owes a lot to its creative team led by the founder V S Chaithanya for the success achieved in such a short time.

Our website attracts between 600 thousand to one million visitors every month, with festive seasons experiencing higher traffic volumes. It is due to the honest product reviews, informative buying guides, and prompt response shown by the team to consumer queries.

The Team

V S Chaithanya: The Founder and the Brain behind this initiative

VS Chaithanya has been interested in computer hardware, software, and gaming right since the time he was a child. Hailing from a small town, Gudur, in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, VS Chaithanya had his initial schooling in Gudur and completed his B.Tech degree in 2014. Subsequently, the family moved to Hyderabad where V S Chaithanya got the opportunity to further his gaming and other talents.

On completing his degree, VS Chaithanya started making YouTube videos to make money online. He chanced upon the Amazon Affiliate program sometime in 2016 that formed the stepping-stone towards setting up Kitchenarena.in.

This Amazon affiliate website allowed him to share useful content with consumers and help them in making intelligent decisions. Since then, we have moved forward as one initiative followed the other. Today, VSBytes has a reputation for providing quality information on all kitchen and home appliances.

The strength of this website lies in constant updating of information and publishing of plagiarism-free SEO-based content.

Though V S Chaithanya outsources content, design, graphics, and marketing from freelancers, he takes care of the SEO aspect, the most crucial factor that decides visibility on the web. He is ably assisted by his team of content writers who churn quality content day in and day out to make this website a grand success.

Geetha Srinivasan: Creator of the content on VSBytes.com

Geetha Srinivasan is a homemaker by profession and choice. Hailing from Chennai, she has lived in places like Mumbai, Bhuj, and Ahmednagar before returning to her roots.

Right since childhood, she had a passion for home appliances and has been one of the prime decision-makers in her family circle when it comes to purchasing these appliances for domestic use.

Her passion and skill in understanding the nuances of home and electronic appliances prove handy in writing useful content that could help millions of consumers who visit VSBytes.com. She believes in simplicity, and that is reflected in her writing ability.

She concentrates on providing critical information about home and kitchen appliances in the most straightforward manner possible that would be easy for a layperson to understand. That is the prime reason for the success of Kitchenarena.in and VSBytes.com over her four-year association with VS Chaithanya.

She is ably assisted by her son, Padmanabhan, who specialises in writing content about laptops and other electronic appliances.

Padmanabhan Srinivasan

Padmanabhan Srinivasan is also an engineer by profession and choice, much in the same way V S Chaithanya is. Having completed his B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation in 2017, he went to Australia to complete his Masters in Engineering Management from La Trobe University, Bundoora, Melbourne.

Today, he is based in Melbourne and contributing to VSBytes.com by writing valuable content on computers, laptops, televisions, etc.

Besides being a competent writer, Padmanabhan is an avid photographer with a tremendous passion for shooting natural scenery and wildlife. He is also a competitive gamer and social media interactor.

Together, the mother and son duo, write specialised content that V S Chaithanya proceeds to refine and present it in the most effective manner possible on the website, VSBytes.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the source of all the content you write on VSBytes.com?

The internet is the prime source of all content available on VSBytes.com. Information about the individual kitchen and home appliances are scattered far and wide on the internet on various websites, including the official sites of the manufacturers of the products. VSBytes concentrates on amalgamating all such content in a concise manner that helps the average Indian buyer. In doing so, we save the amount of time and labour for the consumer as he/she gets valuable information at a single location.

Q2. How often do you update the information on VSBytes?

We, at VSBytes, understand that technology is developing at a tremendous pace. New models are being introduced almost daily. Hence, we take extreme care to have regular updates to our articles so that they remain fresh all the time. Our updates generally reflect the current market situation.

Q3. How do consumers benefit from visiting VSBytes.com?

We believe that consumers invest in home appliances and not purchase them. When you invest something, you put your heart and soul into it to get the best returns. VSBytes provides accurate information and guides people on the factors they should consider when purchasing the various home appliances. The hundreds of positive consumer reviews on our website is ample proof of how they have benefited.

Q4. What is the prime area of strength of VSBytes?

Our prime strength is honesty. We provide honest information about the products we review without any bias or inclination towards a particular brand. Our endeavour is that consumers who visit our website gain the maximum benefit and help them to make the right decision to invest in a specific product.

Q5. How do you earn money?

VSBytes.com is an Amazon Affiliate website. We include links to the products available on Amazon.in. When consumers click on these links and purchase their favourite products, we receive our commission. We do not have sponsored or intrusive ads on our website that could distract our visitors.

Q6. Do you receive any commission or percentage to include a specific brand?

No, we do not receive any commission from manufactures or dealers to include specific brands. We choose the brands that are useful to our visitors with the prime intention of educating them. Instead of selling home appliances, we prefer the consumer to learn and make his/her individual decision to purchase.

Q7. How can we support what you are doing?

The best way to support us is to visit our website and purchase home appliances by using our affiliate links. You can also spread the news around that here is a website that provides genuine and useful information on almost all home and kitchen appliances.

Q8. How can I contact you?

Visitors can get in touch with our team via email ( contact@vsbytes.com). We will reach back to you in the earliest time possible.