Ever had that irksome experience with your computer where you had to stick your ears out to catch what was being said through the speakers?

Guess what, you are not alone. These days the computer monitors come with inbuilt speakers and with the reduction in the size of the monitors, the quality of the sound system have also come down.

Now to compensate for that we have 2.1 speakers just for your computers! We live in sweet times where technology is making lives better. So to enjoy a live effect or perhaps the effect of a home theater in budget, all you have to do is get some speaker.

There are certain things you should know before you buy a speaker to ensure that the product does justice to your preferences and money.

Here are some of the most crucial points to look into before buying a 2.1 speaker:


Root mean square or better known as RMS is the standard output of a speaker in terms of sound. This goes to mean that a higher RMS amplifies a sound better and a lower RMS amplifies at a relatively lower level.

Pro tip: when opting for a sub woofer, check the denotion mentioned as a PMPO is a quarter of a root mean square


A deep and immersing sound is what is expected from bass, hence always opt for the one with lower frequency. Anything that suits your ears and does not exceed 200Hz.

Surrounding space

The area around the system also plays a large role in the overall sound quality and volume. Larger aspect provides for a better bass.

Pro tip: choose a material that does not absorb sound.


These days even a car’s sound system comes with multiple adjustment options. Hence it is but normal to expect at least the option to control tremble, bass, mode etc over and above the volume button.


The amount that you are willing to spend or the range that you can’t exceed is one of the key deciders of the model you will actually purchase. It’s always advisable to pick a standard model. The list that follows this gives you a plethora of options that suits your budget.

Best 2.1 Speakers in India

1. Logitech Z625 Powerful THX PC Speaker

Logitech has proved itself in innumerable spheres of the electronic world. The 2.1 speakers offered by this brand is no exception to its reputed performance. It gives a theatrical effect to the area where it is placed. Here are some of the features that make it worth adding to your speaker’s shortlist.

  • The speakers come with a total wattage of 400 and the sub woofers have 260 watts of peak sound and half the capacity of RMS.
  • The size of the speakers is 13.5 cms making it ideal for placing it around the computer but also large enough to work as a media sound system.
  • These are THX certified speakers
  • The box contains two satellite speakers, Subwoofer, Optical cable, 3.5mm audio cable.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • Can be simultaneously used for 3 different devices
  • Extremely potent bass
  • Compact design
  • The controls could have been rubberized to give a better physical feel.

2. Harman Kardon Sound Sticks 2.1 Channel Wireless Speaker System

These unique looking speakers come with some exciting features like

  • The speakers have a minimum wattage of 20 Watts and maxium of 80 Watts. This wide rage makes every high, low and middle note pleasantly audible.
  • The speaker’s length is 39.9cm and width comes to 27.7cm.
  • It has four pairs of transducers that give unmatched sound quality.
  • The box contains sub woofer, speakers and 3.5mm audio cable .
  • It has wireless connectivity making it easy to use
  • Looks attractive
  • Very powerful sound system
  • Deep bass that goes 6 inches deep
  • The durability of the product is questionable as it is more on the fragile side.

3. Logitech Z-623 2.1 Channel THX-Certified Multimedia Speakers

These speakers can give a lot of speakers a run for their money given the specifications that product offers at this price range.

  • These speakers come with 200 Watts RMS of power, and also give you a lot of controls to play the audio loud while being able to control the bass that suits your ears and the area.
  • Given the size it comes in makes it ideal for the use with computer systems that can take the experience of audio or video or perhaps gaming another notch up.
  • The system is THX certified.
  • The box contains 2 satellite speakers, subwoofer and connecting cable.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 2 years on the hardware.
  • Being within a range of 9000 rupees makes it a clear winner among the masses.
  • Almost theatre like quality of sound
  • Option for headphone and the same is built in
  • The system has integrated controls
  • Padded bottoms and has many options for multiple connections
  • Difficult to extend the right speaker wire length

4. Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth

The name Sony is synonymous with sound system and any list of sound system is incomplete without the mention of Sony. Having a reputation of that kind, the system in question provides the user with the following features:

  • It comes with 60 Watts of total output
  • The size of the system is perfect to be paired with a personal computer.
  • The box has two satellite speakers a subwoofer, remote, batteries and a bunch of connectors.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • Very good clarity along with mids and highs
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity making it easily accessible
  • Looks premium
  • NFC is missing in this system
  • The Bass could have been better and works best when placed on tile or tile like surface

5. Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

This is a well known and old company that has been among the forerunners in the electronic field. The product that they offer here encompasses that makes it a great pick for those who are looking for a sound system with in a range of 8000/-.

  • The products gives 80 watts of output with a good quality bass
  • The system is slim but long at the same time. Not preferable for those who use built computer sets with small slots for speakers.
  • The box comes with 2 satellite speakers, a subwoofer, remote, batteries and some wiring to connect.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • You get slots for oth USB and SD card at the back of the woofer.
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Looks sleek
  • Placement of USB and SD card slot is not convenient.

6. Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Channel Speakers System

This sporty looking sound system by Phillips will not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time delivery the kind of performance that is expected from this electronic giant. It has:

  • The speakers come with a maximum of 40 watts which gives an immersive sounds quality
  • By the exterior look of it, the speakers are sporty and of the right size to sit along a personal computer.
  • The box comes with 2 satellite speakers, a subwoofer, remote and cable.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • Great bass quality
  • Stylish looking
  • It has built in FM turner
  • Multiple controls that lets you making settings to your liking.

7. Creative SBS-E2800 2.1 High Performance Speakers System

This brand has taken the market by the storm when it comes to 2.1 speakers given its performance and the price at which it is being offered. You can purchase this product within 3500 rupees which is a steal deal, as these speakers have some great features like:

  • The speakers have a total output of 50 watts making it one of the high performers
  • The speakers look edgy and clean and are slightly on the larger side when it’s the question of placing it beside the computer. But that being said, its performance seconds none.
  • The box comes with 2 satellite speakers, a subwoofer, remote and cable.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • Very good built quality and the woofer stays high above the ground giving you the real bass feel.
  • Remote is responsive even from longer distances
  • It has a built in FM and you can save your liked channels.
  • The sound quality is unparalleled in its price range.
  • Slightly lesser controls over the bass
  • Preset equaliser is only for USB and SD card mode. It has no Bluetooth connectivity

8. Zebronics SW2490 RUCF 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers

This might not be a well known name in the market compared to the above brands listed but for someone looking for more options in 2.1 speakers that are light on the pocket, Zebronics SW2490 RUCF 2.1 speakers would be a recommended purchase they are priced within 2000 rupees.

  • The brand offers almost all the features that its competitors do, like:
  • The output given by the speakers are 27 watts, it may sound like a little compromise inn the sphere of sound quality.
  • The exterior of the speaker is average and looks good.
  • It has multiple control options.
  • It has the option of SD card to play mp3 files.
  • The box contains 2 satellite speakers, a subwoofer, remote and cable.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • For someone who isn’t looking for immersive sound but can get done with basic sound system, this is the best deal.
  • It has a built in FM
  • It has LED Display
  • Bass is not up to the mark

9. Philips MMS-4040F/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

This model by Philips has been tried and tested over years and it still remains among the top sellers in the market for its performance. Here are its highlights:

  • The maximum audio output is that of 40 watts. This is a standard rate for a well performing speaker system.
  • The exterior of the product is well built and has multiple controls on the face of the woofer for easy reach.
  • The package comes with 2 satellite speakers and one subwoofer, Supports USB, FM and remote control.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • Option to control the bass
  • Great compatibility as it works with almost any media
  • Great sounds and high tech finish with gloss.
  • Lacks Bluetooth support

10. F&D F380X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers

Without fussing around, this is a low cost and effective sound system for a personal computer.

  • The output of the speakers is 54 watts of output RMS. And the subwoofer has the watt of 28 watts.
  • The speakers have a glossy finish and can easily sit beside a personal computer without being distractingly large.
  • The package has 2 satellite speakers and one subwoofer, Supports USB, FM and also remote control.
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year.
  • Equipped with SD and USB and Bluetooth connectivity .
  • It has many control options to suit to your liking
  • It has wireless connectivity to the speakers also
  • It has the option of folder changing button for easy navigation.
  • Slightly on the heavy side

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