Amazon Prime HDFC Offer (26th – 27th July 2021)

Amazon Prime Day in India will begin on 26th July, and Prime members will be able to take advantage of Great Deals, discounts, and cashback rewards from 26th to 27th July 2021.

In addition to the deals and discounts, HDFC Bank Customers can avail extra 10% Discount during the sale period.

Amazon Prime day 2021 HDFC Offer

The HDFC Bank Amazon Prime Day deal is valid just for HDFC Bank customers and is available on Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and EMI.

How to Avail Amazon Prime Day HDFC Offer?

First Join Amazon Prime.

You may sign up for a 3-month Prime membership for $329 or 12-month Prime membership for $999.

During the Prime Day Sale, shop for anything on Amazon and pay with your HDFC credit/debit card or EMI option.

When you choose the HDFC Payment option during the checkout process, the 10% discount is applied instantly.

Important: New T&C Will be Updated Soon. The below T&C are from the Previous Year

Amazon Prime Day Hdfc Offer Terms and Conditions 2021

Offer period – 00:00hrs 26th July to 23:59hrs 27th July 2021

1. What is the 10% HDFC Bank Credit Card and Debit Cards Offer (“Offer”)?

a) Offer valid only for Prime Members.
b) Offer on payment with HDFC Bank Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Debit Card EMI and Credit Card EMI
c) Minimum transaction amount INR 5,000; excluding ineligible products, refunds and exchange discounts.

2. How can I avail this offer?

Shop as usual with your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card to pay. As long as INR 5,000 or more is charged to your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card while making an eligible purchase on App, you will get an Instant Discount on the purchase.

3. What is the minimum transaction size for the discount for the duration of the event?

The minimum transaction amount to avail the offer is INR 5,000 in a single transaction on, excluding ineligible products, buybacks, refunds and cancellations.

4. What if I cancel my order?

The Offer is applicable for a successful transaction. If Instant Discount is availed on any purchase, and the transaction is subsequently cancelled, the refund amount of such orders will be post adjusting the instant discount amount availed on the purchase.

5. Would I get the Bank offer even if I make a part payment using my Amazon Pay Balance?

Yes, you would get Instant Discount but only on the amount charged on your HDFC Card. Also, to avail instant discount, your HDFC Bank Card should be charged for a minimum amount of INR 5,000. For example, if total transaction amount is INR 8000, and INR 1,000 is paid using Amazon Pay Balance and INR 7,000 is paid using HDFC Bank Card, then instant discount would be given on INR 7,000 and not INR 8,000. Similarly, if INR 7,000 is paid using Amazon Pay balance and INR 1,000 is paid using HDFC Bank Card, then customer would not get any discount because the amount paid using HDFC Bank Card is less than INR 5,000.

6. Can I place multiple orders using HDFC Credit or Debit cards and still get the instant discount?

Yes, you can avail instant discount on multiple orders till you exhaust the limit of Rs.1750 on Credit Cards and Debit Card (Please refer to FAQ 2 on the savings). However, please note that each transaction must meet the minimum value of Rs.5000 for you to get the 10% instant discount.

7. Is Discount under this Offer applicable on both Credit and Debit cards?

Yes, the discount is available on both Credit and Debit Cards. Offer is NOT valid on 1) Netbanking and 2) Payment made by Cardholders using the ‘Cash on Delivery’ payment option.

8. Can I avail discount on EMI?

Yes, the discount under this Offer is also applicable on Credit Card and Debit Card EMI. Downpayment EMI transactions are not eligible for the discount.

9. Can I get this offer with Exchange offer or No Cost EMI?

Yes, the offer is valid even if you buy with Exchange or No Cost EMI or both.

10. I purchased an eligible item but still did not get Instant Discount. Why ?

For purchases made using “Card on delivery” transactions and Net Banking transactions, you will not get the benefit of the instant discount.
Please note that the facility for payment through cards on delivery is subject to availability of the card accepting machine at the time of delivery and the same cannot be guaranteed. In order to not miss the benefits under the Offer, we highly recommend that you pay with your HDFC Bank card online at the time of placing the order.
Net Banking transactions are NOT included in this Offer.

11. Are Amazon Business customers eligible for this promotion?

Yes, Amazon Business customers are eligible for this promotion.

12. My order includes Gift Card(s); will I be eligible for a cash back under this Offer? Is the Offer applicable on purchase of all products?

No, the discount under this Offer is not applicable on purchase of:
• Gift Card(s) (Amazon branded and Non Amazon branded)
• All types of Prepaid Recharges (Mobile, DTH, Google Play, Subscriptions, Cable TV, Metro and any other type of prepaid recharge.
• All types of Bill Payments.
• Digital Gold purchases and sales.
• Kindle e-books and Kindle Unlimited Subscription Program.
• Select Mobile, TV and Electronic products (see product page for offer eligibility).
• Amazon Pay balance loading.
• Amazon Prime subscription.
• Infant Nutrition and feeding products.
• Godrej Interio products.
• All types of insurance, travel and entertainment booking (Insurance, Flight, Bus, Trains and Movies).
• Gold and Silver coins.
• Amazon Food orders.
• Installation Orders (Amazon and Brand).

13. My payment failed while placing the order; will I be eligible for the cash back under this Offer?

If your payment failed while placing an order, gives you an option to revive your payment for such order. If you revise your payment within the offer duration, you will be eligible for the discount.

14. Are add-on cards eligible for the offer?

Yes, each add-on card will be treated as a separate card and they will be eligible for the offer.

15. Are corporate and business cards eligible for the offer?

No, corporate and business cards issued by HDFC Bank are not eligible for the offer.
Note: This Offer is not applicable on Net Banking Transactions.

The Offer is not valid on the following items

  • Gift Certificate(s) (Amazon branded and Non-Amazon branded)
  • Recharges of prepaid phones, DTH subscriptions, and bill payments
  • Kindle e-books and Kindle Unlimited
  • Select mobile devices (see product page for offer eligibility)
  • Loading Amazon Pay balances Amazon Prime subscriptions Booking flights on Amazon Gold and Silver coins

Additional Offers

If you sign up for a new Amazon Prime membership, you may get up to Rs 150 cashback on Prime Day purchases. This discount is valid on orders totaling more than 999.

Amazon is providing significant discounts on Laptops, Smartphones, Televisions, and Appliances during the Prime Day Sale. You may take advantage of these exclusive offers and save money. If you have any questions about the Prime Day HDFC Offer, kindly leave them in the comments area below and I will respond.

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  1. Will I get 10% instant discount and HDFC Millennia credit card 5% offer also ? Is additional discount is also available?
    Why amazon terms and conditions not opening on clicking HDFC banner?

    • The Terms and Conditions will be shown on the Sale date only. The above T&C is from the previous year. Wait till the 26th to know about the eligibilty.


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