With more people into sedentary jobs in India, the fitness levels of the average Indian has taken a severe hit. It has prompted the fitness-conscious people to either go to gyms or invest in fitness equipment in their homes.

The first machine that comes to mind is the treadmill. An excellent alternative to the treadmill is the elliptical cross-trainer.

This fitness equipment is an integral part of all gyms. Since the time they were introduced in the 1990s, elliptical cross trainers have become popular among India’s fitness enthusiasts.

We shall look at ten of the best elliptical cross trainers in this article. At the same time, we shall discuss the buying guide to help people understand this machine’s nuances.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainers

1. Welcare WC6044

The WC6044 is a sophisticated elliptical cross trainer with excellent features like a hand pulse sensor and an LCD monitor. This machine is available on Amazon with exciting discounts. As on date, it qualifies as one of the best elliptical cross trainers in India under Rs 15,000.

Features in brief

  • Flywheel – 5 Kg with two-way rotation
  • LCD monitor
  • Hand pulse pad
  • Stride length – 14 inches
  • Assembly Area is 49″ x 24″ x 59″
  • Maximum weight load – 90 kg
  • 8-level manual magnetic resistance control
  • One-year warranty

This equipment comes with a durable flywheel weighing 5 kg. It adds to the machine’s stability, while the two-way rotation enhances the utility factor of this device. The best aspect of this 5 kg flywheel is that it reduces the impact on your knees as you increase your workouts.

A large LCD monitor helps to track your heart and pulse rate while providing information about the time, speed, distance, and the number of calories burnt by you. The hand pulse pad is strategically placed on the handrails to measure the heart rate as you exercise efficiently.

The eight-level manual magnetic resistance control feature allows you to choose the type of workout you need. Levels 1 to 3 constitute the causal mode, whereas the next three levels cater to the strength training model. Bodybuilders can use the final two modes to improve their muscular strength.

Another vital aspect of this fitness equipment is the adjustable vertical seat arrangement. It allows the user to set the requirement depending on his/her height.

The WC6044 can bear loads up to 90 kg. Hence, it is a piece of durable fitness equipment. The non-slippery pedals increase the stability and safety of the machine. The equipment comes with handy transport wheels to conveniently allow you to move it from one place to another.

  • Easy to install the fitness equipment
  • Excellent product support by the manufacturer
  • Provides good value for money
  • The stride length of 14 inches is not the ideal one.
  • Though good for the average Indian, people more than 5’7” in height can find it challenging to use.
  • Occupies a lot of space

2. Powermax Fitness EH-400

Powermax Fitness EH-400 is a high-end elliptical cross trainer capable of proving an excellent workout. The fantastic features of this machine make it the best elliptical cross trainer in India under Rs 35,000.

Exciting features of the EH-400

  • Free Installation assistance
  • 5-inches LCD
  • 6 kg flywheel
  • Two-way drive system
  • Maximum weight load – 135 kg
  • Eight-level electromagnetic resistance
  • One-year warranty

Individuals looking out for a high-quality elliptical cross trainer need not look beyond the Powermax Fitness EH-400. This fitness equipment can deliver an excellent and ultra-smooth total body workout with a synchronised upper and lower-body movement.

This machine saves space because of the patented front-drive design. Simultaneously, it offers a smooth rear-wheel-drive system, thereby proving its versatility.

The friction-free electromagnetic resistance ensures an effective workout. The eight-level micro-adjustable resistance controls allow different types of users from the casual exercises to the professional bodybuilders, alike.

The highlight of this device is the 5.5-inches LCD monitor. It displays essential information such as speed, usage time, calories spent, distance covered, pulse rate, and BMI.

The machine is a stable one with a flywheel weighing 6 kg. The comfortable anti-slip pedals enhance your exercising experience to a different level altogether.

This fitness equipment supports a maximum weight of 135 kg.

  • Heavy-duty steel frame with a rust-proof finish
  • Hand-grip pulse sensors
  • Wheels for easy transportation
  • No automatic adjustable resistance
  • Requires dedicated space in the room
  • Though discounts are available on Amazon, it is a bit on the expensive side.

3. Welcare WC6020

Welcare is one of the prominent manufacturers of elliptical cross trainers in India. This high-end fitness equipment ranks as one of the best elliptical cross trainers in India under Rs 30,000.

Salient features

  • Free Installation in select cities
  • 7 kg flywheel
  • Large LCD monitor
  • 18-inches stride length
  • 3-point cranking system
  • 8-level manual magnetic resistance control
  • Assembly area of 13” x 19” x 62.5”
  • Maximum weight – 90 kg
  • One-year warranty

Welcare WC6020 is one of the best elliptical cross trainers manufactured by the reputed company. As part of its excellent customer service, the company offers free installation guidance in more than 100 cities in India.

The prominent feature of this fitness equipment is the 7 kg flywheel that makes it one of the most stable elliptical cross trainers available in India. The two-way rotation feature offered by this flywheel enhances the comfort levels and makes your workout effortless.

You can monitor the vital aspects of your exercise routine, such as the heart and pulse rate, speed, distance, time, and calories on the large LCD screen. The pulse pad serves as the ultimate heart rate monitoring tool, thereby helping to maximise your workout experience.

The stride length of 18 feet makes it an ideal one for tall users. Besides, this massive stride length ensures to reduces the impact on your knees and ankle joints. The adjustable seat enhances convenience levels.

This machine comes with an eight-level manual magnetic resistance control. It helps you to increase the difficulty level as you proceed. The device displays six programs to enable you to choose the ideal one, depending on your requirements.

This elliptical cross trainer is amongst the safest ones available today because of the oversized pedals that allow you to keep your feet in place. The wide pedals increase the stability of the machine while delivering an excellent workout.

The conveniently placed transport wheels allow you to move the machine from one part of the room to another.

  • Easy to assemble, especially with the assistance provided by the company
  • Excellent digital display
  • A high degree of portability
  • No advice regarding lubrication of the joints
  • Slightly expensive considering the features on offer
  • No automatic resistance control features

4. Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Smart Series

Cockatoo is a reputed brand of elliptical cross trainers available in India. This machine comes with technically advanced features to make it the amongst the best elliptical cross trainers available under Rs 15,000 in India.

Technical features in brief

  • 6 kg flywheel
  • Maximum weight of 120 kg
  • LCD monitor to display vital information
  • Eight-level magnetic resistance control
  • Non-slip pedals

Cockatoo fitness equipment is amongst the most user-friendly ones available on the market. The LCD monitor is the highlighting feature of this device. It provides accurate information about the time, speed, distance, calories burnt, and heart and pulse rates. It enables you to plan your exercising routines accordingly.

The machine is one of the most stable equipment because of the 6 kg flywheel. It provides the ideal balance while the user performs his/her intensive workouts. The machine can support a maximum weight of 120 kgs and individuals up to 195 cm in height. Hence, it can cater to the requirement of almost all Indian users.

The magnetic mechanism operating technology ensures a noiseless experience when you carry out your workouts. This elliptical cross trainer comes equipped with eight magnetic resistance levels that enable you to intensify your exercising levels, depending on your capacity.

This fitness equipment features textured and fixed-incline pedals to provide the maximum grip and stability. The beauty of the arrangement is that the pedal incline automatically adjusts to your feet’ natural movement.

  • Caters to a range of users from the short ones to the tall individuals
  • Supports up to 120 kg
  • Provides excellent value for money
  • No automatic resistance controls
  • Some users have issues with the LCD monitor
  • Occupies more space than a treadmill

5. Powermax Fitness EH-225

Powermax Fitness EH-225 should be an ideal elliptical cross trainer in your home because of the perfect design that helps increase your strength training and cardiovascular fitness. Though priced at below Rs 13,000, it comes with excellent features.

Fantastic features of Powermax Fitness EH-225

  • Free installation assistance
  • LCD screen for displaying vital information
  • Fan-wheel chain drive system
  • Manually adjustable resistance control
  • Adjustable seats
  • Maximum load – 100 kg
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

The micro-adjustable tension control resistance system makes it one of India’s most convenient elliptical cross-trainers. The LCD monitor provides a wealth of information about the vital statistics necessary for a successful exercising routine. It enables you to record the time, speed, distance covered, and the calories burnt during the routine. Besides, you can also measure your heart rate during the exercising period.

The highlight of this elliptical cross trainer is the fan-wheel chain-driven system. It ensures a smooth and silent operation, even at intense levels of exercise.

The two-way crank system enables the user to have a complete body workout to strengthen the upper and lower body parts, alike. The heart rate sensors present on the handlebars allow you to monitor your exercise routines accordingly.

This device is comfortable to operate because of the presence of anti-slippery pedals. The facility to fasten your feet on this elliptical cross trainer makes it one of the safest equipment to use in its category.

This equipment can support a maximum weight of 100 kg. Therefore, it should be an ideal one for a significant proportion of Indian users. The upright positioning of the pedals allows you to develop your leg and arm muscles simultaneously. It is one of the best elliptical cross trainers for strengthening your abs.

  • Easy to assemble and move around in the room
  • Excellent performance for the pricing
  • Ideal for beginners
  • People over six feet in height can find it challenging to use.
  • The wobbly seat is a demerit.
  • Users have complained about poor after-sales service from the manufacturer’s side.

6. Cockatoo CE03PLUS

Here is another elliptical cross trainer from Cockatoo, a reputed manufacturer of fitness equipment in India. This machine is a durable one capable of supporting weights up to 110 kg. These stunning features make it one of the best elliptical cross trainers under Rs 16,000 in India in 2020.

Excellent features in brief

  • Flywheel weight of 4 kgs
  • Pedal incline up to 12.82 inches
  • LCD monitor to help track your vital statistics
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Maximum weight of 110 kg
  • Heart rate sensors on the handlebars

The aesthetically designed elliptical cross trainer delivers one of the most comfortable and convenient exercising experiences. The textured and fixed-incline pedals ensure that you get an excellent grip, thereby enhancing the stability factor.

The footpads have an incline of up to 12.82 inches that automatically adjusts to your feet’ natural movement. Hence, you do not experience any discomfort while exercising on this device.

Monitoring your vital statistics becomes easy because of the large LCD screen. It displays information like the heart/pulse rate, time taken, distance covered, speed, and calories burnt during the routine.

The flywheel is a stable one weighing 4 kg. It comes equipped with a magnetic mechanism to adjust the resistance levels. Therefore, you can intensify your exercising routines with a simple twist to increase or decrease the resistance levels.

This machine comes with eight resistance levels, thereby proving useful to all sections of fitness enthusiasts.

As this elliptical cross trainer can withstand a maximum weight of up to 110 kg, it should be ideal for individuals with a massive physique. Secondly, it can cater to the requirements of people with height up to 195 cm (6 feet 4 inches).

The advantage of the 3-position adjustable pedal allows you to keep your wrist in a neutral position, thereby enhancing your workouts.

  • Provides full value for money
  • Easy to install, assemble, and use
  • Suitable for developing upper and lower body strength
  • The flywheel is 4 kg, a bit on the lower side
  • Though the maximum supported weight is 110 kg, people weighing more than 95 kilograms can find it challenging.
  • The plastic body makes it comparatively weak.

7. Reach C-3005

The Reach C-3005 elliptical cross trainer is a piece of versatile fitness equipment as it doubles up as a cycle and cross trainer machine. The 17-inch stride length should be perfect for almost all types of fitness enthusiasts. This machine ranks as one of the best elliptical cross trainers available in India under Rs 21,000.

Exquisite features of Reach C-3005

  • Flywheel weight – 7 Kg
  • Stride length – 17 inch
  • Eight resistance levels
  • Stationary and movable handles
  • LCD monitor to track your performance
  • One-year warranty

The Reach C-3005 serves as an excellent two-in-one fitness machine because of the presence of dual handles. The movable handlebars allow you to use it as an elliptical cross trainer, whereas the fixed handles and the seating arrangement enable you to use it as a fitness bike.

The 7 kg flywheel makes it a stable exercising machine that ensures minimum impact on your joints. The stride length of 17 inches makes it easy for tall individuals to exercise with comfort. The eight resistance levels on the wheels allow you to change the intensity of your exercising routines.

This machine can bear a maximum weight of 100 kg. The anti-shake resistance feature and the anti-slip pedals make it one of the safest elliptical cross trainers in India in 2020. This appliance comes with vertical and horizontal seat adjustment knobs to allow people of different heights to use the machine.

The LCD monitor is a valuable asset because it displays critical information to help monitor your exercising routines. The heart rate sensors on the stationary handlebars provide accurate readings to increase or reduce the intensity of the exercises accordingly.

This elliptical cross trainer comes with a unique tablet holder where you can place your iPads and have your dose of entertainment while exercising at the same time.

  • An excellent performance that suits all fitness enthusiasts
  • Adjustable seats make it a versatile machine.
  • Monitor your vital statistics
  • Some users have complained of noisy operation
  • No automatic resistance level changing facility
  • On the expensive side

8. Powermax Fitness EH-200

Powermax manufactures fitness equipment to cater to the entire range of fitness enthusiasts. We had discussed one of the Powermax machines earlier. This elliptical cross trainer is one of the best available under Rs 10,000 in India in 2020.

Exciting features in brief

  • Free Installation assistance videos
  • Fan-wheel chain drive system
  • LCD monitor
  • Micro-adjustable tension control knobs
  • Anti-slip pedals
  • Adjustable seat
  • Maximum load of 100 kg

The Powermax Fitness EH-200 is excellent fitness equipment to invest in, especially for use at home. It is one of the most attractively priced elliptical cross trainers in India. Besides being priced low, this appliance comes with almost all features present in the high-end machines.

The two-way crank system is a unique one that helps to move the drive and the flywheel at the same time. The fan-wheel chain drive system ensures one of the quietest performances amongst all elliptical cross-trainers.

The LCD monitor helps you to customise your exercising routines, depending on your capacity. You can monitor your heart and pulse rates to decide on the intensity of your exercises. Besides, the monitor displays information such as calories burnt during the process, time taken, distance covered, and the speed.

The comfortable anti-slip pedals make this fitness equipment one of the safest available today. The added advantage of being able to fasten your feet to the machine enhances the stability quotient.

This machine comes with a micro-adjustable tension and resistance control mechanism to increase or reduce the intensity of your exercises.

Casual users and beginners can use the first three options, whereas regular users can utilise the next three adjustments. Professionals can make the best use of the top two options as they require the exerciser to have exemplary fitness levels.

The Powermax EH-200 can support weights up to a maximum of 100 kg. The seat adjustment feature allows you to workout with ease. Tall users can raise the seat level, accordingly, thereby exerting less pressure on their knees and ankles.

Other significant features include the provision of wheels for easy transportation, adjustable handlebar, and heart rate sensor on the handle.

  • Two-way movement of the fan wheel
  • Adjustable seat options
  • Footpads move in a natural motion and reduce the impact on the joints.
  • Though it doubles up a fitness bike, the arms make it uncomfortable when cycling
  • The machine is not easy to install
  • Users have complained of sound during operation.

9. Lifecarefitness Orbitrek Black 4-in-1 Delux

Generally, elliptical cross trainers are heavy equipment. Though most of them come with wheels, it is a challenge to transport them from one place to another. However, the Lifecarefitness Orbitrek Black 4-in-1 Delux machine is comparatively lighter. It qualifies as one of the lowest-priced elliptical cross trainers available in India in 2020.

Features in brief

  • Provides a complete body workout
  • Stimulates walking and running
  • 4-in-1 combination
  • Digital meter to show the time, speed, and distance
  • Easily portable

This elliptical cross trainer is different from the others discussed above. It does not come with an LCD monitor to display your crucial statistics. In its place, there is a digital meter to show the time, distance, and speed.

This machine is a 4-in-1 device as it comes with options like a stepper, stair climber, and cycling along with the elliptical cross trainer function. You can perform your exercises while standing as well as in a seated position.

The best aspect of this machine is that it stimulates walking and running without your feet touching the ground. Thus, you end up exerting less pressure on your knees and ankles.

The long handlebars distinguish this equipment from a fitness bike. As the handlebars allow simultaneous movement and pedalling, you end up developing the upper part of your body and the lower limbs. This machine targets the arms, shoulders, and chest, besides strengthening your thighs, calves, and knees.

Though an elliptical cross trainer, this equipment is light enough to allow free movement to any corner of the room. It also occupies less space because of the smaller dimensions compared to other machines belonging to its ilk.

The lightness of this fitness equipment makes it popular among women.

  • Excellent performance considering its pricing options
  • One of the most comfortable elliptical cross trainers to use
  • Saves a lot of space
  • Does not have an LCD monitor
  • No heart rate or pulse rate sensors
  • Limited options for exercising

10. Sparnod Fitness SOB-100 Dual Orbitrek

Sparnod fitness equipment is one of the best available in India. This elliptical cross trainer doubles up as an exercising bike, thereby proving to be a versatile machine. It qualifies as one of the best exercising tools available in India under Rs 9,000.

Notable features in brief

  • DIY installation facility available
  • 2-in-1 fitness machine
  • Easy resistance control levels
  • 4-way adjustable seating arrangement
  • Anti-slip handlebars and footpads

The Sparnod SOB-100 is flexible exercising equipment because one can use it as an elliptical cross trainer and a cardio workout facilitator without moving the body. This two-in-one functionality makes this machine one of the best elliptical cross trainer available in India under Rs 9,000.

Apart from strengthening the upper and lower body parts, you can use it as cardio workout equipment. The flexible seating arrangement allows you to change your seating levels depending on your usage requirements.

The 4-way seat adjustment feature allows movement of the seat vertically and horizontally. Therefore, it is ideal for people of all sizes. It also provides a comfortable cycling experience. The machine has provisions for changing the resistance levels and increasing or decreasing the intensity of your exercising routines.

The anti-slip handlebars and foot pedals make this equipment one of the safest to use amongst its peers. One of the exciting features is that this machine allows for the reversible movement of the footpads. Thus, you end up strengthening your hamstrings.

The forward movement ensures to develop your quadriceps. Hence, you ensure the all-round development of your lower body muscles. It is an ideal exercising machine for athletes and endurance runners.

  • Easy to assemble because of the DIY assistance videos on YouTube
  • Sturdy fitness equipment as it can support weights up to 97 kg
  • Doubles up as an exercising cycle and an elliptical cross trainer
  • The machine tends to make a lot of noise when working at top speed
  • Compared to its size, the device is uncomfortably heavy
  • Does not have any LCD monitor or other equipment to track your vital statistics

We have discussed the ten best elliptical cross trainers available in India in 2020. We shall now discuss the various aspects to look into when purchasing an elliptical cross-trainer.

At the same time, we shall also compare this fitness equipment with the treadmill to understand the advantages that an elliptical cross trainer brings with it.

Buying Guide For Elliptical Cross Trainers

Shopping for fitness equipment is never easy. It can be a challenge to choose between the treadmill and the elliptical cross-trainers. Both these machines are excellent for improving your cardiovascular health.

Though these appliances are distinct in their appearance and utility, they have their inherent features. This buying guide for elliptical trainers goes into the details of its functioning and makes it easy for people to understand the various functions.

Before we go into the aspects to look out for when shopping for elliptical cross trainers, we shall compare its features with that of a treadmill.

Elliptical Cross Trainer VS The Treadmill

Elliptical Cross Trainer – A comparatively superior workout

Both these machines are the best when it comes to providing cardio workouts, but an elliptical cross trainer helps to burn more calories when used for the same amount of exertion.

The best aspect of an elliptical cross trainer is that it gives the feeling of exercising in mid-air. When compared to a treadmill, it is a more natural workout.

Experts will vouch for the fact that an elliptical cross trainer allows you to work harder and expend more energy. At the same time, these machines tire you less while burning more calories.

Elliptical Cross Trainer – Excellent for both upper and lower body workouts

An elliptical cross trainer and treadmill are distinct fitness equipment that provides workouts to different parts of the body.

The treadmill is a piece of fantastic fitness equipment to strengthen the lower body parts like the abdomen, buttocks, and legs. On the other hand, an elliptical cross trainer provides a complete workout.

The movable handlebars work in conjunction with the elliptically moving foot pedals. Therefore, you can tone your upper body while strengthening the lower limbs. By working on your shoulder and back muscles, the elliptical cross trainer provides the ideal cardiovascular workout.

Elliptical Cross Trainer – Reverse Motion is possible.

The elliptical cross trainer is different from the treadmill because it offers the facility of reverse motion. The reverse gliding of the legs can strengthen the leg muscles further. It is not possible to run backward on a treadmill. While strengthening the legs, it also provides an excellent exercise for the back muscles.

Elliptical Cross Trainer – A comparatively safer machine

All exercising equipment maintains the highest safety standards. However, accidents are commonplace when you use a treadmill. If your walking/running speed is not consistent with the movement of the running surface, you can fall off the machine.

Secondly, one has to be careful when getting on or off the treadmill when it is moving. Such accidents do not happen when using an elliptical cross-trainer.

Elliptical Cross Trainer – You determine the speed

The heartening aspect of an elliptical cross trainer is that you provide the power to the machine. It works faster as you increase the intensity of your workout.

Similarly, it stops functioning when you finish your exercise. Compared to the treadmill, you set the pace for your elliptical cross trainer, and not the other way round.

Elliptical Cross Trainer – Soft on the joints

When you jog, you transfer your body’s entire weight on the knees and ankles, thereby enhancing the chances of injuries. The treadmill comes equipped with a running surface that considerably reduces the impact on your joints. The elliptical cross trainer is better because your feet never touch the ground, eliminating any impact on the ankles.

Elliptical Cross Trainer – Less maintenance

Though we have foldable treadmills that occupy less space, the elliptical cross trainer does not occupy much. Secondly, these appliances require less maintenance because of fewer moving parts like belts (in treadmills that need frequent replacing).

We have seen how an elliptical cross trainer can be better than a treadmill. Let us now discuss the factors one should look for when scouting for an elliptical cross-trainer.

Points to note when purchasing an elliptical cross trainer


Your budget is the prime consideration. If you go through the list of best elliptical cross trainers discussed above, you will note that the price of this appliance ranges between Rs 13,000 and Rs 60,000.

The discounts available on e-commerce websites like Amazon pushes the price up to Rs 8,000 at the lower end of the scale. However, expensive equipment priced at more than a lakh of rupees is also available. Therefore, your budget determines the kind of machine you purchase.

Space Occupied

Elliptical cross trainers come in various sizes. Some of then can be six feet long and up to two feet wide. One has to note that your height can increase by a couple of feet as you step on to the machine for exercising.

Hence, you need the right amount of headroom to exercise comfortably. It is not the ideal machine to place in the basement or an attic where there are height restrictions. You also need a lot of elbow room as this machine requires you to move your hands rhythmically while exercising.

Look out for the features

Depending on the features present in the machine, the cost of the elliptical cross trainer varies. An expensive machine can have features that you might not use in your exercising routines. Therefore, you should invest in a device that provides the workout you are looking for. The fancy features might not be necessary at all.

The dimensions of the user

Make a note of who will use the machine before you start looking around for one. Bulky users require devices of better quality. Similarly, the height of the user is a critical factor. We have discussed this fact earlier. Generally, these machines come with a maximum weight load.

However, they do not work at their best when the user’s weight is nearer to the maximum capacity advertised by the manufacturer. Under such circumstances, you might have to opt for a higher-end machine.

The frequency of usage

As with every other fitness equipment, the more you use it, the better the machine should be. If your entire family uses the elliptical cross trainer daily, you need to invest in a high-quality machine. On the other hand, an individual intending to exercise at less frequent intervals need not go for a high-end product.

  • Occasional users can opt for an elliptical cross trainer with manual adjustments and simple pre-set programs.
  • Regular users should go for equipment that has various motivational programs.
  • Intensive users should ensure to invest in a high-end machine with top-quality features.

Your fitness goals decide the quality of the machine you choose

Intensive users are those who use the machine to its maximum resistance capacity for strengthening their muscles. A person with milder fitness goals might use the elliptical cross trainer for maintaining general fitness levels.

Both of these users require different types of elliptical cross-trainers. The former requires a machine that can withstand heavy use, whereas the latter can opt for a lighter one.

Features to look out for in an elliptical cross trainer

Upper Body Workout

Different types of elliptical cross trainers are available on the market. Generally, these machines come with arm poles that provide a better workout for the upper body. Bodybuilders and those involved in severe exercising routines (like athletes) might prefer to use weights and other equipment for developing upper body strength. They might not need a machine with arm poles. Elliptical cross trainers are also available without arm poles.

Adjustable Resistance

Almost all fitness equipment, including the elliptical cross trainers, comes with adjustable resistance settings. The adjustment can be manual or automatic. Manual adjustment is cumbersome, whereas automatic adjustment is convenient for the user.

Similarly, the more expensive machines have higher numbers of resistance levels. Therefore, they offer more ways to improve your fitness levels in comparison to the lower-priced elliptical cross-trainers.

Check out the noise levels

Generally, elliptical cross trainers are noiseless fitness equipment. However, many users point out experiencing squeaking noises that go on to disturb their exercising routines. Such sounds are because of the usage of poor-quality parts. Ensure that you get a noiseless machine.

Look out for the reverse action.

Some elliptical cross trainers allow reverse action. These exercises can help to strengthen a different set of muscles when compared to the forward motion. Elliptical cross trainers with reverse action mechanism provide a complete workout.

Maximum Weight Load

Ensure to purchase the fitness equipment that could bear the weight of the user. Manufacturers advertise the maximum weight load the machine can carry. If the user’s weight is nearer to the maximum weight load, the device does not perform efficiently. Hence, it is advisable to select an elliptical cross trainer with a maximum weight load much higher than the weight of the most massive user.

Heart and Pulse Rate Monitor

Elliptical cross trainers give you a cardiovascular workout. Hence, a heart and pulse rate monitor should help you decide the right level of training. Some of these machines come equipped with an in-built heart rate monitor on their handlebars, whereas some come with a chest strap that integrates with a receiving device in the display panel. Such machines have customisable programs that make it easy to select the ideal workout.

Usually, the lower-priced elliptical cross trainers come with pulse rate sensors in the handlebars. These sensors do not provide accurate heart rates. The higher-end machines that come with wireless heart rate sensors used with a chest strap are better because they provide exact figures.

Pre-set Programs

The higher the number of in-built pre-set programs in the fitness equipment, the more the machine’s cost. Such devices also have automatic adjustments, whereby you can keep your body guessing. Our body can get accustomed to a particular workout routine. Hence, it is better to have more pre-set programs to enhance the excitement factor.

Flywheel Weight and Size

Studies show that the stability of an elliptical cross trainer depends on the flywheel weight and size. It can indeed be challenging to work out on a massive machine. However, the advantage is that such devices are extremely stable and do not move around when exercising.

Resistance Mechanisms

Machines with magnetic resistance work better than those with manual resistance levels. The lower-priced elliptical cross trainers come with a manual magnetic resistance system. The user has to operate the knob to select the optimum resistance level. The higher-priced equipment features motorised brake systems that use motors to control the magnetic brakes.

Stride Length

The stride length is a critical aspect to look out for in an elliptical cross-trainer. It also depends on the height of the user. People of average height can opt for stride lengths in the range of 18 inches, whereas those over six feet tall might require machines with stride lengths in the field of 20 or 21 inches.

The lower-priced elliptical cross trainers have stride lengths of around 14 inches. It can be suitable for short people and those who are out of shape. However, you will need a longer stride length if you plan to intensify your exercising routines. The ideal stride length should be around 18 to 20 inches.


The footpads are crucial because you stand on these contraptions when working out on the elliptical cross trainers. You should ensure that the footpads are not slippery and have raised edges while accommodating your full foot size. The lower-end appliances come with static footpads that can cause your feet to go numb after an exercising workout schedule.

It is better to choose elliptical cross trainers with articulating footpads that flex along with your feet. The distance between the two footpads is vital. The ideal range should be around six inches. Yes, the flywheel will occupy the place between the footpads, but the closer the footpads are to each other, the better is the overall performance.

Choose between the rear-drive and the front-drive

Elliptical cross trainers are available with both rear-drive and front-drive options. The higher-priced ones come with a rear-drive that offers a more natural elliptical motion. It eliminates the need for having articulating pedals. The front-drive machines require articulating pedals to give the feeling of an accurate elliptical movement.

Stride Shape

Though we call them elliptical cross trainers, some of these machines do not have an oval stride shape at all. The lower-priced ones come with footpads attached to the flywheels that offer an almost circular movement of the feet instead of elliptical strides. Therefore, you get the feeling of moving up and down.

The expensive models come with footpads connected to the flywheel with metal rods to offer an elongated stride shape. It is as close as possible to the oval shape that you expect an elliptical cross trainer to deliver.

Display Panel

Monitoring your heart and pulse rates during cardiovascular workouts is essential. A right display panel is necessary to provide information about heart rates, distance covered, speed, and workout time. A bright display panel enhances the joy of working out on an elliptical cross-trainer.

Some of the cheaper fitness equipment models do not provide proper information. Select the fitness equipment that displays precise visual controls to help you monitor your exercising routines better.

Safety Features

Generally, an elliptical cross trainer is stable fitness equipment. It does not topple over and falls to cause unnecessary injuries to the user. The front and side rails should be strong enough to support your weight. The best aspect of the elliptical cross trainer is that you decide when the machine stops working. It ends as you stop working out. Therefore, there is no need for a safety key like the one you have on treadmills.

However, users should be careful not to wear free-flowing clothes during exercising, as it can get trapped in the moving parts. One should also ensure that children stay away from this fitness equipment because they can injure their fingers. The higher-end elliptical cross trainers come with a safety pin arrangement to prevent the pedals from moving when the fitness equipment is not in use.

Discount Options

Elliptical cross trainers are available online on e-commerce websites like Amazon. One of the critical advantages of purchasing this equipment from Amazon is the exciting range of discounts available. It is advisable to try out a similar machine at your gym or at the local fitness equipment dealer to get a feel for the operations.

Which elliptical cross trainer should you buy?

These elliptical cross trainers are available in a range of pricing options. You should go for the higher-end machines if you satisfy any of the following conditions.

  • If you or any of the prospective users are over 90 kg
  • The users plan to have high-intensity workouts on the equipment.
  • If you intend to use the machine more than five times a week

Pros and Cons of using elliptical cross trainers

  • Provides a complete workout that includes the upper and lower body parts
  • Doubles up as an exercise bike
  • When compared to a treadmill, you get better results
  • Burns more calories than exercising on a stationary exercise bike
  • Excellent for the joints
  • Available at reasonable pricing options
  • Treadmills deliver more intensive workouts as compared to elliptical cross trainers.
  • Compared to a foldable treadmill, these machines occupy more space.

We have discussed various aspects of an elliptical cross trainer while discussing the ten best fitness equipment available in India. This buying guide endeavours to simplify the process for those intending to invest in an elliptical cross-trainer.

After going through this buying guide, it should not be challenging for anyone to purchase this exciting fitness equipment to strengthen their overall physique.


  1. I wonder why the Elliptical Cross Trainers of STAYFIT brand has not been considered. I purchased STAYFIT CEX 390 model a couple of years and perfectly happy with it. It has been a life-saver for excercising indoors for the whole family during this epidemic times.

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