I remember when we decided to get a new gaming PC, my son insisted on a new gaming monitor as well. I based my argument on the fact that we already have a PC monitor at home, and that should suffice.

After all, why do you need a monitor? It is a device that enables you to view pictures and images. Why do you need a specific gaming monitor?

gaming monitor buying guide

We Highly recommend you to read the Gaming Monitor Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest Gaming Monitor technologies.

Best Gaming Monitors in India 2020

1. Acer Predator XB-271HU NVIDIA G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor is an expensive one but has all the ideal features one looks for in a gaming monitor. Here are the features in brief.

  • 27-inches screen size
  • IPS Display
  • Screen resolution of WQHD 2560 X 1440
  • Nvidia G-Sync
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz with an overclocking speed of 165 Hz
  • Response time of 4ms
  • 3 connectivity ports

This gaming monitor comes with a 27-inches screen with IPS display. Hence, it is as good as a TV. It supports a screen resolution of 2560 X 1440p. Accordingly, you cannot play the games that on UHD alone. As on date, all the games run on QHD.

It comes equipped with Nvidia G-Sync. Hence, you can use the Nvidia graphics cards comfortably. The 144 Hz refresh rate is a decent one that allows you to play some of the fastest online games.

This monitor has three ports, the DisplayPort, HDMI, and the USB port. It should be compatible with almost all graphics cards. 1000:1 contrast ratio allows the display of 16.7 million colour shades.The Acer Predator XB-271HU comes with stereo speakers

Verdict – This gaming monitor ricks almost all the boxes. It is one of the best gaming monitors available on the Indian market. The only discerning factor could be the price.

2. BenQ Zowie XL2411 24 inch PC Gaming Monitor

The BenQ Zowie XL2411 is also one of the best gaming monitors available in India. Here are the salient features of this monitor.

  • 24-inches screen size
  • TN Display
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • Nvidia 3D Vision
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz
  • Response time of 1ms
  • 2 connectivity ports

The BenQ Zowie monitors come with Flicker-free technology. It ensures remarkable clarity of images and delivers a smooth gaming experience. It makes it possible to watch fast action such as spraying of bullets with a great deal of comfort. The Black Equaliser enhances the clarity, especially of the dark scenes.

The TN display with a response speed of 1ms is perfect for the gaming scenario. This monitor has a 24-inches screen with FHD resolution of 1920 X 1080p, ideal for playing games. The refresh rate of 144 Hz allows you to play fast, action-packed games with ease. The special Game Mode allows you to switch between games easily.

The monitor comes with Nvidia 3D Vision and HDMI ports. Most of the professional eSports players prefer this model.

Verdict – This monitor comes with a response time of 1ms. It is ideal for playing fast games. However, it does not support either QHD or UHD.

3. Acer 24 inch 3D Gaming Monitor – GN246HL Bbid

Acer is a reputed manufacturer of gaming monitors. This model has the following notable features.

  • 24-inches screen size
  • TN Panel
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • Acer Eco Display
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz
  • Response time of 1ms
  • 3 connectivity ports

Compared to the other Acer model reviewed above, this monitor comes with a 24-inches screen having a resolution of 1920 X 1080p. It makes it the ideal monitor to watch FHD. You cannot play games at higher resolutions.

The TN panel with a response time of 1ms is perfect for playing fast, action-packed games. This monitor has a refresh rate of 144 Hz that is sufficient for playing games.

Three display ports include the HDMI, DVI, and VGA inputs. It does not have the DisplayPort. Therefore, it is advisable to use the PC’s sound card. The monitor does not have speakers but has an audio jack that enables you to connect your earphones.

Verdict – This monitor is a good one, but it does not support the DisplayPort. You also cannot play games that run on QHD or UHD.

4. ASUS VP228H 21.5 inches Gaming LCD Monitor

Asus has a reputation for producing some of the best budget gaming monitors. This VP228H model is certainly one. Here are the features.

  • 21.5-inches screen size
  • TN Display
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • Flicker-free and Low Blue light technology
  • Refresh Rate of 60 Hz
  • Response time of 1ms
  • 3 connectivity ports

The 21.5-inches screen should be ideal enough to play games as it supports 1920 X 1080p resolution. The Asus monitor comes with a TN display and a response time of 1ms. Hence, you should not face any problems playing fast games.

The Flicker-free and low-blue light technology allows you to eliminate ghosting and tracers thereby giving you wholesome gaming experience.

The VividPixel technology reduces noise bars and enables crystal-clear images. This monitor comes with three display ports that include HDMI, DVI-D, and the D-Sub ports. You can also use the 1.5-Watt speakers that come along with the monitor.

Verdict – If you are looking for high-quality video at affordable prices, the Asus VP228H should be the ideal gaming monitor. However, it does not support resolutions higher than FHD.

5. LG 24 inch Full HD Gaming LED Monitor

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LG is a reputed name in India that manufactures some of the best TVs. This LG monitor comes with some of the most commendable features.

  • 24-inches screen size
  • TN Display
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • AMD Free Sync, Dynamic Action Sync
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz
  • Response time of 2ms
  • 3 connectivity ports

This LG gaming monitor ranks among the best in the business as it comes with almost all the necessary characteristics you can expect a good gaming monitor to have. The 24-inches screen comes with an FHD resolution of 1920 X 1080p.

The TN display panel has a response time of 2ms. This monitor comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz that allows you to play the fastest of games with ease. The Blur Reduction feature enables uninterrupted gaming.

The AMD Free Sync allows you to play the latest games without having to upgrade the graphics card.

This monitor has two built-in speakers of 2 watts each that deliver rich quality sound. There are three connectivity ports, DisplayPort 1.2, 2 HDMI ports, and the USB port along with the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Verdict – The monitor is a decent one that allows you to play games at 1080p. However, it is a bit expensive, primarily as it does not support higher resolutions.

6. Samsung 23.5 inch Full HD Curved Gaming LED Monitor LC24FG70FQWXXL

Samsung is reputed for manufacturing curved screens. This gaming monitor comes with a curved screen that provides an all-round display. Look at the features of this monitor.

  • 23.5-inches screen size
  • Curved VA Panel
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • Flicker-free technology
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz
  • Response time of 1ms
  • 3 connectivity ports

The Samsung monitor is the world’s first curved monitor. It provides an all-round gaming experience. The 1ms response time is ideal for playing the latest games. The Flicker-free technology combined with the Quantum Dot technology ensures a broader range of realistic colours. This monitor comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz

The 3000:1 contrast ratio prevents leakage of light thereby delivering an excellent combination of the deepest blacks and the most brilliant whites. The AMD FreeSync synchronises the screen refresh rate and the image rate to provide high-quality images and smooth gameplay.

There are three connectivity ports of which two are HDMI ports and one DisplayPort. It also comes with a headphone jack.

Verdict – An immersive gaming experience is possible with this Samsung curved gaming monitor. The incredible viewing angle of 178-degrees makes it an attractive monitor.

7. BenQ Zowie XL2411P 24-inch FHD (1080p) Gaming Monitor

BenQ Zowie is one of the favourite brands of gaming monitors available on the market. This monitor is similar in many ways to the BenQ Zowie model described earlier. The monitor comes with the following features.

  • 24-inches screen size
  • TN Display
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • Nvidia 3D Vision
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz
  • Response time of 1ms
  • 2 connectivity ports

The BenQ Zowie XL2411P is one of the best gaming monitors available at present in India. It comes with a refresh rate of 144 Hz thereby ensuring to catch the minutest details of the fastest games. The response time of 1ms is ideal for playing online games. The screen resolution of 1920 X 1080p is adequate for playing almost all games today.

The Flicker-free and Black Equaliser technology enhance the picture quality. You get perfect images with higher visibility in the dark scenes without overexposing the bright areas. This monitor comes with 20 levels of Colour Vibrance to optimise gaming preference. The XL series LCD frame reduces light reflection thereby helping you to focus on the game.

There are two connectivity ports, the DVI-DL and HDMI port along with a headphone jack. This monitor is Nvidia 3D vision ready.

Verdict – The only drawback of this monitor is that it does not have the DisplayPort 1.4. Otherwise, it is one of the best ones in the business.

8. Asus VG248QE Gaming LED Monitor 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

Nowadays 3D is the trend as far as gaming is concerned. Hence, one always prefers to have monitors that support the 3D vision. The Asus VG248QE is one such monitor.

  • 24-inches screen size
  • TN Display
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • Nvidia 3D Vision
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz
  • Response time of 1ms
  • 3 connectivity ports

This model provides Full HD support with a contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1. The refresh rate of 144 Hz and 1ms response time are ideal for your gaming activities. The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology optimises video performance by enhancing colour, brightness, and contrast. The six pre-set video modes can be selected using a hotkey.

This Asus model is Nvidia 3D vision compatible. It transports the gamer to a different world of gaming and delivers an immersive gaming experience.

The three connectivity ports include the DisplayPort, dual-link DVI-D, and the HDMI ports. The built-in speakers help in providing an overall home entertainment experience.

Verdict – Asus is one of the reputed makers of gaming monitors. This monitor supports FHD, but not QHD and UHD. In short, this monitor is a good buy.

9. BenQ Zowie RL2455 24 -Inch FHD Gaming monitor

BenQ Zowie has the reputation of producing some of the best monitors capable of responding to some of the fastest games in the industry. The exciting features of this gaming monitor are as follows.

  • 24-inches screen size
  • TN Display
  • Screen resolution of FHD 1920 X 1080p
  • Nvidia 3D Vision
  • Refresh Rate of 144 Hz
  • Response time of 1ms
  • 4 connectivity ports

This BenQ Zowie RL-series monitor is reputed for providing a real-time response because of the lag-free technology. The 1ms response time and the refresh rate of 144 Hz are perfect for the fast, action-packed games of today. The RL-series monitors come with FPS and FTG modes that allow you to switch games with the touch of a hotkey.

The monitor supports Full HD and comes with a screen size of 24-inches.

The Black eQualizer feature helps to increase the visibility in the dark scenes thereby helping you to spot your enemies when you play games like PUBG. The Flicker-free technology helps in reducing the eye strain. The RL-LCD frame reduces the light reflection and allows you to focus on your game.

There are four connectivity ports, namely the D-Sub, DVI, and two HDMI ports.

Verdict – Much similar to the earlier two BenQ Zowie models, the RL-2455 is a budget monitor capable of delivering excellent performance.

Best Gaming Monitor – Simple Buying Guide

What are the aspects or qualities you usually look for in a gaming monitor? We shall look at each one of them in detail.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution is the first thing anyone would look for in any monitor. It is all the more critical in the case of gaming monitors.

Usually, you have gaming monitors having the screen resolutions in the range of 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p. These numbers denote Full HD, QHD, and UHD respectively.

What do these numbers signify?

source: gamingscan

Anyone can tell that the higher the resolution, the better will be the picture quality and clarity. It is evident that the 2160p should be the ideal resolution for a gaming monitor.

However, there are certain reservations. A lot depends on the power of your GPU. You should have a compatible GPU that supports these high resolutions.

The modern-day GPUs do support the UHD resolution and so do the latest gaming rigs. However, it is better to check it out beforehand. In any case, it is advisable to go for the higher resolutions like the 1440p and 2160p. You can always upgrade your GPU at any time.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate measures the number of times the monitor can refresh the displayed image in one second. The unit of measurement of the refresh rate is Hertz (Hz).

You can also refer it as the number of frames the monitor will be able to display per second. Monitors are available with the following refresh rates, 60 Hz, 120 Hz, 144 Hz, and 240 Hz.

Now, 60 Hz is also a good refresh rate. Nevertheless, the higher the refresh rate better is the performance. Again, it comes with a rider. Your GPU should be able to support the refresh rate that you choose your monitor to have. Having a compatible graphics card is crucial.

Adaptive Sync

Just as in the earlier two characteristics, your graphics card is an essential factor here as well. You should go for this characteristic depending on your graphics card. The gaming monitors come with two types of Adaptive Sync.

AMD FreeSync
 As the name suggests, it is available free of cost, and usually most of the gaming monitors have it. You can use this Adaptive Sync only with the AMD Graphics cards.
Nvidia G-Sync
It is a specific type of Adaptive Sync that works with Nvidia graphics cards alone. You need to pay a premium for the installation of this technology.

The Adaptive Sync is vital as it prevents screen tearing while playing games. It happens when the monitor shows information from multiple frames in a single screen. If you have the appropriate Adaptive Sync, you can prevent it from happening to your monitor screen.

The Panel Technology

Today you have two technologies available in monitor panels.

  • Twisted Nematic (TN)
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS)

Since it is a simple buying guide, we shall not go very deep into the specific technologies. We shall explain the primary differences in a few lines. It should be right for you to select the ideal monitor.

The IPS delivers better quality pictures that are vibrant and display higher colour reproduction. Hence, the IPS provides better all-around visual quality.

You have most of the TVs working on the IPS technology. However, the TN technology supports faster response times. You need this quality more than anything else, especially as you play fast and action-packed online games.

Panel Type  Efficiency  Display CostUse
TNBest response time and refresh rate, minimum input lagUnsatisfactory picture qualityEconomicalBest suited for gaming
VAWorst response timeBetter picture quality and viewing angle than TNEconomical to mid rangedWide-ranged use
IPSTake longer time to respond compared to TN but less compared to VABest image quality and gives best viewing angleExpensiveProfessional

Response Time

You define response time as the time required for a single pixel to switch from black to white or from one shade of grey to another.

How will it affect your gaming experience? The low response time is better because the camera works smoothly at low response times.

If you have a high response time, the pixels will not have sufficient time to switch between two colours, especially in the fast and action-packed games.

The TN panel is compatible with response time as low as 1 millisecond whereas the IPS monitors support response times of 4 milliseconds. Strictly speaking, you cannot distinguish between the 1ms and 4ms response times unless you have a trained eye.

However, it is better to go for as low response time as possible to get an enhanced gaming experience.

Size of the Screen

The size of the screen is not a significant factor as you will be sitting pretty close to the monitor. The standard sizes available today are in the range of 21 to 27 inches.

Choosing a smaller screen will not serve the purpose as it will not satisfy the high-resolution images. If you opt for a larger screen, you might have to sit at a fair distance from the screen.

Today, most of the games are compatible with 1080p resolution. Therefore, the ideal size of the monitor should be around 24 inches.

Game Connectors

Check out the configurations of your graphics cards. They come with multiple ports such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB ports, and so on.

The DisplayPort 1.4 is the ideal one for transferring video and audio files from the PC. The HDMI port is a decent one, but it does not support the high resolutions that the DisplayPort 1.4 can.

Some monitors also come with the 5mm Audio output port that enables you to connect your headphones to the monitor instead of using the PC’s back or front panel. In the ordinary course, you would not need the USB ports on the monitor.

However, if you intend to plug directly to the monitor, you can select your monitor accordingly.


The speakers are not as crucial as the other factors discussed above. Most of the monitors come with in-built speakers. You can opt for a monitor that has a specific earphone jack.

In a nutshell, we shall say that your ideal gaming monitor should have the following characteristics.

  • Screen Size – 24 inches
  • Screen Resolution – QHD or the 2560 X 1440
  • Refresh Rate – 165 Hz
  • Response Time – 1ms/4ms
  • Adaptive Sync – FreeSync or G-Sync
  • Panel Type – TN/IPS
  • Input Ports – Display Port 1.4 or HDMI

Many of these characteristics depend on the configuration of your graphics card. You always have the opportunity to upgrade your graphics card at any time. Therefore, it is better to go with the configurations described above.

Final Words

Compare the features of all the nine gaming monitors discussed here with the configurations explained in the Gaming Monitor buying guide. You will notice that almost all the monitors score well on all parameters.

One of the models, the Acer Predator supports QHD whereas all the others support FHD. Under today’s circumstances, it is enough if the monitors support a screen resolution of 1920 X 1080p.

One should also check out the configuration of the graphics card before purchasing the gaming monitor. An incompatible gaming monitor will not serve any purpose.

Source: Gamingscan, Tomshardware