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Buy the right components and have a blast assembling them

Which of the following two alternatives is an easier option, buying a readymade computer or assembling one? Anybody will say that buying a ready-made gaming PC is an easy option.

Now, I rephrase my question. Which is the cheaper option among the two? Are you left scratching your head now? It can surprise you that assembling a gaming PC is less expensive than buying one from the shelf.

Also, you can have a better configuration for the same price you pay for a readymade one.

Gaming PC under 1 lakh  – Points to Note

We shall now see the various points that you should keep in mind when assembling a gaming PC.

The configuration of your gaming PC is critical. You have a high budget of ₹ 1 Lakh. This budget should enable you to opt for the best configuration possible. Ensure that your games should run comfortably at high settings on resolutions over 1080p.

Today, Virtual Reality or VR as you call it is the trend. Therefore, you should see that your system has enough horsepower to handle the high load and deliver a smooth gaming experience.

Technology is an improving field. Every day you come up with something new. Hence, your system should have the capacity to upgrade. Make a note of this point when you sit down to decide on the configurations and the updates.

The synchronisation of your components is of utmost importance. It should not happen that your chosen components create bottlenecks for each other. Have a good monitor with a high refresh rate. It will provide an excellent gaming experience.

Your budget allows you to choose the best configurations. We shall look at each of the components and arrive at the optimum configuration.

We proceed to look at the ideal configuration for your gaming PC. All these components are individually available on online retail stores like Amazon.

Shall we now examine the individual components in detail?

Best Gaming PC under 1 lakh

CPU – Intel 8th Gen 6-Core 3.6 Ghz/4.3 GHz Turbo i5 8600K

Coffee Lake LGA 1151 (300 Series) Desktop Processor with Graphics 630 – BX80684158600K 

It is better to invest in a powerful CPU as this component is the heart and the brain of the PC. Go for the 8th generation 6-core CPUs as you need the PC to support VR. The i5 8600K processor comes with a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz and a boost speed of 4.3 GHz.

The higher the clock speed, the faster is the processor. You need a fast processor in this age because you need the games to load quickly. The faster speed allows you to play online games such as PUBG and others comfortably.

The UHD Graphics 630 is the ideal combination to go with this CPU. The DDR4 SDRAM allows you to have up to 64GB RAM and transfer speeds of a minimum of 2400 MT/s. The 6-core threads ensure that it is 50% faster than its predecessor the i5-7600K. It also allows overclocking and thereby enables a better gaming performance.

The new Core i5 has 9MB L3 cache as compared to the 6MB cache in the 7600K. Hence, one can call this processor a beast in comparison to its predecessor.

There is a drawback as well. This processor does not include a fan or a heat sink. Now, gaming can make the processor hot. It is advisable to have a separate cooler attached to it. We shall come to the cooler at a later stage in the article.

You need a compatible motherboard to pair with this CPU.

Motherboard – GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming

(Intel LGA1151/Z370/ATX/2Xm.2/Front USB 3.1/RGB Fusion/Fan Stop/SLI/Motherboard 

The Z370 AORUS is one of the strongest motherboards in the industry. It comes equipped with an aggressively redesigned armour and thermal heatsinks. The RGB Fusion is better than the Digital LEDs. It offers you the option to control onboard RGB, and the external RGBW/Digital LED light strips for the PC.

These gaming motherboards support both the 5V and the 12V LED lighting strips. It can support up to 300 digital LEDs. The RGB Fusion allows you more LED customisations than ever before. The Accent LED Overlay complements the RGB Fusion technology and adds more style to your gaming machine.

The motherboard comes with ALC1220 120dB SNR HD Audio for crystal clear sound. It helps you to record precise voice chats and hardware decoding of DSD128. You need such high-quality audio compatibility to play online games.

Gaming can heat up your motherboard and the processor. The Smart Fan 5 feature allows the PC to maintain its performance while staying cool. This fan enables the users to interchange their fan headers for reflecting different thermal sensors situated at various locations on the motherboard.

The Fan Stop feature allows the fan to stop working entirely as the temperatures drop below a threshold level.

This motherboard offers support for DDR4 XMP up to 4000 MHz and beyond. However, users should ensure that the memory module is XMP capable.

This motherboard is compatible with the latest graphics cards such as Nvidia GTX 1060 or the AMD RX 480. It supports 8GB RAM and has 3 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. Thus, it ensures a perfect VR experience. The M.2 technology allows gaming enthusiasts to maximise their system’s potential.

This motherboard is a safe one as it comes with adequate static electricity and surge protection. It supports 4K Ultra HD with integrated Intel HD Graphics via the HDMI port. In short, this motherboard is a powerful one in all respects.

GPU – ASUS GeForce Strix GTX1060

DC206GG OC Edition 6GB GDDR5 PCI Express Graphics Card 

If the CPU is the heart and brain of the computer, the GPU is the mind. Any gaming PC should have a high-quality GPU. It is better to invest more in the GPU than any other component because you need it to get a fantastic gaming experience.

Strix means the owl in the Roman and Greek language. An owl has the keenest hearing and the sharpest eyesight of all animals. This GPU is renowned for its epic and smooth graphics.

The Direct CU II technology ensures that the GPU is at least 30% cooler and three times quieter than its peers. The GPU Tweak II feature of this GTX 1060 provides intuitive performance tweaking with real-time streaming. The 0dB fan technology ensures to stop the fan completely when the GPU temperature comes below a threshold level. It enables you to have a silent gaming experience.

All ASUS graphic cards come with Auto-Extreme technology to ensure the highest quality standards. It also ensures to reduce the power consumption by at least 50%. The Strix graphic cards have two VR-friendly HDMI ports for connecting a VR device and display monitor. It obviates the need for changing and swapping cables.

The XSplit Gamecaster comes with a unique Game Booster function for maximising system performance with a single click. It helps boost your performance by turning off the Windows visual effects. It also enables instant gameplay streaming.

In short, it is the perfect GPU for your gaming PC.

RAM – 2 X 8GB – Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 3000 MHz

for Intel 7th, 8th Gen & Ryzen Series Motherboard, High-Speed RAM CMK8GX4M1D3000C16 

Your gaming PC needs two of these RAMs for optimum performance. Your CPU and motherboard can accommodate the 16GB DDR4 RAM.

The advantage of using this RAM is that it enables high-performance overclocking. As the heat spreader is made of aluminium, it ensures quicker heat dissipation. Therefore, it helps to manage the heat and delivers superior overclocking headroom.

This RAM supports the 7th and 8th generation Intel processors and the Ryzen series motherboard as well. It provides XMP 2.0 support thereby ensuring to adjust automatically to the fastest speeds. The DDR4 form factor is ideal for the latest DDR4 systems as it offers greater bandwidth and higher frequencies. Also, the DDR4 consumes less power than the DDR3 RAM.

Installing these RAMs is easy. However, ensure that you have two of them in your gaming PC for optimum performance.

SSD – Samsung 860 EVO Series

250GB M.2 SATA Internal SSD (MZ-N6E250BW) 

The Samsung 860 EVO Series is the latest addition to the world’s best-selling SATA SSD series. It comes equipped with the V-NAND technology that makes it fast and reliable. Speed is a critical factor, especially when you use the PC for playing games.

More importantly, you need consistent speeds under heavy workloads. The 860 EVO performs at sequential read speeds of 550 MB/s. The Intelligent TurboWrite technology ensures sequential write speeds up to 520 MB/s. This SSD comes with an enhanced TurboWrite buffer size of 78GB.

The 860 EVO series has an enhanced endurance level of up to eight times higher TBW than that of its predecessor, the 850 EVO series. It enables secure storage of 4K videos and 3D data. This SSD is compatible with the latest systems, especially the configurations that we have chosen for the motherboard and CPU. The refined ECC algorithm and the MJX controller are capable of generating great speeds and enhance Linux compatibility.

Since you are assembling a PC, you would require the 2.5-inch size SSD and the SATA-based M.2 (2280) form factor. This SSD comes with a 5-year limited warranty period.

HDD – Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB

The 250GB SSD will not be enough to cater to your gaming requirements. You need to supplement that with a 1TB HDD. This WD 1TB HDD can prove to be the ideal companion for data storage. It not only offers adequate storage space but also enhances the performance because of its cutting-edge data processing technology.

The device has adequate storage of 1TB to store your entire gaming data. Secondly, the HDD comes with a robust body capable of withstanding physical shocks. It enhances the safety and accessibility of data for years.

The 3.5-inch HDD is universally compatible. Pair this HDD with your SSD to give a permanent boost to your gaming PC.

Computer Cabinet – Corsair Carbide Series

SPEC-04 Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Gaming Cases CC-9011117-WW 

You are spending a handsome amount for your CPU, GPU, motherboard, and internal memory devices. You need a sturdy cabinet to house these vital components of your gaming PC. The Corsair Carbide Series gaming towers are the best in the business.

This cabinet has an angular exterior design to give it a classy appearance. The large tinted tempered glass window allows optimum light inside the cabinet. You can also view the components through the glass window.

The Corsair cabinets are spacious. They have to be because you need a lot of air circulation to keep your components cool. There is a pre-installed 120-mm red LED front fan. Also, you have adequate room inside the cabinet to place up to five 120-mm fans.

The expansive storage space inside the cabinet allows you to place three HDDs and two SSDs along with the usual components like your CPU, motherboard, GPU, and RAM. The side IO panel comes equipped with high-speed USB 3.0 ports.

The highlight of this computer cabinet is the presence of cable routing cut-outs that ensures you do not have wires all over the place. It gives the cabinet an uncluttered appearance. It also becomes easy to clean the cabinet of the accumulated dust from time to time.

This cabinet is a sleek one weighing about 5.27 kg. It is better to invest in a cabinet of good quality to protect your expensive components of your gaming PC.

Power Supply Unit – Corsair VS550 550-Watt Power Supply

Invest in a power supply unit of good quality. This Corsair VS550 is the optimum one for your gaming PC. It offers a dedicated single +12V rail to ensure maximum compatibility with the latest components of your gaming PC.

The Switch Mode Power supply offers active power factor correction with a PF value of 0.99. It ensures maximum safety of the delicate and expensive components of your computer. This power supply unit protects the components of your PC from voltage fluctuations and short circuits.

The high-quality capacitors provide reliability and uncompromised performance. The power supply unit is certified fit for use by various regulating agencies. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

Cooler – Cooler Master MLW-D12M-A20PC-R1 RGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Remember we had spoken about the CPU and other components becoming hot due to continuous usage. Installing fans is one way of cooling the computer parts. Your cabinet has enough space for placing five more fans in addition to the pre-installed one. You can also fit a liquid cooler. It is a better solution because it uses less space and cools faster and better than the fans.

The Cooler Master CPU Liquid cooler does not make noise and delivers an excellent performance. The ease of installing this 120mm radiator cooler makes it the favourite of all PC assembling enthusiasts. This cooler comes with an enhanced RGB lighting feature should anyone like to have lighting effects in their system.

The cooler has a dual chamber pump with RGB to isolate the heater coolant and maximise the cooling performance of the processor. The presence of the custom designed low resistance radiator allows for a higher flow rate. It enhances the heat efficiency exchange performance thereby ensuring high-quality cooling at all times.

This cooler maintains the perfect balance of airflow and air pressure to exhaust the air from the system through its fins. Also, it has air balance fans that use a silent driver IC to reduce the fan clicks and vibrations.

The FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) tubing is a flexible one while being strong all the way. The tubing has a sleeved look to make it attractive. The RGB fan helps in circulating the exhaust air from the machine.

The silent cooling fan technology uses sound absorbing rubber pads to ensure there is no noise whatsoever. The smart fan sensor protects the appliance from jamming due to accidental entangling of wires. In many ways, this cooler is a necessity to ensure a fantastic gaming experience on your PC.

A Nutshell Explanation

We have seen a detailed explanation of each of the critical components of your PC. We had also spoken about the need to upgrade on a regular basis. The technology is improving on a daily basis. It is necessary to move along with the technology. Hence, we have chosen our components carefully.

These components will be useful for many years. However, we have also ensured that each component has the facility of upgrading should the need arise.

Of all the components we have chosen to have in our gaming PC, the GPU is the one that would need regular updates. The gaming industry is a highly advanced one today. The newly introduced games require the highest quality of technology. Hence, there is a need for the GPU to be ready for an upgrade anytime.

Recommended Upgrade for the GPU

We have chosen the GeForce GTX 1060 for our gaming PC. There is an advanced model, namely the GTX 1070 available in the market. We shall now look at the advanced features of the GTX 1070 vis-à-vis the GTX 1060. It will enable you to upgrade anytime.

MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 DirectX 12 VR Ready

(GeForce GTX 1070 ARMOR 8G OC) 

We shall compare the two GPUs that will enable you to understand better.

ParameterStrix GeForce GTX 1060MSI GeForce GTX 1070
GPU Clock Speed1506 MHz1556 MHz
Pixels72.3 Pixels99.6 Pixels
Shading Units12801920
GTexels – Texture Rate120.5186.7
Memory Bus width192 bit256 bit
Memory bandwidth192.2 GB/s256.3 GB/s
Random Access Memory6GB8GB
Power Consumption120W150W
Size134.1 mm 140 mm

The other features of both the GPUs are similar. We have listed out the differences in various parameters. You can see that the GTX 1070 is a better GPU in most of the aspects. However, this GPU is comparatively expensive.

Using this GPU in your system will overshoot your budget by a considerable amount. As we have a budget of ₹ 1 lakh, we shall stick to the GTX 1060. Nevertheless, you can always go for the upgrade anytime you wish.

Recommended Peripherals

We shall now focus our attention on the peripheral components that are necessary for the functioning of any computer. When you plan to assemble a gaming computer, you should have a monitor capable of delivering high resolutions.

The gaming monitors are different from the standard monitors because of the higher range of display properties. The regular keyboard will work fine, but it is better to have a gaming keyboard and mouse to enjoy a better experience.

You also need speakers and headsets as you will usually be indulging in online interactive games like PUBG and so on. Here are some of the recommended peripherals along with their prices. We shall review them individually as well.

OS – Microsoft Windows 10

Home English INTL – 32 and 64 Bit

Your gaming PC will not work without an operating system. When it comes to installing OS, the first name that invariably comes to mind is Windows. The MS Windows 10 Home Edition is the ideal one for your gaming PC. It is a familiar software program. Hence, it does not need much introduction as well.

You can browse the internet better with your Windows 10 software. The Windows Store is the right place for you to buy your favourite applications. Interacting with your PC becomes easy when you have the MS Windows 10 installed in it.

Gaming Monitor – Acer KG281K Bmiipx 28-inch Ultra HD (3840 X 2160)

Monitor with AMD FreeSync Technology (HDMI and Display Ports) 

Many games available today need a 4K compatible monitor for their smooth functioning. This Acer monitor supports 4K resolution. It has a 28-inch display with an Ultra HD screen resolution of 3840 X 2160p.

AMD FreeSync technology supports a dynamic refresh rate. Hence, playing the latest online games becomes easy as you do not experience any stuttering of images due to time lag and other issues. It provides for a smooth viewing experience.

The wide 28-inches screen provides a fantastic experience because of its size. The 170-degree horizontal and 160-degree vertical viewing angles make it a pleasure to view your favourite TV shows and films as well. This gaming monitor comes with one display port and two HDMI ports.

Acer 24-inches 3D Gaming Monitor – GN246HL Bbid

Compared to the monitor described above, this Acer model is a smaller one with fewer facilities. It comes with a 24-inches display with Full HD 1920 X 1080p resolution. The Acer Eco display feature ensures optimum use of power. The 16:9 aspect ratio should be ideal for your gaming activities.

Costs wise, this monitor is substantially cheaper than the one described earlier. Both these monitors are compatible with the configurations you have chosen for your gaming PC.

You can choose either of the two monitors as your gaming PC model. The performance is similar in almost all respects.

Gaming Headset – Redgear Cosmo 7.1 Gaming Headphone

with RGB LED Effect Mic and in-line Controller 

The games available today are of the highest quality that requires you to play online as well. Games like PUBG and others need you to interact with your partners. Hence, you need speakers or headphones to be able to communicate with them without disturbing the others in the house as well. This gaming headset is a fantastic addition to your gaming PC assembly.

The Regular Cosmo 7.1 headphone has a surround sound engine that enables you to hear every sound with a great deal of clarity.

The RGB LED effect on the ear-ups and the microphone makes it an attractive dispensation. The adjustable and noise-cancelling microphone is useful for communicating with your partners. If you do not feel the need to use it, you can detach the same and keep it away.

The designing of the headphone is such that it allows you to stay focused on the game by cancelling out all the other disturbances. Controlling the headphone is easy.

Speakers – Creative SBS A-120 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

If you wish to use your gaming PC for gaming activities alone, you should opt for the gaming headphones. However, your gaming PC also allows you to view multimedia files, watch movies, listen to songs, and so on. Under such circumstances, you can use a speaker system so that other people in your home can also enjoy the same.

The Creative SBS speaker system offers a fantastic range of frequency from 50 to 20,000 Hz. You get the enjoyment of the sub-woofer system to pick up the nuances of sound from your favourite movies or songs. Each speaker delivers an output of 2.5 watts.

This speaker system is a power-packed one available in a compact size. Controlling the system using the wired remote is easy. The speakers come with a manufacturer’s limited 1-year hardware warranty.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse – Cooler Master Devastator

Gaming 3 Keyboard and Mouse Combo with 7 colour LED Backlit Option –

We have seen all the parts of the computer except the keyboard and the mouse. Usually, these components are available individually. However, you have a combo offer available that allows you to acquire a gaming keyboard and mouse together.

You do not use all the keys of the keyboard when you play games. The arrow keys and the WASD keys are the ones that you use the maximum. Hence, this gaming keyboard comes with high-quality WASD keys. They are also raised from the board as compared to the other keys. It allows you to play games smoothly.

A gaming mouse is also unique because it has a quick response rate. This mouse has a large high-precision mouse wheel that enables easy scrolling.

This keyboard is perfect for multimedia activities as well because it comes with dedicated multi-media keys and 7-colour LED switchable backlight. Hence, playing in poor light conditions also becomes easy. You need not disturb the others in the room by switching on the light for using your keyboard.

Sum Up

We have discussed every possible component that you need for assembling a gaming PC. You can also purchase a UPS system if you experience power cuts frequently in your area. It will protect your PC from damage.

Using these components, you will be able to assemble your gaming PC. Since we are building a VR-compatible gaming PC, you should have the VR display system. It is, after all, an optional attachment as you can still play your regular games with this computer configuration.


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can we stream pubg without lag with this pc


Price more than 1,40,000 now


I just had a look at the price of all the cpu components and it is not more than 1lakh.

Please note that the 1 Lakh Budget is only for the CPU, not for monitor and other peripherals.


Can we install gtx 1070 tI with every other same component


Yes, all the peripherals mentioned above are compatible with 1070 ti.


Love it bro really helped me out