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Handy tips for selecting the ideal water purifier for the home

Choosing the ideal water purifier can be a challenge. It depends on the quality of water available in your home.

The factors that determine your choice include the types of impurities present in the water, the TDS levels, and your budget.

Check out the TDS levels in your water source using TDS meters.

TDS levels below 300 are excellent, whereas levels up to 500 are fit for human consumption.

If the TDS levels are in the range of 500 to 900, you should consider investing in a RO water purifier.

Groundwater contains heavy metal impurities like arsenic, antimony, lead, and iron. The RO water purifier is the ideal one to deal with such pollutants.

Similarly, river water can suffer from industrial and human waste contamination. Besides heavy chemicals, such water sources contain bacterial impurities.

Under such circumstances, the RO water filter can prove inadequate. A better option would be a combination of RO and UV filtering.

Water from municipal sources is already treated for such impurities. However, this water can gather contaminants in transit. These heavy sediments need Ultra Filtering to ensure proper purification.

Stages of water filtering

Today, water filters come with multiple water filtering stages. Water passing through these stages come out 100% pure and healthy to consume.

Sediment Filter

It is the initial stage that removes visible impurities like mud and other contaminants.

Pre-activated Carbon filters

This stage removes organic impurities like carbon and give water a good taste.

Reverse Osmosis filtration

The RO filters remove TDS and heavy metal impurities like arsenic, antimony, and lead.

Ultraviolet Protection

UV lighting helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses from water to make it safe and pure.


It removes the minute sediments and helps to prolong the RO membrane’s life. This filtration is useful when the TDS levels are within the human consumption range.

TDS Controller

This mechanism ensures to balance the TDS levels after RO filtration, as the RO process eliminates TDS.


The Mineraliser feature is similar to the TDS controller, as it infuses back the essential minerals lost during the RO filtration process.

The Suitable Water Purifier

People depending on groundwater sources like wells and bore wells shoud buy an RO + UV + UF water purifier as TDS levels will be high. There can be other contamination too. People living in coastal areas should also go for such water purifiers. Almost all the top brands offer these appliances.

People depending on municipal water supply and if the TDS levels in the water are below 300ppm, The UV filter is the best because there can be sewage and other contamination due to damaged pipelines.

People depending on river water supply – The RO water purifier is the most suitable as it ensures the elimination of heavy chemicals. They should also look for additional features like mineralisers and TDS controllers to balance TDS levels.

RO water purifiers remove TDS and heavy chemicals. UV filters kill bacteria but do not eliminate TDS.

Depending on your water source and quality, you can choose the appropriate water purifier. Amazon Freedom sale is the best occasion to purchase your water purifier, as you get amazing discounts during this period.

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