You see people investing a lot of money in procuring a gaming PC or a gaming monster laptop.

Ardent Gaming enthusiasts also do not mind spending a few bucks more in acquiring gaming keyboards and mice.

Some go on to get gaming headphones, as well. How about investing in best gaming chair?

It is worth considering because a gaming chair can provide your back and neck with the right kind of support as you sit for long hours on your gaming PCs.

We shall discuss the crucial aspects to look at when purchasing gaming chairs.

Best Gaming Chair in India

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair GS-734US

Green Soul does not hesitate to go the extra mile to manufacture the ultimate version in their most-appreciated Monster Series. The Monster Ultimate S is as close to perfection you can get when looking for a gaming chair.

  • Suitable for persons in the height range 5ft 2″ to 5ft 10.”
  • Breathable Premium Soft Fabric
  • Metal frame
  • Deer Mechanism
  • 3-year warranty

Gaming chairs come in various sizes. This large-size chair should be the ideal one for gaming enthusiasts in the height range of 157cm to 178cm. It comes with ergonomic features to rank as the best gaming chair under Rs 20,000 in India today.

The adjustable neck/head pillow is made of velour upholstery and has enough padding to give the chair a premium look and provide the maximum comfort to your neck as you work/play for extended hours.

The adjustable memory foam lumbar pillow made from velour upholstery provides the perfect support to your spine. The reclining feature allows you to relax whenever you feel like doing so.

This Monster Ultimate S gaming chair comes with a flat and spacious seat made of moulded foam to provide you with the maximum support and also allow you to sit cross-legged if you wish to.

Armrests play a critical role in providing maximum support. This gaming chair comes with adjustable and padded armrests made of PU Carbon texture that is soft to touch and retains the properties necessary for an excellent grip.

It is adjustable in four dimensions, Left/Right, Angled Left or Angled Right, Front and Backwards, Up and Down.

The neck/head pillow offers proper alignment for the neck, whereby there is no scope for any pain. The lumbar pillow helps provide excellent back support. Similarly, your thighs and knees get the support they deserve. The 4D adjustable armrests enhance support to a different level altogether.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent materials enhance the comfort level.
  • High-quality design
  • Good on the pricing front
  • The armrests could have been bigger.

2. Green Soul-Beast Series Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair GS-600

Green Soul is passionate about the health and well-being of people as they bring out a unique section of world-class seating products. Here is the GS Beast Series GS 600 gaming chair with excellent features.

  • Medium size with a maximum withstanding capacity of 120 Kgs
  • Metal internal frame
  • Breathable soft fabric
  • Three-year warranty

This GS 600 comes with an adjustable headrest pillow to provide the maximum comfort customisation. This removable pillow offers the ideal support to your neck as you indulge in your gaming marathons.

The adjustable lumbar pillow provides the much-needed support to your back as you work for long hours on your PC. The reclining support offered by this chair is of legendary stuff.

The racing car bucket seat comes in dual colours to provide an attractive outlook. The large seating arrangement improves your comfort. Sitting on this seat gives you the impression of being in the thick of the action.

This ergonomic chair comes with adjustable 3D armrests that can be adjusted in three dimensions, height, angle, and front-back.

The neck pillow provides proper neck support to eliminate all kinds of neck and shoulder pains. The lumbar pillow offers the perfect support to your spine, whereby you get maximum comfort even if you sit for extended hours.

This gaming chair is designed keeping in mind Indian conditions, whereby you do not experience any pain in the thighs or knees after your long gaming sessions.

Placing your arms on sturdy tables can cause considerable discomfort to your shoulders. The 3D armrests provide the perfect support to your shoulders and arms.

This medium-sized chair is ideally suited for people weighing up to 120 Kgs. It thus qualifies as the best gaming chair for heavy persons.

  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Incredibly soft material
  • All features necessary for a gaming chair
  • Foam application could be better.

3. Savya Home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

Savya Home gaming cum office chair is the perfect chair for gaming because of its ergonomic design and multiple functionalities. The Apex Crusader allows you to give your best without worrying about your back or neck pain because there will not be any.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Breathable premium PU leather
  • 360-degree swivel and alloy style large casters
  • Excellent design

Savya Home dedicates the Apex Crusader, the best gaming chair to pro gamers. The dimensions of this ergonomic gaming-cum-office chair can withstand a maximum weight of 140 Kgs.

The ergonomic design comprises a strong metal frame to help promote a comfortable seated position. Thus, you feel extreme comfort even after playing or working for extended hours. The thick padded back and seat take this chair to the next level of comfort.

The adjustable height, the 90-180-degree reclining facility, 360-degree swivel, and the 5-point base built with sturdy and smooth-rolling casters make this chair a multifunctional one. The removable headrest and pillow and lumbar cushion add to the comfort level.

On the comfort front, this ergonomic gaming chair is made from smooth PU leather. The accessories, such as additional seat cushion, lumbar, and headrest pillow, offer the maximum comfort.

The heavy-duty base and the nylon smooth-rolling casters provide excellent mobility and tremendous stability.

This gaming chair is designed to be timeless as the manufacturers focus more on performance and not just appearance. This Apex Crusader Gaming Chair is the ideal chair for gaming enthusiasts as it allows them to have a great time on their PCs for extended hours. It is the perfect gaming chair for spending long hours without discomfort.

  • Excellent reclining ability to provide the maximum comfort
  • One of the easiest to assemble
  • Hand rests are of high-quality.
  • The chair skeleton needs a lot of improvement.

4. BeAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Office/Director/Gaming Chair

Whether you are an executive or a gaming addict, the best thing you need is a comfortable chair to provide the highest degree of support to your back, neck, and shoulders. The beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back revolving chair comes with admirable features to qualify as the best gaming chair in India for good posture.

  • Wooden frame with synthetic leatherette upholstery
  • High-quality performance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy casters

beAAtho JS-2 executive chair offers the highest level of comfort and convenience. The manufacturers focus more on durability and comfort. However, there is no compromise on the appearance front.

This high back revolving chair is a perfect example of this excellent combination of aesthetic beauty and durability.

This executive chair has a durable wooden frame with upholstery cover of synthetic leatherette along with additional padding on the seat, back, and the armrests.

The sterling aspect of this executive chair is that it passes through three stringent quality level checks at various stages like manufacturing, testing, and dispatching. The company conducts tests on different parameters like raw material, finish, polish, sturdiness, and durability.

This comfortable executive chair depends on five sturdy casters with a strong metal base for better durability. These high-quality roller wheels enhance the mobility and sturdiness of the chair.

This chair is unique because it comprises a hydraulic gas lift cylinder to provide a high level of convenience. You can sit for long hours on this chair without feeling any discomfort.

The manufacturers are passionate about the health and well-being of people. This executive chair offers an exquisite design to provide a maximum degree of comfort to the user.

  • This executive chair offers maximum comfort.
  • The wooden frame and synthetic leatherette make it one of the most attractive gaming chairs.
  • Provides excellent support to the back and shoulders
  • The manufacturers could have provided better support to the neck.
  • Providing a reclining facility should be ideal.

5. Green Soul Vienna High-Back Leatherette Executive Office Ergonomic Chair

The Green Soul Vienna revolving chair comes in five colours. By providing ample support to your back and shoulders, this office chair is the master of comfort and convenience.

  • Indigenously made office chair
  • Wooden frame with leatherette upholstery cover
  • Dual colour enhances the design
  • Suits people with a height of 5ft 5″ to 6ft 1″ and a maximum weight of 110 Kgs
  • Three-year warranty

Green Soul office chairs deliver ultimate support and encourage dynamic movement. The manufacturers offer an exemplary range of seating that is easy to adjust and thereby, achieve the best posture for the individual.

The stylish handles with extra-soft padding allow the user to enjoy the maximum comfort while typing or resting the arms on the chair.

The ergonomic looks make this chair as one of the most aesthetic-looking convenience appliances in your home. The thick cushion padding with high-quality soft PVC leather upholstery provides high-level comfort.

The dual-colour elegant look enhances the appearance of the office cabin and conference rooms.

The ergonomic shape of this chair matches the human spine. It recognises the fact that the human spine is not straight. Therefore, the design is such that it provides the best possible support and maximum comfort, even for long seating sessions.

This office chair features swivel and dual castors that swivel 360-degrees for multitasking convenience. The sturdily-built metal base with chrome finish allows for smooth rolling. The five PU castors make it incredibly easy to move around.

This office chair has high back padding with an additional layer of foam. The soft, cushioned seat and padded arms create a fantastic feeling of comfort. Besides providing the maximum comfort, the chair presents a visual treat and blends in easily with the home and office décor.

This appliance should qualify as the best office chair under Rs 10,000.

  • Excellent dimensions to suit a range of people
  • Matches the human spine shape perfectly to offer the highest level of comfort
  • 360-degree swivelling
  • The chair tends to tilt back when you lean on it.

6. CellBell C102 High Back Office/Computer/Desk/Gaming Chair

This ergonomically-designed chair provides ample support to your back and shoulders. This Office chair is the epitome of comfort and convenience as you can sit on it for hours without feeling any discomfort.

  • Wooden frame with synthetic leatherette upholstery
  • Capable of withstanding weight up to 110 Kgs
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic seat height adjustment
  • One-year warranty

The prime advantage of this supremely comfortable office chair is that it comes with an ergonomic design perfectly suited to provide the highest degree of comfort to everyone.

By providing ample support to your shoulders and back, this excellent office chair proves its worth as one of the best office/gaming chairs in India.

This comfortable chair is built on a wooden frame and has an extremely comfortable synthetic leatherette upholstery with an additional foam layer. The soft, cushioned seat and padded arms combine to create a tremendous feeling of comfort.

While proving its worth as a comfortable office/gaming chair, this appliance has one of the most attractive appearances to create a visual treat. This chair blends beautifully with your home and office décor. This chair ranks amongst the most elegant appliances available in its niche.

Sitting in a cramped-up pose for long hours when gaming can be most discomforting to your back, neck, and shoulders. This office chair doubles up as an excellent gaming chair as you sit on it for extended hours.

The best aspect of this chair is that it has a wide seat where you can sit cross-legged whenever required. The chair offers the maximum flexibility to move around. The five sturdy castors can support a person weighing up to 110 Kgs. The wheels are strong but also supple enough not to cause scratches on your floor tiles.

  • Aesthetic appearance with a high degree of durability
  • Easy to clean with a damp and soft cloth
  • Supports the human spine to enhance your posture
  • There could have been a footrest as short-statured people can find it a bit inconvenient.

We have reviewed the best Gaming chairs available in India under various budgets ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000.

Gaming enthusiasts should consider investing in a good gaming chair to provide them with relief from back and other joint pains. Here are some critical aspects to focus on when purchasing the best gaming chair for back pain and good posture.

Features to look for in a gaming/office chair

Investing a substantial sum in a gaming PC or laptop and other gaming accessories has become common among the youth and gaming enthusiasts today.

Playing games for extended periods on your gaming PCs is fun, but have you ever wondered the toll it takes on your back, neck, and shoulders. Perhaps, you might not realise it immediately, but the collateral damage, in the long run, can be exasperating.

The best solution should be to invest some more money in purchasing the ideal gaming chair to support your spine and frame. Focusing on the following aspects can help you get the best gaming chair.

Comfort for your back

No two human beings have the same spinal structure. Maintaining a good posture is crucial to the development of the spine. Sitting for long hours on the couch or an ordinary chair can cause tremendous strain on the spine.

Hence, you should go for a gaming chair that provides the maximum comfort for your spine.

The human spine is not ‘ramrod’ straight. It is more like an S-shaped curve. Therefore, your gaming chair should have a similar arc to support the back correctly.

It is better to look out for gaming chairs having memory foam cushions at the bottom portion, just above the seating position.

Such an arrangement can adjust to your spinal posture and provide the best degree of comfort.

Support for the neck and shoulders

As you get more excited when playing your favourite action-packed games, you start to stress your shoulders and neck. They need the right kind of support.

Gaming chairs with an adjustable neck and shoulder pillow should be ideal. These additional cushions help to prevent damage to your delicate neck muscles and the shoulder joints.

Support to your knees, thighs, ankles, and arms

Sitting for long hours on a gaming or office chair can put tremendous strain on your knees, thighs, and ankles. When selecting the ideal gaming chair, you should check out whether the seat is perfect for your height and weight.

The seat should be such that your knees should be perfectly aligned with your feet being able to touch the ground. If your feet remain hanging in the air, it causes extreme strain on your thighs and ankles.

Generally, gaming chairs come with hydraulic seat adjustments that allow you to alter the seat height according to your requirements. If such an arrangement is not available, your gaming chair should have a footrest to enable you to place your feet.

It is better investing in a gaming chair that has adjustable armrests.

Your hands need a lot of support when you sit on the chair for extended hours banging away on the gaming keyboard. The right kind of armrest reduces the strain on your elbows and wrists to provide the ideal support to your arms.

Carrying Capacity

It is advisable to look at the carrying capacity of your gaming chair before buying it. Generally, Indian males are around 65 Kg to 95 Kg in weight.

Hence, a chair that bears around 110 Kg should be perfect. If you are taller or have a more massive build, you can go for a chair capable of withstanding up to 140 Kg or 150 Kg.

Easy movement

Gaming and office chairs come with roller wheels that enable free movement. You should ensure that these castors are sturdy enough to withstand your weight. Besides, they should not be hard enough to cause damage to your flooring.

Ideally, the best gaming chair is one that comes with five roller castors as it helps to balance your weight correctly.

Free air circulation

The cushioning and fabrics used on the chair should be breathable to allow free air circulation.

The gaming chairs come with high-quality leatherette upholstery that allows easy air circulation, thereby providing the ideal comfort.


Gaming chairs come in various budgets ranging from Rs 5,000 to up to Rs 20,000 or even more. Depending on your budgetary constraints, you can go for the ideal chair. However, you should ensure to put your comfort levels above the budget. As it is, you are spending more than a lakh rupees for your gaming PCs and accessories. Spending some more should not be an issue at all.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Gaming Chairs

1. What are the top things to look for in a gaming chair?

The gaming chair should have an ergonomic design. Besides providing support to your lower back and spinal cord, it should be comfortable for your shoulders, neck, knees, ankles, thighs, and your hands. The ease of movement is also a crucial factor. The best gaming chair for posture is one where you sit upright and still reach out to the gaming keyboard with the minimum of effort.

2. What are the immediate benefits of using a gaming chair?

Besides providing adequate support to your back and shoulders when playing for long hours, these gaming chairs encourage good sitting habits. The ergonomic design should be such that it changes your poor sitting habits and teaches you how to maintain the correct posture.

3. How does the gaming chair support the back?

Generally, humans have an S-shaped spinal column. Sitting on a chair with a straight back can be a tremendous strain on your spine. The gaming chairs come with a design that matches your spinal shape. Hence, they provide excellent support for your back.

4. Why do many gaming chairs have holes on them?

The holes on the gaming chair allow for free air circulation as you sit for extended periods on it. Some of the gaming chairs come with breathable fabrics that enable air to circulate easily.

5. How much does a gaming chair cost?

It depends mainly on the features you have on the chair. Ideally, a good gaming chair should be available in the range of Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000.

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