Any person will agree that babies are the most beautiful of creations of Mother Nature. The sight of a smiling baby can banish your worries and tensions.

Playing with babies is like enjoying life in the seventh heaven. It is a beautiful feeling that everyone would like to experience.

best stroller, pram India

Babies, like everyone else, do not like to sit at home at all times. They would love to go out and have a great time admiring the world. Secondly, babies require a breath of fresh air at times.

A baby stroller or a pram as you call it in India would be the most comfortable way to carry your baby along with you. It is more convenient than using the sling-type carriers or the trailer bikes.

The baby trailer bikes are not very popular in India as they are in Western countries. We shall concentrate on the baby strollers and discuss the points to note while purchasing your baby stroller.

Baby Strollers – Simple Buying Guide

What do you look for when you venture to buy a baby stroller? Here are the things that should come to your mind.

  • Safety of your baby
  • Convenience and comfort of your baby
  • Size is also a critical factor

Indians use the word pram more than the stroller. The stroller is more an Americanised word. However, there are minor differences between a pram and a stroller. A pram is a smaller carrier as compared to a stroller. You use prams to carry infants or newborn babies whereas the strollers can accommodate toddlers up to four years of age.

Safety features

The safety of your baby is vital. As a parent, you would love to see your baby safe and secure as you take it along with you. The designing of the stroller becomes vital. The stroller should have a perfect balance.

An unstable stroller will topple over and cause unnecessary injuries to your baby. One way of checking the stability is to hang your bag or umbrella from the handles of the stroller.

The stable stroller will easily bear the weight and remain steady. Check out the baby harness. It is better to have a five-point harness to provide the maximum protection to your baby. This harness will drape over the child’s shoulders. People who tend to use the stroller a lot should always choose this harness. For occasional use, a three-point harness will also suffice.

Convenience factor

A stroller is a convenient instrument that helps you to take your baby along with you wherever you go. You should ensure that the baby feels comfortable sitting inside the stroller. The moment it senses any discomfort, the baby will not hesitate to let you know this fact.

stroller buying guide

Look out for strollers that contain carriers or pockets where you can place the essential requirements of the baby such as water bottles, milk bottles, snacks, toys, diapers, and so on. It is also advisable to opt for a stroller that comes with a rain hood to protect the baby from the harsh sunlight and rain.

Size of the stroller matters a lot

Confirm the size of the stroller before you buy one. It is better if you have your baby along with you when you purchase it. It enables you to try it out. These strollers come with size and weight ratings. Choose the optimum size. A large-sized stroller can make your baby feel unsafe whereas a smaller size will prove to be uncomfortable.

A foldable or a collapsible stroller is the perfect option as you can safely put it away when not in use. Today, you get extendable strollers as well that can hold two or even three children at a time. If you have twin babies, these extendable strollers will be the ideal ones to have.

Other features to check out


The handles are a crucial aspect of the strollers. They should be easy to grip and not be slippery. Secondly, reversible handles are ideal as it allows you to look at your baby at any time without any problem.

Seat Reclining facilities

Babies love to sleep a lot. Your stroller should have a multi-position seat reclining facility to enable the baby to have a nap whenever it feels like doing so. A toddler would need a stroller with a footrest. It enhances the comfort factor for your baby.

Firm suspensions

You pay great emphasis on checking out the suspensions of your bike when you buy a new one. Similarly, your baby should not feel the bumps on the roads. It is better to have a stroller having active suspensions to ensure a smooth ride for your child. Having brakes on your stroller is also vital. It can help you to climb down ramps easily.

Different types of strollers

Strollers come in various designs and sizes. The common ones have the recliner seat, footrest, rain hood, and a reversible handle. You also have strollers with luxurious features.

Car seat strollers

You get strollers today that carry infant car seats. It is also easy to fold some of these strollers so that they double up as car seats for the babies. The harness remains in place thereby acting as a safety measure for the baby when you place them inside the cars. You can also call these strollers as travel systems. They are not only heavier but also more expensive when compared to the standard strollers.

Jogging Strollers

These strollers are light in weight and have three wheels. Some of these jogging strollers can carry more than one baby. These strollers are attractive but not as compact as the regular strollers.


The trailers are not very popular in India. You can attach these baby trailers to the rear wheel of your bicycle. Hence, your toddler gets a bicycle ride. You should buy these strollers only if the roads where you propose to use them are smooth and without any bumps.

Now, you have an idea how to purchase these baby strollers. Remember, it is always better to take your baby along with you when you buy these strollers. You can test them first-hand and purchase the one that suits you the best.

Let us now review some of the best strollers available in town. We shall look at some of the frequently asked questions about these baby strollers after our reviews.

Best baby Strollers/Prams in India

1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

The LuvLap Sunshine baby stroller is the best-selling stroller in the market today. It has all the features that you should expect a baby stroller to have. This model comes in various colours, but the orange one looks the most attractive of the lot. Babies love this colour more than anything else.

This stroller comes with a reversible handle that allows the baby to face you while you take it for a stroll. It ensures two things. One is that the baby is always in your range of vision and secondly, this arrangement results in a better bonding between the mother and the child.

The adjustable seat recline provides a lot of comfort to the baby. The 3-position seat allows the baby to take a nap in the lying position as well. The stroller comes with a three-point harness to secure your baby around the waist and between the legs. It ensures that your baby does not slides down or crawls its ways out of the stroller.

The rear wheel of the stroller has strong brakes that enable you to keep your hands free for a while when the stroller is in a static position. The front wheels have a 360-degree swivelling feature to permit easy manoeuvrability. They also have a locking arrangement as an additional safety measure.

The adjustable footrest provides the baby with the right kind of support while sleeping and sitting. This stroller has a double-layered canopy to give protection to the baby from the sun, rain, and wind. The window in the canopy allows the child to have a good look even when you cover the child entirely.

There is ample space beneath the seat to place a large shopping basket. The presence of the back pocket is useful for placing handy items and your valuables as well. Babies need protection from mosquitoes, especially if you take them out somewhere around dusk time. This stroller comes with a protective mosquito net. It is the ideal stroller for toddlers up to three years of age and weighing up to 20 kg.

  • One of the most popular strollers available today
  • Comes in attractive colours
  • Provides absolute safety
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • It is comparatively bulky
  • Not the ideal one for newborn infants

2. LuvLap Baby Stroller Pram Starshine

LuvLap manufactures some of the best baby strollers in the market. If the one described above was a best-selling product, this stroller is the most economical of the lot. You can call it the best budget stroller in town.

As always, strollers come in the brightest of colours. They have to be because their only users are babies. No one will disagree that babies deserve the best as well. This stroller comes with a reversible handlebar to enable you to manoeuvre the baby to face you so that the baby remains calm and assured.

Babies sleep a lot. This baby stroller is the perfect one that allows the baby to lie down and have a nap. The adjustable seat recline feature enables the baby to adopt different postures. It has a three-point harness in place to safeguard the baby and ensure that it does not fall off.

The front wheel swivel facility allows you to manoeuvre the stroller. It has a locking system whereby the wheel can move straight. The rear wheel brakes prevent unnecessary accidents, especially when climbing down ramps in malls and parking areas.

The toddler would enjoy the adjustable footrest as it gets the freedom to stretch its legs comfortably. The double-layered canopy provides the perfect protection from the vagaries of nature. The window on the canopy allows the child to have a clear view. It is possible to detach and wash the cushioned seat thereby ensuring that the baby does not contract any infections.

There is ample space to store your baby essential items such as diapers, water and milk bottles, and so on. This stroller is ideal for toddlers weighing up to 20 kg and about three years of age.

  • The double-layered canopy provides adequate protection
  • The best budget stroller on the market
  • Sufficient space to keep essential items for your child
  • Not easy to manoeuvre in crowded places
  • Cannot double up as a travel system

3. Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller, Steel

An ideal stroller is one that is strong enough to hold the baby and light enough for you to manoeuvre it easily. The Britax 2017 B-Agile Stroller fits the bill perfectly on both these counts. This is a premium stroller that gives you the freedom to get where you need to go.

The most significant aspect of this stroller is that it is light in weight because of the aluminium frame. The designers of this stroller understand that parents with babies have to multitask. Hence, they have invented the unique quick-fold design that allows you to close the stroller with one hand.

Contrary to the ones discussed above, this is a three-wheeled stroller. The advantage is that it makes it easy for you to manoeuvre it through crowds, thin aisles, and tight spaces such as inside supermarkets and malls.

You can combine this Britax B-Agile stroller with any Britax infant car seat to get a full-fledged travel system. The Click and Go system ensures that you get a secure connection. It is also adaptable with other brands of infant car seats with the use of the accessories that you need to buy separately.

  • Extremely light and easy to manoeuvre anywhere
  • Foldable with one hand
  • Adaptable with almost all types of infant car seats
  • Expensive in comparison with other strollers

4. Chicco Bravo Stroller USA

If you wish for a stroller that offers the best value for money, the Chicco Bravo Stroller should be right up there on your list. It has a stylish look and it an extremely secure and durable baby stroller at the same time. This stroller is extremely light on the budget as well.

The Bravo comes with a plush padded seat that offers the child the maximum comfort. It can recline almost entirely flat thereby enabling the baby to sleep peacefully while you go on with your shopping.

The best aspect of this stroller is that it is light in weight and flexible. Folding the stroller with one hand is possible. The system is such that the wheels lock in place when the stroller is in the folded position. It is a handy thing to tug along as it resembles a suitcase when folded.

There is a 3-in-1 travel system variant in case you need to double up the stroller as a travel system. You can attach the stroller to an adapter and click it to the car seat. Assembling or dissembling the stroller is one of the easiest things to do. The handlebar is adjustable thereby allowing you to use it at three different heights.

There is adequate space beneath the seat as well as in the rear to place your belongings so that you get a free hand in manoeuvring the stroller around the busy shopping malls.

It comes with an excellent stretchable canopy to provide full protection to the child. You get the Chicco Bravo Ombra in a variety of colours. The fabric is comfortable while being easy to clean.

  • Easy to assemble the stroller
  • Extraordinarily light and hence, easy to steer your way through
  • One hand foldable
  • Adequate space to keep essential items
  • Canopy has a mesh but no flap over it
  • The absence of a snack tray

5. Chicco Lima Cortina CX Stroller

The Chicco strollers provide full value for money. We have seen the features of the Chicco Bravo Ombra earlier. The Chicco Lima Cortina CX Stroller is also a convenient stroller. It has some excellent features that make it distinctive from its peers.

The Chicco Lima is ideal for infants as well as for 3-year toddlers. The adjustable backrest with eight recline positions provides the highest degree of comfort and convenience to your baby. Also, this stroller comes with a pop-up footrest to make it easy for your child to place its feet.

This stroller has a memory recline function to retain the backrest position while folding thereby reducing the time required to readjust the stroller between your trips. Controlling the stroller is easy because of the optional toe-tap swivels and the comfortably padded handlebar. The front wheel suspensions allow for a smooth ride for your baby.

It is a flexible stroller in many ways as you can fold it compactly with one hand. There is adequate space inside the stroller to place two cups on the child tray. This child tray is removable and dishwasher safe. There is ample space to put your shopping items as well thereby enabling you to use your hands freely.

The ergonomic handle comes with three different height settings so that you need not bend your back too much to control the stroller. The toe-tap brakes ensure safety for the baby as it helps keep the stroller in place when parked. Fitting an infant car seat onto the frame is possible.

  • Provides full value for money
  • Extremely easy to use and steer
  • Flexible as you can fold with one hand
  • Spacious
  • Does not have a rain cover
  • Fold and unfold mechanism needs improvement

6. R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride – The Designer Stroller/Pram

Just as you have designer clothes and designer bikes, you have designer strollers as well. These strollers are not only attractive but also safe as every stroller has to go through quality control checks. You cannot afford to play with the well-being of your child.

R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride Stroller is one of the safest strollers available today because it passes the most stringent of safety standards prescribed by the European countries. These strollers are EN 1888 certified.

The front wheels have the high-quality suspension to ensure the smoothest ride for your toddler. These strollers are fit for Indian roads as you will find the odd bump here and there in every street in India. The front wheels have a swivelling feature to enable you to change directions quickly.

There is also a locking system that you can use for going on long strolls. The front wheel brakes and the reversible handle help the baby to have a safe ride. The reversible handle eases a lot of nerves for the baby as it enables the baby to face you at all times while you take it for a stroll.

Let us know about the other safety measures in this stroller. The one-step link brake makes your stroller stop with a click of your feet. The 3-position recline feature provides a high degree of comfort for the kid. This stroller has a 2-position footrest to ease the pressure on its feet.

The UV canopy provides adequate protection from the sunlight. The baby can still have a clear view because of the Picaboo window on the front side of the canopy. Your baby gets the maximum safety because of the 5-point harness feature. It provides compact security thereby preventing unnecessary accidents.

You have adequate storage space inside the stroller as well as on the rear side to place your essentials such as milk and water bottles, napkins, and so on. These strollers are light and can carry weights up to 20 kg. Hence, it is ideal for toddlers up to three years of age.

  • This stroller passes strict safety standards
  • Very attractive because of the rainbow-hued seats
  • Extremely light and flexible
  • There is no mosquito net
  • The height is not adjustable

7. R for Rabbit Twinkle Twinkle – The Compact Folding Stroller

R for Rabbit makes some of the best strollers for toddlers and infants. This brand places a lot of emphasis on the safety of the baby. The Twinkle Twinkle stroller is EN 1888 certified. This certification is one of the hardest to obtain as the stroller has to pass through several stringent tests.

The best aspect of this stroller is that the front wheel suspensions are the best in this industry. This stroller is the ideal one for Indian roads as it glides over the bumps with utmost ease. The swivel on the front wheels enables you to change directions abruptly without causing any jerks to the baby. You can safely lock the front wheels if you wish to go for a long straight stroll.

The stroller has strong brakes on the rear wheel that you can operate with your toes. The baby feels extremely safe in this stroller because of the 5-point harness. This stroller comes with a 4-point recline feature to make it comfortable for the child.

The 3-position footrest feature is an improvement on the similar feature discussed in the Rainbow stroller. The baby gets adequate protection from the vagaries of nature because of the high-quality UV canopy that comes with a Picaboo window.

This stroller has ample storage capacity to store the baby’s essentials like milk, water, biscuits, and other snacks. Folding this stroller after use is extremely easy. You need only one hand to fold this stroller and put it aside.

  • Passes high safety standards
  • Foldable with one hand
  • Light but spacious stroller
  • The absence of the mosquito net to protect the baby from bugs and insects
  • Not possible to adjust the height of the stroller

8. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller Pram

LuvLap is one of the reputed manufacturers of baby products that include strollers and prams. Some of the LuvLap models are extremely popular. This product, the Galaxy Stroller Pram ranks high on the popularity chart.

This stroller is an extremely safe one as it passes EN1888 standards. The 3-position adjustable recline offers tremendous comfort to the baby as it can feel cramped up while sitting in the same posture for a long time. This recline feature allows you to adjust the baby seat to a sleeping position whereby the baby can have a comfortable nap.

The Galaxy stroller front and rear wheels both have brakes for you to control its movement. The rear wheel brakes are useful to keep the stroller steady when you are in a stationary position. It enables you to go hands-free. The front wheel brakes help when you reverse the handlebars and have the baby facing you.

The reversible handlebar is one of the best features of this stroller. Your baby feels confident and comforted when it faces you. This feeling of reassurance is a heavenly one.

The one-hand folding feature is another highlight of this stroller. There are other notable features like the detachable food tray where you can keep water and milk bottles along with other necessary food items for the kid.

This stroller provides ample protection to the baby as it comes with a canopy. There is a wire-mesh window as well to allow you to have a peek whenever you feel the urge to do so. You get ample storage space beneath the seat as well on the rear side to place your shopping items, handbags, phones, and so on. It enables your hands to be free to hold the stroller alone. It is an additional security feature.

The stroller is apt for infants and toddlers up to the age of three years. It can bear a maximum weight of 25 kg.

  • Highly flexible and durable stroller
  • Reversible handles allow for safer movement
  • Adequate storage space for keeping your essentials
  • Can double up as an infant car seat
  • The cushioning needs a bit of improvement
  • There is a need to have a mosquito net in place

We have seen the reviews of nine baby strollers. In between, we had stated that some of the strollers are adaptable to infant car seats. We have also used the terms, travel systems. Let us now see what travel systems are and how they are handy for carrying your babies.

Travel System

A travel system is a baby stroller, but with a difference. Let us examine the similarities and difference between the travel system and a stroller before going on to discuss three travel systems available in the market.

Understand these concepts before you purchase a travel system or a stroller. A stroller frame is a frame where you can fit your infant car seat and convert it into a stroller. Travel systems, on the other hand, are multi-piece sets sold as a combination that includes a stroller and an infant car seat.

Common merits and demerits of a travel system

  • Available in different sizes, prices, and combinations
  • Usually, the infant car seat and the base come together
  • These travel systems come with a lot of essential features like cup holders, space for placing bottles, and so on
  • You also get travel systems with removable food trays
  • The travel systems can carry children up to 25 kg in weight
  • Travel systems are heavier than the standard strollers
  • They can be inconvenient for use in cities, especially while taking the systems in and out of the cars
  • Some cars lack adequate trunk space to hold these travel systems as they can be large
  • Cost is also a deciding factor

In comparison, the strollers have the following common advantages and disadvantages

  • Lighter in weight as compared to the travel systems
  • The strollers are flexible and easy to manoeuvre on busy locations
  • The strollers are comparatively cheaper than the travel systems
  • As the baby overgrows the stroller, it becomes useless. You might need to replace the stroller frame.
  • Babies heavier than 10 kg are challenging to carry along with the infant car seat. Taking the baby out would be a better and viable solution.

Here are some of the best-selling travel systems available on the market.

Best Travel Systems

1. Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System, Gotham

This travel system is one of the best ways to connect with your baby and explore the town while travelling. The system comes with a sleek and lightweight stroller thereby making it easy to carry it anywhere.

The Graco Aire3 is a ‘click and connect’ travel system that offers the maximum protection to your baby. It is a rear facing arrangement that allows the connection of the infant car seat to the stroller frame with just one click.

Assembling and dissembling this device is easy. It comes with a one-hand fold option whereby you can dismantle it while carrying your baby at the same time. On folding, the travel system becomes almost like a suitcase.

This system comes with a three-wheel option to provide maximum flexibility while steering the stroller through densely populated areas like malls and shopping centres. The multi-recline feature allows you to adjust the height of the backrest according to the demands of the situation.

You can also keep it flat so that the toddler can have a peaceful nap while you go along with your job of shopping. The front and rear wheels have a built-in suspension to ensure a smooth ride for the baby.

There is ample space for the parents to place their shopping items. Therefore, you have both your hands free for controlling the stroller. The 5-point harness is the safest of them all. There is no danger of the child accidentally crawling its way out from the stroller. The stroller comes with a weather hood to protect the child from the sun and rain.

  • The three-wheeler arrangement makes it the best for steering. You can also steer the stroller while walking your dog.
  • The canopy provides adequate protection to the child from the weather.
  • It comes equipped with cup holders and pouches for keeping your milk and water bottles.
  • The brakes are super-efficient
  • The infant car seat synchronises perfectly with the stroller frame
  • The reclining feature offers the maximum comfort to the baby.
  • Though it is easy to assemble with a single click, you need to ensure that there are three clicks for providing absolute safety to your child.

2. Chicco Cortina CX Travel System

Chicco Cortina strollers and travel systems are famous for providing the highest degree of comfort and convenience to the babies and toddlers. This brand infuses a lot of thought processes before designing the travel systems. They place great emphasis on providing the maximum safety and comfort for the babies.

The adjustable backrest comes with eight reclining positions to support the baby at all times. You can pull down the backrest entirely and allow the baby to have a comfortable nap in the regular lying down posture. The in-build suspensions ensure that the baby does not feel the shock of a single bump on the road.

The system comes with a unique memory reclining function that remembers the backrest recline position at the time of folding the system. Therefore, it does not pose any problems when you unfold it for use. The system springs back to the position from where you had folded it. This feature eliminates the readjustments you have to make between trips.

The toe-tap swivelling feature allows you to control and steer the stroller through the densely populated areas with ease. The baby gets adequate protection from the sun, wind, dust, and rain because of the high-quality UV canopy. The peek-a-boo window allows you to check out the baby whenever you feel the need.

This travel system is a flexible one as you can fold the system using one hand alone. The system comes with a removable dish tray.

The system opens from both the ends thereby making it easy for you to remove the dish tray. It is a dishwasher safe tray. There are adequate numbers of cup holders. The travel system has sufficient space for you to keep your items like your handbag, purse, shopping items, and so on. This arrangement leaves you with both your hands free to control and steer the stroller.

  • Safety of the highest standards
  • Compact for your baby
  • Easy to assemble
  • The seat is a bit small. The baby can outgrow the stroller in a year

3. R for Rabbit Travel System – Chocolate Ride – Baby Stroller/Pram + Infant Car seat for baby/kids

R for Rabbit believes in S for Safety and C got Comfort. You will find that every product from this company passes through stringent quality norms to get the EN 1888 certification. This certification is necessary for all stroller and travel systems manufacturers to obtain in Europe. The infant car seats have the ECE R44/04 certification for safety.

One of the critical aspects of this safety certification is the presence of the best suspensions in the industry to provide your baby with the highest degree of comfort. The 6.5-inches front wheels have a swivelling feature to enable you to change directions with ease. You have the facility to lock the front wheel and use it for long strolling. The designing of the suspensions suits the Indian roads because you get the odd bump or pothole with regularity.

This travel system is ideal for your extended travel plans. You have the matching pram and the integrated car seat to forge a perfect combination. It is indeed a most reliable travel companion. Your baby gets the best comfort that it deserves.

The 3-position recline feature allows the baby to have a peaceful nap as you pull down the backrest and maintain it in the horizontal position. The side cushions ensure that the baby does not feel any discomfort while sleeping. The 5-point harness or the 3-point harness protects the baby from shifting out of place.

This travel system comes with a reversible handle. It is beneficial for the baby as it helps the baby to form a bond with its parent. The baby feels a sense of reassurance that its parent is near it. You can also play along with the baby while on the move.

  • Absolute safety and comfort
  • Built-in suspensions provide support from bumps along the way
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • There is no provision for a mosquito net
  • The system can be a bit large for the smaller cars on the Indian roads.

We have seen the simple buying for baby strollers and understood the difference between strollers, trailer bikes, and travel systems. Here are some FAQs about baby strollers. We shall clarify the doubts that people generally have in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of the best baby stroller?

The best baby stroller is one that places maximum emphasis on the safety, convenience, and comfort of the baby. Even the smallest bump or pothole on the road can break the baby’s sleep and cause discomfort to it. Hence, ensure that the strollers and travel systems have high-quality suspensions.

What is the best baby stroller in India today?

We have discussed nine baby stroller brands along with three travel systems. All these strollers are good and fit for Indian conditions. The LuvLap models are the best-selling baby strollers in India today because they come with innovative features such as mosquito nets.

What is the best baby stroller travel system in the market?

There are various travel systems and baby strollers that double up as travel systems available in India. The Britax model has the distinction of being the best modular travel system today.

Why do you need a reversible handlebar for baby strollers?

Usually, you find parents using prams and strollers that have the babies facing the outside world. There are chances that the babies can get frightened by the amount of traffic they see. During such times, they can miss their mothers. If you have a reversible handlebar, you can ensure that the baby faces you at all times. It plays a big role in calming the baby and also helps build a terrific bond between parent and child. The best baby stroller brands usually have reversible handlebar arrangements.

What is the ideal size for a baby stroller?

The parents should ensure that the baby stroller fits the child perfectly. Hence, it is better to take your baby along with you when you shop for the stroller. You can try the pram before purchasing it. You have baby strollers that can accommodate toddlers up to 25 kg in weight and usually up to 3 years of age. There is a difference between a baby stroller for a 3-month old infant and a baby stroller for a 1-2-year-old child.

What is the reclining position arrangement?

You cannot expect babies to sit in a cramped position for a long time. They need the freedom to stretch their legs to maintain the blood circulation. Therefore, the baby strollers come with a reclining seat arrangement. You can pull the backrest down up to 180 degrees thereby allowing the toddler to lie down and have a nap. You get some of the best baby strollers for sleeping today.

Is there any difference between a baby stroller for a boy and a girl?

No there is no difference between pram for baby boy and pram for a baby girl. All these baby strollers are unisex models.

How is a baby stroller for jogging different from the others?

They are not much different. Usually, the baby strollers for jogging have three wheels. It enables you to manoeuvre the stroller better. However, you should make sure that the baby is at least six months old before you jog along with the stroller.

Are there baby strollers for twins?

Yes, you have extendable baby strollers available in the market today. Such baby strollers contain seats for multiple children. You can but such a baby stroller for twins.

What care should you take when using a baby stroller for a newborn child?

Ensure that you fasten the baby in place. The slightest of shocks can disturb the child. It is better to start with a small pram for the baby before graduating to a baby stroller. Ideally, the child should be at least three months old before you place it in a baby stroller.

Final words

Baby strollers are useful to parents as it allows them the liberty of shopping without having to carry the baby along with them. The babies also enjoy sitting inside these comfortable strollers rather than perching awkwardly on their parents’ arms.

Therefore, baby strollers are beneficial to both the parents and the kids. Choose the right kind of stroller and let your baby have a great time.


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