best 43 inch led tvThe television has come a long way since the time it was introduced in India around the 1960s. At that time, you had the B/W televisions as a sort of a status symbol.

It was a matter of great pride to have a television in your house. Thursday and Sunday evenings used to be a literal party-like atmosphere with people from the neighbourhood swarming into the house and sitting down to watch the Chayya Geet / Chitrahaar and the weekly Sunday film.

It then gave way to colour TVs followed by LCDs and now LED televisions. The sizes have also grown from the humble 21-inches TV to the gigantic monsters today. Let us look at some of the best 42-43 inches LED televisions today.

Best 43 inch LED TV in India

1. LG 43 inch Full HD LED Smart TV (43LH576T)

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This TV can well spell the death knell for the cable TV operators. One more advantage is that you get freedom from advertisements. Do not rub your eyes in disbelief. This TV can connect to Netflix and YouTube via the internet thereby allowing you to watch movies without breaks.

A great aspect of this television is that you need not compromise on the dialogue delivery when watching your favourite movies. The Clear Voice Technology creates a separate ambient background tone from speech thus ensuring that you are able to hear the dialogues clearly.

This TV is friendly on the pocket as well as the smart energy savings mode consumes less power by incorporating backlight control to adjust brightness. The Standby Mode is also a great step towards energy savings.

Placing this TV in the living room should not be an issue at all. This TV is flexible in the sense that you can turn it your way if you are sitting in a corner. The same TV can turn the other way when you shift your position. The flexible mount bracket allows you this luxury.

Miracast allows you to mirror the contents of your smartphone on the larger screen. Watching a clip from WhatsApp can be a pleasure with the high-quality images and sound. This is one of the best selling 43 inch led tvs in India.

  • Smart TV compatible with Netflix and YouTube
  • Good sound quality
  • Saves you money by consuming less power
  • Pay extra for wall mounting
  • No Facebook app that you normally have in all smart TVs

2. VU 43 inches Full HD LED TV (43S6575 Rev PL)

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If you are looking for power-packed entertainment at the minimum price, this TV should fit the bill perfectly. Let us look at the features that make it one of the best budget 43 inches LED televisions in India.

The VU TV comes with an A+ Grade panel that takes viewing to a different level altogether. You get high-quality clarity and an exquisite visual experience. The 20W speakers provide the best audio experience you can expect in a TV in this category.

The built-in media player connects directly to your portable storage drive and plays the stored media files. This TV comes with HDMI and USB ports whereby you can connect your laptops as well. The 178-degree wide angle experience is a fantastic one. The digital noise reduction provides a great experience by reducing the disturbances from all the nearby input devices connected to the TV.

  • High-quality picture and sound
  • Low price is the best attraction
  • USB ports do not support video and audio
  • Unable to play movie files over 1 GB size

3. VU 43 inch Android 4K Smart LED TV (43SU128)

VU is an Indian brand and VU 43SU128 is the best 43 inch Smart, 4K TV in India. This is Google certified Android TV with in-built Chromecast, Voice Search and access to wide range of content on Youtube and Google Play.

Coming to the Hardware Specs, this VU 43 inch Sports a 4K Ultra HD resolution i.e. 3840 x 2160. The refresh rate is 60 Hz which is great for watching normal TV content. Also, this tv offers 178 degrees wide viewing angles. There are 3 x HDMI Ports and 2 x USB ports so you can connect multiple devices like Set Top Box, Play Station and External hard drives.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a Voice Activated android TV. You can hold down the mic button on the TV remote and ask the TV to play your favourite content. There is an in-built Soundbar with Dolby, DTS technologies.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Google Certified Android TV
  • Chromecast and Google Play
  • Voice Search
  • There is no HDR10

4. Samsung 43 inches Full HD LED TV (43K5002)

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Trust Samsung to give you a real life-like experience as you watch your favorite sports events in action. The 1920 X 1080 Full HD LED picture ‘resolution’ is an unforgettable feeling.

Three HDMI ports and 1 USB port allows you to connect your HDMI straight to your TV. Thus, watching your nostalgic photographic memories or playing games on the TV is easy. Secondly, you are also able to take entertainment to a completely different level as you watch your favourite movies directly from the storage device on to your 108 cm screen,

This is not a Smart TV and hence you cannot watch your internet on this appliance. The refresh rate of 60Hz is the par standard for the industry. You get good quality sound output with the 14W speakers. The 1-year comprehensive warranty on the product and panel completes the list of features.

  • Unforgettable Samsung experience
  • Capable of playing all audio and video formats
  • This TV is made in China
  • Minimal display settings

5. Sanyo 43 inches XT-43S7100F Full HD LED IPS TV

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At one point in time, BPL had collaborated with Sanyo to produce some quality TVs. Now, we have Sanyo back in its individual form. Let us check out the exciting features of this TV.

You get ‘1920 X 1080’ HD resolution on this Sanyo model. This is an exciting experience. The wide viewing angles make viewing easy from any part of the room. The noise reduction technology in use gives you detailed resolution free from picture noise.

Watching action movies or fast-action sports is a pleasure with the reduced motion blur. The Sports mode makes it more attractive. You have an amazing display of real-life-like colours providing an unforgettable experience. The Cinema mode gives you a theatre-like feeling. The advanced features of Sanyo are that it has an enhanced skin tone with the help of advanced technology.

Get the theatre experience at home with the Surround Sound, Bass Enhance, Box Speakers, and the HDMI Sound Output features. This TV comes with a headphone outlet as well. Two HDMI and USB ports make for easy connectivity with various devices. Connecting your laptop to the TV is also easy.

The IPS technology gives you great picture clarity. These are advanced panels that come with a 10-year lifetime. With Sanyo, you can expect stringent quality checks. This appliance has to pass through 24 such tests before adorning your drawing room. This RoHS compliant TV is an environmentally friendly one.

  • Advanced Sanyo technology
  • Environmentally friendly TV
  • High-quality IPS panel
  • Sound quality does not match the picture quality
  • Media playability is limited

6. Panasonic 43 inches Full HD LED TV (TH-43D350DX)

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This Panasonic model allows you to watch your Blu-ray movies with ease. The refresh rate 100 Hz ensures a blur-free performance. You have great connectivity features with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. This enables you to connect your digital cameras, camcorders, and other USB devices.

The 20W speaker output is a decent one considering other TV models offer up to 14W. This is not a smart TV. Hence, you will not be able to browse the internet. There are no facilities for 3D Dongle Plug and Play either.

The IPS panel is the highlight of this TV. The wide 178-degree viewing angle is a major attraction. The 4K Fine Remaster engine is a Panasonic stronghold. You have 5 different picture modes and adaptive backlighting. The dot noise reduction feature provides good picture quality.

  • Good speakers to complement the picture quality
  • The best features considering the price of the TV
  • Good after-sale facilities
  • MKV format not supported
  • On wall mounting, it becomes tough to reach the HDMI ports.

7. Micromax 43 inches Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV

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Model Number: (43E999UHD/43E7002UHD)

Though expensive, this is one of the best budget 43 inch 4k televisions in the market. The features of this TV are astounding, to say the least. Let us look at some of the enchanting features.

The dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU ensures smooth navigation and a seamless performance. If you think normal HD was impressive content, you should look at 4K to know the real difference. The range of colours is tremendous.

This TV does not compromise on the sound factors as well because you have SRS Surround Sound making you feel like you are in a cinema theatre. Connecting your laptops to the TV is possible. Hence, you should not be wasting your time seeing action movies on your small screen. Micromax offers some of the best immersive motion-controlled games that your child would enjoy.

  • Downloading 4K video from YouTube is a great experience
  • Installing Google Play Store is possible thereby opening up hundreds of other possibilities
  • You can also install Skype and have a video call, but the TV does not recognize the voice from the webcam.
  • Mirroring your laptop/smartphone screen is not possible
  • No audio drivers on the TV

8. BPL 43 inches Vivid BPL 109F2010J Full HD LED TV

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BPL has an old reputation for being one of the best providers or TV viewing experience. They used to partner with Sanyo. Now, you have them coming out with their individual brand. You get sharp HD features when you buy this product. This is a redefining experience.

Seamless connectivity is the highlight of this TV appliance. You can also connect your headphones and immerse in the excellent sound quality of the BPL product. The 178-degree distortion-free angle allows you to watch the TV from anywhere in the room. There is no need to sacrifice on the viewing experience as this TV offers a clear view over as wide an angle as possible.

  • One of the best picture quality you will ever expect
  • Exciting pricing
  • Sound quality does not match up to the image quality
  • No ECO mode

9. LG 43 inches Full HD LED TV (43LH516A)

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LG is synonymous with excellent picture quality. The 300 Hz refresh rate allows for blur-free viewing. Hence, watching your favourite action movies or sporting events should not be an issue at all. With the 1920 X 1080 pixels Full HD resolution, you are able to watch Blu-ray movies in great detail.

The 20W speaker output is a decent one when you compare with the others in the market. This is not a smart TV. Hence, you do not have internet browsing facilities. This TV does not come with a touchscreen, but it has a motion sensor in place. One HDMI and USB port offer a decent level of connectivity.

The highlight of this TV is the Triple XD Engine and the IPS panel. You have five picture modes and active noise reduction features as well. This TV can play virtually all kinds of audio formats. These features make this TV as one of the best 43 inches LED televisions in India.

  • Quick booting up
  • The 180-degree view is the best in the industry
  • In spite of the size, the TV is quite light in weight
  • The HDMI and USB ports are on the rear side. Hence, connecting them especially when you have wall mounting facilities is difficult.
  • You have a smart TV in the same model at a slightly higher price

10. Panasonic 43 inches Full HD LED Smart TV (TH-43ES480DX)

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The HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels is a good one. You get high-quality pictures with this picture resolution. The Super Bright Panel Plus technology offers a higher level of brightness and thereby clearer pictures. This TV comes with an efficient backlighting system.

This is an internet enables TV. Hence, connecting to Netflix and YouTube allows you to watch your movies without any breaks or advertisements. Mirroring content from your smartphones or tablet on this TV is also possible. Hence, browsing your phone data on TV is a great advantage. You need not transfer files while watching your WhatsApp videos.

This TV has the Vivid Digital Pro Colour processing technology. Hence, you get brighter and sharper colours with accurate and natural looking skin tones. The refresh rate of 100 Hz is a fairly decent one. The presence of two speakers complemented by DTS Surround sound technology is an additional feature.

  • Good picture quality with bright vivid colours
  • Good value for money
  • Great sound quality
  • After sales service not up to the mark
  • Does not support certain smartphone models

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of refresh rate?

In simple terms, the refresh rate is the number of times per second the videoscreen is updated. Normally, you find a refresh rate in the range of 50 to 60 Hz. Certain TV manufacturers advertise a higher refresh rate.

The higher the refresh rate, the lesser is the blur. Hence, watching action movies or sports becomes an enjoyable affair on such TVs having higher refresh rates.

Is there any difference between LCD and LED screens?

There is no such thing as an LED screen. All screens are LCD. However, the difference is in the backlighting. In the normal LCD TVs, you have CFL backlighting whereas in the LED TVs you have LED backlighting. This naturally is a better source of light. Hence, people today prefer to have LED TVs instead of the so-called LCD TVs.

What is the difference between OLED and QLED?

One of the major differences is that OLED TVs do not require an external source of illumination. The organic LEDs can produce varying degrees of contrast levels that are not normally possible with other LED backlighting. QLED stands for Quantum dot LED technology. This is a patented technology used only in Samsung TVs.

However, you need an external source of illumination to light up the QLEDs. In a way, these two technologies are going to be the cornerstone of TV backlighting in the future. Both these technologies support HDR content.

Why do we not have quality sound output to match the pictures and images?

This is a major drawback with all kinds of LED TVs in the market. You have an option of buying an additional soundbar to enhance the quality of sound. You also have the option to connect the TV to external speakers. This compensates for the comparatively lower quality of sound as compared to the images.


We have seen some of the best 43 inches LED televisions in India in this article. Each of the TVs listed above has its individual advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the consumer to choose the TV of his/her choice. After all, the options are wide open. However, going for a smart TV is a good option. You have smart TV compatibility if you pay a few thousand rupees more.

Truly, the humble TV has come a long way. Considering the options available today, the old days of B/W TVs do seem to disappear into a dream. In fact, the present-day generation does not even know what a black and white television is.

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