A laptop is always preferable to a desktop PC because of its portability. As it is a portable device, a battery is necessary to keep it working.

It becomes essential to keep the battery charged at all times to ensure its proper functioning. Hence, you should focus on the laptop’s battery life when purchasing your appliance.

The battery life depends on how you use the device. Nevertheless, you have laptops with incredible battery life available on the market.

laptops With best battery life

1. New Apple MacBook Air

Who would not love to use a laptop that comes with a battery life lasting for an entire day? The New Apple MacBook Air is one such device that readily comes to mind. Besides the beautiful battery life, this laptop boasts of various innovative features to make its owner proud.

  • Processor – Tenth generation Intel Core i5 processor
  • Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – Fast SSD Storage
  • Battery Life – Capable of lasting all day long (up to 11 hours of continuous usage)
  • Graphics – Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • Display – 13.3-inches Retina Display with True Tone technology
  • Connectivity – Thunderbolt 3 compatibility

The highlighting feature of the New Apple MacBook Air is its all-day battery life. This laptop comes with a breathtaking standby time for the battery.

It is capable of lasting for around eleven hours when working continuously. Thus, Apple MacBook Air users can take pride that they never feel handicapped by lack of laptop battery power.

Besides the battery life, the Retina display with True Tone technology is another highlight of the New Apple MacBook Air.

The 13.3-inches screen comes with a high resolution that can accommodate four million pixels. It can display 48% more colours and razor-sharp text clarity to deliver an immersive experience.

The 10th generation Intel Core CPU delivers twice the performance of a regular CPU. The Intel Iris Plus graphics ensures 80% better graphics performance. This laptop comes with an 8GB RAM in India (In the US, it is expandable to 64GB). The SSD storage speeds up the processor’s performance to an entirely different level.

The Magic Keyboard is also one of the distinctive features of this laptop. The scissor mechanism ensures a travel distance of 1mm, whereas the multi-touch pad is 20% larger than those provided in other laptops of similar size.

The New Apple MacBook Air is one of the most secure devices that uses your fingerprint as the access password. Some of the other sterling features include its high-quality camera and speakers that produce two times more bass than other laptop speakers.

As far as data transferring is concerned, the New Apple MacBook Air comes equipped with two Thunderbolt 3 slots. Each slot displays transfer speeds up to 40Gbps.

  • Fantastic standby time for the battery
  • Incredible display and sound features
  • One of the most secure devices around
  • High-quality camera
  • The pricing is on the higher side.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad S540 – 81XA002SIN

Lenovo IdeaPad S540 is a multipurpose laptop with one of the best configurations in its pricing range. This laptop comes with an excellent battery life of 18.5 hours, thereby ensuring continuous access.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i5 10210U
  • Cores and Cache – Quad-core with 6MB Smart Cache
  • Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – 512GB SSD
  • Battery life – 18.5 hours
  • Graphics – Integrated graphics
  • Display – 13.3 inches QHD (2560 x 1440p) with IPS and anti-glare technology

Laptops are becoming smarter by the day. They have to be because security has become a significant aspect today. The Lenovo IdeaPad S540 comes with face recognition facility to enable you to log in.

With battery life of up to 18.5 hours, this compact laptop ranks amongst the best in this category. It also features a rapid charging facility to refuel the battery up to 80% in less than an hour.

On the display front, the Lenovo S540 features a 13.3-inches QHD screen for excellent colour reproduction. The narrow 4-sided bezels ensure an astonishing screen-to-body ratio.

The 300 nits brightness, IPS display, and anti-glare technology provide crisper visuals and faster performance.

At 1.3 kg and 15.9mm in thickness, it qualifies as one of the slimmest laptops in its genre. The 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor features 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Compared to other laptops in its pricing range, the Lenovo IdeaPad S540 displays amazing cooling technology with twin fans and dual exhaust pipes. Thus, you can watch videos or play for extended periods without the laptop getting heated up.

The backlit keyboard is a critical feature that enhances the user experience to an altogether different level. This laptop comes with pre-loaded Windows 10 Home OS and 2019 edition MS Office Home and Student software.

  • Incredible battery life with a rapid charging feature
  • Ergonomically designed backlit keyboard
  • Superb cooling technology keeps the CPU safe
  • An attractive laptop with impeccable looks
  • No HDMI or LAN port

3. Asus ZenBook 14 – UX425JA-BM701TS

Asus ZenBook 14 is a compact device that allows you to use it for intensive computing work and medium-level gaming. This laptop comes with a standby battery life of nearly 22 hours, depending on your usage. It qualifies as one of the ideal laptops with excellent battery life.

  • Processor – 10th gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 with Quad-core and multithreading
  • Clock Speed – 1.3GHz base speed with up to 3.9GHz turbo frequency
  • Memory – 16GB LPDDR4X 3733MHz RAM
  • Storage – 512GB M.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD
  • Graphics – Integrated Intel Iris Graphics
  • Battery Life – up to 22 hours
  • Display – 14-inches LED FHD.
  • Keyboard – Backlit keyboard

Asus ZenBook 14 comes with a unique design that allows the keyboard to tile forward when opening the laptop. It leaves a gap beneath the keyboard that also helps in free air circulation, thereby keeping the computer cool.

The battery life of 22 hours is a marvellous highlight. It also comes with a fast-charging feature that can ramp up the battery level to 60% in just 49 minutes.

Another fascinating feature of this laptop is the facility to recharge the battery using the USB port. Thus, it becomes compatible with power banks.

This laptop qualifies as one of the most portable appliances in its category because of its compact design and low weight of 1.17kg. Despite being a thin laptop, it features a full set of I/O ports.

It has the reputation for being the world’s most lightweight laptop with HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type-C, and Thunderbolt 3.

The narrow 4-sided NanoEdge FHD makes for stunning visuals. The slim bezels ensure a remarkable 90% screen-to-body ratio, thereby delivering an outstanding immersive viewing experience.

The backlit keyboard comes with a distinctive numeric pad that allows the usage of the touchpad for controlling the software, even when it is activated. This laptop features a unique edge-to-edge keyboard design, thereby allowing for an additional row of function keys on the right-hand side of the layout to improve productivity.

The IR camera swings into action along with Windows Hello software solution and captures your face to use it as a password to log in.

The Ergo Lift hinge is a critical feature that provides an excellent user experience while raising the chassis for optimized cooling and enhanced audio quality.

On the performance front, the Asus ZenBook is a marvel with the 10th generation Intel Core i7 CPU. Its 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD ensure that this multitasking laptop displays one of the fastest performances. This laptop is also compatible with Wi-Fi 6, an integral part of the 10th gen Core i7 CPUs.

The Harman Kardon speaker systems ensure high-quality audio to deliver excellent entertainment. The Asus ZenBook is one of the sturdiest laptops because it conforms to military-grade security for reliability and durability.

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Performance of the highest order
  • Rapid charging feature
  • Portable
  • The touchpad is slightly towards the left.

4. Dell XPS 9300

Dell laptops have a reputation for being excellent performers in every category. This model, Dell XPS 9300, features one of the most durable batteries with a battery life of up to 18 hours. At 1.27 kg, this appliance qualifies as one of the lightest one around.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i5 1035G1 with a 6MB cache
  • Clock Speed – A maximum clock frequency of 3.6GHz
  • Memory – 8GB 3733MHz RAM
  • Storage – 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • Battery life – up to 18 hours
  • Display – 13.4 inches FHD with 500 nits brightness

The Dell XPS 13 laptop is a stunningly small and masterfully designed device with a 91.5% screen to body ratio.

This compact laptop features one of the most durable batteries in the industry with an 18-hour lifespan. The 52Whr 4-cell battery allows you to work or play on the computer for extended periods.

The webcam comes with a new 4-element lens to deliver sharp video. The thin bezels make for an excellent display. The 16:10 Infinity Edge display is one of the best with its 500 nits brightness and 100% sRGB to make the colours appear more beautiful than ever.

The stunning display is easy on the eyes because of Eyesafe technology. It helps to reduce blue light emission and protect your eyes without compromising on the visual quality.

This laptop comes with larger keys because of the edge-to-edge keyboard. It gives you a comfortable typing experience.

The Dell XPS 13-9300 features the 10th generation Intel Core i5 CPU with a memory of 8GB RAM and storage of 512GB SSD. Besides ensuring a power-packed performance, the SSD ensures excellent processor speeds.

This laptop has a pleasing appearance with a compact design. As it weighs 1.27Kg, it qualifies as one of the lightest appliances available today. The compact device can fit into your backpacks with ease.

The Dell XPS 13-9300 comes with pre-loaded Windows 10 Home OS with lifetime validity. It is also preferred by students and young professionals alike because it also comes equipped with MS Office 365. Users get a 1-year subscription free of cost when purchasing the laptop.

On the connectivity front, the Dell XPS 13-9300 features two Thunderbolt 3 slots to enhance data transfer speeds to 40Gbps each. This feature is available because of the 10th generation Intel Core i5 CPU.

This laptop is also compatible with Wi-Fi 6, the fastest internet connectivity today.

  • Bezel-free 16:10 display
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Incredible keyboard and touchpad
  • Sturdy design
  • The webcam is of an inferior standard.
  • The keyboard gets hot under extensive gaming.

5. Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro is similar in performance to the Apple MacBook model described earlier in this article but with different configurations. This laptop comes with 11 hours of battery life to qualify as one of the laptops with excellent battery performance.

  • Processor – 9th generation Intel-Core i7 with six cores and 12 threads
  • Memory – 16GB RAM
  • Storage – 512GB SSD
  • Graphics – AMD Radeon pro 5300M graphics with GDDR6 VRAM and Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Battery life – up to 11 hours
  • Connectivity options – Four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Display – 16-inches Retina Display with True Tone technology

The Apple MacBook Pro has a reputation for being a powerful notebook. The 9th generation Intel Core i7 comes with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. These configurations make this laptop one of the best for multitasking.

The excellent graphics card also ensures that the Apple MacBook Pro qualifies as an outstanding gaming laptop. The 512GB SSD enhances the processor speed to high levels.

The highlight of the Apple MacBook Pro is its 16-inch Retina display. This display is the largest ever in an Apple MacBook Pro as it produces 500 nits of brightness. It ensures to deliver the deepest blacks and the brightest whites. The P3 wide colour enables true-to-life images and video.

The battery backup is also the talking point of this laptop. It comes with an 11-hour backup that allows you to use the MacBook for extensive periods. The 100Wh Li-Polymer battery is the highest capacity battery that Apple has ever put in a notebook.

Besides the excellent battery, the MacBook comes with a formidable cooling technology. The advanced thermal architecture maintains optimum system temperature while enabling faster processing at the same time.

The Apple MacBook Pro keyboard features a refined scissor mechanism with a 1mm travel distance, thereby making it responsive and comfortable to us.

The Touch Bar comes with powerful shortcut features at the front and the centre. The Touch ID feature ensures quick authentication, whereas the Escape key allows immediate switching between two modes. Finally, the inverted T-arrow keys enable excellent navigation.

Apple MacBook Pro features a powerful six-speaker sound system to deliver an out-of-the-world acoustic experience. The dual force-cancelling woofers reduce vibration and produces natural sound. The three-mic array allows you to record music the professional way.

  • Exemplary performance in almost every niche
  • High-quality battery providing up to 11 hours backup
  • Fantastic security features because of the Apple T2 Security chip
  • Four Thunderbolt C slots to expedite data transfer
  • The cost can be a deterrent for many.
  • The Indian versions do not come with more than 8GB RAM, whereas US versions get RAM up to 64GB.
  • Does not support Wi-Fi 6

6. Dell Inspiron 5300 – D560214WIN9S

The Dell Inspiron 5300 comes with an inspiring design to deliver remarkable performances under the most extreme circumstances. Besides being a head-turner of a laptop, the Dell Inspiron is one of the sturdiest when it comes to battery backup. At the same time, the computer does not compromise on the other essential features.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i5 10210U with a 6MB cache and clock speeds up to 4.2GHz
  • Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – 512GB SSD
  • Battery Life – Up to 6 hours of continuous use
  • Display – 13.3 inches FHD with IPS and anti-glare
  • Graphics – Intel UHD graphics
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home
  • Other software – MS Office Home and Student 2019

Dell has a reputation for manufacturing laptops tailored according to the user’s demands. The new Dell Inspiron 5300 is one of the most compact and portable notebook available today that comes with a battery backup of up to six hours.

The Express Charge feature allows the battery to recharge up to 80% in 30 minutes. The 13″ form factor makes it one of the most comfortable laptops to handle.

The slim bezels ensure that you get a spectacular view of every scene. The high-quality FHD display comes with anti-glare technology and IPS system for providing undistorted viewing of exemplary standards.

The elegant aluminium cover, along with the diamond-cut border makes the touchpad one of the most attractive amongst its peers. The keyboard with evenly-spaced out keys enhances comfort while typing.

The drop hinge design ensures to leave a gap between the keyboard and the table, thereby making it comfortable for the user. Besides, it also leaves enough space to enable undistorted sound and enhance cooling.

This laptop features a powerful 10th generation Intel Core i5 CPU with 8GB DDR4 RAM. It allows seamless multitasking and enhances the responsiveness factor. Besides, the computer features 512GB SSD storage to speed up the processor to the next level.

This multifunctional laptop features adequate connectivity ports like the USB Type C and HDMI.

The one-touch login feature is a highlight. The laptop is unique as you can power it on by lifting the lid. One need not press the On button for awakening the computer from hibernation or the Power Off state. The lid-open sensor switches on the laptop the moment you open the lid.

The Adaptive Thermals feature detects the appliance when it is in your hands, lap, or on the deck. This feature intelligently adapts its thermal policies for maximum productivity.

  • Exemplary performance
  • Extremely light and portable
  • Excellent battery life
  • One of the most elegant looking laptops
  • The sound quality needs improvement.
  • No optical drive

7. LG Gram 14Z990

LG Gram is a compact laptop featuring one of the best batteries in the business. The 72Wh battery is capable of lasting for 23.5 hours. Besides, the long-lasting battery, this laptop qualifies as one of the lightest laptops in India today.

  • Processor – 8th generation Intel Core i5 8265U with four cores and a base clock frequency of 1.6GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage – 256GB SSD
  • Battery – 72Wh battery with a life of 23.5 hours
  • Graphics – Integrated graphics
  • Display – 14-inches FHD
  • Warranty – Three years

This 14-inches LG Gram laptop is one of the lightest around at 995 grams. The lightweight makes it an extremely portable one. The highlight of this laptop is the 72Wh battery capable of lasting for 23.5 hours at a stretch.

The LG Gram laptop is available in four variants. It comes with a robust processor in the 8th generation Intel Core i5 and 8GB RAM to enable smooth multitasking. The 256GB SSD ensures sufficient storage while speeding up the processor. The best aspect is that the laptop comes with an additional free slot.

The LG Gram is a secure laptop because the fingerprint recognition feature allows you access without having to enter a password. The fingerprint sensor is located comfortably on the Power-On button.

This laptop comes with incredible connectivity options in the form of Thunderbolt 3 compatibility. It allows transferring up to 5K at speeds of 40Gbps. Besides, it comes with two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI, and one Micro SD slot.

This laptop features DTS compatibility, whereby you can use the DTX headphones and enjoy surround sound of the highest quality. This feature enables the deliverance of vibrant cinematic sounds.

The 14-inch FHD display displays visuals of exemplary quality. It comes with features like IPS to provide undistorted viewing. The FHD display delivers 96% sRGB colour, thereby ensuring an exciting viewing experience.

  • Excellent battery life of 23.5 hours
  • One of the lightest laptops weighing less than one kg
  • The laptop comes with an ergonomic keyboard for smooth typing.
  • Upgradeable memory and storage
  • The pricing is high when compared to the specs.
  • 8th Gen i5 Does not support Wi-Fi 6

Points to Consider When Purchasing Laptops with Good Battery Life

Generally, people look out for CPU and graphics when purchasing laptops. People also pay attention to memory, storage, and display properties.

Seldom do they check out the battery particulars.

Similarly, manufacturers do not advertise much about the lasting battery power, with this specification included somewhere in the bottom rungs.

However, battery life is a critical aspect of the laptop’s performance. It is the primary significant feature that distinguishes a computer from a desktop PC.

Yes, one agrees that the performance of the battery depends on your usage. If you use the laptop for heavy-duty activities like video and photo editing, and gaming, etc., the battery can drain out quickly.

In comparison, the batteries last longer when you use the laptop for light activities like using MS Office tools or browsing the internet.

Similarly, using Bluetooth can also drain the battery much quicker than it usually does.

Research has shown that more than 85% of manufacturers overstate battery performance when advertising.

They provide these figures with a rider “under testing conditions.” No one knows what the testing conditions constitute. They are often unrealistic.

In a way, the manufacturers get away with it because very few people use MS Office continuously for 12 to 14 hours at a stretch.

However, the manufacturers cannot lie about battery specifications. These specifications are printed on the battery. Let us now decode them to understand the jargon better.

The following paragraphs will help you be comfortable with the terminologies and also calculate your laptop battery life.

The Formula

  • Check out the battery specification in Watt-hours. Manufacturers provide them as Whr or Wh.
  • Divide this number by the expected wattage. Generally, a computer should consume 10 to 15 watts under regular use. Note that heavy-duty activities can consume more Power.

For example, if the battery specification is 100Wh, the battery life should be between seven to ten hours (Divide 100Wh by 10 or 15).

Remember that these are approximate figures. One should also factor in issues like voltage drops at the end of the charge.

Estimate the Wattage

The question on your mind would be as to how to estimate the laptop wattage. Though it is a tricky affair, we can do so.

The wattage depends on the load. The higher the load, the higher the wattage. Therefore, the battery consumption is also the highest.

Intensive gaming is a full load scenario. A gaming laptop under a full load consumes around 65 to 90 watts.

Therefore, a fully charged battery should not last more than one to one and a half hours when gaming at high settings.

This table should make it simple for you

  • Intensive Gaming or Video Rendering – 60 watts to the maximum
  • Casual gaming – 40W to 60W
  • Video or photo editing – 30W to 40W
  • Watching HD Video online – 20W to 30W
  • Watching HD Video offline – 15W to 20W
  • Web browsing, using MS Office, playing music – 10W to 15W
  • Minimum wattage with the screen in the ON position – 8W to 10W

Though we have listed out the activities, in brief, various other factors decide the power consumption.

You can look at the higher ranges of the estimates listed above if you do the following.

  • Leave various applications running in the background
  • Use a laptop with dedicated graphics card
  • Have the screen brightness at the highest level
  • Use other devices like headphones, or printers
  • Screen size of more than 15 inches

Finding the Watt-hours

Manufacturers include the Watt Hour statistics on the specification sheet.

If you find the figure in mAh or Volts, you can use the online calculator and convert to Whr.

(The formula is Whr = mAh x V/1000)

Generally, you do not find ratings to go above 100Whr because the manufacturers have to comply with Lithium-Ion Flight Restrictions.

Airlines do not generally allow laptop batteries with a rating above 100Whr.

You can also find out the Whr rating of a battery using Windows 10 and macOS. Though the following lines could appear technical, they can be useful.

Windows 10

  1. On Windows 10, search for ‘cmd’ and click “Command Prompt.” (Admin Mode)
  2. Type powercfg/batteryreport
  3. Check out battery-report.html that you can open in a web browser.
  4. Look for the Design Capacity and divide it by 1000.
  5. Generally, the Design Capacity and the Full Charge Capacity should be the same. If there is a difference, it indicates that the laptop battery has worn out.


  1. Hold the option key and click the ‘Apple’ menu.
  2. Select ‘System Information.’
  3. Navigate to Hardware and click on Power
  4. Check out the Full Charge Capacity in mAH and Voltage in mV.
  5. Use the calculator to arrive at the Whr (Formula as shown above)

Tips to extend the battery life of your laptop.

The following tricks should help you get the best out of your laptop battery.

Reduce your screen brightness

The screen consumes a significant chunk of your battery power.

Reducing its brightness can help conserve battery life. Use the function keys on your laptop to reduce the intensity.

Change the power settings according to the usage.

Windows 10 comes with excellent power features that help to optimize battery life.

On the Start Search box, type out, “Power Options” and choose “Power Saver.” Using sleep mode intelligently can also save Power.

Switching off Wi-Fi can save Power

Wi-Fi drains the battery substantially. When not connected, Wi-Fi option searches for networks, thereby drawing additional Power from the battery.

Switching off the Wi-Fi when not required saves Power.

Use peripherals only when necessary

Plugging in peripherals like USB devices, mice, webcams, and others consumes Power.

Hence, it is advisable to use the laptop trackpads instead of the USB mouse. You should also consider shutting off the in-built webcam when not in use. Turning the speakers to mute will also save Power.

Your disc drives consume Power

Having a CD or DVD spinning inside your laptop consumes Power. Hence, it is better to eject these discs when not using them. It can save Power. Nowadays, laptops do not come with DVD and CD drives.

Use specific Hardware

Generally, laptops do not last for the entire day. Laptops today come with six-cell batteries and even 12-cell batteries. A suitable alternative is to use a portable laptop battery chargers. Some laptops can also be recharged using power banks.

Disable unnecessary features

Windows 10 offers various in-built features that are not always necessary. Disabling them can help extend battery life.

Dsiable Startup Programs

Take care of your battery

One should ensure not to discharge the Li-ion batteries completely. Generally, laptops come with a warning system when the battery level drops below a specific figure, say 20%.

One should plug on the charger and start charging the battery immediately. It can save your battery from early wear and tear.

Use Rapid chargers

Many laptops come with rapid-charging facilities that can help recharge the batteries up to nearly 80% in a short time. Using such chargers ensures that your battery does not drain off completely. You can get a quick recharge done that could last for valuable time.

Have more RAM

Multitasking can drain the batteries. One solution is to have more RAM in the laptop. Today, laptops are available with expandable RAM. It can help conserve energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the ideal way to use a laptop battery?

The best way to use a laptop battery is to ensure that it does not drain completely. The ideal level is to maintain the laptop battery at a level between 40% and 80%. Laptops come with battery level indicators that automatically switch off unnecessary applications when the battery level reaches a specific level, say 20%. One should plug in the charger when it reaches this level.

2. Is it right for me to keep the laptop plugged into the charger at all times?

No, it is not advisable to keep the battery plugged in at all times. It can generate sufficient heat that could harm the battery. Therefore, one should unplug the charger after recharging the battery. One can always use the charger again when the battery level dips below 20%.

3. Can I use the laptop without the battery?

Yes, you can use a laptop without its battery by using the AC power available in your house. However, you should ensure to use the original power adapter that was supplied with your laptop.

One should remember that power fluctuations can affect the laptop’s motherboard. The battery protects the computer by acting as a UPS. Though you can use a computer without its battery, it is not advisable to do so.

4. Is it right for me to charge my laptop battery to 100%?

Charging your laptop up to 100% should not affect your battery in any way. Laptops come with features that do not allow your laptop battery to recharge more than 100%. Charging it to less than 100% can help extend the battery life.

5. What will happen if I forget to switch off the battery charger?

Today, almost all laptops use Li-Ion batteries. Overcharging these batteries does not affect battery life. Laptops today come with internal circuits that stop the charging process at 100%.

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