Eligibility: All customers using SBI credit cards to make payment

The Offer: 10% Discount on SBI Credit Cards

Offer Period: 00:00 hours on 08th August to 23:59 hours on 11th August 2020

The Offer Details

This offer is available to all customers using SBI credit cards and EMI for payment during the Amazon Freedom Sale.


Debit cards, Corporate and Commercial cards are not eligible for this offer.

The offer is valid only on specific categories. Refer to our product page to check out the offer eligibility.

The minimum purchase amount should be Rs 5,000 after excluding all discounts.

The offer is 10% instant discount on the purchase amount with the maximum eligible instant discount being Rs 1,000.

Cancelled orders or orders returned subsequently are not eligible for the instant discount. Any discount offered at the time of the purchase will be adjusted while accrediting the refund amount.

The maximum amount of discount is Rs 1,000 per SBI credit card across all transactions conducted on Amazon during the entire offer period.

How to Avail

Shop on Amazon, as usual, using your SBI credit card. If the amount charged to your SBI card is Rs 5,000 or more, the instant discount is immediately available on the purchase.


Minimum Order Value

The minimum order value for availing this instant discount is Rs 5,000 on a single transaction. This payment should be net of discounts, refunds, and cancellations.

Maximum Discount Value

The maximum discount is Rs 1,000 per credit card.

The customer can make multiple purchases during the offer period on the credit card. The maximum discount will be restricted to Rs 1,000 per credit card for all the cumulative payments.

Once the customer has availed the maximum discount of Rs 1,000, the particular card account will not be eligible for any more discount during the period.

Cancellation of the Order

If the purchaser cancels a specific order and seeks a refund, the SBI instant discount offer is not available. If the purchaser had availed the discount, the amount would be deducted from the refund amount while processing the refund.

The cancellation does not disqualify the customer from availing the discount offer on another purchase made during the period, provided the purchase is for Rs 5,000 or more, and the maximum discount is Rs 1,000.

Part Payments through Amazon Pay Balance

The instant discount is available as long as the minimum amount charged to the SBI credit card is Rs 5,000 or more, irrespective of whether the customer makes a part payment using Amazon Pay Balance.

Example 1

  • Purchase Amount – Rs 10,000
  • Payment through Amazon Pay Balance – Rs 5,000
  • Payment through SBI Credit card – Rs 5,000
  • Instant discount is available @ 10% on Rs 5,000 = Rs 500

Example 2

  • Purchase Amount – Rs 10,000
  • Payment through Amazon Pay Balance – Rs 5,500
  • Payment through SBI Credit Card – Rs 4,500
  • Instant discount is not available.

Payments made using other SBI cards.

This offer is not available on SBI debit cards, SBI Corporate cards, and SBI Commercial cards.

Discount on EMI purchases

The instant discount offer is available on EMI purchases made on the SBI credit card during the offer, provided it satisfies other conditions.

Exchange Offers and No-Cost EMI

The instant discount is also available on exchange offers, and no-cost EMI offers if the total purchase amount charged to the card is Rs 5,000 or more.

Cash on Delivery Orders

Instant discount is not available on COD orders.

Payment through Net Banking

Payments done through internet banking channels are not eligible for an instant discount.

Cases where the SBI Credit Card Instant Discount is not available

  • Purchases/charges to the SBI credit card for transactions less than Rs 5,000
  • Purchase of gift cards (Amazon-branded or non-Amazon branded)
  • Bill payments, DTH payments, Prepaid phone recharges.
  • Kindle e-books and Kindle Unlimited Subscription Programmes
  • Load Amazon Pay Balances
  • Select mobile phones (Confirm from the product page for eligibility criteria)
  • Amazon Prime subscription
  • Purchase of Infant nutrition products
  • Purchases made on the Prime Now App
  • Flight bookings done on Amazon.

Failed Payments

In the case of a failed payment, Amazon offers an alternate option for reviving the payment. If the purchaser completes the payment during the offer period, the instant discount is available.

Jurisdiction for filing disputes

The jurisdiction for referring any disputes arising out of this SBI offer is Bengaluru.

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