AMD Processor Letters (CPU Suffix) Meaning Explained | Naming Scheme!

When you purchase a laptop or a desktop PC, you should pay more attention to the processor’s naming. This is because the CPU’s name reveals a lot about the features you can expect in the computer.

AMD Ryzen CPU Letter Suffix meanings

We have already compiled an article on how Intel names its processors. Let us now see how Intel’s primary competitor, AMD does the same.

Deciphering the AMD Naming Scheme

Consider you purchase a computer working on an AMD processor. As you for the processor’s name, you come across the letters AMD Ryzen 5 3600X.

What does this indicate? You will be astonished to know that these numbers and alphabets indicate almost everything that the computer can do. For that, you have to understand how the AMD naming system works.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X

Like Intel, AMD CPUs include the company name, brand name, processor family, generation, and the power suffix. We shall take our example to understand the naming system better. The naming is in the following sequence.

  • The Company Name
  • The Brand Name
  • CPU Family
  • CPU Generation
  • CPU Performance Level
  • Model number, aka SKU number
  • Power Suffix

If you look at the naming structure carefully and compare it with Intel, you will find that AMD has seven categories compared to Intel’s six.

The only point of difference is in the CPU Performance Level. It indicates a lot about the computer’s performance and the category of users it will be beneficial to.

Before we discuss the naming structure, let us understand the AMD Ryzen Series names.

AMD Ryzen Series Names

Without going too much into AMD’s history and the Zen architecture, we shall discuss AMD Ryzen processors because they are the most commonly available.

List of AMD Ryzen processors family
Amd Ryzen Series

The Ryzen family comprises five different CPU model names. Similar to Intel, you have Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9. In addition, there is another brand, Ryzen Threadripper, that is not generally required for domestic consumers. Nevertheless, we shall discuss this aspect, as well, to help you understand the naming better.

This table should make it simple for anyone to understand how AMD names its processors.

Ryzen CPU FamilyDetailed Description
Ryzen 3
Ryzen 3 is helpful for those who do not use their computers for intensive applications. They are similar to Intel Core i3 and are generally found in budget PCs.
Ryzen 5
Ryzen 5 is comparatively more potent than Ryzen 3. These CPUs are used for gaming and handling heavy multitasking activities. You can compare the Ryzen 5 CPUs with Intel Core i5 processors. However, all Ryzen 5 CPUs are either quad-core or hexa-core CPUs. 
Ryzen 7
The Ryzen 7 series is a high-end CPU and ideal for intense gaming and those who use their computers for more productive purposes like video editing, etc. These processors either have four cores or eight and support hyperthreading. It compares well with the Intel Core i7 CPUs on the performance aspect.
Ryzen 9
Serious professional users like pro gamers, content creators, and streamers who require their PCs to function at optimal performance levels prefer to go for the Ryzen 9 CPUs. These processors start with eight cores and can go even up to 16 cores. The Intel Core i9 CPUs provide a matching performance.
Ryzen Threadripper
The Ryzen Threadripper CPU is not for general domestic use. Instead, they are high-performing processors that come equipped with up to 64 cores and 128 threads. These powerful processors are helpful for 3D rendering, online streaming and gaming, digital content creation, CAD work, and many other tasks. This series of AMD CPUs compare with the Intel Xeon processor family.

For a layperson, it should be enough to know that the higher the number, the more powerful is the CPU. Thus, the Ryzen 5 is a better performer than the Ryzen 3, and the Ryzen 7 can outperform the Ryzen 5, and so on.

AMD Ryzen CPU Letter Suffix

AMD’s letter suffixing formula is similar to that of Intel in many ways. For example, it determines the chip’s processing power if they belong to the same family.

AMD Cpu Suffix G

AMD CPUs with the letter suffix ‘G’ indicate that they come equipped with an AMD Radeon graphics card. All G-suffixed CPUs come with AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics.

AMD Cpu Suffix X

The X-suffixed CPUs come with an Extended Frequency Range feature. It allows the processor to boost its overall performance above the regular limits.

AMD Cpu Suffix U

Ryzen ‘U’ suffix indicates ‘Ultra Low Power.’ Generally, the U-suffixed processor-equipped laptops are thin and light. As a result, they display considerably lower clock speeds and consume less power than other processors.

Compared to other processors, the letter U-suffixed CPUs generate less heat. Therefore, they are ideal for thin laptops because the thin form factor and thermals cannot eliminate heat quickly.

AMD Cpu Suffix H

The letter H is an indication of high performance. AMD Ryzen H-suffixed processors consume more power and come with higher clock speeds. These factors translate into better performance. Generally, the bigger laptops feature these processors because of their better cooling performances.

AMD Cpu Suffix T

The ‘T’ suffix indicates higher clock speeds. The ‘XT’ suffix denotes that the CPU has boosted clock speeds and performance levels compared to processors without the ‘T’ suffix.

S – ‘S’ suffix indicates a low power consuming desktop processor with graphics.

M – ‘M’ suffix denotes a low power consuming mobile processor

AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors

AMD Ryzen Number Meaning

AMD Ryzen CPUs come with a four-digit numbering. The first digit denotes the processor’s generation. The bigger the numbering, the more recent the generation is. For example, the 5th generation is more recent compared to the 3rd generation.

The second digit indicates the performance level of the processor. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 indicate low performance and are ideal for casual users. The numbers 4, 5, and 6 indicate higher performance levels, whereas the numbers 7 and 8 denote performance levels for enthusiasts and professional consumers.

The final two digits indicate the model number. It is also known as the SKU number.

Let us now proceed with our example and see how AMD has named the processor.

We had taken the example of AMD Ryzen 5 3600X.

  • AMD signifies the name of the processor manufacturer.
  • Ryzen is the brand name.
  • 5 denotes the CPU family. Ryzen 5 is suitable for handling multitasking activities and gaming.
  • 3 indicates a 3rd generation CPU
  • 6 denotes higher performance levels.
  • 00 is the model number.
  • X suffix denotes a high-performance processor with high clock speeds.

Let us compare a couple of more AMD Ryzen CPUs and understand the naming pattern better.

NamingAMD Ryzen 7 4700UAMD Ryzen 9 5980HXAMD Ryzen 5 4600H
Brand NameRyzenRyzenRyzen
Performance level796
Model Number008000
Letter SuffixUHXH

Now, it should be easy for you to understand the AMD naming system.

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