Buying a 4K TV is a conscious decision.

No one goes and plucks a TV right off the shelf. A lot of research goes into the decision-making process.

Come on, and we shall walk through the learning process together.

Best 4K TV Under 50000

1. Samsung 55-inch Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV – UA55TUE60AKXXL

Samsung Wondertainment Series is available in four sizes beginning from 43 inches to 65 inches. This 55-inches UHD TV comes with explicit features, as listed below.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD 3840x2160p
  • Screen Size – 55 inches
  • Refresh Rate – 60Hz
  • Sound – 20W with Dolby Digital Plus
  • Smart TV – Available
  • Display – UHD LED Panel
  • Connectivity Ports – Five

The Wondertainment Series UHD TVs takes your entertainment experience to an exalted level with excellent features like Crystal 4K UHD, Crystal Processor 4K, HDR, Voice-Enabled Search, and Game Enhancer.

Crystal 4K UHD optimises colour expression to enhance the clarity to levels never attained before. The Crystal Processor is a powerful chip that masters HDR, optimises high-contrast ratio, and orchestrates colour.

An endearing feature is the Ambient Mode where you can upload your family photos on the TV screen and blend beautifully with the home décor. 4K resolution delivers the crispness and sharpness that your eyes deserve. Go deep into the nuances of blacks and whites with the HDR mode.

When you have multiple voice assistants at your beck and call, there is not much need of a remote controlling option. Gamers would love the game enhancer features as it offers a welcome change from their standard gaming routines. Screen mirroring allows you to cast content from your smartphones onto the large screen and magnify the entertainment quotient.

For a change, you can use the TV as a PC by mirroring your computer’s display and work on documents using Office 365. Music lovers can have a blast as you convert the TV screen into a virtual music system.

Save your documents and other content on the Home Cloud for easy retrieval. Let the folks at home enjoy as you use the Live Cast feature to broadcast your experiences from anywhere on the TV screen.

The Smart TV features allow you to have your usual dose of quality entertainment by accessing the hundreds of apps on display.

  • The Smart Remote is a utility feature.
  • Enjoy the best clarity as you watch your favourite 4K movies.
  • The Smart Things App simplifies operations considerably.
  • Some lagging issues persist.

2. Mi TV 4X 55-inches Ultra HD Android LED TV

Xiaomi has introduced some excellent 4K TVs under Rs 40,000 in the Indian market. These TVs come with exquisite features, including Smart TV and Voice assistant functionalities.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160p
  • Refresh rate – 60Hz
  • Screen Size – 55 inches
  • Display – LED Panel with 4K HDR10
  • Sound – 20W with Dolby Audio
  • Smart TV – Android 9.0
  • Connectivity Ports – Five

Mi TV is one of the best when it comes to delivering 4K HDR10 content at the most affordable prices. The UHD resolution ensures the delivery of more than 1.07 billion colour combinations. The 10-bit panel enhances clarity to a different level altogether.

The Vivid Picture Engine delivers the highest levels of colour accuracy and vibrancy. If you are looking for a matching audio performance, this TV is the ideal one with its 20W Dolby DTS HD speakers to complete the entertainment experience.

Use your knowledge of livening up your smartphone screens to choose a light theme from the hundreds available on display. Surfing through different channels is a breeze with the carousel helping you through the process. Keep abreast of the latest happenings around the world with the Live News channel.

Mi TV brings the best of smartphone Android technology to the large screen with the PatchWall feature allowing easy access to all trending content. Enjoy a fantastic range of apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and choose your favourite content from the Massive Content Catalogue.

Get the best of Android 9.0 technology and the features that come with it like Chromecast. The data saver feature is excellent as you can watch up to three times the same mobile data. Casting to Mi TV does not cost any data.

This Mi TV comes with the latest Amlogic Cortex A53 processor to deliver high-quality data processing. The magnificent array of connectivity ports include three HDMI and two USB ports.

  • Excellent performance at the most attractive of prices
  • Range of online channels and apps available
  • Adequate connectivity ports
  • PatchWall needs frequent updates.

3. LG 55-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 55UM7290PTD

LG is a prominent name in the Indian household appliance scene. Almost all Indian homes have at least one LG product. This 55-inches TV ranks as one of the best 4K TVs in its category.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160p with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Display – 4K HDR with DTS Virtual X
  • Sound – 20W output
  • Smart TV – Available
  • Connectivity Ports – Five

People obsessed with quality will love this LG TV as the 4K resolution sets a new standard for high definition. The IPS display offers four times better resolution than FHD. The high-quality picture engine can detect the slightest difference in colour accurately, thus delivering more realistic colours.

The quad-core processors eliminate noise and enhance the colour and contrast to deliver sharper and crisper images. This LG TV is compatible with the multi-HDR format, including HDR10 and HLG to let you enjoy video content in incredible HDR quality.

The DTS Virtual X feature enhances the audio performance and complements the vibrant visuals to the maximum. Apple device owners can rejoice as this TV connects Apple devices using Airplay 2.

LG TVs work on the WebOS as you enjoy your favourite movies and TV series on apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime. LG Magic Remote is an excellent feature that allows access to connected smart devices from the big screen.

LG TVs guarantee high-quality 4K display with wide viewing angles displaying almost 100% colour accuracy. The Dynamic Colour Enhancer adjusts the picture quality to bring out Nature’s true colours to your drawing-room.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa expand your TV viewing experience by communicating with you to satisfy your interests. It offers the best recommendations to suit your tastes and control devices on your commands.

  • Outstanding picture quality
  • One of the easiest TVs to operate and use
  • High-quality display features
  • LG Content Store does not offer popular apps like Jio TV.

4. Sanyo 55-inches Kaizen Series 4K UHD Certified Android LED TV – XT-55UHD4S

Sanyo Kaizen Series brings the best of Japanese technology to your entertainment room with its exquisite range of 4K UHD TVs. This TV is available in a range of sizes starting from 43 inches.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD 3840x2160p
  • Refresh Rate – 60Hz
  • Screen Size – 55 inches
  • Sound – 20W
  • Smart TV – Android 9.0
  • Connectivity Ports – Five

Smart TVs have become commonplace today with the pricing of these TVs coming down to reasonable levels. This Sanyo Kaizen Series is Google certified and comes with the latest operating system, Android Pie 9.0.

Android TV Play Store brings you a range of fantastic apps and other features.

Enjoy Japanese technology at its best with stunning visuals compatible with HDR10 and HLG, as it allows access to more than 1.07 billion colours with absolute clarity. This Kaizen series TV is powered by Quad-Core CPU, Triple Core GPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB storage to allow smoother multitasking.

Another excellent feature is Micro Dimming that adjusts brightness and darkness to ensure optimal picture in each of the 1296 separate zones. Chromecast allows you to cast movies, photos, and music from compatible devices on your big screen.

One of the most endearing qualities is Google Assistant button that enables you to communicate with your TV and access your favourite content. Google Play Store offers a range of entertainment apps like Netflix, Prime Video, etc.

Kaizen Series TV is right there at the top as it offers seamless connectivity with three dedicated HDMI and two USB ports. It also allows plugging in your Bluetooth headphones and enjoying high-quality stereo audio.

This TV is compatible with Dolby Digital, with the 20W speakers delivering superior acoustics to result in an immersive audio experience. The Audio Link Technology allows you to play your favourite music from your smartphone directly on the Sanyo Kaizen TV.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Remarkable processor
  • Fantastic display features
  • Mic issues with the remote controlling device is an irritant.

5. LG 50-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV – 50UM7290PTD

This LG TV is similar to the LG model discussed earlier, with the difference being in the screen size. Performance-wise, this LG TV offers full value for the money you spend on it.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD 3840x2160p with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Display – Active HDR
  • Sound – 20W output
  • Connectivity – Five ports
  • Smart TV – ThinQ AI Smart TV

LG has given a new dimension to TV viewing by introducing high-quality 4K TVs of various sizes. This TV offers 4K resolution with high clarity by providing four times greater resolution than FHD. The sharper and richer colours on display take your viewing experience to enhanced levels.

The quad-core processor creates a dynamic colour and contrast while eliminating picture noise. It upscales and reproduces low-resolution images into sharp and vivid images.

The multi-HDR format compatibility, including HDR10 and HLG, coupled with LG’s dynamic scene-by-scene adjustment lets you enjoy a high-quality video with exceptional HDR quality. The Dynamic Colour Enhancer feature adjusts the colour quality and enjoys the beauty of Nature’s true colours on your TV screen.

The compatibility with DTS Virtual X adds another dimension to sound. Apple device owners have reason to celebrate as Airplay2 connects to their Apple iPhones and iPads seamlessly.

LG TVs feature WebOS to let you enjoy your favourite movies and TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and others. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa expand your TV viewing experience to an enhanced degree.

LG TV Magic Remote is an excellent feature as you can connect all your smart devices remotely from a single screen.

  • Picture quality and sound are excellent.
  • Incredible smart TV features
  • Long-lasting performance
  • No flexibility in downloading content, as you can do it from LG Content store alone

6. Sony Bravia 43-inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV 43X7400H

When it comes to colour or picture quality, no TV can hold a candle to the Sony Bravia. However, Sony Bravia TVs are comparatively expensive to its peer models. Here are some features that make Sony Bravia a much sought-after TV model.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD 3840x2160p
  • Refresh Rate – 50Hz
  • Display – X1 with 4K X-Reality Pro and Motionflow XR
  • Sound – 20W speakers
  • Smart TV – Android TV
  • Connectivity Ports – Five

The X1 4K processor and Android TV combine to deliver a masterpiece, the Sony Bravia LED TV. This high-quality processor produces more deep and vibrant colours to give as realistic an experience as possible.

Sony Bravia produces images as close to perfect as possible with 4K quality to ensure remarkable clarity. The Triluminos Display is at its best on this TV as you experience vivid real-world colours all around you.

The Motionflow XR feature enables smooth viewing and sharp display of fast-moving sequences. Ardent gamers would love to have the Sony Bravia in their entertainment rooms, as the 4K HDR feature brings their favourite games to life with incredible picture quality.

Sony Bravia is not particularly renowned for offering high-quality audio, but the Bass Reflex speakers deliver a truly immersive entertainment experience. It comes with additional features like Clear Audio+, Dolby Audio compatibility, Clear Phase Audio, and 5-Force Front Surround Sound to offer an out-of-the-world acoustic experience.

Enjoy the best Android features on your Sony Bravia by accessing Google Play Store to download your favourite apps. Google Assistant is ready to offer its services and make your job of browsing the internet easy. Cast content from your smartphone on the TV using Chromecast. Use the remote hotkeys to access apps like Netflix and YouTube with a single touch.

Sony and glamour go hand in hand. The narrow bezels make this Bravia model a much-admired one. The Slim Blade Stand with provisions to conceal the cables enhances the overall ambience of your entertainment room. The X-Protection Pro provides lifetime protection from dust, voltage fluctuations, and humidity.

  • Excellent picture engine to ensure high-quality performance
  • All the benefits of Android and Google
  • Smart acoustic performance
  • The high cost could be the only negative feature of this TV.

7. Samsung 43-inches Wondertainment Series UHD LED Smart TV – UA43TUE60FKXXL

In one of our earlier descriptions, we had stated that Samsung offers the Wondertainment Series UHD TVs in various sizes. This model is a 43-inch model capable of delivering excellent performance, similar to the one discussed earlier.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD 3840x2160p
  • Refresh Rate – 60Hz
  • Sound – 20W
  • Smart TV – Available
  • Display – UHD LED Panel
  • Connectivity Ports – Five

Samsung Wondertainment Series offers excellent features like Crystal 4K UHD, Voice Enriched Search, and Game Enhancer to take your entertainment experiences to the next level.

Crystal 4K UHD is a synonym for Perfect Picture Quality, as you experience the minutest details with excellent clarity. By optimising high contrast ratio and mastering HDR, the Crystal Processor 4K is an unbeatable processor.

Samsung offers endearing features like Ambient Zone, where the TV blends beautifully with your home décor. 4K resolution and HDR build up the bright expression of Samsung TVs to bring out the colours and visuals in exquisite details.

As a gamer, you would love the game enhancer, as it provides you with a fantastic alternative to your gaming smartphones and laptops. Features like screen mirroring and multiple voice assistants enhance your entertainment levels to the highest degree.

With the Samsung Wondertainment TV, you remain connected 24×7, as you can use the PC mode to work on documents using Office 365. Save documents on the Home Cloud and retrieve them when necessary.

The facility to use the TV screen as a virtual music player is an excellent one. Another innovative feature is the Live cast mode where you can broadcast events live on your Samsung TV using your smartphone.

  • One of the most attractive designs
  • Excellent viewing angles
  • Amazing 4K content
  • The volume button on the remote is a bit tricky to use.

8. LG 43-inches 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43UM7290PTF

Compared to the Chinese models and certain Indian TV brands, the LG 4K TV is expensive because of specific additional features. It is not without any reason that LG TVs are amongst the best 4K TVs in India.

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160p with a refresh rate of 50Hz
  • Connectivity – Five ports
  • Sound – 20W
  • Smart TV Features – AI ThinQ with WebOS
  • Display – 4K IPS display

LG TVs have a reputation for delivering a high level of colour accuracy.

The 4K resolution defines a new standard of high definition. The 4K images offer four times greater resolution than FHD.

LG 4K TV features a quad-core processor that is not only fast but also eliminates noise while creating dynamic colour and contrast. The Active HDR feature, including HDR10 and HLG, optimises every scene while delivering delicate details and vibrant colours.

iPhone users love this LG TV because of its compatibility with Airplay 2. It enables them to connect their Apple devices seamlessly to the LG TV and share content.

This LG TV is compatible with DTS Virtual X to enable you to enjoy flawless multi-dimensional audio as the built-in speakers deliver high-quality sound from multiple angles.

On the connectivity front, this LG TV features five ports, including three HDMI ports and two USB ports to connect your various compatible devices. This TV also supports Bluetooth, whereby you can don your Bluetooth headphones and connect wirelessly with your TV.

The IPS 4K panel is an excellent one that allows you to watch the TV images from virtually any angle. The Dynamic Colour Enhancer features bring out Nature’s beauty in full glory.

The Magic Remote feature allows you to operate all the connected smart devices to the TV from a single location. The compatibility with voice assistants makes it comfortable to communicate with the TV. It results in an overall enriching experience.

  • Incredible display properties
  • Brand Value
  • High-quality overall performance
  • Magic Remote is not available on Amazon. You need to buy it separately.

9. Kodak 55-inches 4K UHD Certified Android LED TV 55UHDX7XPRO

When you search for 4K UHD TVs under Rs 30K, you generally expect to see the cheap Chinese models. You should brace yourself for a pleasant surprise as Kodak TV figures prominently in the list as a reputed Indian brand.

  • Resolution – 4K UHD 3840x2160p
  • Display – 4K HDR with IPS Panel
  • Refresh rate – 60Hz
  • Connectivity Ports – Five
  • Smart TV features – Android TV
  • Sound – 24W output

The Kodak 7XPRO is one of the best Indian manufactured 4K TVs under Rs 30K. This TV offers high-quality performance because of the Cortex A53 Quad-Core processor and mail450 GPU. You have everything from speed to smoothness lined up for you.

The 4K IPS panel is compatible with 4K HDR10 standard to deliver precision in every image. The 500 nits brightness is an excellent feature, and so is the thin, sleek bezel design.

This TV works on the Android 9.0 OS. Thus, you enjoy all its benefits like voice-enabled Bluetooth, powerful hardware, home automation, and thousands of apps.

Enjoy gaming on the large screen and experience the outstanding image depth with the Amlogic chipset striving to deliver an immersive visual experience.

This Kodak TV comes with powerful 24W output speakers to ensure that every sound you hear is perfect and detailed in every respect.

Besides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Kodak TV features five connectivity ports to connect with your various compatible devices.

A smart TV should ensure that you work less. The sleek and slim remote makes it possible because of its dedicated hotkeys for Prime, YouTube, Sony Liv, and Google Assistance.

  • High-quality performance at the most affordable prices
  • Impressive and exciting visuals
  • Adequate connectivity options
  • Does not come with a pre-installed Netflix app

Buying Guide for Best 4K TV under Rs 50,000

Here are some points that merit consideration when looking for a 4K TV under Rs 50K.

Let us now look at what we have in hand.

The Budget and the TV resolution

We have decided our budget to be in the range of Rs 50,000. A couple of thousands here and there should not make much of a difference.

It makes things easier by narrowing down our choices.

Since we have decided to purchase a 4K TV, there is no question of looking at resolutions below 4K, like FHD TV.

The maximum size that we can go for should be around 55 inches. The bigger TVs, especially from the reputed brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung are ruled out.

If we go for a lesser-renowned brand like Mi, we can explore the 65-inches model. Otherwise, we restrict our choice to the 50-inch to 55-inches models.

Now that the choices have narrowed down let us explore the journey together.

What is 4K?

In simple terms, 4K refers to the horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels on your TV screen.

You must be familiar with the Full HD resolution of 1920x1080p. 4K is four times FHD resolution.

Theoretically, 4K is 3840x2160p. Since 3840 is near to the 4000 mark, we refer to this resolution as 4K. There is another name for 4K TVs, and that is Ultra HD TV or UHD TV.

Please note that 4K in digital cinema refers to 4096x2160p, whereas in TVs, it is 3840x2160p.

Thus, the first thing you should check out is the resolution. It should mention 3840x2160p and nothing less than that.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate can be a confusing term for many.

In theory, it represents the number of times a TV picture refreshes on the screen every second.

Generally, you have a standard refresh rate of 60Hz, meaning that the picture refreshes 60 times in a second.

If you think that is fast, what do you have to say about refresh rate of 144Hz?

Should it make a difference? Yes, it should, especially if you watch fast-action packed sporting scenes or other videos.

The higher the refresh rate figure, the better is the picture quality. The younger generation knows a lot more about refresh rates because of their gaming involvement.

The ideal refresh rate for a 4K TV under Rs 50K should be 60Hz.

Many manufacturers advertise “Effective Refresh Rate.” It is a marketing gimmick. If you find a TV with an effective refresh rate mentioned as 120Hz, the actual refresh rate is 60Hz only.

Some of the latest TVs today employ an innovative concept, Variable Refresh Rate. It allows seamless movement from one input mode to the other. Hence, it eliminates tearing. If you wish to continue gaming on your TV, the variable refresh rate is a refreshing option.

The HDR Concept

At times you feel that TV manufacturers use terms more to confuse people rather than convincing them. HDR is one such widely used term in TV technology.

To put it simply, HDR makes the TV images appear vibrant and lifelike. It encompasses a broader gamut of colours from the brightest of whites to the darkest of blacks. We do not go deep into the concept because all the 4K TVs are compliant with HDR.

The point is that HDR is a multi-dimensional format. You encounter terms like HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision. All these formats put together constitute HDR technology.

TV brands like Sony and LG use Dolby Vision, whereas Samsung uses HDR10+. Nowadays, you have Amazon Prime Video and Netflix streaming 4K and HDR content. Therefore, you should make sure that your 4K TV is compatible with HDR.

Smart TV Features

Everyone has a smartphone in their hands. Hence, using a smart device should not be an issue anymore.

A smart TV is one which connects to the internet directly without the use of additional devices like Amazon FireTV Stick and others. All 4K TVs come with either a built-in Wi-Fi or ethernet cable connection to connect to the internet.

Generally, you will be comfortable with Android TV because the interface will be similar to your Android smartphones. However, TVs come with their unique OS. LG features WebOS, whereas Samsung works on its Tizen OS.

The smart TV comes with its benefits. You can access apps like Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Netflix, SUNNXT, YouTube, and so on. The list is endless.

Besides, you can cast your smartphone or laptop screen on the TV screen using features like MiraCast or Chromecast. A few 4K TVs come with AirPlay 2 connectivity enabling you to stream content from your Apple devices.

Connectivity Ports

Not long ago, TV was a one-dimensional medium. At most, you could watch video content by connecting it to your DVD player.

Today, you can connect your laptops, gaming consoles, best soundbars, smartphones, and various other compatible devices. Hence, you should look for 4K TVs with multiple connectivity options.

The 4K TVs we have discussed come with a minimum of four to six connectivity options, including USB and HDMI ports. HDMI ports are necessary for connecting gaming consoles, Xbox One, and even your laptops.

Generally, you will find the 4K TVs compatible with HDMI 2.0. That should be enough today.

Besides, the 4K TVs are also compatible with Bluetooth v5.0 or v4.0. You can seamlessly connect your Bluetooth headphone to the TV and enjoy the best content with full privacy.

We have discussed all the critical aspects one should look for when purchasing 4K TVs under Rs 50K.

We shall now go through some of the common FAQs to help us understand the concept better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you select the optimum screen size?

Generally, the TV screen size should depend on the space available in your entertainment room. The advantage of 4K TV is that you can go for larger sizes even if the viewing distance is less. The ideal distance is around 3.3 feet for a 40-inches 4K TV. If you go for the 50 to 55-inches models, the minimum viewing distance should be around 4.2 feet.

2. What are the benefits of buying a 4K TV?

When you are spending close to half a lakh of rupees, you should weigh in the pros and cons. The benefits of purchasing a 4K TV are as follows.

1. Extreme sharpness and contrast, resulting in excellent picture quality
2. Better image depth
3. An immersive viewing experience
4. 4K is the present trend with excellent content available in 4K today
5. Best of all, you have fantastic 4K TVs available in your 50K Budget.

3. What are some common mistakes that people do when buying 4K TVs?

Mistakes happen when you do not know the basics. You end up believing what the TV salesperson says. TV marketing executives have the habit of exaggerating things. Here are some viewpoints that could help you select the ideal 4K TV for your home.

1. Purchasing the wrong TV size for your home
2. Concentrating too much on reputed brands (Other lesser-known brands are also good.)
3. Focusing on irrelevant features like contrast ratios
4. Worrying too much about smart TV features (Your existing HD TV can also work as smart TV if you use external devices like Amazon FireTV Stick.)
5. Not comparing the various brands and models

4. Can you purchase a 4K TV online?

The answer is, “Why not?”. You have ecommerce retailers like Amazon that come up with excellent offers. One should benefit from these.

5. Should I look at features like warranty?

Generally, TVs do not conk off overnight. They last for extended periods. Though the warranty is a crucial aspect, it should not be the only deciding factor.

6. Can you suggest some other features that merit consideration?

Yes, you can check out for these following additional features.

1. Select the TV that comes with a user-friendly interface.
2. A higher RAM is preferable to ensure lag-free processing, especially when multitasking.
3. Purchasing a 4K TV with storage features is excellent as you can record your favourite TV shows and watch them at leisure.
4. Look out for features like phone casting or mirroring, voice control remote, and other latest aspects.

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