9 Best 4K TVs in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Some of the best available 4K TV brands in India include Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG, Mi, TCL and OnePlus. All these TV models come in sizes 43-inches and upwards.

Best 4K TV in India

Before we discuss aspects in-depth, Here is the list of the best 4K TVs in India in 2021.

4K TV ModelKey Features
1. Sony Bravia KD-55X80AJ

Amazon Price
2021 Model
4K (3840 x 2160p) with HDR
Smart Android Google TV
20W Speaker
Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
2. Mi 4K L50M5-5AIN

Amazon Price
Redmi 4K TV
43, 50, 55, 65-inches
4K (3840 x 2160p) with HDR
Android with PatchWall OS
20W Speaker
 Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
3. Samsung Crystal UA43AUE70AKLXL

Amazon Price
Frame TV
43, 50, 55, 58, 65-inches
4K Pro UHD (3840 x 2160p) with HDR10+, HLG
Tizen OS
20W Speaker
60Hz refresh rate
4. LG 55UP7720PTY

Amazon Price
43, 50, 55, 65-inches
4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) with HDR10, HLG
20W Speaker
50Hz refresh rate
5. Sony Bravia KD-43X74 

Amazon Price
43-inches screen size
Android TV OS
20W Speaker
60Hz refresh rate
6. Oneplus 50U1S 

Amazon Price
50, 55, 65-inches
4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) with HDR10, HLG
Android 10
30W Speaker
60Hz refresh rate

Today TV technology has improved, and hence, the cost of TVs has come down from what it was earlier.

The consumer’s preferences are also changing, with people looking forward to purchasing 4K TVs. If you have any such plans of doing so, you have come to the right place.

Here are a few quick tips to remember that can prove handy when purchasing a 4K TV.

  • Be careful with the resolution and not settle for anything less than 4K (3840 x 2160p).
  • 4K TVs are generally available in sizes 43-inches or higher.
  • The reputed models like Sony, LG, and Samsung are comparatively expensive than models like Mi, OnePlus, and others.
  • OLED TVs should be preferable, but Samsung has introduced QLED TVs, which are also worth considering.
  • A TV with a higher refresh rate is better because it ensures smoother pictures when watching live-action or gaming. 120Hz is any day better than the standard 60Hz refresh rate.
  • Look out for HDR-compatible sets because you get the benefit of realistic colors and better contrast.
  • HDMI ports are crucial because people connect multiple devices like set-top boxes, PS4 or PS5, Blu-Ray players, and other equipment using HDMI ports. Your 4K TV should have a minimum of four HDMI ports. It is better if it supports HDMI 2.1, the latest format.
  • If the sound quality is an issue, you can invest in a soundbar.

Best 4K Televisions in India 2021

1. Sony Bravia 55-inches 4K UHD Smart LED Google TV – KD-55X80AJ

Sony Bravia offers a range of 4K models with exciting features. If you’re looking for a high-quality 55-inch TV, the Sony KD-55X80AJ is an excellent choice.

  • 55-inches screen size
  • 4K (3840 x 2160p) resolution with HDR
  • Smart Google TV
  • 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports
  • 20W Speaker output with Dolby Atmos
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • One-year warranty
Sony Bravia 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV KD-55X80AJ

This Sony Google TV brings smart features like Voice Search, Google Play to let you search for your favorite content using voice commands. In addition, Alexa compatibility enhances your interaction experience to make it easy to operate the TV.

Besides, this TV offers features like Chromecast, access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HDR gaming. In addition, Apple AirPlay compatibility allows you to connect your iPhones and share content on a large screen.

The Triluminos Pro display and X1 4K HDR processor enable you to enjoy sharp and lifelike pictures on the large 55-inches screen.

Features like 4K Reality Pro upscales content that is not original 4K into as close as possible to 4K to enhance the viewing experience.

In addition, MotionFlow XR100 allows the insertion of additional picture frames in between two successive frames in fast, action-packed scenes to ensure a smooth transition and avoid motion blur.

  • Good connectivity options in 4 HDMI ports allow you to connect up to four devices comfortably.
  • Voice Assistant compatibility enables easy searching of your favorite content.
  • Android OS is easy to use and has a pleasing UI.
  • The cost is a concern as it is available in the 85K range.

2. Mi 4K HD Android Smart LED TV 4X/L50M5-5AIN

If you are looking for a 55 inch TV Under 50000, the Mi L50M5-5AIN is the right choice. This Mi TV is available in various sizes.

  1. 43-inches – L43M4-4AIN
  2. 50-inches – L50M5-5AIN
  3. 55-inches – L55M5-5XIN
  4. 65-inches – L65N5-5SIN

The features are as follows.

  • 50-inches screen size
  • 4K (3840 x 2160p) UHD display with HDR
  • Android Smart TV with PatchWall OS
  • 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports
  • 20W speaker output with Dolby+
  • One-year warranty on the product, two years on the panel
Mi 125.7 cm (50 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV 4X|L50M5-5AIN

The prime advantage of this Mi 50-inches TV is its pricing. It is the lowest-priced 50-inches 4K TV available in India today.

This model features a 10-bit IPS panel from LG with 4K HDR compared to the previous generation Mi TVs. While this panel plays 4K videos from Amazon, it does not do so from YouTube.

Though the 4K display is good, it misses out on the Upscaler feature. Hence, watching original non-4K content can be an unsatisfying experience.

This IPS panel offers an excellent viewing angle, but the glossy finish is a disadvantage. In addition, it can be a challenge watching dark scenes in brightly lit rooms because of the reflections that fall on the screen.

This TV offers three HDMI ports, supporting ARC. It proves helpful to connect to your soundbars, gaming consoles, and set-top boxes. It also includes SPDIF ports but misses out on an optical cable connection.

This TV runs on a PatchWall 2.0 OS that sits on top of the core Android 9.0 OS to deliver a decent smart TV viewing experience.   

The 20W speaker output with Dolby+ and DTS support is a decent feature. If you’re searching for a 43-inch TV on a budget, you won’t be disappointed with the Mi L43M4-4AIN, which is one of the best 43-inch 4K TVs available in India.

  • The pricing is the most significant advantage as this Mi TV is India’s most affordable 4K television.
  • Features like the in-built Chromecast allow easy interaction with your smartphones.
  • Three HDMI ports can prove inadequate. Besides, there is no optical cable connectivity.
  • Lack of upscaling is a disadvantage.

3. Samsung Crystal 4K Pro Series – UA43AUE70AKLXL – 2021 Model

Samsung has released this AUE70A Series as an upgrade of the TUE70 Series.

This TV is available in various sizes.

  1. 43-inches – UA43AUE70AKLXL
  2. 50-inches – UA50AUE70AKLXL
  3. 55-inches – UA55AUE70AKLXL
  4. 58-inches – UA58AUE70AKLXL
  5. 65-inches – UA65AUE70AKLXL

The 43-inches model comes with the following features, common to all sizes.

  • 43-inches screen size
  • 4K Pro UHD (3840 x 2160p) display with 60Hz refresh rate, HDR, HDR10+, and HLG support
  • Tizen OS with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby Voice Assistant Support
  • Three HDMI (incl ARC and eARC) and one USB port, and Bluetooth v4.2
  • 20W sound output with Dolby Digital Plus and Q-Symphony
  • One-year warranty on the product and two years on the panel
Samsung 108 cm (43 inches) Crystal 4K Pro Series Ultra HD Smart LED TV UA43AUE70AKLXL

The AUE70A series TVs are similar to the AUE60A models, except that AUE70A series TVs support Bixby, and there is a 58-inches model available.

The Crystal processor 4K 16-bit processor with Color mapping enhances picture quality. In addition, the Adaptive 4K Upscaling feature proves helpful in upscaling lower-resolution videos into 4K quality.

Motion Enhancer feature helps reduce motion blur to provide smoother images. It works by adding additional frames in between to help maintain continuity. The availability of the Fil Maker Mode is an advantage as it allows you to watch movies as they were intended to by the maker.

Tizen OS is Samsung’s official operating system that gives you access to all the apps without any restrictions. 1.5GB RAM and 8GB internal storage are good options to have on a smart TV.

  • A good budget TV in the premium brand range
  • Samsung’s after-sales service is of high quality.
  • Tizen OS has a user-friendly interface.
  • There is no Ambient Mode feature.
  • Only One USB port

4. LG – 43UP7720PTY (2021 Model)

This TV model is available in two series, UP7720, and UP7500. The UP7720 models are available in three sizes, whereas the UP7500 comes in five screen sizes.

  • UP7720 – 43, 55, and 65 inches
  • UP7500 – 43,50,55,65, and 70 inches

The LG smart 4K TV is a preferred home appliance because its multiple utilities allow users to watch sporting action, cinemas, and play games like a boss.

  • 4K UHD resolution with 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Two HDMI ports to connect to Blu Ray players and gaming consoles
  • One USB port for connecting hard drives
  • 20W output with 2.0 Ch speakers and AI Sound
  • WebOS Smart TV with AI ThinQ, Alexa, and Apple Airplay 2 features
  • Quad-core processor
  • Three years warranty available as a limited period offer

LG TVs are renowned for high-quality picture clarity, with its quad-core 4K processor enhancing everything you watch. 4K upscaling enhances all input content to 4K and enables an immersive viewing experience. The AI Brightness Control allows you to view the TV in bright and dim-lit conditions with equal ease.

LG TVs work on WebOS to deliver a seamless smart TV personalized viewing experience with easy access to a range of OTT channels like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, Sony LIV, and many more. In addition, the Magic Remote feature allows controlling multiple connected smart home devices at a single location.

The slim bezels and wide-angle viewing experience enhance the 4K UHD display and add to your living room’s overall ambiance. Features like in-built Google Assistant, Alexa, and Airplay 2 make it exciting to watch your favorite programs on this LG TV.

In addition, the Film Maker Mode and Active HDR guarantee blockbuster performance every time you switch them on.

Gamers would love to connect their gaming consoles and have an excellent time gaming on the large screen. Features like Game Optimizer, HGiG, and low input lag let you play like a boss. In addition, Bluetooth compatibility is an excellent feature that allows you to connect your headphones and play games without disturbing anyone.

  • This TV delivers good picture quality in all lighting conditions.
  • A range of connectivity ports makes it easy to connect your various devices seamlessly.
  • Alexa and Apple Airplay 2 features add to your convenience.
  • The magic remote is generally not available with the TV. It would be best if you bought it separately.

5. Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV KD-43X74 – 2021 Model

Sony has released two new updated models of the 2020 X74H and X75H in 2021. The only difference is that X74 is available online, whereas X75 is only available offline.

The X74 Series comes in two screen sizes.

  1. 43-inches – KD-43X74
  2. 65-inches – 65X7400H

Here are the features available on this X74 model.

  • 43-inches screen size
  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) resolution with 4K HDR and 60Hz refresh rate
  • Android TV OS with Chromecast and Google PlayStore access
  • Three HDMI ports and two USB ports
  • 20W speaker output with ClearAudio+ technology
  • One-year comprehensive warranty from Sony
Sony Bravia 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV KD-43X74

IPS panel enhances viewing angles. Generally, you find average contrast performance on IPS panels. However, this Sony TV is different because it has a better contrast ratio than other TVs in its niche.

Another positive aspect of this Sony TV is the 60Hz refresh rate factor against the 50Hz seen in the older models.

HDR10 and HLG features are available on this Sony Bravia. MotionFlow XR 100 ensures against any motion blur to enable smooth watching of fast, action-packed content with ease. The X75 model is more expensive because it features MotionFlow XR 200.

The 4K X1 processor and upscaling features are good features available on this TV. It helps upscale lower-quality input content to as close as possible to 4K. Android OS comes with all its benefits like Chromecast, Google PlayStore access, and Google Assistant. 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage are also good options to have on this TV.

The significant upgrades from the 2020 models are as follows.

  • DLED backlighting as compared to ELED (Indirect) backlighting
  • 2021 models have a 60Hz refresh rate vs. 50Hz from the earlier models
  • 60Hz ensures smoother viewing with excellent backlighting
  • Sony KD-43X74 is the Best 43 inch 4K TV in India
  • Good sound performance
  • NA

6. OnePlus U-Series 4K LED Smart Android TV 50U1S – 2021 model

Compared to the premium models, the OnePlus 4K TVs are priced lower. Thus U-Series model is available in three sizes.

  1. 50-inches – 50U1S
  2. 55-inches – 55U1S
  3. 65-inches – 65U1S

This TV comes with the following features.

  • 50-inches screen size with 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p) resolution with MEMC, HDR10, and HLG
  • Android TV 10
  • Three HDMI ports and two USB ports
  • 30W sound output with Dolby Audio
  • One-year comprehensive warranty plus an additional year on the panel
OnePlus 125.7 cm (50 inches) U Series 4K LED Smart Android TV 50U1S

OnePlus has launched its 2021 U1S series TVs as an updated version of its 2020 models. While the 2020 model was available as a 55-inches model alone, the 2021 series offers three choices. Besides, it offers you Android TV 10, the latest OS with all its benefits. Some of the advantages are Oxygen Play 2.0, Data Saver, and Gamma Engine feature.

However, OnePlus has compromised on two aspects. First, it offers less RAM at 2GB instead of 3GB and less brightness at 300nits than 350nits available in the 2020 model. Second, it entails that OnePlus has compromised with the LEDs in the panel.

The positive aspects of the 2021 version are its latest OS and competitive pricing. However, the negatives aspects are higher. For example, the lower brightness levels affect HDR quality viewing.

The pricing is a plus point because these TVs now qualify as budget TVs instead of premium.

  • The latest Android OS is available on this TV.
  • The pricing is competitive.
  • The TV is available in different sizes.
  • The brightness levels have reduced compared to the 2020 model.

7. Sony Bravia – XR Series – XR55X90J

Sony Bravia XR Series 4K TVs are available in two screen sizes.

  • 55 inches – XR55X90J
  • 65 inches – XR65X90J

The Sony Bravia XR Series smart TVs come equipped with a high-quality processor capable of delivering cognitive performance. Its other features include the following.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution with 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 4 HDMI ports and two USB ports for excellent connectivity
  • 20W speaker output with Dolby Atmos
  • Google Smart TV with Alexa compatibility
  • XR Cognitive Processor with Triluminos Pro
  • One-year warranty from Sony

The Sony Bravia XR features Full-Array LED backlighting to provide optimum brightness to the screen. In addition, this TV works on a brand new Cognitive Processor XR that comes with excellent features to magnify your viewing experience.

XR Contrast Booster enhances picture quality similar to how our human eyes do. XR Triluminos Pro ensures perfect color combinations, whereas XR 4K Upscaling feature upgrades 2K signals to as close as possible to 4K to enable an immersive viewing experience. Watching fast-paced action scenes is an exciting experience because of XR Motion Clarity and the 144 Hz refresh rate.

One of the positive aspects of this Sony Bravia XR Series TV is the variable refresh rate that enables screen tearing by adjusting the frame rates automatically, depending on its complexity. In addition, the Dolby Vision feature brings every scene vividly to life and ensures an authentic viewing experience.

The Sony Bravia XR Series is a Google Smart TV that provides every possible feature like personalized customization, creation of watchlists, in-built screencasting, Alexa compatibility, and Apple AirPlay. In addition, features like Dolby Atmos and Voice Zoom 2 enable a theater-like environment in your drawing-room.

The premium stand with its 360-degree rotating feature adds to the overall ambiance of your living room. In addition, the hands-free voice control option supported by Google Assistant allows casting your favorite videos on the TV without lifting a finger.

  • This TV supports an A2DP Bluetooth profile to connect your headphones and speakers seamlessly.
  • The XR processor makes it a truly smart TV in all respects.
  • It comes with an excellent range of connectivity ports.
  • The pricing is a significant concern, but the discounts on Amazon make it an attractive purchase.

8. Samsung QLED TV – QA55LS03AAKLXL – 2021 Model

Samsung QLED TVs offer high-quality brightness and enhance your overall viewing experience. This 2021 model is available in four sizes.

  • 43, 50, 55, and 65 inches

The Tizen OS is a highlighting feature of this Samsung QLED TV. In addition, this QLED TV comes with excellent features and is available at a heavy discount on Amazon.

  • 4K UHD with QLED panel and 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Four HDMI ports to connect to set-top boxes, gaming consoles, soundbars, etc.
  • Two USB ports to connect hard drives
  • Tizen OS Smart TV that supports an extensive range of apps
  • 40W sound output with 4 Ch speakers and Dolby Digital Plus
  • HDR and Certified HDR 10+ features
  • One year manufacturer warranty and an additional one year on the panel

Samsung brings in a lot of creativity with its customizable bezels in different shapes and colors, Art Mode feature that allows personalized screen savers, and an adjustable stand to improve the overall versatility quotient.

The frame comes with features like built-in memory to store images and artwork. Motion sensors detect low luminance or your presence in the room to switch off the frame and save energy. Auto Picture and sound optimization make it enjoyable to have this TV in your drawing room.

QLED panel and the dual-LED backlighting enhance brightness levels to the maximum. The 4K Quantum Processor ensures an all-around performance and breathtaking viewing experience. Innovative features like solar cell remote, tap view sensors, and multi-view functions (allows watching TV content and mobile screen simultaneously on the large screen) enhance the excitement factor.

Samsung QLED TV features Dolby Digital Plus and offers an immersive acoustic experience with its 4-channel 40W speaker output.

  • The inbuilt stabilizer is a welcome feature.
  • The TV offers an excellent range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Digital Optical Audio output.
  • The Samsung QLED TV displays good picture quality and sound.
  • Users have reported sound lag when using Soundbars.

9. Redmi – X50/L50M6-RA 2021 Model

Brands like Redmi have brought down TV prices considerably in recent times. This Redmi 4K TV is available in three screen sizes.

  • 50-inches, 55-inches, and 65-inches

Features like Alexa compatibility make it a joy interacting with this TV. Besides, it offers a range of exciting functions to qualify as the smart TV you can have as your living room accessory.

  • 4K UHD resolution with 178-degree viewing angle and 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Three HDMI connectivity ports, including eARC and two USB ports
  • 30W sound output with Dolby support
  • Android TV 10 PatchWall OS
  • Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ and HLG
  • One year manufacturer warranty and an additional one year on the panel

While costing less than the reputed brands, Redmi 4K TV offers a decent viewing experience as it supports 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, and HLG. The Reality Flow feature works by inserting additional frames to enable blur-free viewing.

Redmi 4K TV delivers a good acoustic performance with 30W speakers, Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Virtual X support.

The Redmi 4K TV works on Android PatchWall OS to deliver a seamless smart TV experience. The Universal Search option enables you to search for your favorite channels from many OTT apps. It is ideal for the Indian home because it supports up to 16 regional languages.

The Kids Mode is an attractive feature that enables your kids to enjoy their favorite channels. This TV features a quad-core A55 processor that features 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. In addition, features like Google Assistant and built-in Chromecast adds to the overall smart TV experience.

Users can benefit from the Mi Home app to sync their compatible devices and control them through the Redmi TV.

  • A decent viewing experience considering its pricing
  • Good sound output
  • Android PatchWall allows for easy searching using Google Assistant
  • Users have complained of heat releasing from the rear side of the TV.

10. TCL – 50P615 – 2020 Model

TCL is another inexpensive brand of TV that offers a decent 4K viewing experience at affordable costs. This 2020 model is available in three sizes.

  • 43-inches, 50-inches, and 55-inches

This TCL model is one of the slimmest TVs around in its niche. It offers an exciting range of  features like,

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Three HDMI ports and one USB port to connect with your compatible devices
  • 24 W sound output with Dolby Audio and Surround Virtualizer
  • In-built Wi-Fi 4K Android TV with HDR 10
  • A+ Grade Panel
  • One year warranty

Despite being priced lower than other branded 4K TVs, this TCL model comes equipped with features like 4K Upscaling. As a result, it improves the color and clarity of the source content to a 4K level. In addition, the Micro dimming feature improves LED performance by the selective darkening of the screen to improve the display of dark scenes considerably.

The TCL TV draws its power from a robust processor that offers 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM to ensure smoother and faster content. In addition, Google Assistant services help users find their favorite content from more than 100K apps available on Google PlayStore.

This TCL TV also offers AI functions to enable users to switch on/off and control other aspects of the TV using voice controls.

Dolby Audio ensures to deliver rich and clear sound to enhance your overall TV viewing experience. Finally, the TCL TV has an eye-catchy design to improve the overall ambiance of your drawing-room environment.

  • Hands-free voice control is a good feature to have in this TCL 4K TV.
  • In-built Chromecast and Screencast allow the seamless display of smartphone content on the big screen.
  • The pricing is a significant advantage as low-budget users can enjoy 4K TV features conveniently.
  • Users have reported lag when using the remote.
  • The processor is decent, but an external STB can help prevent lag, especially low internet speeds.

11. iFFALCON – 55K71 – 2021 Model

iFFALCON is a TCL brand. Hence, one can expect the pricing to be reasonably lower than the premium 4K TV brands. In addition, this brand is available in three sizes.

  • 43-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches

This iFFALCON is a good smart 4K TV under Rs 40,000. It offers a range of features to deliver a decent 4K TV viewing experience in your home.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution with 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Three HDMI ports and two USB ports to connect compatible devices
  • 30W sound output with Dolby Audio Power Speakers
  • 4K Android TV with Android 9.0 OS
  • A+ Grade Panel with Micro dimming and HDR 10
  • 12 months comprehensive warranty

This smart 4K TV offers hands-free voice control features that enable you to search for your favorite content faster and more intelligently.

Features like Dynamic Color Enhancement improves the low color display to high color and improve viewing experiences. The 4K Upscaling feature improves 2K source content to 4K and enhances the overall clarity and color levels. Micro dimming improves the LED performance by dimming the screen parts selectively to considerably improve the display of dark scenes.

The iFFALCON 4K TV operates with the latest Android version, Android Pie 9. It offers unlimited access to more than 100K OTT apps from Google Play. While it comes with specific pre-installed apps, users can visit Google PlayStore and download the apps of their choice.

Smart Home Connectivity is another highlight of this smart 4K TV. This feature enables your TV to connect with other smart devices and control their functioning from a single location.

This smart TV comes equipped with a powerful set of speakers that deliver 30W sound output. In addition, Dolby Atmos Support enhances the acoustic performance and makes it joyful to watch your favorite movies on this TV.

  • The picture quality is good, considering the TV’s pricing.
  • The audio volume is also decent. Thus, you need not invest in a soundbar.
  • The pricing of this iFFALCON TV should be one of the prime driving factors.
  • Though you can access various apps, SONY LIV is not accessible because of version compatibility.
  • Customer service issues persist.

12. Hisense – 43A6GE – 2021 Model

Hisense 4K TV is another competitively-priced 4K that offers a range of features to qualify as a budget 4K TV under 30000. In addition, this TV is available in various sizes.

  • 2021 model – 43 inches
  • 2020 model – 43-inches, 50-inches, 55-inches, 58-inches, and 70-inches

One of the better features available on the Hisense TV is Dolby Vision and ATMOS. Its other features include the following.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Three HDMI ports and two USB connections along with Bluetooth and 5G Wi-Fi
  • 24W sound output with Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10
  • Official Android TV 9.0 PIE

Dolby Vision HDR improves your TV viewing experience by processing the images frame by frame for brightness, color, and contrast accuracy. HDR and HDR 10 ensures that this TV displays the perfect contrast between the brightest of whites and the darkest of blacks.

The Ultra Dimming feature allows for customization of contrast and ensures deeper blacks and brighter whites. In addition, this TV is compatible with all HDR formats, including HDR 10 and HDR 10+.

Dolby Atmos support enhances the sound quality and eliminates a soundbar, especially for smaller homes. It delivers powerful sound with good clarity for a perfect listening experience.

The bezel-less display makes this TV one of the most attractive-looking 4K TVs under 30,000. In addition, the Ultra-slim design gels with your home décor and enhances the overall ambiance of your drawing room.

Android TV OS is one of the most convenient to use. Besides, you get access to an extensive range of OTT content on Google PlayStore. In addition, features like One-touch access, inbuilt Chromecast, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity enhances user experience.

The Hisense TV offers a range of display modes depending on the source content. The UHD AI Upscaler upgrades the content from your set-top box into 4K picture quality and delivers an immersive viewing experience.

  • Decent picture and sound quality
  • Bluetooth and 5G Wi-Fi make for excellent connectivity options.
  • The pricing is an attractive aspect.
  • Users have reported frequent crashing of specific apps.

Features to look for when buying a 4K TV

Screen Size – 50-inches or above is ideal.

Selecting the ideal screen size for your TV is crucial. The screen size depends on the availability of space in your home. It also depends on how many people watch the TV and the distance you sit in front of your TV.

While 4K TVs are available in sizes 43-inches to 65-inches, the ideal size should be around 50 inches.

The distance between the TV screen and the viewer should be a minimum of 1.5 times the TV screen size for a 4K TV.

So, if you have a 50-inches TV, you should sit at a distance of a minimum of 75 inches (around 6 feet or more). The thumb rule is that if the pixels on the screen are visible, you are sitting too close to it.

Screen Resolution

4K means 3840 x 2160p and nothing less than that. One should check out the screen resolution before purchasing a TV.

The FHD TVs have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p.

A 4K TV or UHD (Ultra HD) resolution is four times better because they accommodate twice the number of pixels, horizontally and vertically.

Today, you have a lot of content, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., available on 4K. Besides, the Upscaling feature in many 4K TVs can upscale content if the original broadcast is not in 4K, but the result would not be as perfect as the original 4K content.

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Live TV is not yet fully available in 4K, but service providers like Dish Network, Direct TV, etc., offer 4K movies. ATSC 3.0 Broadcast standard is becoming popular in the US. This technology ensures better pictures, signal quality, better sound, and more innovative features. So, one can expect things to improve in the future.

Coming to 8K TVs, one should wait for the supporting technology to improve. 8K TVs offer four times UHD resolution, but sufficient content is not yet available in 8K. Hence, it is better to invest in a 4K TV at present.


While nothing can beat the OLED displays, LED technology has made great strides with the introduction of Full-array LED backlights. This technology involves arranging LEDs across the entire back of the panel instead of having them at the edges.


In addition, local dimming technology is available, where the LEDs are divided into different zones and can be illuminated/darkened individually. It ensures that dark areas on the screen look dark without the formation of halos around bright objects on a dark background.

Today, you have Mini LEDs, an innovative backlighting technology much better than local dimming. You can expect some of the TV manufacturers to include Mini LEDs in their latest offerings. This technology visualizes shrinking the size of LEDs in the background, enabling the TV screen to have more LEDs illuminating the screen. It also helps to increase the dynamic range of the TV to boost the TV’s HDR performance.

mini led  vs Normal LED

While Mini LEDs can perform like OLEDs, the good news is that you can expect more OLED TVs to come in 2021. Apart from LG and Sony, the Chinese brand Skyworth and Vizio launched OLED TVs last year. Besides, one can also expect the minimum screen size for OLEDs to come down to 48 inches and make these TVs more affordable.

Micro LED is another innovative display that is making news today. While it allows manufacturers to build TVs as large as 17 feet tall and have resolutions as high as 16 megapixels, they are expensive. Samsung is planning to introduce this technology in one of their latest offerings, the 76-inches TV. But the pricing is very high.

Samsung QLED TV

Samsung has already introduced its QLED TVs, including an additional layer of quantum dots between the LCD matrix and the backlights. QLEDs are nanoparticles that become emissive when hit by light. As a result, they can create increased brightness and hence, are fit for brightly lit environments.

LG has introduced NanoCell TV in response to Samsung’s QLED TVs. These TVs use nanoparticles layered in front of the LCD panel that acts as a light-absorbing filter to remove unwanted dull colors from the resulting image. Thus, it enables smoother transitions between similar colors.


Another feature to look for in a 4K TV is HDR compatibility. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a technique that heightens a picture’s dynamic range. In simple words, it enhances the contrast between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks. Thus, the higher the dynamic range, the more realistic the image is.

There are five different standards of HDR. HDR10 is an open standard adopted by streaming services and various manufacturers.

HDR Formats
HDR Formats

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All 4K TVs should feature HDR10. Dolby Vision is an improvised version of HDR 10 that allows dynamic metadata to be added frame-by-frame, rather than HDR10’s screen-by-screen. Both HDR10 and Dolby Vision can coexist on a 4K TV. Manufacturers like LG, Panasonic, and Philips, etc., support HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

HDR10+ is Samsung’s offering that uses dynamic metadata to boost the HDR images frame-by-frame. It is similar to Dolby Vision in many ways, but the difference is that HDR10+ is an open, royalty-free platform compared to the licensed Dolby Vision. Samsung, Philips, and Panasonic TVs feature HDR10+, but LG and Sony TVs do not, as of date.

HLG or Hybrid Log-Gamma, used by TV broadcasters, combines standard dynamic range and high dynamic range images into a single feed. The HLG-compatible 4K TVs decode and show HDR images separately.

LG and Technicolor have collaborated to create an advanced version of HDR, named Advanced HDR by Technicolor. Several LG TV models are compatible with Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is one of the most confusing TV technologies, with TV manufacturers adding to the confusion by not displaying accurate figures.

Generally, the standard refresh rate in 4K TVs is 60Hz, but some TVs claim 120Hz, 240Hz, etc. However, no 4K TV has a native panel refresh rate of more than 120Hz.

The purpose of supporting a higher refresh rate is to reduce motion blur, a standard feature found in many TVs. In addition, it results in the softening of the image when the object is in motion. Hence, TV manufacturers use multiple technologies to come up with an ‘effective refresh rate.’

  • LG lists its panel’s refresh rate as TruMotion 240 (Refresh rate 120Hz) or TruMotion 120 (Native 60Hz).
  • Sony mentions it as MotionFlow XR or MotionFlow XR followed by a number, such as MotionFlow XR 240 (60Hz refresh rate) or MotionFlow XR 1440 (120Hz refresh rate).
  • TCL uses the term Clear Motion Index by listing out its TVs as 60/120Hz CMI. However, all TCL TVs, except for the high-end 75-inches 6-Series TV, comes with a refresh rate of 60Hz.
  • Vizio uses Effective Refresh Rate that is double the native refresh rate. It also displays a ‘Clear Action’ number three times the effective refresh rate of six times the native refresh rate.
  • Samsung uses Motion Rate 240 for its 4K and 8K TVs to indicate a native refresh rate of 120Hz. It offers a Motion Rate of 60 in its inexpensive TVs, indicating a 60Hz refresh rate.

Connectivity Ports – HDMI is the key

TV manufacturers try to cut costs by offering fewer connectivity ports, especially HDMI. However, you should look for at least four HDMI ports in your 4K TV. It has become significant today because you need them for connecting various peripherals like your set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, soundbars, gaming consoles, etc.

HDMI 2.0 is the standard offering in 4K TVs, but it is better to go for HDMI 2.1 because it is compatible with 8K content. Some of the new LG OLED TVs use HDMI 2.1, with Samsung and Sony following suit.

Here are the HDMI standards explained in brief.

HDMI StandardSupportsInference
HDMI 1.0 – 1.1Up to 1080p @ 60HzBasic features
HDMI 1.2 – 1.2aUp to 1080p @ 60HzBasic features
HDMI 1.3 – 1.4bUp to 4K @ 30HzHDMI 1.4 can let you watch 4K but not at the highest refresh rate.
HDMI 2.0 – 2.0bUp to 4K @ 60HzCan watch 4K but up to 60Hz refresh rate
HDMI 2.1Up to 4K @ 120Hz and 8K @ 120HzCompatible with 8K @ 120Hz

One should note that both your devices should have the same HDMI port to get the highest resolution and refresh rates.

Some TVs come with HDMI ARC ports. ARC denotes Audio Return Channel, and these HDMI ARC ports are used instead of optical cables.

Secondly, you need the correct HDMI cable to get the highest resolution from your 4K TV.

Soundbars – Do you need them?

With TVs becoming thinner the day, there is not much space for including high-quality speakers.

Therefore, it affects the acoustic performance of the TV. The ideal solution is to invest in a dedicated soundbar that connects to your TV through an HDMI ARC port. You can enjoy quality acoustic experiences even if your TV speaker system is weak.

We have considered almost all the significant aspects to look for when purchasing a 4K TV. If you have any queries regarding TV selection, Post them in the comments section below and we’ll answer them.

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