Have you been thinking of scrapping your old washing machine and buy a new one?

There cannot be a better time than August 8th to 11th to do so. Amazon Freedom Sale is back.

best front load washing machine

Customers can enjoy stupendous discounts on a range of items, including electronics, grocery, sanitary items, and home décor.

Exchange offers are also available, and so are the No-Cost EMI offers.

SBI Bank customers have double reasons to enjoy because they are eligible for an additional instant discount of 10% on purchases made using their SBI credit cards during the Amazon Freedom Sale Days.

The top brands of washing machines are on sale on Amazon. They include IFB, Haier, Samsung, Bosch, BPL, LG, and many others.

All types of devices like semi and fully automatic machines are available. So are the front load and top loading appliances.


Tips to focus on the ideal washing machine

You do not buy washing machines daily. Therefore, a lot of thought should go before you decide which is the right one for you. Your choice of a washing machine depends on various factors.

  • The number of people in your home
  • The type of clothes you wash
  • The frequency of washing
  • The quality of water available at your place
  • Your budget

These points of valuable advice can help you focus on the ideal washing machine for your home.

If you have a tiny budget, you can opt for a semi-automatic washing machine.

Some of the best brands available are Onida, BPL, LG, Haier, and Whirlpool.

Semi automatic machines consume less power but require some manual labour like transferring the clothes from the washtub to the spin tub. You also need to set water levels and wash cycles carefully. However, it is a good investment.

If budget is not a significant constraint, you can graduate to a fully automatic appliance that takes care of everything once you set the wash cycle and put in the clothes and switch on the machine.

Different types of fully automatic washing machines are available, like the top-loading machine and the front-loading appliance.

The advantage of front-loading devices is that they use less water because they work with a tumbling action.

These machines generally come with a hot water cycle to improve their efficiency. These machines are also more energy-efficient compared to top-loading appliances.

The front-loading machines have a disadvantage because they do not allow you to add more clothes amid a washing cycle.

Secondly, the controls in a front-loading device are comparatively difficult to understand. The top-loading machines have an advantage. Otherwise, both of these machines deliver excellent performances.

One should also look at the technology on offer.

The inverter technology is revolutionary because it enables the machines to run at speeds optimum to that of the load. Therefore, they save energy.

Direct Drive Technology is a viable alternative. However, this technology involves movable parts like belts, gears, and hence, there are friction issues that could affect the efficiency of the motor.

Alternatively, some of the top brands come with a combination of inverter and direct drive technology.

Washing machines come with exciting options. Samsung has introduced the Flexi Wash option that allows you to wash heavy and light clothes simultaneously in different modes.

LG has come up with its Twin Wash option that comes with twin drums for separating the heavy and light apparel.

The latest washing machines come with new technologies like EcoBubble and O2 wash that protect the fabric during the wash cycle. Such options are available in devices having hot water cycles.

The washing drum is a critical component of the washing machine. A high-quality drum should have grooves or minute holes to protect the fabric and deliver an excellent washing experience.

Look for built-in heaters in the latest washing machines for removing the toughest of stains smoothly.

Almost all the top brands come with noise reduction and anti-vibration technologies to provide a high level of convenience.

If you live in locations having hard water, it is a better idea to focus on washing machines that can tackle this issue.

Some of the latest Whirlpool models come with a Hard Water wash option, whereas IFB machines come with a unique technology, Aqua Energie that converts hard water into soft water.

Most of the fully automatic machines come with auto-dispensing solutions.

Washing machines have also become smart, with the latest LG machines coming equipped with NFC tags to enable diagnosis and proper monitoring.

One can monitor washing machines using their compatible smartphone and its corresponding Smart Diagnosis app.

Keep these critical points in mind and have a great time selecting your ideal washing machine for your home.


Enjoy the benefits of Amazon Freedom Sale and get the best machines at the most attractive prices.

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