best air fryer in IndiaAre you looking to buy an Air Fryer that works with Rapid Air Technology and produce Healthy Oil Free Cooking?

In this post, I am going list Down the Best Air Fryers in India. An Air Fryer is an innovative Kitchen apparatus that cooks food with hot air instead of oil which makes it a must-have kitchen Appliance.

The Air Fryers uses Just a tablespoon of Oil and the Potato Chips, fish, and chicken comes out crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The Output food of the Air Fryer has 80% less fat when compared with Standard Cooking process.

Best Air Fryers In India For 2020

Easy Cleaning, Wattage, and capacity, Size, and Settings, Taste of the Output Food and temperature control are some of the factors that we should consider when selecting an Air Fryer. We have compiled the list of best Air Fryers based on the above features, user ratings, and price.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer 

philips-hd922020-air-fryerWithout any second taught, I can say that the Philips Viva Collection HD9220 is the Best Air Fryer in India. This Product comes with Rapid Air Technology that enables you to Fry, Roast, Grill and Bake Chips, Chicken, seafood, and many other food items.

Since the Philips Air Fryer uses very little or no oil, the Food is freed from fat and is much reliable when compared with a Normal Fryer.

This Philips Air Fryer is a One-Stop destination for Healthy and Delicious Cooking. The Cooking capacity of this Air Fryer is 0.8 Kg which is enough for the most basic cooking needs.

The Design of the Air Fryer consolidates fast-circulating superheated air, starfish design and optimal roasting profile that allows you to fry a variety of delicious meals in a fast and healthier approach.

The Build quality of the Philips Air Fryer is sturdy, the Knob and the grip are pretty solid too.

This Philips Air Fryer comes with an integrated timer that enables you to pre-set heating time of up to 30 minutes. You can also pre-set the best cooking temperature for chicken, meat, fries, tikii kababs, snacks and all varieties of food. Just spray a little bit of oil or butter so that the food doesn’t cling to the tray.

The Best thing about the Philips Air Fryer is, It is quite easy to clean, and the nonstick coated drawer and the food container are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Philips also claims that their HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology generates less smell of fried oil compared to a conventional fryer.

On the whole, this Philips Air Fryer Reduces oil usage to a considerable extent and is one of the Reliable Air Fryer that you can buy right now to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have guilt-free meals.

Note: Both the Philips Viva Collection HD9220/20 and HD9220/53 models have same specifications and there is no difference in the functionality. The Only difference is color and price.

  • Dishwasher-Safe parts for effortless cleaning
  • Timer with ready signal and auto shutoff
  • Rapid Air technology fries the delicious food without the oil
  • The Cooking capacity is 800 grams.
  • Length of the Cord is 0.8M
  • Power: 1425 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Adjustable temperature controls for the ideal result
  • The Air Fryer comes with 2 Years Warranty.
  • The Philips Air Fryer does not come with Food Separator so you can not prepare two separate dishes at the same time. However, you can buy the same from Philips Service Center. The Cost of the Philips air fryer food separator is around Rs. 500.

Kenstar Aster 1500-Watt Oxy Fryer


Avoiding the fried food is not and easy task 😉 Say thanks to the Air Fryers and the advanced oil-free frying. Now we can enjoy a wide variety of dishes in low calories and without any guilt.

The Kenstar Oxy Fryer uses a very simplistic yet innovative mechanism to fry the food without oil. The Oxy Fryer comes with a powerful fan that circulates air in the food basket leading the air to heat up faster.

Also, the interior lines of the food basket contribute to air flow by swirling it which heats up the food in the basket from all corners simultaneously.

Some of you might think that cooking in the Air Fryer impacts the nutritional value of the food. In fact, Cooking in the Oxy Fryer has no influence on the nutrition value of the food. The Food container of the Oxy Fryer has a 3-liter capacity.

The Frying Basket has a special coating, and it should be soaked in hot water with liquid detergent and has to be cleaned with a soft material. You can also use a baking tin inside the food basket for cooking the food.

Please note that the Oxy Fryer should be placed on a flat surface only. Also, Do not turn the timer in the Anti-Clockwise direction forcibly during cooking.

  • The capacity of the Oxy Fryer is 3 liters, and the cooking capacity is 1.2 Kg.
  • Power consumption is 1500 Watts, and the length of the cord is 1.2 meters.
  • The Oxy Fryer comes with a temperature control that can Preset the cooking temperature between 80 degrees and 200 degrees.
  • Auto-Off Function – Turns off the power once the Preset cooking time is finished
  • You can not use Food Separator with Oxy Fryer

Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer

pigeon-super-3-2l-air-fryerPigeon Super 3.2L is one of the Best Air Fryers in India that is priced under Rs. 5000. The Pigeon Super Air Fryer is compact, and the design of the product looks great. This Air Fryer uses Rapid Air Technology that lessens the usage of the oil by scattering the hot air around the Grill component.

The Pigeon Super 3.2L looks larger than its rivals and comes with two-year manufacturer warranty. The Air Fryer includes a pan, basket, and fryer’s tray.

This Air Fryer is splendid for roasting chicken, sausages, and other meat products. Once, the food is cooked, there will be no fat, all you have is a toasted piece of crispy meat. This Air Fryer smashes the myth that the tasty food is not healthy 😉

The Operation of  Pigeon Super Air Fryer is very quite, and once the cooking is done, an Alarm will beep. The compact Air Fryer employs 1500 W of power for proper functioning. The 3.2 Liter capacity tray is perfect to prepare crispy and savory food for your family.
  • Large Tray Capacity – 3.2 Liter
  • Power Consumption is 1500 Watts, and the Air Fryer has a temperature controller.
  • Pigeon Super comes with a Timer Knob for easy pre-setting
  • This Air Fryer features Auto Switch-Off to make cooking enjoyable and healthy
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • You Can not use a food Separator in Pigeon Super 3.2L Air Fryer

Havells Profile Plus 4L Air Fryerl

havells-profile-plus-4l-air-fryerIf you are looking for an Air Fryer that has a larger cooking capacity, you can opt for the Havells Profile Plus 4L Air Fryer. The Havells Air Fryer comes with a 4 Liter Container size and the Air Frying basket also comes with a separator so you can cook multiple food items concurrently.

With the unique Rapid Air Technology, the Havells Air Fryer lets you bake, grill, toast, fry and reheat the food with the hot Air. The Air Fryer comes with an innovative Air filtration system that drains out the most offensive odors giving you a clean and odorless kitchen.

The Havells Air Fryer also comes with an integrated timer with a heat controller and Auto-off functionality that lets you cook the food not only quickly but also with up to 85% less oil when compared with the normal deep frying.

Havells Claims that their Air Fryer can cook the French Fries in less than 12 minutes.

  • Rapid Air Technology
  • The capacity of the Air Fryer is 4 liters
  • Integrated auto-off timer and temperature control function that can Preset the cooking temperature up to 200 degrees.
  • Food grade aluminum non-stick coated food basket
  • Adjustable thermostat controls for different cuisines
  • Cool-touch Handle with basket release button
  • Power consumption is 1230 watts
  • Havells Profile Plus 4-Litre 1230-Watt Air Fryer comes with two years warranty.
  • No Cons

Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L Air Fryer

pigeon-af-super-2-2l-air-fryerSecond pigeon Air Fryer in the List of Best Air Fryers! If you are looking for a Budget Air Fryer that meets the fried food needs for a small family, you can opt for Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L Air Fryer 🙂

The Functionality and performance of Both the Pigeon Air Fryers are identical. The Air Fryer gives you results similar to deep frying with just a teaspoon of oil.

Pigeon AF-Super 2.2L Air Fryer make use of the robust air distribution technology that assures the food is not only tasty and crispier but also cooked precisely.

This Air Fryer comes with Preheating feature that enables you to prepare paneer rolls, chicken fry, spring rolls, vada, kebabs, fish, grilling prawns, cutlets, and other fried foods in no time.

Also, This pigeon 2.2 liter Air Fryer comes with Adjustable temperature control dial that is coupled with pre-set cooking timer which lets you make crispy dishes at the touch of a button.

The Best thing about the Pigeon Air Fryer is, It comes with Auto Switch off feature that will save your food from overcooking and ensure you always get the freshest food.

The Pigeon 2.2L Air Fryer is compact, and the handgrip is devised to stay cool, and the bottom is non-slippery. The Air Fryer utilizes 1270W of power and comes with 2 Years Manufacturer warranty.

  • The Capacity of the Pigeon Air Fryer is 2.2 Liters
  • Power consumption is 1270W
  • The Timer Allow you to preset the cooking time of up to 30 minutes.
  • Temperature control works between 80 degrees and 200 degrees
  • Automatic Switch-Off Feature
  • Food Separator cannot be used with this Air Fryer

Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer

prestige-paf-3-0-air-fryerThe Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer Air Fryer is rated five stars by more than 400 users. Coming to the design, the Build quality of the Prestige Air Fryer is excellent and the looks are cute.

This Air Fryer has a capacity of 2.2 liters, and it comes with a detachable bowl which has a non-stick coating, so food items don’t get cemented to it.

You can make delicious french fries, kebabs or any of your beloved snacks without having to worry about cholesterol or fat. The Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer Operates noiselessly and makes the food Real-crisp.

This Air Fryer comes with instruction and a tiny cookbook with some recipes to try. The Product comes with one-year prestige India warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • Non-Stick Cooking Bowl
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Operates relatively silently
  • Build quality is great
  • The length of the cord is Short
  • No Food separator

American Micronic 3.2 Litre Air Fryer

american-micronic-3-2-litre-imported-air-fryerThe 3.2 Litre Air Fryer From American Micronic is a unique product which makes crisp, delicious fried food with little or no oil.

This Air Fryer Makes use of Rapid Hot air Convention cooking technology and can reach an in-house temperature of 200C and evenly Scatters hot air around the entire unit to ensure all food is cooked evenly throughout.

You can create everything from the delicious cakes to tasty fried chicken with the American Micronic Air Fryer, and the product is rated 5 Stars by more than 40 users at Amazon.

The Build Quality of the American Micronic Air Fryer is very good and impressive, and you can control the Timer and prepare the food exactly as you want.

This Air Fryer shuts off automatically when the timer approaches zero and prevent your food from overcooking, and there is a sound indicator that informs you once the cooking is done. The American Micronic Air Fryer’s handgrips stay cool-to-the-touch, and the product is Dishwasher safe so you can clean it quickly.
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Non-Stick frying basket for easy cleaning
  • TurboTunnel Fresh Air technology
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • There is no Food Separator, so you cannot make two separate foods at the same time.

These are some of the Best Air Fryers in India, and the list will be updated on a regular basis.

Now, Let’s have a look at the Benefits of an Air Fryer.

Advantages of Air Fryer

HealthFast and EasySafe and Easy to Clean

Health is the most important thing in our life which is required to live a happy life. There is a famous quote saying “There is no sincerer love than the love of food 🙂 ”

Many of us can’t resist eating delicious food even it contains a lot of calories. At the same time, we have to take care of our health. Say thanks to the Air Fryers. Now we can eat fried food with 80% less oil and fat.

The Air Fryers are very easy to operate, and you can manually control the cooking temperature and set the time of cooking. The temperature in the Air Fryers can move up to 300 degrees in less than 3 minutes which helps in the deep frying of food. The Air Fryers are also referred to as Deep Fat Fryers.

Unlike the Traditional fryer, the Air Fryers are easy to clean, safe and economical for your daily use. You don’t have to handle hot oil, and there will be no hodgepodge in the kitchen.

As I mentioned earlier, the Air Fryers use Rapid Air Technology to cook fried food and this groundbreaking technology works by circulating hot air to fry foods such as french fries, potato chips, cutlets, Bengali fritters, Gobi Manchurian, pastries, chicken, and whatnot!

Air Fryers – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Clean the AirFryer Basket and Pan?
Airfryer – Cleaning & Maintenance | Philips | HR9220

2. Which Oil should I use in the Air Fryer?

Most cooking oils can be used to add taste to the food prepared in the Air Fryer. Just bedew a little bit of oil to make sure the food doesn’t get stuck with each other. You can use Olive oil, Sunflower oil or groundnut oil according to your wish. Applying a little bit of oil on the food creates a crispy layer on the fried food and also enhances the taste.

3. How to cool down the Air Fryer After Use?

The Air Fryer cools down itself Automatically. However, you can fasten up the cooling process by taking the pan out of the product after cooking the food. You can also fill the pan with cold tap water.

4. Can I Shake the food during the Air Frying process?

In Some Air Fryers, there is an option to shake the food halfway through the process. By Shaking the food, It will become more crispy and evenly colored.

5. How to make crispy and brown chicken nuggets in an Air Fryer?

For Best results in an Air Fryer, you have to use Oven-Ready products. Make sure you put smaller quantities of ingredients in the basket since the smaller chicken pieces are fried more evenly. Also, Make sure you have set the cooking temperature at 200 degrees and also preheat the AirFyrer before inserting the food into it. Meat can be slightly touched with oil to get the crispiest results.

6. What Foods can I prepare in the air fryer?

In the Air Fryer, you can make a variety of foods that include fried chicken, roasted chicken, Frozen Foods, Snacks, grilled chicken. You can also grill Vegetables such as peppers, corncobs, zucchini. Please note that you cannot cook Vegetables such as carrots, beans, and broccoli which require steam.

7. How much time an Air Fryer takes to cook frozen food?

Frozen food takes longer to cook than the other food items. Set the Timer and cooking temperature according to the food that you are cooking.

8. Can I add ingredients in An Air Fryer while it is operating?

Yes, you can add the required ingredients while the food is getting cooked. You can also shake the basket to mix the content correctly.

9. Is preheating of the Air Fryer required?

Pre-Heating the Air Fryer for 3 to 4 minutes can reduce the cooking time. But, It is not mandatory.

10. Should I spread vegetables with Corn Flour or Maida to make the food tastier?

You can directly cook the food with lightly marinated vegetables in the Air Fryer. If you want to use corn flour or maida, brush the food with a little bit of oil.

11. How Do I choose the temperature for trying my own recipe?

For the dishes which you fry at low flame in regular cooking, set a temperature range of 130-14- degrees. For the dishes that you fry at medium flame keep a temperature range of 160-170 degrees. If you want to cook tandoori and deep fat fried foods, set the Air Fryer cooking temperature to 200 degrees.

Air Fryer Buying Guide

We have already listed the Best Air Fryers, and you can easily pick the right one depending on your requirements. But, have a look at the features that you should look while buying an Air Fryer.

Cooking CapacityPower, Wattage and Cord LengthTemperature Control

The Cooking capacity of an Air Fryer comes in different sizes ranging from 2 liters to 4 liters. The 2-3 Litre Air Fryers are an ideal choice for a small family. If you want to have An Air Fryer that meets the Fried food requirements of a Medium Sized family, you can opt for Havells Profile Plus 4L Air Fryer.

Most of the Air Fryers in our country comes with a 3 point pin plug and operate around 1000 to 1500 watts. The Cord length of most of the Air Fryers will be around 1.5 meters. Make sure you keep the Air Fryer on a flat surface and keep the surroundings clean.

Before selecting an Air Fryer, have a look at the technical specifications. Temperature control is the most important feature of an Air Fryer that lets you cook a variety of foods. The high temperature of 200 degrees is required to cook chicken nuggets and tandoori. So, you have to opt for an Air Fryer that features temperature control.

Automatic Functionality: Most of the Air Fryers that we have listed above comes with Automatic shut-off feature. The Air Fryer will be turned off automatically once the cooking is done and will horn an Alarm to notify you.

Food Separator: The Food Separator in the Air Fryer lets you cook multiple food items at the same time. The Feature is available only with a couple of Air Fryers in India. But, you can also buy the food separator by spending a few bucks.

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

 Air Fryers are a new generation of cooking equipment. A heater element just above the cooking chamber radiates forms a close range directly to the food.

Radiation heats penetrate deep under the food surface. A large fan above the radiator uproots the air through the cooking container creating a powerful vertical airflow.

While passing the heater, the Air is loaded with Heat energy. The Air is transported downwards towards double wall around the cooking chamber with a merest loss of flow and heat energy.

The Air is guided by a special starfish like Air Guide at the bottom that spreads heat uniformly and directs the Air flow in a vertical direction.

The Food itself helps to disperse the heat over the contents of the basket. Only the bottom of the basket is open to the air, so it has to pass over the food surface where it transfers the heat to the food.

The heat reaches all parts of the food even when it’s piled up. The combination of radiation from the top and convection from the bottom creates a heat transfer rate that is much higher than that of a convection oven.

Simultaneous heating from both sides eliminates the need to tune the food during the cooking process. This mimics the effect and giving cooking results that come close to that of a deep fryer without the excessive use of oil or butter.

Cooling and Exhaust System

Cooking Air is internally recirculated to keep the heat inside but when the temperature rises so does the internal pressure.

Therefore, An Air Fryer also has an exhaust system. To control the internal pressure, An Air Fryer has a unique drain feature. It takes out a small amount of air to create a short under pressure.

This forces the steam and smoke to leave the cooking chamber only through the exhaust where it’s filtered before it is released in the open air.

Always, buy the Air Fryer from a reputed brand that offers at least one-year Manufacturer warranty.

These are some of the Best Air Fryers in India to buy in 2020. If you have any queries regarding the selection of the Air Fryer, post them in the comments section below, and I’ll answer them.

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November 9, 2018 7:16 pm

I am confused about at which air fryer to buy. Can you suggest me a good brand.

Rajat Singh
Rajat Singh
October 1, 2017 7:44 pm

1) Can an Air Fryer be used for commercial purpose – such as in a small snack corner at a mall, making 200 – 300 samosas of standard size; a day? If Yes, then which one will be the best choice from the ones given above?
2) One important point is missing in the description above; i.e. the electricity consumption per unit? Please answer this as well.