10 Best Home Theatre Systems in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Are you serious about getting a real Theatre like audio experience at the comfort of your living room?

A Home Theatre system is mandatory then. These days home audio systems have turned compact and more powerful than the antique looking audio boxes in our childhood.

Best Home Theatre in India

Improvement of Home audio experience can be done with Soundbar initially but that doesn’t quite fulfil everyone’s need completely.

A true theatre like experience at home can be fulfilled only by installing a Surround system at your very own capacity. Having a powerful sound system is vital for enhancing your television experience.

The market embraces a serious competition with a wide range of 5.1 and 7.1 surround systems that make an exceptional presence in your room of choice.

No matter what your budget, below you’ll find a great home theatre system at your price range.

We Highly recommend our users to read the Home Theatre Buying guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the entities involved in the purchase.

Best Home theatre systems in India

1. Sony HT-RT40 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tall boy Soundbar Home Theatre System

This Sony soundbar allows you to choose between NFC and Bluetooth for seamless streaming as it delivers high-quality power output and 5.1ch real cinematic sound. You have the option of selecting a wall-mounted or a table-top design, depending on your preferences. The Tallboy rear speakers immerse you deeper into the musical compositions you love.

Setting up this home theatre system is easy. It involves attaching only three cables, thereby ensuring your room remains tidy. The 3-channel soundbar, subwoofer, and powerful, tallboy speakers deliver cinema-quality surround sound.

You can also play your favourite musical compositions by plugging in your USB drive. It is the best home theatre system, as you can pair your NFC-enabled smartphone and connect with the system seamlessly.

The Sony Music Center app lets you control your songs, irrespective of whether they are stored in your USB, smartphone, or your favourite online services.

Connectivity options like HDMI-ARC and Optical Input allow you to connect with your TV and other compatible devices using fewer cables.

Key Features

  • Real 5.1 channel surround sound
  • One-touch wireless listening experience with NFC and Bluetooth
  • Tallboy speakers
  • Connectivity options like USB, HDMI-ARC, and Optical In
  • Power consumption of 85W

Verdict: If you are looking for high-quality, your search ends here.

2. Yamaha YHT-3072-IN 5.1 Home Theatre System

Yamaha is known for manufacturing one of the best audio devices in the market for a decade. Keeping the price affordable, YHT-3072-IN is a sure hit on the point.

Fully loaded with quality features, this 5.1 4K Home theatre system is a no brainer.YPAO (Yamaha Parametric room acoustic optimizer) analyses your room acoustics and your system and then optimizes various audio parameters providing precise and exceptional audio clarity.

Full 4K compatibility, mobile wireless streaming, Bluetooth, NFC, FM radio and ECO mode for low energy consumption makes it a champ in the segment. It is undoubtedly the Best 5.1 Home theatre system for time in the Indian market.

Key Features:

  • YPAO (Yamaha Parametric room acoustic optimizer)
  • Wireless mobile streaming
  • 5 Ch Powerful Surround sound, 135w per channel
  • Full 4K, Dolby Vision
  • Virtual CINEMA FRONT, Football mode
  • SCENE Select

Verdict: Fabulous make!

3. Sony BDV-N7200W Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital 4K Wireless Blu-ray Home Theatre System

Sony BDV-N7200W is a premium home theatre system with seamless Bluetooth, NFC and WIFI connectivity. It also comes with a Blu-ray player to seamlessly play all your film DVDs, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray discs.

Digital Music arena and live Football sound modes will make audio and video palpable right at your home. Patented BRAVIA Sync by Sony enhances the audio experience by leaps and bounds.

India Specific “Clear audio +” lets you hear every detail of the picture with extreme immersion.

If you are ready to pay a premium price for your home audio. We suggest you to opt for Sony BDV-7200W. It is one of the Best wireless Home theatre systems in India.

Key Features:

  • RMS output: 1200 watts
  • Number of channels: 5.1
  • Bluetooth, NFC, USB, 3D Blu-ray playback
  • India specific “Clear Audio +” technology
  • Digital Music arena and Football mode

Verdict: Reliable!

4. Yamaha 1840 Home Theatre 5.1 (4K, 4-HDMI IN, Dolby Audio)

Saving your money for the True home theatre experience? Well enough, Yamaha 1840 Home theatre delivers exceptional value for your money without compromising much of it at a pretty reasonable price.

Yamaha is widely known for manufacturing best in class audio systems. This 5.1 channel Home theatre system is equipped with Dolby audio, 4k cinema DPS, DTS HD technologies. With powerful amplifier and Subwoofer, this audio system is absolute bliss for the price.

Key Features:

  • 5 Channel Powerful Surround sound – 135w per channel
  • Discrete amp configuration
  • Virtual CINEMA FRONT technology
  • SCENE Select feature
  • On Screen display

Verdict: Your Money can’t go wrong with this!

5. Sony BDV-E3200 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Blu-ray Home Theatre System

Who doesn’t like a complete package at a fair budget? Yes, Sony BDV – E3200 is fully packed up with features and power well below 30k price mark.

Built in wifi, NFC, Bluetooth and USB compatible Blu-player makes it a no miss. Also, revolutionary “Tweeter” for more vocal clarity makes this system a true bliss for Home Cinema experience.

The sense of Quartz design, wireless connectivity, and a best in class 1000w output easily makes it the Best wireless home theatre system under 30000 price range.

Key Features:

  • RMS output: 1000 watts
  • Number of channels: 5.1
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB (multi-format playability)
  • India specific “Clear Audio +” technology

Verdict: Sony’s Budget Home theatre system

6. Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

Need a theatre like experience for a fairly low price? Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1 channel delivers a blissful surround sound experience within your budget.

It comes with a combination of the soundbar, 2 individual speakers and a subwoofer all in one pack.

Impressive 600w RMS, Bluetooth connectivity, One-touch NFC and USB audio playback refers itself the best in its segment for sure.

Key Features:

  • Combinational Home theatre system
  • 600W RMS
  • One-touch NFC, Bluetooth, USB
  • Easy setup

Verdict: Budget Soundbar Home theatre!

7. JBL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD Soundbar with True Wireless Surround Speakers

JBL went all out with its flagship combinational home theatre system without any compromise in quality.

WIth 5.1 channel 4K Soundbar home theatre system, one can truly immerse into the uninterruptible audio trance.

It’s powerful 10-inch bass module is boon to the system which would keep your heart thumping. Revolutionary JBL Soundshift technology lets you seamlessly switch audio between your mobile, tablet or Television.

Truly wireless detachable speakers gives you whooping 10hrs of playback. Easy setup and connectivity, Full 4K compatibility, and compact design make JBL surround system right on top over the competition.

It is undoubtedly Best Soundbar Home theatre system available in the competition.

Key features:

  • 510W power output
  • True 4K and Real 5.1 surround
  • JBL Soundshift
  • 10” wireless subwoofer
  • Digital display

Verdict: Champion Soundbar Home theatre.

8. Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System

Sony HT-IV300 5.1 Micro Satellite with 5.1 channel sound system, adds deeper bass and richer treble to your music and videos.

This home theatre is fitted with NFC one-touch, Bluetooth and HDMI port that allows you to connect your home theatre to your TV or smartphone and monitor and enjoy your favourite movies in the theatre like sound environment.

With the BRAVIA Sync, you can connect it to your smartphone; no need to struggle with different remote controls for your TV and home theatre. Amazing 1000w power output is rare in this price bracket. Top 5.1 Home theatre system under 20000 in India would obviously be Sony HT-IV300.

Key Features:

  • DTS True HD,
  • 5.1 Surround with wireless connectivity
  • Digital Music enhancer
  • Sony-master amplifier
  • Most compact in size.

Verdict: Right on the money!

9. Sony DAV-TZ145 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DVD Home Theatre System

Looking for a budget home theatre system? Sony DAV-TZ145 5.1 channel comes with value and quality enhancing your audio experience.

It’s 360W RMS produces high-quality multimedia audio and also has a 60w subwoofer for a heart-thumping bass.

BRAVIA Sync, Dolby digital and HDMI connectivity enables you to experience high-quality audio and video intact. It is the Best 5.1 home theatre system under 10000 in Indian market.

Key Features:

  • 360W Power output
  • USB playback
  • BRAVIA Sync
  • HDMI Output
  • Dolby Digital

Verdict: Value Buy.

10. F&D F3800X 5.1 Speaker system

F&D is known for manufacturing quality budget audio systems. This 5.1 speaker comes out of the box with 5 speaker units with 1W power output each and additional 5.25inch bass unit for adequate bass.

Though it lacks amplifier for proper redirection, we can arrange it accordingly for a theatre like surround sound experience. 3-inch full range inbuilt driver is fitted to each speaker for clear audio.

F&D F3800X features Bluetooth, USB and FM radio where you can store up to 100 stations. Overall, it sums up to be the a Great 5.1 speaker system under 5000 with a decent home theatre like experience.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth, SD card, FM radio
  • Multi-coloured LED
  • USB playback
  • IR Remote

Verdict: Can’t be any cheaper!

11. Philips HTL3320 3.1 CH 300W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

The beautiful design of this Philips HTL3320 soundbar and subwoofer makes a remarkable statement in any home by blending beautifully with the home furniture.

This appliance comes with multiple and flexible placement options. You can place it beside the TV on the table, and it gels beautifully with the surroundings. Alternatively, it is mountable on the wall beneath your TV. It could well end up as a TV accessory because it blends with the TV’s designs.

Mounting this appliance on the wall should not be an issue because the product package includes the wall brackets.

The Philips HTL3320 soundbar and subwoofer supports Dolby Digital to deliver cinema-like sound to your drawing-room environment. Thus, it enables you to immerse yourself in your favourite musical compositions.

With this Philips HTL3320 soundbar, you can forget about ugly wires and cables hanging all over the place. Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless connections without needing any accessories.

Key Features

  • Three channels, midrange drivers and tweeters
  • Central speaker for high-clarity dialogues
  • Wireless subwoofer with more profound bass
  • Dolby Auto support
  • 300W output, for a powerful sound output
  • Bluetooth and USB compatible

Verdict: An eternal combination of looks and performance

12. Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

This Philips home theatre system is available in four different configurations, depending on the speaker output. The specific model is the best of the lot with its speakers delivering a maximum power output of 120W.

This home theatre system is compatible with TVs, laptops, computers, tablets, and mobiles. The five speakers, put together, deliver high-quality cinema-standard surround sound. The sound quality enhances if you place these speakers strategically in your entertainment room.

It comes with different connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB ports, SD Cards, and traditional cables. This Philips Home theatre system allows you to be at the heart of the movie and music experience and immerse in your favourite musical compositions.

This home theatre system features an FM tuner for real radio enjoyment. The built-in FM radio tuner lets you enjoy your favourite songs from a range of FM radio stations.

On the appearance quotient, this home theatre ranks at the top of the list amongst its peers.

Key Features

  • Five high-quality speakers to deliver cinema-quality sound
  • Compatible with Bluetooth
  • Other connectivity options include USB and SD card
  • A total power output of 120W
  • FM Radio tuner
  • 8-inches high Subwoofer driver

Verdict: For wholesome entertainment, you need not look anywhere else.

Home Theatre Buying guide

A home Theatre system includes an amplifier, speakers, subwoofers, A/V receivers all in one complete package.

All you need is a Television or a projector and you’re good to go. Also, you might need a blu-ray player or a gaming console based on your requirement of video source.

To keep things clutter free,- we haven’t mixed up different surround speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers: only 7.1 and 5.1 surround home theatre systems that are offered as a complete package are included below.

We concentrated more on sound quality and value more than number of speakers here. This, after all, is a substantial purchase, it’s worth having a look at the big picture first.

1. Purpose

You want to buy a complete audio system let’s say Home theatre in a box, any of the listed options will produce exceptional surround experience; that is for sure.

But what’re you going to use it for?

Are you going to blast some dance music through this, or perhaps to indulge in a virtual war like gaming experience? Or maybe even for an exceptional action movie?

A bigger surround system should be inclined more towards movie watching, it’s worth spending a little bit extra.

If you’re planning to use it for music or action gaming, it is wiser to consider slightly fewer speakers as it simply not going to be a musical advantage out of more than about five speakers.

2. Room Size

Size of the room will always establish the seating arrangement and optimum placement of audio equipment.

Be wise in selecting the size of the speakers and their number. Compact speakers are trending but bigger speakers for a large sized room is advisable.

It is widely accepted that a rectangle sized room is more recommendable for a home theatre setup. 15 feet long, 12 feet wide and 8 feet for ceiling is where you should at least start before thinking about a home theatre setup.

3. Surround sound technology

Do surf the internet about various audio technologies like Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Sony Dynamic digital sound are some of the best sound technologies.

4. Receiver

A box that only directs individual video and audio signals to the right places but also provides your speakers with power.

Don’t always go with the receivers with a staggering number of features which you won’t be using most of the times.

Even cheap receivers provide you handfull no.of features like 4k video compatibility with multiple no.of audio and video outputs.

Make sure if you’re unlikely going to expand beyond 5.1 surround experience which is here to say for at least half a decade as most compatible decoding,

Don’t pay for the extra receiver which extrapolates the experience to 7.1, 9.2 and sometimes to 11.1 surround sound.

5. Connectivity

This is a topic where most of the online customers for home theatres begin to scratch their hair hard.

Well, that isn’t the case with many ( Home theatre in a box) systems as there are quite easy to set up on with evolutionary Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

Except for the audio receiver and the console box connectivity to the television, all the other audio devices remain wireless for Bluetooth.

Near Lossless transmission is being guaranteed by many manufacturers.

Everything set apart, speaker placement plays a key role in audio distribution. With many manufacturers providing free installation, whilst many needs a bit of work.

6. Wattage and Speaker matching

Good news, if you’re going to choose any of the above audio systems you don’t have to worry about wattage and speaker matching as they’re factory tuned for perfection.

Speaker placement has to be given quite a bit of attention though. If you’re going for individual speaker setup and have some fun, this has to be prioritized before anything else.

7. Additional equipment

If you’re really serious in setting up an exceptional home audio system, there are some other accessories waiting down the lane.

The power supply which many home theatre nerds like to call it as clean power is very much useful for neutralizing voltage fluctuations, especially necessary for high-end speaker systems. It is debatable that some like to argue it affects the audio clarity.

Room calibration comes second, but usually, it is inbuilt with many receivers. Based on your speaker positions, it automatically calibrates the audio output with several presets built-in.

Acoustic proofing is especially needed if you’re very serious in building a lossless and echo proof audio theatre at home.

It is bundled with soft cushions placed at appropriate positions to absorb the sound waves instead of reflecting back. Which means less muddying and lets you focus on audio clarity.

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