best 40 inch led tv indiaThere was a time when the television was a luxury in the house. The arrival of the TV in the house was a cause of great celebration and fanfare. It was a sort of status symbol to have a colour television at home.

Today, things have changed rapidly. You have multiple televisions in each house. The black and white televisions have become extinct. The technology has improved and the costs have come down drastically as well.

This makes the televisions affordable by a majority of the population. Let us look at the features and performances of some of the best 40-inch televisions in India.

Best 40 inch Led TV in India

Vu 39 inch Full HD LED TV – H40D321

Vu offers some of the most inexpensive televisions in India. The most heartening aspect is that it does not compromise on the quality of the product in spite of the price being lower than the other noted brands. This product comes with all the facilities and features you expect a 40-inch LED HD TV to have. Let us look at these exciting features.

The Full HD LED TV presents a theatre-like experience with its AmpliFi Speakers technology in full flow. You can thus enjoy your Saturday night movie in its full splendour. The A+ Grade Panel provides an enhanced visual quality. The AmpliFi Sound speakers have the capacity to produce clear sounds with the use of 20W speakers.

Playing media files from a USB pen drive is possible. The TV comes with additional headphones and USB/HDMI connectivity. Watching your favourite TV shows using headphones is an exhilarating experience. The MPEG H.265 Decoder reduces the size of the video file to almost half but ensures that there is no drop in the picture quality.

The 178-degree viewing angle is an excellent one, especially as you do not see any deterioration in colour and contrast from the acutest of angles. The Digital Noise Reduction feature reduces the noise from all input devices and ensures a smooth picture output.

  • Excellent quality at the lowest price
  • Pictures look crisp and clear
  • 60 Hz refresh rate makes for smooth rendering of images
  • Sound quality is a bit low
  • While playing movies from USB, it does not restart from where it stopped. This can be a bit irritating

BPL 40 inches Vivid 101D51H Full HD LED TV

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BPL is a famous Indian brand of TV having a reputation for dishing out quality colour TVs. Similar to VU, this company offers high-quality viewing experience at affordable prices, thereby increasing the popularity of the appliance a great deal. This particular model comes with certain special features that make it one of the best 40-inch led televisions in India.

This TV redefines the viewing experience with its revolutionary resolution. You get sharp HD features that enhance the bar for your TV viewing experience. Enjoy seamless connectivity with this TV as you connect your other media sources to the TV. The 178-degree viewing angle is a fantastic one by any means. This enables you to watch the TV from any part of the room without sacrificing the viewing experience.

This Full HD LED TV comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and an audio output of 16W. The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Seamless integration with different media
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Value for price
  • Low sound output
  • No Eco mode, hence there is no automatic adjustment of brightness

Sony 40 inches Full HD LED Smart TV (KLV-40W672E)

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When you see the name Sony, you can heave a sigh of relief because you need not worry about the quality at all. Every Sony product comes with the highest degree of manufacturing quality. This Sony TV comes with excellent features like Clear Audio+ and 3 speakers with Dolby Digital Plus for delivering the best quality sound and pictures.

Up-scaling the 1920 X 1080 pixel is possible with X-Reality PRO. You experience great sharpness in colour, contrast along with reduced picture noise. The built-in woofer system delivers a fantastic theatre like experience in sound enabling you to feel the soul of the music you play. The Clear Audio + technology give a surround experience. You are able to listen to every word of the dialogue clearly.

Connect your Android devices to your Bravia TV through the 2 micro USB and HDMI ports. You will also be able to navigate through your phone’s media using the TV remote. Compatible with Netflix and YouTube, you have direct access to quality entertainment.

The X-Protection Pro protects your expensive TV from its greatest enemy dust and shields it against lightning. The anti-humidity coating prevents short circuits thus providing extreme protection to your TV.

This TV supports multi-format USB play and multi Indian languages. Communicating with your TV in the language you choose is possible. The Screen mirroring feature lets you replicate your smartphone screen on your Bravia TV.

  • Highly advanced features like screen mirroring
  • Clear Audio + technology ensures great sound
  • Protection to TV from lightning and electrical surges
  • High cost
  • The HDR option is only available for gaming

Sony Bravia 40 inches Full HD LED Smart TV (KLV-40W562D)

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If ever you can have fun watching TV, it has to be the Sony Bravia. Watching your favourite movies or your football players making the right moves is a great experience. This Bravia TV has the following additional features.

The Full HD display makes for entertaining viewing. In order to have a great picture, you need to upscale each of the 1920 X 1080 pixels. The X-Reality PRO picture engine enables you to do that. You end up with a higher picture quality with a reduced pictorial distortion as you connect your other input devices.

This TV comes with a pleasing design. You can mount the TV on the wall or place it at a corner in the living room. The slim and streamlined design takes your home décor to a completely different level. Experience the highest quality of sound with the built-in subwoofer

Accessing the internet through your home Wi-Fi is possible. As you do so over Wi-Fi, you need not deal with bothersome cables. This TV is compatible with Netflix and YouTube. Motionflow XR technology ensures smooth and blur-free actions. Hence, you do not miss put on the sharp details at any point.

This TV comes with the X-Protection PRO technology to ensure full protection against lightning and electricity surges. There are no ventilation holes at the back. Hence, there is no question of dust entering into its console. The anti-humidity coating protects the TV from short circuits.

Some of the other advantageous features are Photo Sharing Plus whereby you can share photos and videos from your phones and tablets on to the big screen. It lets you connect up to 10 devices at a time. The Screen mirroring feature helps you to mirror your smartphone screen on the TV. This enables you to browse the internet and enjoy the content to the fullest

  • Latest technology provides a great experience
  • Maximum protection for your TV with X-Protection PRO
  • Netflix and YouTube compatible
  • This is a good TV for browsing the internet but not apps
  • Resuming a video from where it has stopped is not possible

Sony Bravia 101.6 (40 inches) Full HD LED TV (KLV-40R352D)

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The best aspect of Sony TVs is that all Sony TVs are similar yet different. They have some distinctive features that make them so special. This is what makes the Sony TV One of the best 40-inch televisions. Let us look at the lovely features of this Bravia TV.

One of the most exciting and different features of this TV is the Clear Resolution Enhancer. This feature makes the movie and sports characters come alive with the 1920 X 1080 resolution and 178-degree viewing angle. You get an enhanced viewing experience with less distortion because of this enhancer feature.

Watching action movies or high-voltage sporting events is easy on this TV with the Motionflow XR technology. By inserting extra frames between the successive original frames, this technology takes viewing experience to a completely different level. Connecting your music system to your Bravia is now possible because of the Clear Phase technology.

The X-Protection PRO is a novelty feature of all Sony TVs. It offers protection from lightning, electrical surges, dust, and short circuits as well. This TV comes with an FM radio and multi-Indian languages to guarantee non-stop entertainment.

  • Great sound and great pictures
  • Excellent protection from natural dangers like dust and lightning
  • Enhanced viewing experience
  • Not a smart TV, but connecting it to Chrome Cast makes it a smart TV.
  • Compared to display, the sound is of lesser quality

Panasonic 40 inch Full HD LED TV (TH-40E400D)

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Trust Panasonic to come up with exciting colour combinations all the time. This Panasonic 40-inch TV does not disappoint you in any way. The Vivid Digital Pro technology helps in correcting the brightness, colours, and sharpness of an image. This TV has the Adaptive Brightness Dimming Technology that adjusts the colour and contrast of the output according to the quality of the incoming picture. This ensures optimal picture quality.

The Dot Noise Reduction technology reducing the picture noise through correct processing thereby resulting in crisper pictures. Connecting the set-top box and the gaming console simultaneously is possible because of the presence of two HDMI ports. The refresh rate of 200 Hz ensures smoother videos.

  • High-resolution pictures
  • Adapts picture output to the quality of the incoming picture
  • The high refresh rate of 200 Hz
  • The comparatively low sound output of 10W
  • Only 1 ISB drive connection

Sony 40 inch Full HD LED TV (KLV-40R352E)

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Compared to its peers, Sony TVs can be on the expensive side, but it has the qualities that justify such a high price. Thus, the viewer does not lose out on any counts. Customizing the picture and sound quality is also an endearing feature of this particular Sony 40-inch model.

Watching your favourite movies on the large screen is a great experience. This TV is compatible with your smartphones as well as Blu-ray discs. The Clear Resolution Enhancer brings you the minutest details in the colours and contrasts resulting in an out-of-the-world experience.

Watching your smartphone content on the big screen is possible because of the Plug and Play feature. The Multi-format USB play feature allows you to play your favourite music from your smartphones and other devices. This is a multi-lingual TV in many ways.

The X-Protection PRO is a common feature among other Sony Bravia TVs. Sony values its products more than you do. This feature provides protection from lightning, electricity surges, and even short circuits.

  • Enhanced Colour experience
  • Blu-ray disc compatible
  • X-Protection PRO
  • Comparative high price, but worth every rupee
  • Sound quality not commensurate with picture quality

Micromax 40 inch Full HD LED Smart TV (40 CANVAS-S)

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If you wish to have a smarter experience of watching TV, replacing your old one with this Micromax Smart TV is the right thing to do. Let us look at the exciting features that enable you to make this smart decision.

This TV redefines picture quality as it provides the viewer with a range of vivid colours and excellent contrast along with life-like details. This is an Android OS TV. Hence, connecting your Android smartphones to this TV should not be an issue.

The Miracast Technology allows you to cast your phone screen on the TV. This makes checking of emails easy. Connecting to friends on Facebook and other social media channels is also easy. Consolidating all your media files in one location for easy access is now simple.

The Wireless Smartphone control feature allows you to change volume, channels and browse your media files from the phone itself. You need not reach out to the remote at all. In addition to Wi-Fi, this TV supports HDMI.

Playing your smartphone games on the giant screen is a different kind of fun. The Digital Surround sound technology allows you to enjoy high-quality audio sound while watching your favourite movies and shows.

  • Wireless remote control
  • Enhanced picture quality
  • Smart TV
  • YouTube and other built-in apps do not stream at Full HD
  • Multi-tasking is tough on this TV

Kodak 40 inch Full HD LED Smart TV (40FHDXSMART)

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This is one of the few TVs that can make the family sit together and watch TV. The compelling features give you more time to spend with your near and dear ones while enjoying the magnificent experience at the same time. Let us look at the features that make this Kodak TV one of the best budget 40-inch televisions in India.

The advantage of the advanced processor is that it allows for an intuitive interface. You have a stunning Full HD display with screen resolution 1920 X 1080. The 178-degree viewing angle redefines your viewing experience.

Kodak is a master at playing with colours. The Dynamic Picture Enhancement technology strives to make your blacks darker and your whites brighter thereby giving you a greater contrast range. Your TV visuals look absolutely sharp.

Casting your smartphone screen on your TV is easy with the Miracast technology. Browsing through your emails and checking out social media websites is now simpler. You are able to connect a host of your devices to your TV with the normal ports, USB and HDMI ports. The 20W sound output is one of the best in the industry.

This TV comes with an A+ Grade Samsung display panel with its back cover made of metal alloy. Hence, this is a durable TV. This TV has additional protection from lightning and power surges.

  • High-quality colour contrast
  • Extra protection to the TV from external and internal damage
  • Affordable prices
  • Less than satisfactory after-sales service
    Not a reputed name in the TV industry

TCL 39 inches L39D2900 Full HD LED TV

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A relatively new entrant to the Indian field of televisions, the TCL Full HD LED TV compares with the renowned brands almost on all the parameters. The greatest advantage of this TV is that it is one of the most inexpensive of TVs in this category. This makes it qualified to enter the list of the best 40-inch led tvs in India. Let us see what this TV has on offer.

You get sharper and crisper pictures on this full HD TV screen. The LED backlighting is of the highest standards in the industry that makes this TV worth to adorn the drawing room. Its True Colour Reproduction feature uses white LED backlights to enhance the range of colours and introduces a dynamic contrast ratio.

The Noise Reduction technology effectively eliminates signal voices thus paving the way for clear images. Watching movies on the TCL TV is like a dream come true as it supports a variety of audio and video formats like MP3, Dolby, MPEG4, etc. You have two speakers situated at the bottom that works with an in-house TCL sound software to produce Surround Sound of the highest quality.

You can set the sound to suit the different environments such as Music, Sports, Movies, etc. This enhances the audio-visual experience a great deal. The Smart Volume Experience feature is a novel one in the sense that the TV adjusts the volume output automatically, especially when you change channels or when TV commercials start blazing away.

Two HDMI and USB ports ensure you have enough connectivity. They support a range of devices thereby making it easier to share content. This TV has a unique feature, the Power Saving feature that enables you to save considerable power even when you watch your TV for long hours.

  • Power saving feature
  • White LED feature ensures a great viewing experience
  • Extremely affordable
  • Spare parts are tough to find in case of emergency
  • Poor quality of after sales service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Full HD and HD-ready?

HD-ready means that the particular TV is capable of handling HD signals. The image resolution is 1280 X 720 pixels (approximately 1 million pixels). This is not up to the true HD make that needs a minimum of 2 million pixels.

The Full HD offers a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels making it approximately 2 million pixels. The HD-Ready TV does not have a built-in HD tuner. It needs an external source such as Sky, Virgin, or the use of a separate HD recorder with built-in HD.

Similarly, the Ultra HD or 4k UHD TV as they call it has 4 times the resolution of Full HD.

What is IPS Panel?

IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a screen technology for LCDs. It is better than the Twisted Nematic Field effect (TN) panels and the Vertical Alignment (VA) panels in the sense that it offers a wider viewing angle. In fact, the viewing angles stretch to as much as 178 degrees in the modern day televisions.

That is as close to perfect as you can get. The IPS and VA panels have a better colour reproduction because of their ability to manage the light that passes through them. IPS has a faster response time as compared to VA panels. But, VA panels score over the IPS in terms of better contrast.

There are other types of screen technology such as AMOLED and QLED as you see in Samsung TVs, OLED in LG TVs, and so on.

What is screen mirroring on Smart TV?

Screen mirroring is an app that allows you to watch your mobile content on TV. It is also known as screencasting. Note that you need this feature enabled on both the smartphone as well as on your Smart TV. You have technologies like Miracast that enables this feature in the modern day televisions.

What is A+ Grade panel?

A+ stands for Achromatic. It literally means ‘no colour’. Thus, you find the base panel is made of transparent material. This ensures that you have a greater degree of colour transparency. It ensures a deep and detailed picture. VU uses this technology.


We have just reviewed the performances of some of the best 40-inch televisions in India. You will find a huge gap in prices of the TVs especially when you compare the Sony Bravia TVs with the others. It does not mean that the other TVs are inferior or anything of that sort. Each of the TVs has its benefits and demerits. But, they do provide a fantastic viewing experience.

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