Buying the right laptop is a conscious decision. It involves a lot of thought process. Gaming laptops require greater technical specifications than the standard notebooks.

Best gaming laptop india

These laptops differ from the standard ones by graphics, processing speed, RAM, sound quality, screen resolution and size, and so on. Hence, choosing the ideal gaming laptop is a challenging task. This buying guide aims to make it an easy process.

Factors to look out while picking up the best gaming laptop


Anybody can say that you need larger screen size laptops to get the best out of your computer games. However, at the same time, portability is a vital aspect. You need to carry your laptop with your wherever you go. Aim for those laptops that offer you the dual advantage of screen size and portability.

If you are searching for portability as a critical issue, it is better to go for screen sizes that do not exceed 15 inches. Any size greater than 15 inches can make the laptop heavy, hence making it uncomfortable for you to carry it with you everywhere.

Fixed Position

If you do not intend to carry your laptop everywhere, it is better to go for the larger screen sizes. Under such circumstances, you can opt for the laptops having screen sizes more than 15 inches. The 17-inch screen size is the ideal size for a gaming laptop. You get a fantastic gaming experience on such laptops.


Intel makes different processors for notebooks. Similarly, you have distinctive processors for gaming laptops because the needs of the situation are different. The processors for the notebooks need to focus more on efficiency rather than performance. Hence, the U-series processors are suitable for the notebooks.

As you are looking for a gaming laptop, you should opt for the H-series such as the 8th Gen i5 8300H instead of the 8th Gen i58250U. The significant difference between the two series is that the U-processors have a TDP of 15W whereas the H-series have a 45W TDP. It entails that the H-series processors consume more power than the others. Therefore, they perform better.

Graphics Card

Undoubtedly, the most crucial part of your laptop that affects gaming performance is the graphics card. The Nvidia 10-series graphics cards are the standard cards you get in the gaming notebooks in 2018. The GTX 1050 card with 4GB VRAM should be the ideal card for your laptop.

If you have a flexible budget, you can opt for the GTX 1050Ti with 4GB VRAM. The 1050 Ti card performs 20-25% better than the 1050 cards. It explains why they are expensive in comparison. You do not buy gaming laptops daily. Therefore, you can go for the premium segment graphics cards like the 1060 series and above.

Let us make a quick comparison between laptops having the following configuration.

  • 8-Gen i7-8750H/16GB RAM/1050Ti 4GB Graphics
  • 8-Gen-i5-8400H/8GB RAM/1060 6GB Graphics

Naturally, you will feel that the i7 processor is the better one as it has more RAM than the second-named one. However, in this case, the second laptop with a 1060-6GB graphics card is 40% better when playing games. Gamers should spend more on the graphics rather than on the processor. The i5 should be enough.

Usually, all gaming laptops come with 8GB RAM. You can play the latest games like PUBG, Battlefield V, and so on with 8GB RAM. The best aspect is that you can always add another RAM stick in the future if required. It is not necessary to spend more on RAM at the initial stage.

Touch Screen or the Regular Screen

It depends on your gaming preferences. If you love to play games on the touchscreen, you can go for them. However, regular screens can also deliver comparable performance.

The touchscreen laptops are expensive in comparison. If you have the budget, it is always better to go for a higher graphics card configuration rather than investing on the touchscreen laptops. Nevertheless, touchscreen laptops are also good.

Best Gaming Laptops in India

1. ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502GU-ES003T

  • Processor – 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H
  • Base Speed – 2.6 GHz
  • Memory – 16GB DDR4 upgradeable to 32GB RAM
  • Storage – PCIe NVMe 512GB M.2 SSD
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with GDDR6 6GB VRAM
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

Gaming laptops require the GPU to be efficient. This ASUS gaming laptop has one of the most efficient GPUs in the form of NVIDIA GeForce GTC 1660 Ti. It ensures that playing fast and action-packed games like PUBG is a dream. The 6GB VRAM prevents any lag, thereby enabling the gamer to have a fantastic experience.

This laptop features an excellent display unit complete with a 15.6-inch FHD and IPS. The refresh rate of 144Hz enables great FPS gameplay. The 3ms grey-to-grey response delivers crisper and clearer graphics, even during intense, fast-paced matches.

The IPS panel is calibrated with ProArt TruColour Technology to ensure a complete sRGB range of colours on display.

This laptop comes with a sleek design comprising of the bezel-less monitor screen to enable a fabulous viewing experience. The battery is durable enough to last for eight hours on a single charge, thereby ensuring a higher level of productivity. It is one of the sleekest laptops available in the market.

Playing intense, action-packed games for long hours can heat up the computer. This laptop has an excellent solution in place, as it provides comprehensive cooling coverage for both the CPU and GPU. The liquid crystal polymer blades are not only thin but also strong enough to spin at high RPM. Thus, it ensures an ideal cooling experience.

This laptop is powered by a 9th gen Intel-Core i7-9750H processor with a base speed of 2.6GHz. These features ensure that it is one of the best gaming laptops in India now.

  • Powerful CPU and GPU
  • Tremendous gaming experience
  • Crystal clear display
  • Efficient cooling performance
  • The cost can be an issue, but great things do not come cheap.

2. MSI Gaming GL63 9SDK-802IN 2019

  • Processor – 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H
  • Base Speed – 2.6 GHz
  • Memory – 16GB DDR4
  • Storage – 1TB HDD with 256GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Graphics – GTX1660 Ti with 6GB RAM
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

High-quality gaming is possible on this MSI laptop because of the state-of-the-art GPU. This graphics processor comes with 6GB RAM for adequate storage and ensures there is no lag, thereby providing the highest degree of enjoyment.

This Laptop comes with a storage capacity of 1TB HDD along with 256GB SSD. Hence, it enables the user to store some of the latest action-packed games like COD, GTA V, The Witcher, PUBG and others.

The 15.6-inches FHD screen makes it a dream to watch your players in action. There is no lag because of the 60Hz refresh rate. The FHD screen makes way for an enjoyable experience playing your favourite games or watching the most popular movies and shows on the internet.

On the regular performance front, this laptop is an excellent one to have because of the 9th generation Intel Core i7-9750H processor. The base speed of 2.6GHz ensures a high level of performance. Switching between apps becomes a breeze.

The 16GB DDR4 memory ensures quick booting up, whereby you do not waste any time in setting up tour gaming sessions.

This laptop features Windows 10 Home OS with lifetime validity. With Windows 10, you get the assistance of Cortana to access your apps seamlessly. Thus, this gaming laptop ranks among the best gaming laptops available in India.

  • Extremely durable processor with excellent RAM
  • Fabulous storage
  • Highly efficient GPU
  • FHD screen for full entertainment
  • A 120Hz refresh rate could be a better option to have
  • Large bezels seem to reduce the viewing area

3. HP Pavilion Gaming-Core i7 9th Gen 15.6-inches FHD Gaming Laptop

  • Processor – 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H
  • Base Speed – 2.6 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4
  • Storage – 512GB Hard Drive
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

This HP Pavilion is also an excellent gaming laptop under Rs 80,000. It lacks the high-quality features of the two computers described above, but it delivers good gaming performance. It comes with a decent NVIDIA GeForce GTX 165 GPU with adequate memory of 4GB.

The 15.6-inches FHD is an attraction, as you experience the best quality of images on the laptop screen with extreme detailing and colour clarity. This laptop has an LED-backlit panel to deliver a high level of contrast and brightness.

The CPU is an excellent one, as it is a 9th gen i7-9750H processor with a base speed of 2.6GHz. Thus, the speed performance of this HP Pavilion is comparable to the best on offer.

The 8GB DDR4 RAM should be adequate for your gaming requirements. The higher the specification, the more expensive it becomes. A standard gamer should be satisfied with this configuration.

This laptop comes with an HDD storage of 512GB. It is possible to store your favourite movies and other content along with your games. The Windows 10 Home OS is a user-friendly OS in many ways.

This laptop comes with a good battery capable of lasting for long periods without frequent recharging. Hence, it makes it an excellent laptop to have while on the move.

  • Good GPU performance
  • High-quality CPU with an excellent base speed
  • FHD display to enhance the entertainment experience
  • Long-lasting battery
  • GPU could have been of a higher configuration to enable a better gaming experience

4. MSI Gaming GL63 8SD-1020IN Gaming Laptop

  • Processor – 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H
  • Base Speed – up to 4.6 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage – PCIe NVMe 512GB M.2 SSD
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with GDDR6 6GB
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

This MSI gaming laptop is similar in many ways to the one discussed earlier, but with a reduced configuration. On the graphics card front, this laptop has the same GPU as the MSI GL63 9SDK model.

This high-performing GTX 1660 Ti graphics card is the ideal one to play your fast games like Assassins Creed, Far Cry, GTA V, Apex Legends, and PUBG. The 6GB RAM makes sure that there is no lag, thereby making it an enjoyable experience.

This MSI laptop features a 15.6-inches FHD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate to enable an excellent viewing experience. The Wide-view feature allows you to get the same clarity even when you view content from acute angles.

This screen has anti-glare properties to make it safe for playing games in the night, as well.

On the CPU front, this MSI GL63 8SDK model has an 8th-gen Intel Core i7-8750H processor. The high clock speeds ensure minimum booting times, thereby keeping you on your toes.

This computer features 8GB RAM that should be ideal for the present-day gaming enthusiast.

On the OS front, this laptop features Windows 10 Home OS with lifetime validity. It comes with an excellent battery capable of delivering high-quality performance. This gaming laptop should rank as the best gaming laptop under Rs 1 lakh.

  • Durable performance
  • High-quality gaming experience
  • Ideal for playing fast games
  • FHD display
  • 9th gen processors are available today
  • RAM could do with an upgrade

5. Acer Nitro 5 AN5 15-52 Gaming Laptop

  • Processor – 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H
  • Base Speed – 2.20 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 upgradeable to 32GB RAM
  • Storage – 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with GDDR5 4GB VRAM
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

Acer Nitro is also an excellent gaming laptop capable of providing you with tremendous gaming experience. This laptop comes with the GTX 1050 Ti graphics card that might not be the latest in the market but still effective enough to deliver a great performance.

Playing games can heat up your computer. This graphics card has some of the best cooling technologies in place to ensure that the heat generated is always within acceptable levels.

The 15.6-inches FHD screen with IPS panel is a delight to have on any computer. The IPS panel allows you to enjoy the best video entertainment from the most acute of angles. There is no loss of any clarity in the images. The backlit LED panel ensures a crystal-clear viewing experience at all times.

The laptop comes with a capable 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor with a good clock speed to enable a lag-free gaming experience.

Multi-tasking becomes comfortable on this computer because of the 8GB RAM that can be upgraded to 32GB. This laptop comes with a Dolby Audio Premium audio system that provides you with immersive entertainment.

The battery performance is also satisfactory, whereby you can use the laptop for long hours without feeling the need to recharge frequently.

  • Great GPU performance
  • Fantastic gaming experience
  • FHD display with IPS
  • Excellent sound delivery
  • 128GB SSD could be a dampener
  • Not a very attractive layout

6. Acer Nitro 7 Intel Core i5-9300H Processor Gaming Laptop 0 AN715-51

  • Processor – 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H
  • Base Speed – 2.40 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 upgradeable to 32GB RAM
  • Storage – 1TB HDD
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with GDDR5 4GB VRAM
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

Acer Nitro 7 takes your gaming experiences to a new high with its smooth and stellar performance. This laptop is a light one that you can carry with you anywhere you go. The refined chassis makes people take note of you as a serious gamer.

The heart of this gaming laptop is in its high-quality graphics processor. The latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 combines perfectly with the 9th gen Intel Core processor to deliver an exhilarating experience. This combination is a perfect winner all the way as you experience gaming like you have never done before.

The display is a critical aspect of any gaming laptop. The Acer Nitro 7 features a 15.6-inches FHD monitor with IPS panels to enable you to enjoy smooth and blur-free gameplay.

The in-house Acer Comfyview technology allows a higher level of brightness without providing any discomfort to your eyes. The Acer CoolBoost technology increases the fan speed by 10% to keep your GPU and CPU cool, as you play your favourite games for hours on end.

The NitroSense technology allows you to manage your systems in real-time to optimise the gaming performance.

The backlit keyboard is an attraction because it enables you to play at night as well without disturbing anyone else.

  • The full metal build makes it a sturdy device
  • 9th generation Intel Core processor is a powerful one
  • Excellent display
  • Terrific cooling performance
  • Compared to the configuration, the pricing is a bit on the higher side.

7. Lenovo Legion Y540 –Gaming laptop – 81SY00C3IN

  • Processor – 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H
  • Base Speed – 2.40 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR
  • Storage – 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with GDDR5 4GB VRAM
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

The best aspect of the Lenovo Legion Y540 is that it provides the experience of a desktop gaming computer while having the convenience of portability.

The thin bezels make it a dream to watch your games unfold on the screen. The 15-inch FHD display with anti-glare technology and a refresh rate of 60Hz makes for an awesome experience.

The GeForce GTX, 1650 GPU with 4GB RAM, makes it convenient to play your fast and action-packed games with ease. Dolby Atmos sound allows you to immerse into the game and have a fantastic time

The laser-engraved WASD keys make it easy for you to strike your opponent hard and quick.

The Coldfront technology introduces a dual-channel thermal system for the CPU and GPU to enable improved airflow and cooler keyboard temperatures.

The Lenovo Vantage feature allows you to fine-tune your gaming styles and skills with automated performances. You get overclocking support for CPU and GPU, and full RGB lighting controls and real-time monitoring facilities in a single app.

The exquisite design of this laptop makes it a light instrument to carry along everywhere. Thus, it is a savage performer inside while looking suave and stylish on the exterior. This laptop is one of the best gaming laptops under Rs 70,000.

  • Superfine performance
  • Excellent speed with no time lag
  • Fantastic display and audio performance
  • Full-size keyboard
  • The camera is not a good one for having video calls

8. Acer Nitro AN515-52 FHD Gaming laptop

  • Processor – 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8300H
  • Base Speed – 2.30 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 upgradeable to 32GB RAM
  • Storage – 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with GDDR5 4GB VRAM
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

The Acer Nitro AN515-52 offers gaming without any compromises. This laptop comes with a fantastic array of connectivity ports to connect to any secondary device, thereby enabling you to assume total control of the surroundings.

This computer connects beautifully to the internet using the strategically placed 802.11ac wireless antenna to provide seamless connectivity.

The Full HD display and the excellent audio system takes your gaming to an entirely different level. This computer features GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card to provide an enticing and enriching experience.

The Dolby Auto Premium technology energises your entertainment with a fantastic display of sound that allows you to immerse into the gaming environment and have a fabulous time.

This laptop features a powerful 8th gen Intel Core i5-8300H processor with a turbo clock speed up to 4GHz

The Acer NitroSense technology allows you to control the temperature, and thereby the performance of your CPU and GPU along with the fan speed from a single dashboard. This laptop breaks the barrier between reality and gaming by delivering a terrific experience justifying its position as one of the best gaming laptops under Rs 80,000.

  • One of the best gaming laptops for games like GTA
  • Great refresh rate
  • Excellent audio performance
  • Customisation of battery usage
  • Ideal viewing angles
  • The fan makes some noise at times
  • Keyboard lighting is an issue

9. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT AL106T

  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 3550H
  • Base Speed – 2.10 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 upgradeable to 32GB RAM
  • Storage – PCIe NVMe 512GB M.2 SSD
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with GDDR5 4GB VRAM
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

The GeForce GTX 1650 GPU combines perfectly with the AMD Ryzen processor to provide a breakthrough graphics performance. This processor is two times as swift as the GTX 950M and up to seven times that of the GTX 1050. Therefore, playing your fastest games is a breeze with this laptop.

This computer comes with an adequate memory capacity of 8GB RAM upgradeable up to 32GB, thereby enhancing performance levels and improving the overall efficiency.

The 120Hz IPS Panel FHD Display offers super-smooth gameplay without any motion blur. The wide-view technology allows a consistent display of colours with high clarity levels.

This laptop comes with an RGB backlit keyboard to allow you to play effortlessly at night. It highlights the critical WASD keys to make it convenient for the compulsive gamer.

The Hypercool technology makes sure that the GPU and the CPU do not get overheated, thereby improving the overall lifespan of the laptop. It comprises of an Anti-Dust Cooling system and Hyper fan to deliver exceptional cooling performance.

The immersive DTS Headphone X technology allows you to listen to minute sounds, primarily when you use the headset. Thus, this laptop qualifies as one of the ideal gaming laptops under Rs 60,000.

  • Powerful GPU and CPU combination
  • Pricing is an advantage
  • Excellent FPS rate
  • Superb display and audio performance
  • Battery is satisfactory

10. ASUS TUF FX505DY-BQ002T Gaming Laptop

  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 3550H
  • Base Speed – 2.10 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage – 1TB HDD
  • Graphics – AMD RADEON RX560X with GDDR5 4GB graphics
  • Display – 15.6-inch FHD
  • OS- Windows 10 Home

As compared to other laptops that feature 15W low voltage CPUs, this gaming laptop comes with 35W AMD CPU, thereby enabling a better performance on all parameters.

The designing of the computer is exquisite with a slim bezel to ensure engaging visuals. The ultra-fast IPS panel delivers smooth gameplay with the minimum of motion blur. The wide viewing angles enable you to watch the action from anywhere.

On the performance front, the AMD RYZEN processor combines ideally with the RADEON GPU to deliver a good gaming experience. This laptop comes with AMD FreeSync technology to reduce lag, thereby ensuring smoother gameplay.

The backlit keyboard makes it a pleasure to play games at night without disturbing anyone else. The Overstroke technology provides each key with 1.8mm travel distance to maximise its responsiveness.

The highlighted arrow keys and WASD keys is another highlight of this laptop in its endeavour to provide an excellent gaming experience. This laptop comes with the most durable keys as each key can endure up to 20 million key presses.

The Hypercool technology comprises of Anti-dust cooling to safeguard your laptop from overheating and dust at the same time. The trapezoid cut lid and the intelligent fan placement enhances the overall cooling experience. This ASUS gaming laptop is one of the best laptops under Rs 50,000.

  • Excellent value for money
  • High degree of performance
  • Fabulous display with an exquisite design
  • A fantastic combination of CPU and GPU
  • Battery performance in this laptop is not up to the mark
  • Storage of 1TB instead of SSD

We have looked at some of the best gaming laptops in India. This buying guide along with the reviews should enable you to make an informed decision.

Source: Laptopmag, Asus, MSI, Wikipedia

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Nice laptops. Good specifications are always essential for rocking gaming performance….thanks


It has been 7months since this list. Any new updates. Can you suggest me something in a budget of 1lakh, whose technology will last for at least 4-5 years?

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try looking into aero 15x


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