In this age of the internet and information, television has become a standard appliance in Indian homes.

There was a period when watching TV was an occasion for people in the house to get together. Today, things have changed with almost every house have more than one TV.

Secondly, TV technology has also improved in leaps and bounds with best 4K TVs available in India at throwaway prices.

Let us glance through the best 4K TVs in India under Rs 30,000 in India.

Different people have different opinions. Some feel that Chinese products have ruined the Indian market. Some believe that China has brought about a revolution by making things extremely affordable.

A quick look at the best 4K TVs will show that Chinese TVs offer excellent features at rock-bottom prices. Presto, here’s our list.

Best 4K TV under 30000

1. Mi TV 4X 125.7cm 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV

Xiaomi, a market leader in smartphones, has come up with some excellent TV models with the best of features.

  • Screen resolution – 4K UHD
  • Screen Size – 50 inches
  • Refresh rate – 60Hz
  • Sound – 20W output
  • Smart TV – Android 9.0
  • Display – LED Panel

If there is any 50-inches 4K TV available in India under Rs 30K, it should be Mi TV. Besides, the super screen size and resolution, this Mi TV is a bundle of joy.

This TV model supports 4K HDR 10 and can display all of 1.07 billion colour combinations. Trust Xiaomi’s Vivid Picture Engine to deliver a phenomenal spectrum of colours with extreme accuracy and vibrancy.

You need a TV to blast out high-quality sound to become a complete entertainment package. The Mi TV is right there at the top with its Dolby DTS compatibility, designed for the audiophile in you.

In today’s times, a TV is not a TV if it is not smart. This Mi TV can boast that it is a smart TV because it works on the Android 9.0 platform. Hence, watching Netflix or Prime Video on this TV is never an issue.

The PatchWall feature allows easy access to all the trending content from a range of apps on a single screen. Get your heart’s fill of exclusive 4K content live at your fingertips. Choose your favourite theme and have the time of your life.

This Android 9.0 TV offers unbelievable features like Chromecast directly from your smartphone. If you love to play games, you can access PlayStore and download the latest comfortably.

This Mi TV goes one up over your smartphone as you watch up to three times the content using the same mobile data. It is a tremendous experience to cast to MTV without consuming data.

At prices below Rs 30K, you get the services of a personalised assistant, Google Assistant, to help control your smart home devices. Use your personalised Mi remote to connect with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Let us now come to discuss some of the technical parts. This Mi TV functions on the latest Amlogic Cortex A53 processor. An array of connectivity ports including three HDMI, two USB, and one SPDIF ports offer hassle-free plug-in facilities for your other compatible devices.

  • A wholesome entertainment package
  • Smart TV features
  • High-quality visuals
  • Unsatisfactory after-sales service

2.  Kodak 140cm 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV – 55UHDX7XPRO

If China does it, so can we. We have marvelled at the Mi TV features. Kodak has something similar up its sleeve at prices just below Rs 30K.

  • Screen Resolution – 4K UHD 3840x2160p
  • Refresh Rate – 60Hz
  • Screen Size – 55 inches
  • Sound output – 24W
  • Smart TV – Android TV
  • Display – 4K HDR

Kodak’s 7XPRO Series is manufactured in India but with New York’s finest technology.

Experience the brilliance of Kodak with features like 500 nits brightness, IPS panel, and 4K HDR 10. The IPS panel allows everyone in the room gets a ringside view of TV action. The thin and sleek bezel design cannot go unnoticed, as it enhances the overall appearance of the TV, even when you switch off the TV.

TVs have become so inexpensive that you get this 55-inches 4K TV at just below Rs 30K. If the visuals are something you do not want to miss, the acoustic performance of this TV is worth going miles to listen. This Kodak TV comes with robust in-built 24W output speakers to ensure wholesome entertainment.

The focus is on making your drawing room a smart place to live. This Kodak TV, with its smart TV features, offers a variety of reasons for you to not leave the drawing-room, even for a moment. Some features include Voice-Enabled Bluetooth remote, home automation, and powerful hardware.

If you are tired of gaming on your smartphone and laptops, you can try your hand with some of the best games on the Kodak TV. This TV offers access to more than 5000 apps and games. Catch up with the latest content on TV on channels like Prime Video, Disney Hotstar, Zee 5, and others.

On the technical front, the Cortex A53 Quad-Core processor and Mali 450 GPU make this TV work at lightning speeds.

Connect your smart devices like laptops and smartphones to the large TV and enjoy content on the massive screen. Kodak TV comes with an array of connectivity ports like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB. You can also connect tertiary devices like your soundbars.

Controlling your Kodak TV does not require you to move an inch from your couch. Use the sleek, slim, and ergonomically designed remote control device to manage the TV controls.

  • Exceptional TV at extremely low price
  • Smart TV features
  • IPS panel makes it a dream TV to have.
  • Users have complained of problems with the sound.

3. Kevin 49-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – KN49UHD-PRO

With the Chinese TVs revolutionising the market, consumers are in a win-win situation. Indian TVs are also available at competitive prices with similar features. Kevin is one such brand that strives to provide quality entertainment at affordable costs.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160p with a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Display – A+ Grade Panel
  • Smart TV – Android 7-based OS with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Sound – 30W output

Not many people know that Kevin is one of the pioneers in manufacturing LED TVs in India. Earlier, it was known as Beston Sky Vision TV. Now, it rings a bell, it seems.

Kevin brings the benefits of WCG technology (Wild Color Gamut) to produce vibrant reds, greens, and blues, along with profound secondary colours in its life-like visuals. This TV enables you to enjoy the best of HDR 10.

The innovative Quantum Lucent technology comes to the fore as you brace yourself for a breath-taking experience.

PCs have taken a backseat with these new-age LED TVs becoming smarter than before. This Kevin TV works on an Android 7-based OS with a built-in Wi-Fi receptor. Watching quality content is just a few clicks away on your Kevin LED TV.

Some of the latest models feature Android 8, whereby you get the benefits of excellent features like Cinewall. Kevin TV remains up to date because of the Routine OTA Updates feature. It is a crucial feature to keep bugs away.

Searching for channels should never be an issue on this TV because the Content Delivery Engine does the hard work for you within no time.

Indians love something free with whatever they purchase. Kevin TV offers the Movie Box App free for a lifetime to allow access to more than 15,000 films, videos, and regional content. News lovers will love this TV the most as the free LIVE News channel beams all the leading news content for free.

Technically, the Quad-core processor makes multitasking easy with its 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. Thus, you never run out of space on Kevin. Other exciting features include screen mirroring through a host of connectivity devices.

  • Excellent sound without the necessity for external speakers
  • Quality Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Range of inbuilt apps
  • Not the best picture quality when watching TV in the day
  • Needs installation

4. Toshiba 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 43U5050

When you have Indian and Chinese TVs in this price range, Japanese models would not like to be left behind. Toshiba has an excellent 43-inches UHD TV in this pricing range.

  • Screen Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160p
  • Refresh Rate – 60Hz
  • Screen Size – 43 inches
  • Sound – 24W output with Dolby Atmos
  • Smart TV – Vidaa OS
  • Display – Dolby Vision HDR

Toshiba brings the best of 4K LED viewing with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Compared to the regular SDR picture, Dolby Vision adds colours never seen before to deliver whites that are 40 times brighter and blacks up to 10 times darker. It cannot get better than this anymore.

On the acoustics front, Dolby Atmos takes over to complement the HDR 10 visuals and deliver an immersive experience. Additional features like Power Sound create a magnificent impact with crystal clarity.

This Toshiba TV is one of the best when it comes to attractive looks. The Ultra Slim design with bezel-less edges takes your viewing experience to levels never reached before. It also features the RemoteNow app to control the TV, share content, and communicate using Alexa.

Toshiba TV works on the Vidaa OS, specially designed for TVs with a faster booting time and easy-to-operate controls. This smart TV is compatible with Alexa, where you can control the TV using voice commands. When you have Alexa compatibility, you automatically bring AI to your drawing-room.

The Active Motion Resolution+ feature prevents blur. The Contrast Booster and Colour Re-master feature enhance picture quality to a different level. The Dynamic Mode allows for watching sporting action in its full glory. Movie lovers will love the Picture Optimiser feature, as it brings true-to-life images on the screen.

Some of the other incredible features include screen mirroring, voice remote, Bluetooth audio, and the facility to watch unlimited content through the Toshiba App Store.

  • The best of Japanese quality and trust
  • Ultra-dimming feature is a good one.
  • Good quality OS
  • Single-band Wi-Fi
  • Edge-lit LED TVs have their issues while viewing grey backgrounds.

5. Samsung 43-inch Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV UA43TUE60FKXXL

Generally, Indians go for the Samsung and LG brands because of the reliability factor. Unfortunately, LG and Samsung 4K TVs are not available under Rs 30K. However, these TVs are worth the extra bucks you spend on them.

  • Screen Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160p with a refresh rate of 60Hz
  • Display – Ultra HD with HDR 10+
  • Sound – 20W output
  • Smart TV features – Available
  • Other features – Alexa compatible

Samsung Wondertainment 43-inches 4K TV takes your entertainment experience to the ultimate level.

Crystal 4K UHD ensures optimised colour distribution for perfect picture quality. The Samsung TV features Crystal Processor 4K, a powerful chip, to orchestrate colour, optimise high contrast ratio, and master HDR.

Project your loved ones’ photos on the Samsung TV screen and watch it blend beautifully into your décor. 4K resolution and HDR compatibility make this Samsung TV worth every rupee you spend on it.

This Samsung TV is compatible with Alexa and other voice assistants. If you need to control your TV, you can simply communicate with it using voice commands. Other excellent features include screen mirroring and game enhancer.

If you feel typing into your laptop a chore, you can mirror your computer’s display on the large TV screen and work on documents using Office 365. Saving documents and files on the Home Cloud is easy on this Samsung TV. Besides, Samsung TV offers the feature of broadcasting your experiences from anywhere on the TV using the Live Cast feature.

Samsung TVs give you maximum entertainment, as you can use the Music Player feature to turn your TV screen into a virtual music system. This TV set is available with a one-year free subscription to Ad-free Gaana and Microsoft 365.

  • Picture quality is incredible, and so is the audio.
  • Adequate connectivity ports
  • Airplay feature is a bonus point.
  • No dedicated Apple TV button

Purchasing 4K TV under Rs 30K – Points to note

If you look at it, your problem has been solved quite a bit. You have a clear-cut budget and specification. Therefore, it should not be an issue purchasing your favourite 4K TV.

Size of the screen

The first point to note is the size of the TV screen and the space you have in your entertainment room.

The good news is that 4K TVs of large dimensions are available under Rs 30K. We have discussed a couple of 50-inches and 55-inches TVs in our review.

4K resolution is 3840x2160p. Small screens less than 43 inches cannot accommodate 4K resolution. The minimum size you have to look for is 43 inches.

Samsung and Toshiba have an excellent model in this range. Other brands like Mi, Kodak, and Kevin have bigger screens. If you have sufficient space in your room, you can gladly go for the larger TVs.

However, you should note that there should be a minimum of four to five feet distance between your seating position and the TV.

Screen Resolution

There is not much to discuss in this aspect, as you have decided to go for the 4K Ultra HD TV. The only aspect to note here is the refresh rate. Generally, 4K TVs come with a refresh rate of 60Hz. That should be enough in Indian conditions.

For the uninitiated, the refresh rate is the speed at which the images on the TV screen refresh itself every second. A 60Hz refresh rate means that the image refreshes 60 times in a second. Now, that is fast, isn’t it?


One should also note that all the 4K TVs today are HDR TVs, but all HDR TVs are not equal. It is because HDR is not a single format. It comprises various formats like HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision.

You should understand that purchasing an HDR TV does not let you enjoy all its benefits. You need an HDR source video to watch HDR content.

Smart TV

Today, buying a smart TV is no big deal. A smart TV is one that connects directly to the internet using Wi-Fi or ethernet cable.

Today, you have TVs that can access the internet using devices like Amazon FireTV stick. However, smart TVs are available in your Rs 30K budget.

You should be aware of the software used in smart TVs. Each TV has its own, such as LG comes with WebOS and Samsung, the Tizen OS. Android TVs are the most popular because of the ease of usage. People have experience using their Android smartphones. These Android TVs work on the same principles.

Besides offering an array of entertainment apps, smart TVs allow functions like screen mirroring. Android TVs come with Chromecast features, whereas some of the latest TVs are compatible with Apple AirPlay 2.

Connectivity Ports

Check out for the connectivity ports on your 4K TV. Your TV should have at least three to four HDMI ports and adequate USB inputs. HDMI ports are useful for connecting streaming devices, Blu-ray players, PCs, and gaming consoles.

Soundbars also connect to the TV using HDMI ports. Hence, the more you have, the better is the connectivity.


There are only two TV display types available, transmissive display, and emissive display. Transmissive displays depend on a backlight for its light source, whereas emissive displays possess pixels that generate their light.

Generally, all the displays like LCD, LED, QLED, and Mini-LED are transmissive displays. OLED and micro-LED are emissive displays.

You can go for LED TVs in your budget of Rs 30K. Micro-LED TVs are out of the question.

One should know the difference between LCD and LED. Both LCD and LED TVs come with LCD panels. In the case of LCD TV, CFL bulbs are the light source. In contrast, LED bulbs light up the screen in LED TVs.

We have discussed the factors you should look for when shopping for a 4K UHD TV under Rs 30K. Here are some FAQs to clarify the residual doubts that you can have in your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does 4K mean in a TV?

A TV with a screen resolution of 4K is a 4K TV. It is also commonly known as UHD and comprises of 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels.

2. What is the distinction between UHD and 4K?

The first point is that 4K is a professional production and cinema standard. On the contrary, UHD is a consumer display and broadcasting standard.

4K strictly means 4096x2160p, whereas UHD is 3840x2160p. Thus, 4K has an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 and UHD has a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. UHD is quadrupling of the Full HD resolution (1920x1080p). Generally, the 4K TVs you have on the market are UHD TVs and not 4K TVs in the true sense of the word.

3. Do you need a specific 4K HDMI cable?

No, it is not necessary. The current cables can do 4K quite well.

4. Do you need a separate device like an Amazon FireTV stick to access the internet on a smart TV?

No, smart TVs come with a built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet port for connecting to the home internet network. It does not require Amazon FireTV stick to do so.

5. Can you buy your 4K TV online?

Yes, 4K TVs are available on e-commerce sites like Amazon. Exciting discounts are also available that help brings the price much below Rs 30K.

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