Television technology has gained pace from the past couple of years. Now, the price of the Large Screen HD and UHD 4K TVs had also come down. In this Post, we will bring you the Best 4k TVs in India.

4K TVs Also called as Ultra HD Televisions, sports a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is four times the resolution of a Full HD TV (1920 x 1080).

best 4k tv india

Technically, there is a difference between a 4K TV and a UltraHD (UHD) TV. In Digital cinemas, 4K Refers to 4096 x 2160 resolution whereas the UHD TVs that you buy comes with 3840 x 2160 resolution.

If you are planning to buy a 4K TV, make sure you invest your money in getting a TV with a bigger screen. If the screen size is small, all the pixels have to shrink to fit onto it.

I have also mentioned all the FAQ about 4K TVs below. So, before anything else, let’s have a look at our Top 4k TVs in India.

We Highly recommend you to read the 4K TV Buying Guide after the below list, so you can select the right Television according to your requirement.

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Best 4K TV in India 2020

We are listing out a collage of televisions with their key features, pros, and cons. This can help you arrive at a concrete decision. Please note that the 4K technology is available only on TVs having screen sizes of 43 inches and above.

Best 55 Inches 4K TV

1. OnePlus TV Q1 Series

OnePlus TV Q1 Series is the new kid on the block. This TV comes in two variants with only the audio quality distinguishing one from the other. The OnePlus TV 55 Q1 and OnePlus TV 55 Q take your entertainment quotient to an entirely unmatchable level.

  • Panel Type – QLED Display VA Panel with resolution 3840 X 2160p
  • HDR10,HDR10+,HLG decode, Dolby vision certification
  • Connectivity Ports – 9 ports plus Dual-band WiFi, IR, and Bluetooth
  • Smart TV – 4X Cortex A53 and Mali G51 GPU
  • Operating System – OxygenPlay along with Android TV UI based on Android 9 Pie

The QLED display with 4K UHD is the highlight of this OnePlus Q1Pro TV. This display uses the VA (Vertical Alignment) panel with QLED backlighting. This technology is a superior one when compared to the typical LCD panels with LED lighting.

It delivers a higher degree of contrast and better colours. This TV comes with an excellent resolution of 3840 X 2160p that results in a pixel density of 80ppi. Hence, it entails that you should watch the TV from a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

The presence of the soundbar distinguishes the OnePlus 55 Q1 Pro from the OnePlus 55 Q1. The eight-speaker set up in the movable soundbar takes audio performance of this TV to rarefied levels. All these speakers combine to deliver a sound output of 50W.

The non-pro version does not have a separate soundbar but produces a similar audio output.

The TV works on the Android platform. Hence, it comes with user-friendly features. You also get access to popular apps like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play Movies.

Maybe, the absence of Netflix can act as a dampener, but it could become available soon in the future. You always have the option to view Netflix by using an external device like the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

This TV comes with more than adequate connectivity ports that include four HDMI and two USB ports. The TV is also compatible with Bluetooth and IR, along with displaying WiFi connectivity.

  • QLED display of the highest quality
  • Excellent sound and Picture Quality
  • Superb design
  • Supports HDR10,HDR10+,HLG decode and Dolby vision
  • Does not connect with Netflix at present

2. Mi LED TV 4 PRO 55 inches Ultra HD Android TV

Mi LED TV 4 PRO should rank as the best 4K TV under Rs 50,000 in India for the sheer clarity of images and excellent performance.

  • Panel Type – IPS with a 60 Hz refresh rate
  • HDR Support – Available
  • Connectivity Ports – Five
  • Smart TV – PatchWall with Android TV
  • OS – Android TV 8 with PatchWall UI

Mi TV has a decent design comprising of plastic shell and borders. The TV can be placed on a table or mounted on the wall with equal felicity. There is enough space beneath the TV to place a soundbar or an X-Box if you put it on the table. The frameless display makes it an extremely slim TV in all respects. Overall, it has a sturdy build.

This Mi TV comes with adequate connectivity ports (3 HDMI and 2 USB) to connect to your various smart devices like smartphones, soundbar, digital camera, and a home theatre system. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity make this TV a complete package of entertainment.

Powered by a high-quality 64-bit quad-core processor with 2GB RAM, this TV delivers excellent performance. Switching between apps is easy. The 8GB internal storage capacity enables you to install multiple apps.

This TV is compatible with 4K + HDR10 to ensure a fantastic viewing experience. Dolby + DTS sound helps deliver an excellent audio performance.

Operating the TV is a simple affair because of the easy-to-use universal remote. Other exciting features include Google Voice Search, built-in Chromecast, and PatchWall that automatically adapts to the latest trends.

  • Fantastic picture quality
  • The latest Android 8 features
  • Friendly user interface
  • Simple to use the remote control
  • Does not support Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • No 3.5mm audio jack

3. LG 55 inches 4K-UHD LED Smart TV – 55UK6360PTE

LG TVs are a name to reckon with, as they come with delectable features to ensure a complete package of absolute entertainment. It should qualify as one of the best 4K LED TVs under Rs 60K.

  • Panel – High-quality IPS panel with 4K UHD and 50Hz refresh rate
  • Smart TV – Built-in WiFi with Web OS
  • Connectivity – Five ports (3 HDMI and 2 USB)
  • Installation – Wall mount possible

This LG TV features an IPS 4K UHD panel of high quality. The IPS panel ensures that there are no issues with the viewing angle. This IPS 4K panel can produce an inexhaustible range of vivid colours to deliver an incredible viewing experience.

LG TVs do not compromise on sound quality. This TV comes with DTS Virtual-X that delivers multi-dimensional sound. Connect your soundbar or Bluetooth headphones seamlessly to this LG TV and enjoy the experience of your life.

This TV supports 4K HDR, the new standard for picture quality. You can expect a broader range of contrast along with delicate detail and lifelike colour reproduction. This panel supports HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro.

The magic remote is one of the highlights of this TV, as you can control multiple appliances with a single, universal remote. Web OS ensures multi-tasking abilities, whereby one can surf the internet and watch TV simultaneously.

This Netflix recommended TV is a powerhouse of entertainment, as you enjoy Netflix Premium 4K HDR content on the LG TV.

Other features include excellent connectivity options, facility to share smartphone content on your TV, and access to a multitude of apps. This LG TV is a one-stop-shop for quality entertainment.

  • An astonishing range of colours
  • IPS 4K Display
  • DTS Virtual X Sound quality
  • Netflix recommended TV
  • The TV has a bulky build and design

4. Samsung 55 inches 6 Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV – UA55NU6100

Samsung 4K TVs are unique because of the unmatched features of Unbox Super 6, a facility available in Samsung TVs alone. High-quality images and sound make this Samsung TV one of the perfect 4K LED TVs under Rs 50,000.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with a refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Smart TV – Built-in WiFi
  • Connectivity – Three ports (2 HDMI and 1 USB)
  • Sound – 20W output

Unbox Super6 features are the highlights of Samsung 4K UHD TV. Here are the unmatched features.

  • Unbox Real 4K enables crisper and sharper pictures to enable you to view every detail.
  • Unbox Live Cast allows you to stream content from your smart devices from anywhere.
  • Unbox Tune Station turns your Samsung TV into a virtual music system.
  • Unbox Screen Mirroring maximises your entertainment value by syncing with your other smart devices.
  • Unbox Lag-free Gaming enables gamers to have a great time with high-quality graphics.
  • Unbox 60K+ titles provide the best of UHD content on your TV to deliver an immersive experience.

You can convert your Samsung Smart TV into a computer and choose to work from Cloud or by mirroring content from your laptop. It is also possible to access your files and documents using remote access, whereby you can continue working on an unfinished file.

The SmartThings app is the best aspect of Samsung Smart TV that offers features like Remote Control and Mirror Screen. Samsung Cloud allows you to connect to your other smart devices and share content seamlessly.

Setting up the SmartThings app is easy, as all you need is a compatible smartphone. Now, the TV is in your control.

  • Excellent 4K quality pictures and sound
  • Lag-free gaming
  • Impeccable design quality
  • SmartThings App
  • Does not have Bluetooth
  • Inadequate connectivity ports

5. LG 55 inches 4K UHD Smart Nano-Cell TV 55M8100PTA

From the budget and mid-range TVs, we move to the premium 4K TVs in the 55-inches category. LG 139cm 4K UHD Smart Nano-Cell TV delivers the highest quality of colours because of its superior Nano Cell Display.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Connectivity ports – Seven, including 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports
  • Smart TV – AI ThinQ with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Display – Nano Cell Technology
  • Magic Remote – Universal remote control to operate all compatible devices

Very few Indian TVs can compete with LG when it comes to delivering high-quality entertainment. This 4K TV features Nano Cell Display to provide superior picture quality with enhanced RGB colour purity. The Nano cell display ensures a stunning visual experience using 1nm nanoparticles.

The Nano Accuracy feature enables you to view the TV from almost any angle and yet enjoy an enjoyable experience. The Nano Bezel feature provides perfect harmony and gels with your drawing room environment.

LG ThinQ AI enlarges your TV viewing experience, as it uses both Google Assistant and Alexa. This TV allows you to connect your Apple devices and share exciting content, as it is compatible with Apple Airplay 2.

The magic remote is one of the best features of this TV because you can operate a variety of devices using a single remote.

4K Active HDR and DTS Virtual X sound combine to give a home-theatre like experience. Connect to your favourite apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hot star, to enjoy the best of entertainment at all times.

  • Superior picture quality
  • Compatibility with Apple Airplay 2
  • 4K Active HDR with DTS Virtual X
  • Universal remote
  • The pricing is a bit on the higher side

6. Sony Bravia 55 inches 4K Ultra HD OLED TV KD-55A8G

Sony Bravia is one of the best when it comes to premium LED TVs in any category. The hallmark of every Sony TV is the high degree of clarity of pictures. This 55-inch LED TV is no different.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with a refresh rate of 50 Hz
  • Display – OLED
  • Smart TV – Built-in WiFi and Android compatibility
  • Connectivity Ports – Seven ports including 4 HDMI and 3 USB

Sony Bravia A8G series LED TVs comes with OLED to deliver exceptional clarity with over 8 million self-illuminating pixels. Thus, you can distinguish between the deepest of blacks and the brightest of whites.

Sony Pictures are always in perfect harmony because of the 4K X-Reality PRO feature. Uncover the secrets of HDR with this premium Sony Bravia LED TV.

The 4K HDR processor X1 processor brings every image to life, thereby providing full value for the money you spend. Sony TVs come with indigenous display technologies. These A8G series come with Triluminos Display to offer additional colours and an extra brilliance.

The best aspect of Sony TVs is that they offer the best audio performance to match the excellent picture quality. This Sony TV features Acoustic Surface Audio technology and Clear Audio+ Fine Tuning to ensure immersive audio and provide a movie-theatre like experience in your drawing-room.

This Sony Bravia TV is a Smart TV that works on the Android OS with built-in WiFi. Google Assistant is available to help you search for everything on the internet. The Chromecast built-in feature enables you to cast content from your smartphones on the large screen.

Other features include Dolby Vision, IR-Blaster remote control, and access to Amazon Prime Video and many more attractive apps.

  • Exceptionally clear picture quality
  • Excellent sound system
  • Smart TV with the latest features
  • An OLED display with 4K X-Reality PRO
  • Pricing is always an inhibiting factor

7. Samsung 55 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55Q60RAKXXL

Samsung is a reputed manufacturer of QLED TVs, one of the best technologies to deliver images of the highest quality. Besides, Samsung TV comes with other exciting features.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with a refresh rate of 120 Hz
  • Smart TV – Built-in WiFi
  • Display – QLED with a slim and stylish panel design
  • Connectivity – Six ports including 4 HDMI and 2 USB

Quantum Dot technology produces more than one billion shades of colours to enable a brilliant display of colour, contrast, and clarity. Quantum HDR 4X feature adjusts the lighting frame by frame to express the unique brightness of every moment.

AI Up-scaling feature reduces image noise and sharpens the edges around the object to provide exemplary clarity. QLED’s Intelligent Mode adjusts the intensity of the screen to match with the room’s light. It also changes the volume of every channel accordingly to match the TV content.

Samsung TV comes equipped with a Quantum Processor 4K to optimise viewing conditions. The ambient mode enables you to bid goodbye to the black screens and transform it into a meaningful lifestyle canvas.

Samsung TV enables you to maintain the ideal balance between fun and work by allowing you to use it as a PC. Home Cloud enables you to save your data wirelessly and automatically.

Live Cast features and Two-way sharing are some of the unique features available on this TV.

Samsung turns your TV into a virtual music system and enhances the quality of sound so that your beats look and sound better. Other features of this smart TV include Airplay 2 compatibility and the services of Google Assistant. The universal remote makes it convenient to control and operate the TV and other connected devices.

  • An exotic range of colours on display
  • QLED is brighter than oled
  • High-quality processor
  • AI-enabled features
  • Two-way sharing function
  • OLED TVs has better contrast and black level than Qled TV.

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Best 49 and 50 inches 4K TV

8. Sony Bravia 123 cm (49-inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV – KD-49X7002G

Sony Bravia TV series come with exquisite features like 4K X-Reality PRO and Triluminos Display technology to make it the favourite of all.

  • Screen resolution – 4K UHD with refresh rate 50Hz
  • Display – Triluminos Display
  • Smart TV – One-click connect
  • Connectivity options – six ports

Sony pays excellent attention to the minute details. This TV gets a clean cable management system where it is possible to hide the wires from view. Placing it behind the TV and holding it in place with a cable holder gives a neat appearance.

The picture quality is the best aspect of the Sony Bravia TVs. This TV comes with 4K HDR to bring out the brilliance of HDR videos with exceptionally clear images.

The 4K X-Reality PRO function helps you to rediscover every detail. The Triluminos Display brings a wide gamut of colours to the screen and enhances your viewing experience. Motionflow XR enables you to enjoy every bit of action when watching action movies and sporting events.

Sony Bravia comes with an excellent audio speaker system consisting of Clear Audio+ technology and Bass reflex speakers. It ensures a deeper sound and more luxurious experience. Clear Audio+ helps to segregate the dialogues from the music to help you enjoy your movies better.

Connect to the WiFi to enjoy a seamless internet viewing experience. Watch your favourite movies on Netflix. Connect to YouTube with the one-button YouTube Access option and enjoy your videos.

Smart Plug & Play feature helps you to connect your smartphone. Other features include screen mirroring and X-Protection PRO that protects the device from dust, power outages, and short circuits.

  • Exceptional clarity
  • A brilliant display of colours
  • Immersive sound quality
  • Brand reputation
  • Not an Android TV

9. LG 123cm 49 inches – 4K UHD LED Smart TV 49UK6360PTE

LG has exemplary models in every category, right from the 32-inches model to the premium 65-inches and above. This 49-inch LG TV is one of the favourites as it provides tremendous value for the money you spend on it.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Display – 4K Active HDR
  • Smart TV – Built-in WiFi
  • Connectivity – Five ports

LG TVs come with IPS Display whereby it becomes comfortable to watch the action from the widest of angles, as well. This 4K Display can reproduce more than a billion colours to produce a life-like image. 4K HDR provides a delicate detail with a wide range of contrast.

This LG TV supports HDR10 and HLG Pro to usher in a new standard for picture quality.

LG TV delivers excellent sound to match its exceptional picture quality. The DTS Virtual-X technology produces multidimensional sound. Connect your Bluetooth headphone or soundbar to enjoy wireless music.

This LG TV comes with a robust processor that enables multi-tasking. The Built-in WiFi allows seamless connectivity to the internet, whereby sharing your photos and videos becomes easy. Share content from your smartphones and other devices to watch the content in its full glory on the large screen.

This TV is a Netflix recommended TV that allows you to view unlimited Netflix content. The magic remote is the highlighting feature of this LG TV. It enables you to control and operate your TV, set-top box, soundbar, and other devices connected to it with a single touch.

  • Excellent TV at the perfect price
  • High-class picture quality
  • Magic remote is a welcome feature
  • What we do not like with the LG TV
  • Playback controls in the remote have a time lag
  • Installation needs an expert to handle

10. Samsung 50-inches Super 6 Series 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA50NU6100

Samsung TVs provide a rewarding experience, as they come with exciting features like the Unbox Super6 Series and many more.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Smart TV – Live Cast
  • Connectivity – Three ports
  • Sound – 20W output

The Samsung TV comes with unmatched features in its category. The Unbox Super6 features that come with this TV helps deliver entertainment of the highest order.

  • Unbox Real 4K enables you the smallest details in any scene.
  • Unbox Live Cast helps you to broadcast your experiences from anywhere on the Samsung TV screen.
  • Unbox Tune Station adds a visual experience to your music by converting the TV into a virtual music system.
  • Unbox Screen Mirroring enables synchronisation of your smartphone with your TV to ensure that you enjoy your videos on the large screen.
  • Unbox Lag-free Gaming is an absolute treat for gamers as they can play uninterruptedly for long hours
  • Unbox 60K+ Titles make sure that you get your quota of UHD content on the TV.

Samsung Cloud allows you to seamlessly connect with other Samsung smart devices and share content. Turn your Samsung TV into a computer so that you can work on it as well.

Thus, you can use it to complete your latest assignments by downloading the office files from your computer. The SmartThings App offers exciting features like screen mirroring and functions as a remote control unit. Installing this feature is easy, as you need a Samsung compatible device.

The only disadvantages of this TV are that it does not support Bluetooth and that it has only three connectivity ports.

  • Excellent in handling fast and action-packed scenes
  • Impeccable HDR performance
  • Good audio quality
  • Does not have Bluetooth

Best 43-inch 4K TV

11. LG 43-inches 4K UHD LED Smart TV 43UK6360PTE

Most of the households in India prefer LG TV because of its exemplary performance and the use of operation. Hence, you find LG TVs in almost every category. This LG TV qualifies as the best 43-inch LED 4K TV in India because of its exciting features.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with refresh rate 50Hz
  • Display – IPS 4K
  • Smart TV features – Built in Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity – Five ports

The USP of this LG TV is the IPS 4K Display panel that throws up more than a billion colours to deliver an excellent viewing experience. There is no distortion regardless of the acuteness of the angle you watch the TV screen.

This TV is compatible with Wi-Fi. Hence, it becomes easy to connect your smart devices with this TV. The audio quality is impeccable with features like DTS Virtual-X. The Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect your soundbars or Bluetooth headphone without any issue.

This LG TV supports HDR. Hence, you get impeccable picture quality with extreme detailing. The 4K Active HDR feature brings out lifelike colours with an extensive range of contrast. It supports HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro.

This LG TV comes with a fast processor that makes multitasking easy. Sharing content from your other smart devices is convenient. Use Google Cloud to watch your photos and videos with ease.

This Netflix recommended TV provides you with a wide range of entertainment. Another positive aspect of this TV is the universal remote function. This remote can control all the devices connected to your TV, such as soundbar, set-top box, smartphones, home theatres, and so on.

  • Fantastic picture quality
  • Great sound
  • Android OS
  • Overall excellent performance
  • Build quality unsatisfactory
  • Inaccurate voice recognition features

12. Kodak 43-inches 4K UHD Smart IPS LED TV – 43UHDXSMART

Kodak should definitely know a thing or two about picture quality, as Kodak is one of the leading producers of cameras in the world. This LED TV is one of the best 4K LED 43-inch TVs under Rs 25,000.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with refresh rate 60Hz
  • Smart TV – Android-based TV
  • Display – A+ Grade Panel
  • Connectivity – Five ports

The Kodak 4K UHD features an Android OS. Hence, it is easy for anyone to operate the TV. It comes with a user-friendly interface.

The Android base ensures that you can access a large number of applications such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hot Star. Watch your favourite movies and sports channels in comfort and convenience.

The Miracast app allows you to cast your phone screen on the TV and use it as a keyboard or remote. This WiFi-enabled TV enables you to connect with your social media groups on the internet. It also ensures that you remain updated with the latest news.

An adequate number of connectivity ports allow seamless and hassle-free connectivity. Hence, installing this TV is easy. Kodak TV delivers excellent sound that oozes richness with every note. The clear sound matches the picture quality perfectly to give good immersive experience.

The Android OS ensures that the TV comes with a simple user interface. Multitasking is possible on this Kodak TV, as you search through the numerous apps on this TV.

You can enjoy more than 10 million hours of enjoyable free content on favourite apps like Hot Star, YouTube, and Netflix. Enjoy the content on the 4K UHD screen to your heart’s content.

  • Good connectivity options
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Handy remote control unit
  • Universal remote is not compatible with all devices

13. TCL 43-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 43P65US

TCL is another renowned TV brand found in many homes in India. They have forayed into the 4K LED TV manufacturing sector, as well. These TVs come with exceptional features.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with refresh rate 60Hz
  • Sound – 20W
  • Display – A+ Grade Panel
  • Connectivity – Three ports
  • Smart TV – Linux-based OS

TCL TVs come with 4K UHD Up-scaling technology. It converts the content to high-quality UHD to enhance your viewing experience. The Micro Dimming feature analyses the video content minutely into 1080 zones and adjusts the brightness accordingly to ensure high-quality viewing.

HDR technology reproduces dazzling light and dark shades to make viewing a pleasure. The Sport Mode is one of the best aspects of this TV, as it ensures optimisation of picture and sound to the best possible extent.

This TV comes with a Dual Core CPU and GPU to enable smooth multitasking. It is a smart TV that allows viewers to enjoy YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime content and other channels.

The intelligent volume feature adjusts the volume of the channels accordingly to deliver optimum sound. The built-in Alexa is a welcome feature, as it helps you stream your music and videos with ease.

T-Cast is an integrated feature of TCL TVs. You can connect your smartphone to your TV and operate the TV using it. It also lets you cast content from your smartphone screen on to the large screen. The one-click Netflix button is a welcome feature that makes it convenient to watch your favourite UHD content.

TCL TVs come with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound to deliver an immersive experience. The presence of the Dolby decoder optimises the TV sound quality.

  • Picture quality is good
  • HD Channels are enjoyable to watch
  • Ideal TV to watch Amazon Prime
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Bluetooth issues
  • Hot Star is not working

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Best 65-inch 4K TV

14. Sanyo 165cm 65-inches – 4K UHD Smart Certified Android IPS LED TV XT-65A081U

Sanyo is a typical Japanese brand of TVs that concentrates more on the quality of the output than on anything else. Sanyo XT-65A081U is one of the best budget 4K LED 65-inch TVs available in the market.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with refresh rate 60Hz
  • Smart TV features – Android OS
  • Display – Super bright IPS
  • Connectivity – Five ports

Sanyo TV features Android OS Oreo 8.0, the latest operating system from Android. Thus, you have unlimited access to hundreds of apps on the Android TV Play Store. This TV comes with all features of Android such as Google Assistant and Chromecast.

One can expect stunning visuals because of the super bright IPS panel. When combined with HDR10, it produces a remarkable display of more than 1.07 billion colours to deliver an immersive experience.

Dolby Audio complements perfectly with the visuals to provide a movie-theatre like experience.

The minimalistic design of this TV makes this TV elevate the aesthetics of your drawing room environment to a different level. This TV comes with five connectivity ports to offer seamless connectivity to all your smart devices.

Android OS ensures access to YouTube, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies & TV. Enjoy the convenience of personalised content on this Sanyo TV. Other exciting features include wall mounting facilities and the availability of more than 300 service centres across India.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Netflix and other apps work beautifully
  • Quick installation
  • Wireless remote mouse
  • Rebooting issues when watching Amazon Prime
  • The home page does not allow to add USB loaded apps
  • No option to boot to Android home straightaway

15. TCL 163.8 cm – 65-inches 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV L65O2MUS

TCL TVs have also made their foray in the more significant TV segments such as the 65-inch models. This TV comes with all the benefits of a premium TV at the cost of a budget/mid-range TV.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD with refresh rate 60Hz
  • Display – 4K UHD and 4K HDR Pro
  • Connectivity – Five ports
  • Smart Features – Android TV

This Android-based TV is a smart TV that comes with built-in Chromecast to cast your favourite videos and games from your smartphone to the TV. This TV offers the benefit of Google Play Games to track your progress and continue from where you had left off.

TCL TV enables you to enjoy the ultimate HD Visual Experience. It also allows the up-scaling of 2K image to 4K, thereby enhancing your viewing experience. The HD Pro compatibility ensures better clarity and detailing of the pictures.

The USP of this TCL TV is its slim design that fits beautifully on the drawing-room wall. It has sleek looks but packs a powerful performance with its Quad-Core processor to ensure smooth multitasking. Android OS allows access to unlimited movies from channels like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and other channels.

DTS Premium and Dolby Audio ensure the highest quality of sound to complement the excellent pictures. As the TCL is an Android TV certified TV by Google, you have smooth access to the Google Play Store to download a multitude of apps.

The Voice Search feature allows you to search for your favourite apps by pressing a button and asking for the same instead of typing it out on the screen.

Overall, TCL TV is one of the best 65-inch 4K LED TVs available in India because of its excellent features and attractive pricing.

  • Excellent pricing option
  • Value for money
  • High quality of picture and sound
  • Facility to play fast, action-packed games
  • Not a friendly user interface
  • At times, does not allow to download Amazon Prime videos

4K TV Buying Guide

Technology is improving in leaps and bounds. TV manufacturing technology bears ample evidence of this fact

Today, you have 4K and HDR to take the viewing experience to an entirely different level altogether.

But wait, the game is not over yet. 8K TV is just around the corner. It could come any day to make for an overwhelming experience.

However, until the time you have 8K content, we shall bask in the glory of 4K and HDR.

This 4K TV buying guide should remove all the misconceptions that you can have in your mind when it comes to selecting the optimum TV for your home.

Buying a TV can be a confusing experience today, with each TV manufacturer extolling their virtues.

You have to contend with the use of technology-heavy language like refresh rates, 8K, HDR, Smart TV, HDMI 2.0 and 2.1, LED, OLED, QLED, Dolby Vision, and so on. The list can be endless.

We shall look at each aspect and understand the concept. It will simplify your task of choosing the right TV.

The Size of the Screen – Size does play a vital role

The days of the 20-inches and 21-inches TV are gone. No one buys these TVs today.

The present-day TVs are available in sizes of 40-inches and upwards. The 4K TVs are best when you have them in sizes 55-inches or more.

With TV screen becoming flatter and thinner, it is not difficult to accommodate a 65-inch TV in your drawing room today.

Remember that TV screens are measured diagonally.

The technology is becoming better today. Therefore, the larger-sized TVs are also becoming affordable.

Though many people love to place the TV on its stand, wall mounting is becoming increasingly popular.

The weight of the TV is never an issue when you mount it on the wall. It occupies less space by freeing up space beneath it.

It enables you to place your speaker systems and other electronic equipment comfortably.

When you are looking for a 4K TV, it is always better to have them as large as possible. If budget is not an immediate constraint, you can go for sizes exceeding 65 inches, as well.

Screen Resolution – 4K sounds great

4K TVs do not have 4000 lines of resolution. Theoretically, the 4K TV has 3840 horizontal lines. However, the name 4K seems catchy.

4K TV has four times the pixel resolution of the 1080p HD TVs.

The 1080pHD TVs have 1920×1080 pixels, whereas the 4K TV has 3840×2160 pixels. Therefore, 4K TV is four times better than the standard resolution available today.

Yes, critics will argue that there is not enough 4K content available today. However, no one can deny that the images are crisper with the details becoming finer, clearer, and easily visible.

Secondly, you can sit as close to the TV screen without noticing any degradation in the image resolution.

The best news today is that many streaming services like Amazon Video, Netflix, and YouTube have started offering 4K content.

You do not have much of Live TV on 4K, but the day is not very far away when you will have adequate content on 4K.

Just as we are warming up towards 4K, there is news that 8K resolution will be available very soon.

Samsung’s Q900 and LG’s Z9 OLED are two 8K TVs that have entered the market scene.

However, it will take some time for 8K content to be available. Until then, we have enough breathing space to enjoy 4K resolution at its best.

HDR – A game-changer

HDR or High Dynamic Range is something that has to be experienced to understand the concept better.

Once you experience HDR, I doubt whether you will ever switch back to SDR. If there is something that enhances picture quality other than screen resolution, it has to be HDR.

HDR allows the viewer to distinguish between the umpteen shades of brightness, thereby making the images vibrant and lifelike. It does the same with the myriad shades of darkness to ensure a higher contrast and wider colour gamut.

Almost all the 4K TVs available in the market are HDR TVs, but there is a word of caution.

Not all HDR TVs are equal because you have differences in quality.

HDR is not a uni-dimensional format. Various formats such as HDR10, HLG, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision collectively constitute HDR today.

One should ensure that your TV should support the same HDR format used by your HDR video to experience the best results.

The names sound similar, but the technology varies from one format to another.

Dolby Vision is a more exacting version of HDR. This technology is available only on those TVs that meet the exacting standards of Dolby and pay the licensing fees, as well.

LG, Sony, and TCL are some brands that use Dolby Vision.

Samsung has its premium HDR format known as HDR10+. Cable and satellite have their version of HDR known as HLG (Hybrid-Log Gamma).

A lot depends on the source content. Similar to 4K, there is not much HDR content available. However, Amazon Prime and Netflix have started streaming HDR today.

It is best if you opt for an HDR TV set that is compatible with Dolby Vision.

Refresh Rates – Is faster better?

A simple definition of refresh rate would be the number of times the picture refreshes on the TV screen per second.

The standard refresh rate is 60Hz. It entails that the image refreshes 60 times in a second.

If you have high-speed, action-packed scenes like a sports telecast, the 60Hz refresh rate could seem insignificant because you might experience blurring of images.

Therefore, you have TV manufacturers doubling the refresh rate to 120Hz today.

Again, much depends on the quality of the source content. The modern-day TVs handle refresh rates in various ways.

Some of them insert a black frame between two successive frames, thereby tricking the viewer into seeing a solid image.

Another technique involves inserting an intermediary frame to ensure a more realistic motion experience.

Gamers would love to have as fast a refresh rate as possible.

If you are more into TV viewing and less into games, you should not opt for a TV with a refresh rate of less than 120Hz.

At this point, we would like to caution that many TV manufacturers advertise the term ‘Effective Refresh Rate.’ It is an age-old marketing trick to confuse people.

Effective Refresh Rate is nothing but half the stated rate. Therefore, if the manufacturer advertises an effective refresh rate of 120Hz, the TV supports 60Hz.

As on date, there is nothing like a 240Hz refresh rates though you could find some TV manufacturers advertising the same.

Variable Refresh Rates – A refreshingly new feature

The new LG models of 2019 and 2020 come with a variable refresh rate.

It entails that the TV changes the refresh rate depending on the mode you use. Generally, TVs lock into a single refresh rate, 60Hz or 120Hz, thereby making it impossible to deal with changes to the refresh rates.

It results in a visual glitch known as tearing.

The variable refresh rates allow the TV to move seamlessly between one input mode and the other, thereby eliminating tearing.

If you are an avid gamer and plan to use your TV for gaming activities, it is better to opt for a TV with a variable refresh rate.

Smart TVs – The human is not the only smart fellow on the planet today.

The smartphone has altered the way we communicate with people.

It has pushed the PC and the laptop into oblivion, especially as far as domestic use is concerned. Now, we have the concept of smart TV in front of us.

Similar to a smartphone, smart TV is one that connects to the internet. It uses either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

The benefit of smart TVs is that they come with built-in apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and so on. All the 4K TVs available today are smart.

Another distinguishing feature of smart TVs is that they come with unique Operating Systems.

LG uses its WebOS software, whereas Vizio has the SmartCast, and Samsung has Tizen OS.

You also have these TVs supporting Google Chromecast, whereby it becomes convenient to cast content from your smartphone to the large screen and vice versa.

Google has also come up with its Android TV that runs on its smart TV platform based on Android Mobile OS.

The benefit is that this TV comes with access to hundreds of popular apps via Play Store. Sony TVs use Android TV.

The older edition TVs not having Wi-Fi or ethernet cable connectivity features can still work as smart TVs with the use of streaming platforms like Amazon Fire TV Stick.

You have similar devices like the Roku Streaming Stick and set-top boxes like Nvidia Shield equipping TVs to become smarter.

Some of the latest TV models come with Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility, a feature similar to that of Chromecast. However, such TVs are compatible with Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.

These streaming platforms, like Amazon Fire TV Stick, need HDMI port connectivity on the TV to function.

HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 connectivity ports – The more connections, the better

With TVs becoming smarter, there will be a need to connect more devices to it. These devices could include speaker systems, soundbars, gaming console, and so on.

Therefore, you should ensure that your 4K TV has as many HDMI ports as possible.

Today, the HDMI 2.1 is the standard. Most of the 4K TVs come with both HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 connectivity options.

The advantage of having HDMI 2.1 ports is that it makes it possible to deliver 8K content.

Some of the latest TVs in the market, such as LG C9 OLED, comes with four HDMI 2.1 ports.

Though HDMI 2.1 ports are desirable, the HDMI 2.0 ports will work for many more years to come.

Secondly, HDMI 2.1 ports make the TV that much expensive and out of reach of your budget.

Gamers would need HDMI ports to connect their Xbox and PS4 gaming consoles to the TV.

Which is the best, LCD, LED, OLED, or QLED?

Are we trying to confuse you too much by using jargon like these? We shall make it simple for you.

All these terms constitute a TV display. As a rule, there are only two types of TV display, transmissive display, and emissive display.

LCD, LED, QLED, and Mini-LED are examples of transmissive displays. They need the support of a backlight for their lighting source.

This light passes through various colour filters and a matrix of pixels to deliver the picture content.

On the other hand, emissive displays possess pixels that generate their light. As on date, OLED and Micro-LED are the only kind of emissive displays on offer.

LCD – Liquid Crystal Display

LCD is a matrix of pixels used to create transmissive displays. All the LCD, LED, QLED, and Mini-LED TVs come with LCD panels. The backlighting is the only distinguishing feature. In an LCD TV, CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light) serve as backlight.

LED – Light Emitting Diode

With the emergence of LED as an alternative backlighting technology, the CCFLs have taken a backseat. All LED TVs are thus LCD TVs with LED backlighting. Compared to CCFLs, LEDs are more energy-efficient. They can also improve control over brightness and contrast.


Mini-LED is an improvement over the LED technology. The working is the same, but the size of the LEDs is smaller. A 75-inch Mini-LED TV screen can have nearly 25,000 of them.

Therefore, it ensures greater control over brightness and contrast. As on date, Mini-LED is a new technology not available in many TVs. However, there will be more on the way very soon.

QLED – Quantum LED

A QLED TV is a regular LED TV with an additional layer of quantum dots. These quantum dots are situated behind the LCD matrix and before the LED lighting.

The benefit of QLED is that these dots are nanoparticles having the unique property of becoming emissive when light falls on them.

When you add these dots to an LED display, they increase the brightness levels and ensure the creation of more natural colours by compensating for the blue light emitted by LEDs.

Hence, QLED TVs are excellent for brightly-lit rooms. They have a disadvantage that they do not exhibit the perfect blacks that OLED TVs do. However, QLED TVs can display a higher level of brightness.

OLED – Organic LED

LED TVs suffer from a unique condition known as light bleed. It happens when the light from a bright area of the screen spills over to a dark area.

OLED TVs have the benefit because the pixels become entirely black when it does not produce any light. Therefore, you can experience the blackest of blacks in an OLED TV.

LG is a pioneer when it comes to OLED TVs. Many TV manufacturers sell OLED TVs, but they purchase their panels from LG. These companies use unique picture processing techniques to make the output look distinct.


Micro-LED is the latest technology on display today. It uses a modular design that allows TV manufacturers to build TVs of enormous sizes, even exceeding 17 feet in height.

These TVs come with high resolutions, as well. This technology is the most expensive of the lot, as well.

Contrast Ratios – Confusing Numbers

Contrast ratios are sales gimmicks that wily salespersons use to market their TVs.

Contrast Ratio describes the entire range of brightness levels that a specific TV set can display.

The best way to check out the contrast ratios is to watch some movie scenes that have different levels of darkness, such as the Harry Potter films.

HDR Movies

The better TVs are those that have deep black levels, whereas the cheaper ones will display a greyish tinge.

Audio Levels – Better to get a soundbar

The size of TVs is becoming bigger and bigger, while TVs are also becoming slimmer.

Therefore, TV manufacturers have no option but to compromise on audio quality. TVs today do not have enough space to set up a quality sound system.

Consumers have three options. They can use headphones (a problem if you have multiple TV viewers) or invest in a surround sound system. A better option is to go for a soundbar.

The soundbar is beneficial because it does not occupy much space and is easy to install. It is small enough to fit under a TV stand.

Some of the latest TVs and soundbars support Dolby Atmos to ensure a fuller acoustic experience.

The advantage with soundbars is that they can produce more realistic sounding audio without needing the multi-speaker placement.

The 4K TVs come with at least one HDMI port with ARC capability. Hence, it becomes easy to set up your soundbar on such TVs. The benefit of ARC is that it allows the HDMI port to be used as both input and output ports.

Budgets – A critical factor

4K TVs can be expensive, but you can still find a good one under Rs 65,000.

Of course, you can go for the smaller TVs at prices below Rs 45,000, as well.

However, a good 4K TV is one that has a screen size of a minimum of 65 inches. Therefore, you should be prepared with a budget in the range of Rs 65,000 or more.

You get excellent deals with e-commerce retailers like Amazon. Some of the TVs come with additional warranties, as well.

Check out the warranty

Usually, all 4K TVs come with a one-year manufacturer warranty with an additional year as a purchase option.

Often, you will not need these warranties at all because TVs have a reputation for performing exceedingly well.

Amazon offers 30-day free returns on some of the TV models. Credit card companies also provide excellent coverage on purchases. Hence, the manufacturer warranties are not necessary at all.

4K TV and Ultra HD – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Difference between 4K and UHD?

From the consumer angle, the difference is negligible. However, from a professional point of view, the UHD we have on our TV is not 4K. According to the professionals, 4K is 4096 X 2160 pixel resolution. Here, 4096 represents the horizontal measurement and 2160, the vertical one. It is as close to 1.85:1 aspect ratio as possible. It is excellent for cinema screens but not for the TV screens that work on the 1.78:1 or the 16:9 aspect ratio. This screen resolution is 3840 X 2160p, also known as Ultra HD or 4 times the resolution of Full HD. As 3840 is close to the figure 4000, we call it 4K UHD.

The Consumer Technology Association has made it clear that UHD is the official name of the new resolution standard. However, the term 4K has become synonymous with UHD. As a consumer, it should not make much difference to you.

2. Is a 4K TV Better than the FULL HD TV?

4K Also termed as Ultra HD refers to a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels which is four times the pixels that are found in a 1080p Full HD Television.

This increased resolution gives more clarity, and the images on a UHD TV look astonishingly life-like. Please note that the 4K resolution is more efficient on a large TV screen.

So, you will have to buy a 55-inch TV or even larger one to enjoy the Full Details. But, No matter the screen size, a 4K resolution obviously improves the picture quality.

3. Is a 4K TV enough to start watching 4K?

The Television and video production industry, technology had improved a lot in the past year. Now, more 4K content is available for us to stream on the large screen.

While most of the 4K TVs will process and upscale the HD content to 4K pixels, you still need native 4K content to feel the in-depth details.

There are a few Native 4K Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and UHD Blu-ray players. Now, some of the top Content makers are also uploading 4K content on youtube.

4. What Broadband Speed is required to Stream 4K videos?

You will need a minimum 15Mbps Broadband speed to Stream 4K Content. It is mentioned on the Netflix website that you need at least 25Mbps Speed to stream their content.

5. What is the ideal viewing distance for 4k tv?

Your viewing distance from the screen should also be taken into consideration. To get the Best from a 4K TV and enjoy all the smaller pixels, it is advised that you Sit closer to your Television screen.

Please note that this not mandatory, It is only recommended for a better viewing experience.

Also Read

This is about the Best 4K TVs in India. If you have Any queries regarding the selection of a 4K TV, Post them in the comments section below and we will answer them.

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Hello Team,

Thanks for the detailed article.

Looking for a 120hz tv. Size can be 49 or 55

Could you please suggest an one probably the cheapest options available.

Looking forward to hear from the experts 🙂



Hi There, Televisions with 120hz Refresh rate are not available in budget range. Even some of the high end 4K Televisions have 60hz refresh rate only. Please read this article to know more..


Hi! Went through ur info. Which one to select from LG43UK6360PTE, TCL TVL55P2MUS & SONY BRAVIA 49″ KD49*7002F. 49″ PREFERABLE BUDGET WITHIN 60000/


Please advise, which one is better Mi LED Smart TV 4 Pro (or) Samsung NU6100 125cm (50 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV


Which one is a better 4k TV with HDR out of the following.

Panasonic FX 650D 49 inch 4k smart tv, or

VU Iconium 49 inch 4k smart tv, or

VU Pixelight 50 inch 4k smart tv.

I am looking at better picture quality & better viewing experience.


You have not compared TCL brand , can TCL at 65 inches 4K Ultra HD Android M Smart LED L65P2MUS will be better option when compared VU at same size?


NEVER EVER BUY LG TV. LG has got a problem of getting LED panel faulty within two years. Customer will need to get it repair at their cost. Repair cost is too high. It will be burden to customer. This is good you buy any branded TV like Sony, Samsung etc. You spend more and enjoy more. Very poor customer service. I got it repaired my 32 inch TV. LED panel got faulty again within one month of repair. This is a manufacturing defect in LG. LG is fooling customer. This issue has been reported by many customer. I raised this issue but they say they did not accept the manufacturing defects. I promise, if you still want to buy LG TV, please go ahead and experience the trouble within two years. You spend money and get poor quality product from LG.


What would be a value for money Dolby Vision TV


sony 43 inch x 7500f tv best or not..price



which tv would you recommend?

LG 43UK6360PTE


Samsung 43NU7100?

If anyone can provide me with further information it would be really helpfull,

thank you


I am trying to get 43″ 4k HDR for gaming, plz recommend me a budget TV.


Hi There, you can have a look at the below models.

LG 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Smart LED TV 43UK6360PTE (Amazon Link –

Samsung 108 cm (43 inches) 7 Series 43NU7100 4K LED TV (Amazon Link –


Hi Thanks a lot for quick replay.

Any idea on input lag for 43UK6360PTE?

43NU7100 is having low input lag but high response time,

also any info on Panasonic TH-43FX600D/43EX480DX?


I am looking for 43inch 4k tv with hdr10+, suggest me 3 options


Please comments on Panasonic

TH-43EX480DX . It would be highly helpful…I am looking for a 4k UHD

Non smart TV…..Budget upto 40 K


Chaitanya Which one you suggest to take Sony X8200E 43″ or LG UJ752T 49″ I’m confused which one I should consider both are at some price. consider the size of screen as well they both are same price with different size. If you have to pick which one will you go for?


Hello sir,

I am searching For 49 inch 4k led TV with latest technology and latest model I want quality picture and audio also,my budget is 80,000/Rs

Which model would u recommend as per latest model till June 2018.


Pl.recomend best brand and model for 49″ uhd 4k smart led tv


Hi, Please have a look at the below models

Sony Bravia KD-49X7002G (Amazon Link –
LG 49UK6360PTE (Amazon Link –
Samsung UA50NU6100 (Amazon Link –


Hi Chaitanya, I was looking to buy the TCL 55″ C2US with Harmon kardon speakers. Please let me know your views


Hi..I’m debating between Sony X9000F and Sony X 8500F.

Which is a better buy?

Karthik Gollapinni


I am confused between these two models. I liked Sony more with its picture quality and color representation. Can you suggest me which of this is better compared to other?



Sony 43X7002E


Same problem i had faced. but bought LG 43Uj652T after 2yr warranty offer with best price of 51k (Which includes 2yr warranty).


planing to buy 4k tv 43inch , please guide me how to choose

watch some options like SAMSUNG 43MU6100,

SONY 43X7500,

LG 43HJ652T,

can you please suggest me which is overall better or can you suggest other model ?


Go for LG good picture quality and sound uhd ips display crystal clear don’t buy Sony china products


Please suggest the best LG 43 inch 4k smart tv model no


Checkout the latest LG 43 inch 4K Model with AL ThinQ 43UK6360PTE (Amazon Link –


Which is the best 55 ” and above 4K Tv today? My price limit is INR 70,000/- .


Hi Sir,

this is a great article, thanks.

I want to upgrade from my Samsung HD ready TV to 4K tv and my budget is up to 40K.

I have shortlisted two TVs ,

1. UV android 43 inch ultra HD (4K) smart tv. (43SU128)

2. MI Led smart TV 4 55 inch.

I have compared all other futures i wanted to know which TV has a better upscaling property.

As we know as of now 4K content is very less thus upscaling of SD or HD content to 4K is important.

So please suggest which should i purchase based on upscaling rate.


Without thinking you can choose VU 44 inch 4k since it has android OS where you can download the apps whatever you wanted to use which does not have in MI (Since it does not support android and it supports other OS which does not have unlimited features which has android)

and you cannot watch 4K in youtube in MI TV


Upsacling is not up to the mark in both the models you have mentioned. Sony TV’s with X-Reality Pro Picture Engine, LG OLED TVS with Triple XD Engine, Samsung TVs with Hyper Real Engine and Panasonic TVs with 4K Fine Remaster Engine are good at upsacling the pixels. These premium brands have better picture engines and so is the price.
Both the TVs you have mentioned are value for money brands. VU TV is better for watching 4K Content as it runs on Android 7.0 with Youtube and Netflix. The Patch Wall OS of Mi 4k led tv is also good but the VU native Android OS is better and is supports Play Store.


Dear Mr Chaitanya, best 49-55 inch 4k smart tv avl online within budget of Rs. 75000/- (discounted price) worth investing? Will stay with me for good duration. Thanks.


You can have a look at the Latest VU 55 inch 4K TV with Android 7.0 with Youtube and Netflix and built-in Chromecast.
VU 55SU124 (Flipkart Link –


i am planning to buy p6us TCL 55″ UHD TV, please give your advise if its good choice


The Mi 55 inch 4K Smart LED TV is better than that model.
Flipkart Link (


Hello Mr Chaitanya,

I am planning to buy 4k 55 inches LED TV, mainly youtube browsing and some online movie apps like Netflix, Hotstar…

> Is any Tv will support 4k videos from youtube..?

> How about my opinion, Buy a 50-inch normal full HD tv and connect a

4k tv box like MI tv box,

> How about Latest MI Tv 4 4k 55 inch slim TV..?


You can’t enjoy the Full Details of a 4K video on a Full HD TV even if you connect with a 4K TV Box. As of now, YouTube is not supported natively on the Mi 55 inch 4K TV, Amazon Prime and Netflix are also not available. Only Voot and Hotstar are available and they are not available in 4K. VU 55 inch 4K TV supports youtube and netflix. LG’s WEBOS and Samsung Smarthub are Good for watching 4K Content. High End Sony TVs have Android OS and builtin chromecast. You can have a look at the features here.


Hi sir,

I am looking for smart tv in 43″,but getting confused in 4k tv or full hd

As it is said that you can’t notice 4k clarity if the tv panel is not big enough. There is a lot Price difference in full hd and 4k TVs. Kindly guide me on this, it is urgent.


its better to buy the full HD TVtill 50 inches and if you want to go beyond that consider buying a 4KTV


i am looking for 4K UHD smart TV under 50K.

also want to explore VU 43S6575 model.

Need your views on the same.


Im Confuse with Sony Bravia KD 43X8200 e AND LG 108 cm 43uj752T

Also Is above model 4KUHD ?? Or 4K??


I’m going to buy L. G 4k 49 UH850 T model rate in flipcart 134000 K but in sathya electronics in udumalai 100000 how is it possible. And am I trust sathya? Reply please


Dear Sir,

I would like to have your views on Samsung 49KS7000 and Sony 49X9000E. Which one is better. Samsung model is available on discount.

Is there any alternate suggestion from your expertise.




Thanks for your detailed analysis on various models. it really helps. Please advise on which of the following models would you recommend. Sony 49x8200e or LG49UH850T or any equivalent Samsung model please that is comparable to the other two in quality and features.

Sushil Kumar Goyal

In terms of Picture and Sound quality, Which of the two LG 43UJ752T and Sony 8200E, is better. Straight reply please.


I planned to buy 55 inch UHD. Though LG OLED or Samsung QLED have excellent viewing experience, I’m not going for it due to high cost. Can you please suggest me between Samsung 55” UHD MU7 series and 55″ LG ULTRA HD 4K TV 55UJ635V which one is best in terms picture, sound, other compatible features (amazonprime videos, video casting, screen mirroring) and also the durability?


Any views on sony 49X9000E. What are other comparable models.


Sony 49X9000E 4K UHD LED TV with Triluminous display provides wider color pallet for color representation. 4K with HDR offers excellent Picture Quality and Contrast, X-Reality Pro picture engine is also good. The native refresh rate is 100 Hz which will be great for Gaming and watching Action Sports. With Trilumnous Display and HDR, this Sony TV will be great. You can find similar picture quality in LG’s OLED and Samsung’s QLED Telvisions. But, they are priced a litte bit on the higher side.

You can also have a look at LG 49UH850T (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –



I’m buying my first 43 INCH 4k tv.confused with three models.


SONY 43X7500

LG 43HJ652T

PLEASE ADVISE.awaiting ur reply eagerly.please advise if there is any better model too in this price range.


Hello which one you bought and how it’s performing any suggestions I am thinking of Samsung 6100



Bought 55″ 4k tv with videocon d2h but while watching there seems to be a lot difference in clarity between normal channel and hd channels…. its common or anything can be done for that.

Moreover i cant enjoy dvd’s in 4k as clarity is not like watching like hd channels.

What to do..

Kindly suggest please.


That’s normal. FUll HD resolution is Four times higher than the standard content you watch on TV. So, there will be a difference in the picture quality and you can do nothing about that. Now, most of the popular TV channels are available in HD Format, you can opt for the HD Package to enjoy the HD Content. DVD Players (480p) are outdated and they are of low quality. If you want to enjoy 4K Content, you can go with Netflix 4k, Amazon Prime, Youtube or any Blueray Movies.


Thanks a lot


can u tell me what is full hdr and ultra 4k hdr ??

plz it will help alot also is a LeEco super4 x40 or super4 x43 pro any of those are a good pick !!

or can u suggest any other smart TV with 4k within 43 to 49 inch budget approx 50 k


VU is more popular Budget Brand than LeECO. Also, VU is an Indian Brand and have more service centers than LeECO. TVs with HDR Technology produce perfect blacks and whites. Combined with 4K resolution, the HDR technology offers excellent contrast. You can find in-depth details about HDR here (

If you are Looking for Budget 4K TVs, check out the below models.

LG 43UJ632T (Flipkart Link –

VU 50 inch 4k TV (Flipkart Link –


Hi I am planning to purchase 5o inch Samsung mu6100 can you suggest me I made a right choice, if not can you tell me the cons of same tv….


The Samsung 50 inch MU6100 has PurColor Technology for wider color Gamut and Vibrant colors. This TV also has HDR For Fantastic Contrast ratio. The refresh rate ( 100 hertz) is good and the Samsung Smart HUB is also good.


Thank you….can you tell me the cons of mu6100


Hi, I am planning to buy 4K 43″ TV i checked out the LG UJ632T, Sony X7200e, and Samgsung Mu6100 which one is better here. below is my observations

LG UJ632T – IPS panel, Clarity, and Universal remote is great,. however the pic. quality when compared to sony was dim/low contrast was low.

Sony X7200e – Though the base model in 4K and looking at budget i though i can go for sony,. Sony has best viewing experience it stands out and re-produces suberly, but the features wise it less, also this model does not have triluminos display, and is expensive than others.

Samgsung Mu6100 – This was never in mu option, but when we saw this model it had similar to sony experience black were pitch black and had details clearly visible, has huge features list, liked the simple and fast navigation, and smart/universal remote.


The LG TV IPS Panel has excellent viewing angles. All the TVs you have mentioned supports 4K HDR that delivers great detail, color and contrast. But, When it comes to Colors and Picture Quality, Sony and Samsung are slightly ahead.

As you mentioned Sony X7200E does not have a Triluminous display and the Opera OS in Sony Television is not that great. Latest Sony Bravia TVs are powered by Android OS, but not this model.

The Samsung 43MU6100 has Purecolor for wide colour gamut, HDR and the refresh rate (100 hertz) is also good. Both LG WebOS and Samsung Smart HUB are good and are better than what Sony is offering. As you liked the Samsung TV Picture Quality and the Smart features, you can go with it.


The Samsung 43MU6100 any link its not available on flipkart.


Thanks Chaitanya, and appreciate your response, can you clarify if Samsung or Sony has better pic quality and user experience., ? Or if you have any other model in range of 60-65k. As Much 6100 I am getting at 52 from dealer and Sony at 60 from Flipkart with exchang


Planning to buy a 55″ TV, the budget is around 65k INR.

Confused if should I buy an FHD big brand (Sony, LG, Samsung) TV or a UHD from cheap brands (Vu, TCL, Sanyo).
For now, I’m almost convinced of buying from a cheap brand, but then again I’m not gonna use it for gaming, mainly just for sports (football, cricket) & occasional movies. Is 60Hz refresh rate enough for watching those games? I’d like to know your thoughts.

I’m confused between these 2 TVs –


Vu’s customer service is better than TCL, so, I’m leaning towards that one. Also, tell me more about the OS of respective TVs. Can 3rd-party apps from Play Store be installed? Also which one has better brightness, HDR?

Any other recommendations are welcomed too. Your inputs are appreciated.


Vu 4K LTDN55XT780XWAU3D is the more popular model than the TCL L55P2MUS. According to the user feedback, VU TV offers slightly better picture quality than the TCL model. But, you can’t install third-party apps from Google Play store in VU TV.

The TCL 4K TV is powered by Android M operating system and you have access to all the Playstore apps, Netflix, youtube, Gameloft and more. Both these TVs are good for normal TV Movies and Sports Watching.

You can also have a look at the below models which are priced similarly.

Panasonic 55 inches TH-55CX700D (Amazon Link –

Sony KLV-49W772E (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –

The Sony model has a Triluminous display and the Picture engines of these Premium brands is great and Full HD upscaling will be good.


Sir,is there a difference in watching movies in a home theatre through a pen drive and watching through a blue ray player



I am upgrading from CRT to full HD 47-50 Inch NON Smart TV. Could you please suggest best models from LG / Panasonic / Sony.


There are not many non-smart TVs in 49-50 inch range. I am listing the FUll HD Models from Panasonic below.

Panasonic TH-50C300DX Full HD LED TV (Amazon Link –

Panasonic (49 inches) Viera Shinobi TH-49E460D Full HD LED TV (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –!NNNN)

LG and Sony have good Full HD models in 49-50 Range, but they are Smart ones.


I want to purchase 4k 50 inch smart TV with around Rs50000 can u plse suggest me Samsung,LG,VU brand .l would like to prefer VU brand plse inform adventages and disadvantages of VU BRAND


LG and Samsung 50 inch 4K Televisions are priced a little bit on the higher side. As you are looking for a Budget 50 inch 4k TV, you can have a look at this VU Television.

Vu 50 inch 4K LED Smart TV (LEDN50K310X3D) – (Flipkart Link –

The 2017 Verison VU TVs comes with HDR and the Picture quality of this VU TV is good and the refresh rate is 60 Hz which is good for watching normal TV and Movies. The Picture engines and Technologies for Premium Brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic are great and they produce more vibrant colors, better contrast and refresh rate. As I mentioned before, the price of these brand TVs is a little bit on the higher side. On the other hand, VU is a good value for money brand.



I want to buy my first 4k tv and confused for below two models which one I choose and please suggest any other good model under 1 Lak and from where to best buy online or retailer shop?

1) Sony KD-49X8200E

2) sumsing-ju6000

which I choose plz suggest me


Could you please suggest me a TV undder 60k budget! I want to upgrade from our old LG flatron to latest tech loaded TV. I have read good reviews about vu TV’s. But will there be any difference in picture quality from brands like Samsung or LG? And what about reliance reconnect TV? Please suggest.


I have no idea about Reliance Reconnect TV! I have heard that they are cheap Televisions. VU televisions are good and they offer value for money. But, Premium brands like Sony, LG and Samsung are the Pioneers of the Latest Technology in televisions and their Picture Engines are great. Also, these TVs have better handling of Refresh rates, better contrast, and premium brands have better technologies for color representation. So, one can definitely notice the difference in picture quality between premium brands and value for money brands.


Okay. Thank you. So is there any good TV of premium brands under 60k that will be good for home as well as gaming?


Hi I am decided to go for 43 4k model and gone thru lot of reviews and get confused in finalizing b/w Sony 43e8200x and lg 43uf752t model

Pls help me to decide bcz in techology wise lg have Dolby vision ,nano cell display,magic remote, and lot more

And Sony does not have X1 processor in 8200 model

Pls help me to decide b/w both


The Sony model you have mentioned comes with a Triluminous display that offers vibrant colors and excellent picture quality, the 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine and 4 x 4 Sound System are also great. LG TV offers excellent viewing angles, The Nano Cell Display produces accurate colors and is capable of reproducing innumerable shades of colors and wider viewing angles. It will better if you visit the nearest showroom and have a look at the difference between the picture quality.


Hey i am almost fixed my model to buy Sony 43x8200E and i am satisfied with all comparison and technology. I used to play lot of xbox one games, since it got 200HZ refresh rate, people are not recommending it for games. Is it true?


What they said is exactly opposite. The best gaming monitors are the ones that high refresh rate and low input lag. A perfect balance of resolution, Color Quality, refresh rate, and viewing angles are required to enjoy the Gaming and Sony Bravia series Televisions have all these features. Higher the refresh rate, lower will be the motion blur.


Dear Sir,

Between sony 43X7002E & LG UJ63T (both 43 inch), which will be better ?


The LG model is cost-effective but the Picture Quality of the Sony TV is incomparable. But, LG IPS Panels offer excellent viewing angles and nothing can beat the IPS panels when it comes to viewing angles. The Sony model you have mentioned comes with Sony’s own opera OS and not Android OS with google playstore apps. You can check KD-43X8200E model. It has better Audio, Triluminous Display, and latest Android 7.0 Nougat.

Sony Bravia KD-43X8200E 4K UHD (Amazon Link –


For 49 inch 4k led TV

Among Sony 49x8200e,49x7500e

Samsung MU6470,KS7500

LG UH 850T,UJ752T

Wch model would u recommend among all three brands as per latest model til October 2k17….are there any other TV models u recommend


Among the models you have mentioned, the Sony Bravia KD-49X8200E, Samsung KS7500 and LG 49UH850T are the high-end ones. Picture Quality wise, Sony is the leader followed by Samsung Quantum Dot 4k TV. Coming to the user interface, LG is ahead of its competitors. But, Sony with its Android experience is also very popular because of the availability of more number of Apps. LG Televisions come with IPS Panels and offer excellent viewing angles but VA Panels offer more vibrant picture quality. But, LG OLED Televisions offer unmatched picture quality, but they are priced on the higher side. Looking at the specification, the Sony 49X8200E seems to offer better picture and sound quality than the other models. Samsung KS7500 also offer great picture quality. It is very difficult to pick between the one between these two models. It is better if you visit a showroom and have a look at the picture quality on your own.



I want to buy my first 4k tv and confused for below two models which one I choose and please suggest any other good model under 1 Lak and from where to best buy online or retailer shop?

1) Sony KD-49X8200E

2) sony KD-49X8300D which I choose plz suggest me


Sony Bravia KD-49X8200E (Amazon Link – is the latest 2017 Version model. It comes with 4k Resolution, Triluminous Display, 4K X-Reality Pro Picture engine and Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. There are four HDMI and three USB ports for connectivity. If you are looking for a TV priced around one lakh, Without any second taught, you can go with this model.


Any comments on TH-49E460D Panasonic would be highly helpful…I am looking for a full HD Non smart TV…..Budget upto 50 K


Panasonic is a Premium Brand and TH-49E460D comes with Hexa Chroma Drive for wider color gaumet and better colors. The IPS LED Panel offers excellent viewing angles. Panasonic Dot noise reduction technology makes images look more clearer and sharper.

Also, have a look at Panasonic TH-50C300DX (Amazon Link – (Flipkart Link –


Pls advice whether to go about TCL 4k UHD 55 inches or VU 4k UHD 55 inches model.

Request to guide pls ASAP.




VU Televisions are more popular in India than the TCL models. Regarding picture quality, you won’t notice much difference between the entry level brands like TCL, VU, BPL, and Micromax. Sanyo is also an upcoming TV brand backed by Panasonic and the Feedback for Picture Quality is also good. Also, Premium brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic have better picture engines and they handle the colors and contrast in an excellent manner. If you are on a budget and looking for 55 inch UHD, VU TV will be better as it has more positive feedback than TCL.


Sir ji… thanks a lot for Ur advice.

But sanyo 4k is not available in Amazon neither Flipkart.

Only Full HD is available in sanyo.


Yes, What is your Budget Range? So, I can suggest few models.


Hi sir

Nowadays all satellite TV (dish) comes only in hd not 4k series….in that criteria whether it is better to buy full hd or 4k..bec most of channels r hd only then what’s use of having 4k televisions…hence pls guide there is any advantage in picking 4k.

Kindly guide me in this aspect.


Nat Geo, Sony Six, Star Sports, Star Gold and a few other channels are available in 4K Format. Now, Most of the Youtube channels are producing 4K resolution videos. We also have Netflix 4K Content. Premium Television brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic have excellent Picture engines that can upscale the Picture Quality. If you are a normal Television serial or Movie watcher, the 4K TV is not for you. If you are a big fan of Action Movies, Sports, Nat Geo, Discovery, PS4, you can go with a 4K TV.


Sir whether u r recommending to go with extended warranty for 4k led uhd models.

Kindly suggest.



Only in mid ranges of TV’s 55″ 4k uhd models apart from LG, Samsung and Sony & Panasonic( they r costlier)

Ranges could be 50 to 55 k max.


Checkout VU 55 inch LTDN55xT780XWAU3D (Flipkart Link –!Yf61!NNNN)

This is the best UHD TV priced around ₹50,000. This VU 4K TV comes with HDR feature, ultra Dimming for Darker blacks and rich colors. Smart features are also good.