The wise old people say,

“If you lose your wealth, you lose nothing. If you lose your health, you lose something. If you lose your character, you lose everything in life.”

What does this signify? It says that health is more important than wealth.

Maintaining fitness is one aspect of remaining healthy. The question that comes to everyone’s mind is how one keeps track of their fitness. Yes, technology has improved tremendously over the years.

You have the fitness trackers available today that help monitor and measure your physical activity.

Which type of fitness tracker should you go for?

We shall go through this aspect in detail in our buying guide section. In the meanwhile, let us look at the ten best fitness trackers available in India. These reviews will help you decide which fitness tracker suits you the best.

Best Fitness Trackers (Bands) in India

1. Mi Smart Band 5

The Mi band has a 1.1” AMOLED color display which makes the visuals both attractive and crisp both in shade and sunlight. It has a very responsive full touch. There are unlimited watch faces to pick your choice from.

It is compatible with both Android and iphones. The body is quite flexible and friendly to the skin and can also be worn to bed. Its 24*7 sleep monitoring along with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep monitoring technology helps you track and analyse your sleeping pattern.

The band is water resistant upto 50 meters under water.  The battery charger has an easy and quick magnetic connect, and the battery life goes upto uncontested 14 days!

The band is packed with features and the most notable ones are- PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence, it’s a single matrix to track your all fitness related activities.

It Tracks whopping 11 professional sports modes (including Yoga and Rope skipping)! Apart from this it also has Guided breathing exercise to lower the stress level, and also monitors the stress levels.

Further, for a regular round the clock use, it has Automatic activity detection for running and walking. It also has women’s health monitoring feature for calculating the menstrual cycle calculator.

  • Accurate results
  • Enormous variety of features
  • Economical
  • Long battery life
  • Highly water resistant
  • NA

2. Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi has stood the test of time and has become popular among the crowd due to its technology and competitive pricing.

The biggest selling point of Mi Smart Band 4 would be its colour display that comes with AMOLED full-touch screen with adjustable brightness, moreover the screen size is larger than the previous versions. The display and watch face can be customized as per your liking from the phone gallery.

The band’s body is built using 5ATM waterproof material. It connects via Bluetooth 5.0 and has a user interface which is simple, user friendly and easy to navigate. Since the band is connected to your phone, you can use it to receive text messages, silence or reject calls, and get social media notifications in the instant.

The band can be paired with Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and the later launched software.

The package has the band itself and comes with a charging cradle cum cable and a user guide.

The band has in built activity modes to track the specific activity being performed like- running, swimming, treadmill etc. It also has 24/7 automatic heart rating monitoring and sends alert to warn you when the heart rate is high.

  • Color display
  • Upto 20 days of battery life
  • Resists water upto 50 meter
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Misfit charging dock

3. HONOR Band 5

The screen is 0.95 Inch and has AMOLED color Screen. The screen’s brightness can be adjusted making the display dynamic and vivid. The home button on top assists in control.

The band has multiple watch faces which you can customize as per your taste. There is a Remote Control Camera but available only on Huawei/Honor EMUI 8.1 devices or later.

Honor Band 5 is compatible with Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and the newer softwares. It has a storage of 384 KB of RAM, 1 MB of ROM, 32 MB of flash and PSRAM 8M.

One of the most notable features in the band is the ‘Scientific Sleep Monitoring’ TruSleep allows sleep status recognition, it collects and analyzes data. Other than this, the band also has other features like- Multiple Sports Modes: Outdoor and Indoor run, walking, cycling, pool swim and training various exercises types.

SpO2 Monitor: HONOR Band 5’s SpO2 Monitor tracks the level of oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. This helps you to assess how the body is adapting during workouts or the oxygen levels at high altitudes.

Heart Rate Monitoring: TruSeen faeture allows 24-hour accurate real-time heart rate monitoring and warnings increased of increased heart rate.

Swimming Posture Recognition: It has 6-Axis sensor which recognizes main strokes, records speed at which you are swimming, distance, number of turns, calories used, and other data.

The band is made out of 5ATM 50 meters water-resistant material and connects via Bluetooth 4.2. It comes with a charging dock cum cable.

Further, the Smart Assistant and Notification Reminders has features lik- Stopwatch and timer; Find your phone; Alarm reminder (including smart and event alarms); Caller ID, SMS, e-mail, Weather Reports, Calendar and Social Apps which can be seen once the band is synced with your phone.

  • Many useful features
  • Comfortable band
  • Water resistant upto 50 meters
  • Poor App Support

4. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 3 has a rectangular full touchscreen and looks similar to its previous version but thinner and lighter. The body is made out of aluminum. It does not have any buttons.

On the left-hand is an inductive button which you can use to wake the device or go back a screen. It will give you a little tactile vibration feedback to let you know it’s working. The product is compatible with types of smart phones and software versions!

As the name suggests, Fitbit Charge 3 is essentially designed for tracking fitness and has features like- there is a ‘PurePulse’ heart rate monitor which has now joined by another new feature ‘SpO2 Pulse’ oximetry sensor. It has multiple activity modes like- running, swimming, walking etc.

The band comes with waterproofing. Fitbit has ensured that the Charge 3 can track swimming. Although note this is only pool swimming and not open water swimming.

Since Charge 3 gets connected via your phone, it brings notification alerts to you. Further, you get to see the fitness journey of friends and peers who use Fitbit.

The package comes with a proprietary charger, and does not come with its own USB brick. The battery life of the product is upto 7 days.

  • Long battery life
  • Accurate fitness tracking
  • Comfortable round the clock wear
  • Large screen for easy reading
  • Black and white screen
  • Visibility issue in direct sunlight

5. Realme Band

This is one of the most popular purchases in the given price segment. The band is both economical and innovative. Let’s see what it has to offer:

The screen is 2.4 cm in length and has a resolution of 80*160 and the color screen has a single button to assist in navigation as the band is not entirely touch screen.

Realme band is compatible with Android phone only and is activated by installing its dedicated app from Google Play Store. The battery runs for 10 long days in a single charge

Along with the regular features, the band provides a ‘Heart Rate Monitor’ which accurately monitors the heart rate in real-time. This is done by the built-in optical heart rate monitor. It has ‘9 Sport Modes’ to accurately  track your performed activity.

It supports tracking for 9 sports like- Walking, Running, Yoga, Cricket, etc. It always keeps you connected to the phone notifications like Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram and others.

The ‘Idle Alert’ feature reminds you to move or take a walk when it senses that there has been long periods of being still. The band will also remind you drink water and keep yourself hydrated at regular intervals.

  • Direct USB charging
  • Water, dust and dirt resistant
  • Health alerts
  • Sleek looks
  • Not widely compatible
  • No touch screen

6. Samsung Galaxy Fit e Smart Band

This band has a screen length of 18.9 mm with PMOLED black and white display. It comes with 6 options of watch faces each displaying different sets of information that you can pick as per your needs.

Galaxy Fit e band is compatible with all Android and iphones. However, the below discussed auto detected exercises can be tracked with a dedicated app- Samsung Health app.

The band is comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin. Coupled with the comfort and light weight, Samsung Galaxy Fit e Smart Band makes for a good choice to wear it to bed.

Although not water resistant, the band can handle a splash or two and works fine even when you workout and sweat heavily.

The overall activities that are tracked are- Heart Rate Monitor, Daily Step Count, Distance Covered, Calorie Burned, Sleep Monitor and Blood Pressure. The band can automatically detect three different types of workout that’s walking, running and dynamic. The tacking reports generated are extremely accurate and precise.

The heart rate monitor is sensitive enough to pick up the slightest of movement. It also has an inactive alert to remind you to get up and move.

The charger for this smart band is a regular docket charger made out of plastic. The battery lasts upto 6 days on a single charge.

  • Accurate reports
  • Economical
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Difficult to see screen in sunlight
  • Notifications cannot be read

7. Redmi Smart Band

Redmi Smart band has 1.08” of full touch LCD color display. It has adjustable screen brightness and dynamic display making it adaptable to both indoor activities and outdoor activities. Full touch screen to makes your experience smoother and navigation easier. It has 50+ watch faces to suit your taste and needs.

This band is compatible with both iphones and Android mobiles. It has direct USB Charging. So there is no requirement to carry charger around making it hassle-free. It charges with the help of the in-built USB connector and, the battery life is upto 14 days!

It is equipped with numerous features like 24*7 Heart Rate Monitoring which tracks your heart rate in real time and keep your health in check throughout the day, every day.

Its 5 Professional Sports mode automates and makes the tracking tailor made as per exercise regime! They include outdoor running, cycling, treadmill, power walking, freestyle exercise.

The sleep monitoring feature tracks the duration and quality of your sleep to sleep better and live better to perform better during the day. It also makes notification alerts and since the screen is large, it’s also easier to read the notifications.

This band is water resistant upto 50 meters deep and can stay so for 10 mins.

  • Lots of features
  • Large display
  • Long battery life
  • USB charging
  • Build quality of strap is sub-par

8. Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3 band has 0.78” of OLED touch screen display. IT also has a bright and sharp display. The watch face can be can be altered as per the user’s liking and the adjustable strap length is of 155 – 216mm.

This band is compatible with Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 and above. It has the longest battery life- 20 days on a single charge! However, it also takes relatively long time to charge fully too.

The charger for this band is the regular wired docket charger and nothing fancy.

Among all other features offered, the most prominent ones are its continuous heart rate monitoring to know the condition of your body when performing different activities.

The sleep analysis helps you to understand your sleeping patterns, plan for a proper rest and thus have a more productive day! the advanced step tracking accurately collects data regarding the number of steps you have moved throughout the day.

Find my phone feature comes in handy when you misplace the phone. It rings your phone, if it is misplaced for you to locate the device. Phone Unlock feature is enabled for Android only, can also be used to silence a call without having to pull out the phone from the pocket. It also handles notifications seamlessly.

This band is water resistant upto 50 meters under water.

  • Large and sharp display
  • Looks elegant
  • Performs well and accurately
  • Driving-step count mess up

Buying Guide for Fitness Trackers (Bands)

Before you even think about purchasing your fitness tracker, you should consider your fitness objectives. Let us begin by asking a few relevant questions.

  • Are you a beginner who has just taken membership in a gymnasium?
  • Are you a regular exerciser who needs a fitness tracker to keep track of the fitness levels?
  • Are you a person who has stopped exercising and want to jump-start the fitness routine again?
  • Do you belong to the select group of athletes training for a sporting event?

Are you wondering why we are asking such questions? What has your fitness objectives to do with purchasing a fitness tracker?

Yes, there is a deep relation between the two.

You have fitness trackers that come incredibly cheap. They do not have advanced features but can still keep track of your basic fitness levels.

On the other hand, there are fitness trackers that come with state-of-the art features. Professional athletes and regular exercisers need such types of trackers.

Finally, keep in mind that fitness trackers and gym membership have one aspect in common. Both of them are beneficial only if you use them.

How do fitness trackers work?

The functioning of the fitness trackers depends on the type of device you purchase. All trackers have sensors on them that help to monitor various aspects such as your movement, heart rate, location, altitude, and so on.

These fitness trackers connect and sync wirelessly with your smartphone and computer. It enables you to store your data about your daily activities.

The fitness tracker allows you to monitor aspects like the number of steps you take, heart rate, skin temperature, hours of sleep, and perspiration levels.

Sensors available on fitness trackers

Here are some of the sensors you find on these fitness trackers.

Accelerometer: It helps to track your movements such as front-to-back, side-to-side, and up-down movements.

Heart Rate Monitor: Tracks your pulse during your exercise and even throughout the day

Gyroscope: It determines your position whether you are standing, sitting, swimming, biking, and so on.

Magnetometer: It helps to detect specific movements and also determine the direction you move

Barometer: This device helps calculate the number of stairs you climb and determines your altitude

You have activity trackers that sync with external heart monitors and other devices like bathroom scales to provide precise readings.

There are ways by which you can pair these fitness trackers with third-party apps to help provide insight into your lifestyle habits.

Some fitness trackers can communicate with you by way of incoming alerts, texts, IMs, and even email. Vibrating alerts enables you to wake up and remind you of specific aspects.

We are living in an online world where these fitness trackers provide motivational support such as challenges and badges whereby you interact online with friends, and also your doctor.

Different types of fitness trackers

All-Day Trackers

The all-day trackers monitor your general activity throughout the day. It measures various activities such as,

  • Number of steps you take
  • Stairs you climb
  • Calculate the duration of your exercises
  • Actively spent minutes
  • Time for which you sleep (Some trackers can also measure regular sleep and REM sleep)

Training Trackers

These trackers are the advanced types of trackers used by professional athletes, cardiac patients, and people who require constant monitoring of their health. These trackers can do everything that the all-day trackers do. Also, they are useful for measuring other aspects such as,

  • Your heart rate and breathing patterns
  • The distance you travel accompanies by the speed or pace along with the route you take
  • Swimming pool lap times
  • Altitude variations that can help hikers, mountaineers, cyclists, and so on
  • Music controls

Features a fitness tracker should possess

By now, you understand the different activities a fitness tracker does. Depending on your options, here are the features to consider when purchasing a fitness tracker.


Usually, you wear the fitness trackers on your wrists. In the days gone by, people used to look at fitness bands as functional devices.

However, modern thinking is different. People look for the style factor in everything they wear or do. Therefore, you get fitness trackers in the form of pendants and devices that you can clip on to your clothing.

These bands also come in different shapes, sizes, and colours.


The display unit is an integral part of any fitness tracker. The more advanced ones have a watch-like display where you can access various data at once.

The basic ones share information using a LED light display or through an app. Connecting your fitness tracker to a smartphone or a computer not only helps you to view data but also analyse it.

Such fitness trackers have companion apps available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Preview these apps before you select the appropriate fitness band.


Before you proceed to buy your fitness tracker, you should ensure its compatibility with your smartphone or computer.

Some trackers have companion apps available on the iOS platform whereas a majority of them in India work on the Android systems. A majority of these apps do not work on the Windows platform.


Fitness trackers are accurate up to a specific extent. They do not provide fool-proof information.

After all, these bands use sensors and algorithms to determine data such as footsteps walked, punches thrown, hours slept, and stairs climbed. These are approximate figures.

You need function-specific devices to provide accurate information. For example, a fitness tracker strapped to your chest can determine the heart rate better than a similar fitness band worn on the wrist.

Battery Life

These fitness trackers come with rechargeable batteries. The inexpensive bands have a battery life of maybe a day or two. The sophisticated ones can have batteries that could last for even a month.

The simple trackers having LED lights need not have much charging whereas those displaying more data using various sensors and colour touchscreen need charging frequently.

Some of the fitness trackers use the coin cell batteries that you usually use on calculators.


Trackers can monitor your heart rate and lap times when you work out in the swimming pool. You need to wear these bands on your person.

Therefore, such fitness trackers are waterproof. Some trackers are only splash proof. You should ensure that these devices do not come in contact with water.

We have discussed many features to look at while purchasing your fitness trackers. We have also reviewed the ten best fitness trackers available in India along with their pros and cons.

However, you might still have some questions unanswered. These FAQs and answers shall clear all your doubts and misgivings about fitness trackers.

Fitness Trackers – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a fitness tracker compulsory for maintaining health and fitness?

Strictly speaking, the answer is ‘NO.’ You can maintain your fitness levels without using trackers. However, you benefit from its use because it helps you monitor your fitness levels with real data.

It also helps you in fixing targets that you can achieve. The modern-day individual is more comfortable with numbers and data.

Hence, you can find the trackers to be useful. Secondly, it depends on the individual’s requirements.

Which type of fitness tracker is the best in the business?

There is no such thing as the best fitness tracker. It depends on your requirements. It depends on how you propose to use your tracker.

Your smartphone OS also plays a vital role in deciding the type of tracker you purchase. Similarly, your budget is also a crucial factor.

The necessity of fitness tracker depends on various factors. If you are recovering from major surgery, a fitness tracker helps you monitor your fitness levels.

Similarly, athletes and sportspersons need a high level of fitness. Such people require these trackers to attain the high fitness levels their activities require.

Do trackers work automatically as soon as you start your workout?

It depends on the type of tracker you use. The basic fitness trackers do not work automatically. You have to launch the workout app on the tracker manually.

It triggers the tracker to start working and collect the requisite data. The advanced trackers come with sensors that automatically senses whether you are walking, jogging, running, cycling, or having a workout at the gym. The workout app launches automatically.

What metrics should you track using a fitness tracker?

It depends on your objectives. Fitness trackers can monitor various aspects of your fitness routines. You need not follow each one of them.

If you aim to improve your health and general fitness levels, you can monitor data such as the number of steps you walk or the amount of time you spend exercising. At the same time, a long-distance athlete would need to concentrate on more aspects in comparison.

Are these readings accurate?

The technology is developing fast whereby medical professionals have started to rely on such data for prescribing their exercise routines. These trackers are accurate in counting the number of steps you walk or the amount of time you exercise.

You have specific trackers that can accurately measure your heart rate and blood pressure. Hence, it depends on how you use the tracker and more importantly, the type of tracker you have.

How do you sync your fitness tracker?

Synchronising your fitness tracker depends on the tracker you buy and the fitness goals you have. Usually, you should do the following activities to sync your fitness band to your mobile app or computer.

Set up an account – You not only need to monitor but also analyse your fitness data. Hence, setting up your account is mandatory.

Get the appropriate mobile app – Check out the compatibility of your fitness tracker. Some trackers work with iOS whereas some prefer the Android platforms. Get the proper app on your smartphone.

Set your goals – Usually, trackers come with default goals such as 10000 steps a day. You can alter that depending on your workload.

Familiarise with your app – Familiarising with your app is not a challenging task at all. You can do so within a couple of attempts at syncing data.

Subsequently, you can connect with friends and compare your statistics. Similarly, you can also communicate with your doctor and transmit data online using the app.

Final Words

It is not every day that you venture to purchase a fitness tracker. Hence, it is better to do your homework well.

This buying guide should help you understand the functions of the fitness bands. Once you get a feeling of how they work, it becomes easy to use them.

You need a compatible smartphone to enjoy the full benefits of the fitness trackers.

Depending on your requirement, you can decide on the type of fitness tracker you need. It is a handy device to have with you any time as you can monitor your fitness levels.

After all, the wise men were right. Your health is any day more important than the wealth you have.

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