11 Best 32 inch Smart TV in India (2021) | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Until recently, the TV was synonymous with the term “Idiot Box.”

Now, there is a generational shift, with TVs becoming smarter and less expensive than ever before.

A 32-inches smart TV is now available under Rs 15,000, an unheard-of proposition, about four to five years back.

Secondly, with features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth compatibility, FHD, etc. the TVs no longer deserve the moniker, “Idiot Box.” On the other hand, you can call them “Smart TVs.”

Here are some of the best 32-inches smart TVs available in India.

Best 32 inch Smart TV in India

1. OnePlus Y Series 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 32Y1

If you think OnePlus smartphones are expensive and so will be smart TVs, you are mistaken. The OnePlus Y Series smart TV qualifies as one of the best 32-inches smart TVs in India.

  • Resolution – HD Ready (1366x768p) with 60Hz refresh rate
  • Display – LED Panel with Gamma Engine
  • Sound – 20W Dolby Audio Output
  • Smart TV features – Android TV 9.0 with OnePlus Connect
  • Connectivity Ports – Four ports

This Oneplus TV gives you a wider colour gamut of 93% to deliver an authentic cinematic experience in your drawing-room.

The Gamma Engine produces unmatched visual quality with real-time optimisation of your video content. It comes with features like noise reduction, dynamic contrast, ant-aliasing, and colour space mapping.

On the audio front, this TV delivers rich, powerful, and immersive audio experience through its 20W speakers due to Dolby Audio enhancement. Thus, you convert your drawing-room into a theatre-like environment with high-quality visuals and acoustics.

The bezel-less design enables a screen-to-body ratio of 91.4% to make you feel as if you are present in every scene. This One Plus TV features a range of connectivity ports, including two HDMI and USB ports to connect with your other smart devices.

On the smart TV aspect, Android 9.0 allows you to use voice commands through Google Assistant and access a multitude of entertainment apps from PlayStore.

Google Assistant is available in English, Hindi, and eight other Indian languages to make it convenient for anyone to communicate with the TV. Would anyone dare call the TV an idiot box now?

The OnePlus connectivity feature is a resounding highlight of this OnePlus TV. Using your OnePlus smartphone, you can control the TV and perform a range of activities from Type Sync to Quick App Switch, and much more.

The Shared Album feature allows you to share photos and images from your smartphone directly on the large screen from wherever you are.

Another smart feature is OxygenPlay that allows you quick access to your favourite content so that you spend less time searching for it. It comes with an expansive library of premium content to complete your entertainment experience.

The Content Calendar feature ensures that you stay updated with your favourite TV shows and do no miss a single part of the action. The Automatic Reminder feature proves handy in this respect.

2. LG 32 inch HD Ready Smart LED TV 32LM563BPTC

LG has some excellent products in this budget range. This LM Series smart TV comes with delectable features to earn the distinction of being the best smart TV under 15000.

  • Resolution – HD Ready (1366x768p) with a 50 Hz refresh rate
  • Display – Active HDR
  • Sound – 10W Output with DTS Virtual X
  • Smart TV – WebOS with in-built Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity Ports – Three ports

LG LM Series 32-inches TV is a smart TV capable of delivering stunning picture quality and vibrant colour combinations.

LG TVs run on WebOS to provide unlimited entertainment of the highest quality. It allows unfettered access to your favourite apps, like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, and many more. Thus, you have your entertainment plate full, with lip-smacking content on your fingertips.

The stellar feature of the LG LM Series TVs is the Dynamic Colour Enhancer, an advanced image processor that adjusts colour output to provide richer and natural images. You can enjoy nature’s beauty on the TV screen and have a great time.

LG TVs are different from other TVs in their niche because they support Active HDR format to ensure incredible detail and vibrant colours.

The multi-HDR format, along with HDR10 and HLG, combines beautifully with LG’s Dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment technology to convert any video content into HDR quality.

The 10W speaker output is not of the highest order, but it features DTS Virtual X to add another dimension to sound. Along with Dolby Audio, you can enjoy multi-dimensional audio on the built-in speakers for an immersive theatre-like experience.

If you are not happy with the sound Output, you always have the option to connect an external soundbar using the HDMI port. There are provisions for connecting a discrete home theatre system, as well.

LG LM Series TVs come equipped with a powerful quad-core processor that eliminates picture noise and enhances colour contrast to the highest degree. It upscales low-resolution images and reproduces them as sharper and more vivid images.

The thin bezels and stylish finish work enhance the overall appearance of this LG LM Series TV. The TV gels perfectly with your other interior décor and works in harmony to maintain the ambience of your drawing-room.

3. Samsung 32 inches Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32T4340AKXXL

Samsung Wondertainment Series smart TVs are distinct from other smart TVs because they can double up as personal computers, Virtual music system. Though it has limited use as a PC, it is possible to work from the cloud, mirror your laptop and even access your office computer remotely.

  • Resolution – HD Ready (1366x768p) with refresh rate 60Hz
  • Display – LED Panel with PurColour
  • Sound – 20W Output with Dolby Digital Plus
  • Smart TV – Available
  • Connectivity Ports – Three ports

If you find your smartphone screen to be small enough to watch, you can opt for screen mirroring and scan the photos, videos, and other content on the large TV screen. This feature works with select Samsung smartphones only.

This 32-inches TV delivers absolute HD quality in the digital era. You can enjoy the vivid and crisp details in HD resolution. Besides, this TV is compatible with HDR. Thus, you have an immense spectrum of colours and visual display information, even in dark scenes.

On the smart TV front, this Samsung TV comes with all the features a smart TV should possess. The Content Guide recommends popular TV shows and content tailored to your preferences. Thus, you enjoy more and spend less time searching for content on the internet.

The PurColour features transport you from your drawing-room straight into the TV, whereby you get the feeling that you are one with images on display. The massive range of colours delivers optimal picture performance and an immersive viewing experience.

Samsung TVs are renowned for offering distortion-free images. The Wondertainment Series TVs use advanced algorithms to analyse original content and deliver the best pictures without any distortion.

Another sterling aspect of this Samsung TV series is its Contrast Enhancer that adjusts the contrast, depending on the brightness in the room, to offer outstanding picture quality with tremendous depth.

This TV comes with three connectivity ports, including two HDMI and one USB port, whereby you can connect your compatible devices and have a great time. It supports all kinds of media formats.

4. Mi TV 4A PRO 32 inch HD Ready Android LED TV

Mi TV is one of the least expensive of all 32-inch TVs. This TV packs a powerful punch and qualifies it as one of the best 32 inch smart TVs in India.

  • Resolution – HD Ready (1366x768p) with 60Hz refresh rate
  • Display – LED panel with vivid picture engine
  • Sound – 20W Output with Dolby+ DTS-HD
  • Smart TV – Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity Ports – Five connectivity ports

Mi TV 4A PRO is a high-quality HD-Ready Android TV with excellent features. The HD-ready display allows you to enjoy your favourite multimedia content, TV shows, and movies in Good quality.

This TV offers a perfect balance of contrast and brightness to deliver authentic colours and exemplary clarity, thereby ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

The PatchWall 3.0 feature offers a fantastic range of apps on your home page. These apps include Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and many more. Some of the exquisite features of PatchWall 3.0 include deep integration from apps, one-click play, and an all new Mi Lanting Pro font, along with new animations.

The Mi TV runs on the latest Android 9.0 version. The best aspect of Android OS is that it is one of the easiest to use, as it makes for a simple entertainment experience. Thus, you find it easier to watch, play, and do everything you love on this Mi TV.

A stunning feature of this MI TV is Data Saver. It allows you to use your smartphone’s hotspot to access the internet. Thus, you can stream movies and watch up to 3x more video from your phone media on your Mi TV.

The in-built Chromecast feature enables you to cast your favourite movies, videos, and other content from your smartphone to the Mi TV.

The services of Google Assistant are available with your Android OS. Use Google Assistant to communicate with your TV and get recommendations to match your mood while controlling other compatible home devices simultaneously.

The Mi TV features powerful 20W speakers with DTS-HD compatibility. Thus, you get a stunning acoustic performance to match the visuals and fill your entire entertainment room with high-clarity sound.

The A53 quad-core processor features 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. The 7th generation imaging engine reduces picture noise and delivers professionally-calibrated picture quality with a rich range of colours.

5. Sony Bravia 32 inches Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W672G

While the TVs discussed above feature HD-Ready resolution, the Sony Bravia 32-inches TV features Full HD resolution, thereby delivering a picture of better quality. It is the best 32inch TV in India because of its incredible features.

  • Resolution – Full HD (1920x1080p) with 50Hz refresh rate
  • Display – HDR
  • Smart TV – Smart Plug and Play
  • Sound – 30W sound output
  • Connectivity Ports – Four ports

The Sony Bravia W672G Series is a wholesome entertainment package as it delivers FHD pictures enhanced by the magic of X-Reality PRO and powerful audio with the help of a built-in woofer.

The FHD experience is indeed an excellent one, as you experience exceptional clarity and detail in every image. Besides, FHD removes picture noise to make the maximum impact. The 1080p screen resolution is a treat to watch.

Sony Bravia W672G Series TVs come equipped with X-Reality PRO engine to upscale every pixel for exceptional HD clarity. It analyses each frame to match with the extensive database to refine the image and reduce noise.

Watching the darkest of scenes in horror movies and the brightest of live telecasts is accessible on the Sony Bravia because it is compatible with HDR. Thus, your TV images have a much more dynamic look.

Sony Bravia TV comes with the in-built woofer to produce deep bass and enhance your entertainment to the next level. You feel as if you are the centre of the action when watching concerts and movies as you hear deep bass riffs, soaring vocals, and powerful soundtracks.

The Clear Audio+ feature finetunes your TV sound to offer an immersive, emotional, and enriching experience and deliver surround sound of the highest quality. Thus, you hear the dialogues and music with better clarity.

The facility of the Smart Remote is an exciting one as it allows you to control the TV and the STB (Set-Top Box) with a single remote. You enjoy a hassle-free experience by toggling between the two respective buttons with ease. The remote features Direct YouTube and Netflix launch buttons to enjoy a faster browsing experience.

One of the stunning qualities of this Sony Bravia Smart TV is the Smart Plug and Play feature. It allows you to enjoy content from your smartphone better on the large screen.

It is also possible to enjoy seamless internet connectivity using USB tethering. You can connect your smartphone to the TV using the USB cable and recharge the smartphone at the same time

Sony Bravia TV comes with excellent safety features as they protect the TV against dust, humidity, lightning, short-circuits, and unstable electricity surges.

Other features include the ability to navigate in multiple Indian languages and excellent cable management to avoid cluttering of cables all over the place.

Factors to consider when purchasing a 32 inch LED Smart TV

The fact that we are looking for 32-inches TVs, it makes our task easy because we can eliminate specific aspects such as 4K, OLED, HDR formats, etc. that are available only on the higher-end models.

We restrict our discussion to features that are generally available in 32-inches smart LED TVs like HD, HD-ready, FHD, smart TVs, and so on.


Generally, 32-inches TV comes with HD Ready resolution, instead of FHD resolution. Sony Bravia is the sole TV on the list we discussed above that features FHD. Let us now compare HD Vs. FHD and understand the concept better.


We use terms like HD and FHD to describe the TV screen resolution. The TV screen resolution explains the number of pixels a display has in width x height format. Common logic says that more the number of pixels, the sharper is the image.

HD stands for High Definition and is also denoted by 720p. The old HD resolution is 1280x720p. However, in the case of PC and TV screens, HD represents 1366x768p. It is also known as HD Ready.

8K vs 4k

On the other hand, FHD denotes Full HD resolution. It is also known as 1080p or 1920x1080p resolution.

In an HD Ready TV, the screen can accommodate around 1 million pixels, whereas, in the case of FHD, it can accommodate nearly 2 million.

The FHD resolution is twice as better than HD Ready resolution.

When your TV screen accommodates more pixels, it can display larger size images without any picture degradation. As the number of pixels increases, it allows for an image to contain little to no visible pixels, also known as a retina display.

Smart TV

What makes a TV smart?

In simple words, a TV that connects to the internet to provide streaming video and services on the TV.

A smart TV connects to the internet by using your home Wi-Fi network and supports a range of apps.

Thus, you can stream video content from apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and others.

Smart TVs also connect to voice assistants like Google Home or Alexa, through which you can control the TV and other household appliances compatible with it.

Why is such a TV called a smart TV? In the olden days, the TV could display content only from an antenna or a cable source. Such TVs cannot access the internet for streaming live content. Today, we are in the age of smart TVs with earlier generation TVs not preferred by people anymore.

An important point to note is that devices like Amazon FireTV Stick can convert a non-smart TV into a smart one.

However, the TV should have an HDMI port to allow such a facility. Yet, such TVs have their limitations.

Though such TVs work as smart TVs by offering access to apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. they do not have the quad-core or dual-core processors usually found in smart TVs.

32-inches TV comes powered by different kinds of operating systems. The Android 9.0 is the common one, whereas LG TVs come with WebOS.

Display Panel

Generally, 32-inches smart TVs come with LED panels. We shall reserve our discussion on OLED and QLED panels for the high-end TVs with larger screens. As far as 32-inches TVs are concerned, we restrict our discussion to the LED/LCD panels.


As a rule, all panels are LCD panels (Liquid Crystal Display). The difference between LED and LCD is in the backlighting. In the case of LCD TVs, the backlighting is in the form of CFL bulbs, whereas LEDs illuminate the LED panels.

LEDs are lighter and smaller than the CFL bulbs. Hence, LED TVs are slimmer when compared to LCD TVs. Besides, the LED TVs have better illumination.

Some of the significant features to look for in an LCD/LED panel are,


In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology enables you to view the TV screen from angles as wide as 160 to 178 degrees. You can watch TV content without any distortion in the images even if you have a wide-angle view. It is not possible in the case of TVs with CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screens, where you have to sit in front of the TV to get the best view.


Generally, all TV panels come with an anti-glare coating that allows you to watch the TV even in brightly lit rooms without having to worry about the sunlight or other illumination reflecting from the screen.

Besides, the anti-glare coating reduces the emission of harmful UV rays from the TV, thus proving beneficial to your eyes.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times the image refreshes itself on the TV screen in a second. Generally, you have 32-inches TV with a refresh rate of 50Hz to 60Hz.

It means that the screen refreshes itself 50 to 60 times per second. This factor becomes significant when you watch fast-paced sporting action. A higher refresh rate prevents the images from getting blurred.

Sony Bravia TV features a refresh rate of 50Hz. Does that make it inferior to other TVs with higher refresh rates?

No, it is not so because Sony Bravia TVs come equipped with Motionflow XR technology that involves the insertion of additional frames between the original frames displayed on the screen to maintain continuity and reduce motion blur.

Effective Refresh Rate

The effective refresh rate is a marketing gimmick that manufacturers use to entice customers. It is double the actual refresh rate. Therefore, if a manufacturer advertises an effective refresh rate like 120Hz, the real refresh rate is 60Hz.

Picture Engine

Smart TVs come equipped with a picture engine to improve image clarity. These smart TVs have either HD Ready or FHD resolution screens.

The original telecast might not be of HD resolution. Under such circumstances, the picture engine upscales the images and brings the resolution closer to HD or FHD as possible.

Sony TVs come with X-Reality Pro picture engine, whereas LG offers Triple XD picture engine to enhance colour, contrast, and reduce picture noise. The high-end Samsung TVs come with their version of the picture engine, 3D HyperReal Engine. Though these are different names, the objective is the same, and that is to enhance image quality.

Magic Remote

There is nothing magical about these remote controlling options but for the fact that you can control compatible devices other than the TV using this remote. They come with fewer buttons and can also be controlled with Google Voice Assistant.

Nowadays, you get Bluetooth remote that enables you to control the TV from anywhere within the Bluetooth range. Some of the magic remotes have zooming buttons that allow you to zoom images on the TV screen.

These remotes come with dedicated buttons for operating Netflix, YouTube, etc. Thus, you do not have to go through the entire browsing process for accessing these channels.

Sound Quality

With TVs becoming slimmer by the day, the first casualty is usually the acoustic experience.

However, technological innovations like DTS Virtual X or Dolby Audio compatibility compensate for the deterioration in the sound quality to deliver a decent auditory experience.

Generally, 32-inches smart TVs do not feature powerful speakers. The maximum you can hope for in a 32-inch TV is around 30W.

However, you can connect the TV with the best home theatre systems, best soundbars to the TV using the HDMI port.

Connectivity Ports

Look out for the connectivity ports on your TV when purchasing it. The more the number of connectivity ports, the better it is. It is advisable to go for TVs that feature more HDMI ports than USB.

HDMI Type-A, Type-C, and Type-D plugs

It enables you to connect soundbars, home theatres, and even laptops. A couple of USB ports should suffice for connecting your smartphone and other USB devices.

There are other ways to connect your compatible devices to your TV. One of them is Bluetooth. Chromecast is another mode of connection.

Screen mirroring is also available on smart TVs today to enable you to mirror content from your smartphone screens on the large TV screens.

We have clarified various aspects to look for when purchasing a 32-inches smart TV. Here are some frequently asked questions in this connection.

Best 32 inch Smart TV – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best 32-inches smart TV available in India?

Purchasing a TV is a personal choice. Every person has his/her preferences. Hence the definition of the best smart TV will be ambiguous, depending on your preferences. However, we have discussed 11 of the best-selling 32-inches models in this article.

2. Is it safe to purchase a TV online?

There should not be any problem in purchasing a TV online. You can buy smart TV online from eCommerce apps like Amazon. However, you should check out the Return Policy. It proves handy when you wish to return the product because of manufacturing or other defects

3. Should one prefer the least expensive model available on the market?

The pricing of TV depends on various factors. The brand reputation is a critical aspect. The features present on the TV plays a crucial role in determining its price. Therefore, the most expensive product doesn’t need to be the best or the least expensive model is the worst. It is advisable to check out the features and customer reviews before deciding to purchase your TV.

4. Is it necessary to have a Broadband connection at home to use the smart TV?

Yes, a Broadband connection is essential for a smart TV to function. Some of the TVs work on mobile hotspot connections. However, the reception would not be of the highest order. A Broadband connection is better.

5. Is it necessary to have the modem or the router in the same room as the TV?

It depends on the Broadband signal’s strength. At times, the presence of walls can block out Wi-Fi signals. If you have the modem or the router in the same room, it is excellent.

6. Should I use the Amazon FireTV Stick in a smart TV?

No, it is not necessary to use the Amazon FireTV stick in a smart TV. The inbuilt Wi-Fi connection should be sufficient to access the internet. The Amazon FireTV Stick can prove handy in a non-smart TV to convert it into a smart TV.

7. Do all smart TVs come with Bluetooth compatibility?

No, all smart TVs don’t need to feature Bluetooth connectivity. There are smart TVs that do not offer Bluetooth.

8. Is 720p or 768p (HD Ready) enough for a 32-inch TV?

Yes, at 32 inches, there is no noticeable difference between 720p, 768p, 1080p, or even 4K resolution. Generally, all the 32-inches, except the Sony Bravia model, come with HD Ready resolution (1366x768p).

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    • LG is among the best in segment with loads of features such as web OS triple xd engine, smart remote and many more. IPS panel gives you awesome picture quality with greater viewing area..
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  5. sony 32 led 312 is good its having x reality pro and 200hz screen refreshing its is ultimate these techonolgy will give you real pictures almost equal to full HD nothing comes near

    • never buy sony tv. it gets fault very soon. the reason of fault is always said by their engineer is moisture. means we should have not have any air condition in the room where we install sony tv. because its panel get faluty due to air condition moisture

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  8. better option is Micromax 32 S- canvas, is wifi enabled, 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB, and below Rs 20,000 ( Rs 19,890 online). Can play streaming Internet content from mobile on to TV.

  9. which 32 inch TV supports the feature of wire less playing of AUDIO / VIDEO from mobile phone ( Google casting / scree. Mirroring) , If not 32 inch TV, which other sized TV next in the line supports this feature considering economy


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