In today’s scenario, a laptop is more of a necessity than a luxury.

How much do laptops cost?

Compulsive gamers might need to invest a lot in their specialized Gaming laptops. However, the typical homemaker, student, and the regular office goers need not have such expensive features installed in their notebooks.

Laptops with decent features are available for under ₹ 50,000 in India.

A lot depends on your usage patterns. You get laptops as low as under ₹ 30,000. At the same time, you have laptops that cost more than ₹ 1.50 Lakhs as well.

Everything depends on the configurations and the specifications.

We Highly recommend you to read the Laptop Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest Laptop technologies.

Best laptop Under 50000

1. Mi Notebook 14 XMA1901DG Thin and Light Laptop

This MI Notebook comes in three configurations, depending on the graphics and storage capacity.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i5-10210U with Quad cored and eight threads
  • Clock Speed – Base frequency of 1.6 GHz and a top speed of 4.2 GHz
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home and Office 365 software
  • Memory – 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz
  • Storage – 512 GB SSD
  • Display – 14-inches FHD anti-glare screen
  • Graphics – NVIDIA MX 250 with 2GB GDDR5
  • Battery life – up to ten hours
  • Connectivity ports – Two USB 3.1, one USB 2.0, one HDMI, and one 3.5 mm jack
  • Warranty – One-year manufacturer warranty

Of the three variants available, the present laptop under review is the best because it features NVIDIA MX250 graphics, whereas the others come with Intel UHD graphics.

Besides, this notebook comes with 512 GB SSD storage and 8 GB RAM to ensure high-quality multitasking.

The 17.5mm thickness makes this laptop one of the lightest ones at 1.5kg. Thus, it is easy to carry along anywhere you go.

The high-quality 10th gen i5 CPU with excellent clock speeds makes this notebook one of the fastest among its peers.

On the graphics front, it is well-equipped, as well. The NVIDIA GeForce MX250 is one of the best available. The MX350 is a better one but costs more. 

The 14-inches FHD screen delivers crystal-clear images to ensure a fantastic video performance. The anti-glare screen and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees are the highlights of this notebook’s video performance.

The compatibility with DTS Audio Processing is a significant feature. 

This laptop comes with a long-lasting battery capable of providing backup for ten hours at a stretch.

Other excellent features include the advanced cooling technology to keep the CPU and GPU at ideal temperatures, thereby enhancing its lifespan.

  • Impressive build quality when compared with the pricing
  • Metal chassis makes it a durable appliance.
  • Performance-wise, it is an exceptional one.
  • High-quality webcam
  • SATA 3 SSD storage limits the speed to 500 Mbps
  • No SD card slot

2. HP 14 10th Gen Intel Core i5 14-ck2018tu 

With the introduction of the 10th generation Intel Core processors, the Ci3 and Ci5 CPUs have gained a lifeline. This HP 14-ck2018tu model is one such laptop that comes with basic configurations but performs exceedingly well.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i5 10210U
  • Cores – Four cores with 6MB L3 Cache
  • Clock Speed – 1.6GHz to 4.2GHz
  • Display – 14-inches HD SVA
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 2666 SDRAM (Single-channel)
  • Storage – 512GB SSD PCIe NVMe M.2
  • Graphics – Intel UHD Graphics
  • Operating System – Preloaded Windows 10 Home
  • Software – Pre-installed MS Office Home & Student 2019

The 10th generation CPUs ensure that this HP 14ck2018tu model displays elevated graphics in a thin and light design while delivering lifelike visuals. The 14-inches HD SVA display enables you to enjoy vibrant videos and 3D graphics comfortably.

The 10th gen Ci5 processor is a powerful one as it features Intel Boost technology to ensure quick booting times. The high clock speed of 4.2GHz provides the catalytic action, whereby this laptop becomes one of the fastest laptops off the blocks in its niche.

On the memory and storage front, this HP laptop is well endowed with 8GB 2666 SDRAM and 512GB SSD storage. The 8GB RAM enables efficient multitasking, whereas SSD storage makes the laptop light and speeds up the processor as well.

The 14-inches HD screen makes this laptop a compact one. However, the smaller screen affects the keyboard size considerably. People can take time getting used to typing out numbers from the top of the keyboard. The smaller size also reduces the number of connectivity ports offered by the laptop.

This laptop features a preloaded version of Windows Home OS complete with all features including Cortana’s services. Thus, it becomes convenient for anyone to operate this laptop.

This laptop features a decent battery that offers around five hours of continuous usage time. It weighs around 1.5Kg, thereby making it one of the most comfortable appliances to carry along wherever you go.

  • Compact laptop, light in weight, and easily portable
  • Powerful CPU
  • Lifelike visuals enhance your viewing experience.
  • No HDMI port 
  • Shared graphics memory

3. Lenovo IdeaPad S340 14-inches laptop  81VV00JFIN

Lenovo IdeaPad S340 is available in various combinations with Intel Core and AMD processors. This model, 81VV00JFIN features a 10th gen Ci3 processor.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i3 1005G1
  • Cores – Dual-core with 4MB Cache
  • Clock Speed – 1.2GHz to 3.4GHz
  • Display – 14-inches FHD (1920x1080p) with anti-glare and IPS technology
  • Memory – 8GB RAM DDR4 Dual-channel
  • Storage – 256GB SSD
  • Operating system – Windows 10 Home
  • Software – MS Office Home and Student 2019
  • Battery Life – up to 8.5 hours

The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 unleashes the inner traveller in you as this laptop is one of the lightest you can find in its niche. Besides, it comes with excellent battery life and varied connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

On the performance front, the Lenovo IdeaPad S340 allows you to multitask like a pro. This laptop displays excellent speed and responsiveness, irrespective of the task you assign to it. Other thoughtful features like camera shutter and backlit keyboard enhance the performance further.

The 8GB dual-channel RAM proves handy for multitasking, whereas 256GB SSD storage should prove sufficient to store your files, folders, and other content. It also helps to speed up the processor and enhance performance levels.

The 2-side narrow bezel screen enhances the viewing angle considerably. Besides, this laptop boasts of IPS technology to enable comfortable viewing from deep angles. The FHD resolution and anti-glare features allow you to enjoy visuals in vivid details.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 delivers high-quality audio with a Dolby Audio theatre-like sound. The slim top and side bezels along with FHD resolution, make it a pleasure to watch the latest movies and have a fantastic time.

Windows 10 OS has become a common factor in almost all laptops today. It brings with it a full dose of entertainment like the reimagined Photos App to make it an enjoyable experience adding soundtrack and music to your videos. The excellent connectivity options make it easy for you to share content with your loved ones.

  • Power-packed performance in a compact frame
  • Incredible battery life
  • Good privacy features like a camera shutter.
  • The fan is placed awkwardly underneath the laptop.
  • No ethernet port

4. HP 14 Laptop DK0093AU AMD Ryzen 5 

This laptop is a powerhouse of a performer as is evident from its configuration. The AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor matches the 10th generation Ci5 CPU in almost every respect. Besides, this CPU has a higher base clock frequency of 2.1GHz to enable one of the fastest booting times in its niche.

  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
  • Clock speed – Base frequency of 2.1GHz
  • Memory 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage – 1TB 5400rpm HDD plus 256GB SSD
  • Display – 14-inches FHD with anti-glare
  • Graphics – Radeon Vega 8 graphics
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home
  • Software – MS Office 2019 Home and Student Edition
  • Weight – 1.47 Kg

While being as powerful as the Ci5 processors, the AMD 3rd generation CPUs are considerably cheaper when it comes to pricing. Thus, it allows you to include better features within your budget range.

This HP laptop features dual storage in the form of 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD. While providing excellent room for storing your valuable content, the SSD storage speeds up the processing, as well.

On the graphics front, this HP 14 laptop is well served by the AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics card. Budgetary constraints prevent you from having a dedicated VRAM memory. It shares the memory with the 8GB CPU memory.

The 14-inches FHD display is one of the best in the business. The narrow side bezels enhance the viewing area considerably. The anti-glare screen makes it convenient and comfortable to watch your favourite content without straining your eyes.

The compact 14-inch screen does not allow you the luxury of going for a full-sized keyboard with a dedicated numeric pad. Though it can inconvenience people used to typing out numbers, this keyboard is one of the easiest to use because of its ergonomically-designed keys with adequate travel distance.

This laptop works on Windows 10 Home OS and features MS Office 2019 Home edition software. Thus, you can enjoy the excellent features of Windows 10, including its exciting apps and your favourite personal assistant, Cortana.

On the portability front, this HP Laptop ranks amongst the best because it weighs 1.47Kg. It is easy to tuck the laptop into your backpack comfortably. Though light in weight, this laptop has a sturdy body capable of withstanding heavy shocks. 

This laptop comes with excellent connectivity options in the form of Wi-Fi 5.0, Bluetooth, and a range of connectivity ports, including HDMI.

  • Light and portable
  • Excellent CPU-GPU combo
  • Hybrid storage options
  • Shared CPU-GPU memory
  • No backlit keyboard

5. Dell Inspiron 3505 D560341WIN9S AMD Ryzen 5 Laptop

The budget of 50000 does not allow much experimentation with the configurations. However, this Dell Inspiron makes the best use of the resources available with its AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU. The advantage of AMD Ryzen CPUs is that they are less expensive than their Intel counterparts, while capable of delivering comparable performances.

  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
  • Graphics – Radeon Vega 8 graphics
  • Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Display – 15.6-inches FHD with anti-glare
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home
  • Software – MS Office Home and Student 2019

AMD Ryzen CPUs are renowned for having some of the best booting times in the industry. They are also excellent for seamless multitasking activities. The 8GB RAM makes it much more comfortable with multitasking. Thus, jumping from one app to another is a breeze on this Dell Inspiron 3505.

On the storage front, this laptop features 512GB SSD storage to help you manage all files seamlessly. When combined with the 8GB memory and AMD 3rd generation CPU, you can enjoy the best of multimedia at the most comfortable speeds.

You have the 15.6-inches FHD screen to provide an everlasting visual experience. The narrow two-sided borders enable an expansive view. The FHD anti-glare screen, encased between stylishly slim borders, provides a treat to the eyes with its high-clarity images.

On the connectivity aspect, this TV comes well endowed with Wi-Fi 5.0, Bluetooth, and a host of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB 3.1, and USB 2.0. Thus transferring data from one compatible device to another is possible at unheard-of speeds.

The crucial benefit of Dell Inspiron 3505 is its compatibility with Dell Mobile Connect. By connecting seamlessly with your smartphone, it allows you to focus on a single screen. It is possible because you get timely notifications of calls, SMS, and other messages on your laptop screen.

Secondly, transferring data and other content between your smartphone and laptop becomes a seamless exercise using Dell Mobile Connect. There is no need for the use of cables or complicated cloud storage. It is also possible to mirror your smartphone screen on the laptop and interact with apps there.

The most significant benefit of Dell Mobile Connect is that it allows complete privacy. By using point-to-point connections, it eliminates the use of unsecured internet connections, thereby respecting the confidentiality of your devices.

  • FHD screen with wide viewing angles
  • SSD storage enhances booting time considerably.
  • Excellent CPU with moderate graphics
  • Heating issues
  • No fingerprint scanner

6. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i 81WE004WIN

Lenovo has some excellent laptops in almost every price bands. This Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i laptop comes with incredible features, some of which are as follows.

  • Processor – 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 with Quad-core
  • Clock Speed – A maximum turbo frequency of 3.6GHz with a base speed of 1.0GHz
  • Memory – 8GB RAM
  • Storage – 1TB HDD
  • Display – 15.6-inches FHD display with anti-glare technology
  • Operating System – Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home
  • Software – Pre-installed MS Office Home and Student 2019
  • Battery Life – Up to five hours
  • Connectivity Ports – Five ports

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i is amongst the most attractive laptops around with its slim appearance and long-lasting performance. It comes with excellent features that should be perfect for performing your daily tasks conveniently. 

One of the attractive aspects of this laptop is its portability. This appliance weighs 1.8Kg. The ultra-sleek notebook is one of the slimmest instruments with a thickness of 19.9mm. It is thus, an excellent laptop to have in your backpack wherever you go.

This Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i features a high-quality 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor with four cores. The excellent clock speed makes aspects like lagging a thing of the past.

The 8GB RAM is one of the best among laptops in this pricing band. When you combine the storage of 1TB HDD, it takes productivity to an entirely different level.

The 15.6-inches FHD display allows you to view from some of the most demanding angles. The anti-glare technology ensures full protection to your eyes. Overall, you get an excellent visual experience.

The Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i comes with excellent acoustic features with Dolby Audio compatibility. This laptop delivers a fantastic surround sound experience to give a theatre-like feel when watching movies.

The battery comes with an excellent backup of around five hours, making it the ideal laptop to have. You can switch between the Max Mode where the CPU provides the quick output and the Battery Saving Mode that offers long-lasting power.

The 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor ensures excellent connectivity because of its compatibility with 2×2 Wi-Fi 6. Besides, this laptop is compatible with the latest Bluetooth version, V5.1.

This laptop features adequate connectivity ports like one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, one HDMI port, and one Audio-out and microphone port. It also features an SC card reader. Thus, you can connect your compatible devices seamlessly.

  • One of the slimmest and most portable laptops
  • Incredible performance
  • 10th gen CPU brings excellent connectivity options
  • The webcam could have been of good quality

7. HP 14 FHD Laptop 14s-dr1008tu

The 10th generation CPUs have given a lease of life to the Intel Core i3 processors, as they had gone out of demand. This HP laptop features a powerful 10th gen Intel Core i3 CPU capable of excellent multitasking.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i3 1005G1
  • Cores – Dual-core with 4MB Cache
  • Clock frequency – 1.2GHz and a maximum of 3.4GHz
  • Display – 14-inches FHD (1920x1080p) with IPS
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 RAM, expandable up to 16GB
  • Storage – SSD storage 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home
  • Software – MS Office Home & Student 2019
  • Graphics – Intel UHD Integrated graphics
  • Battery – up to 7 hours with Fast Charge


The best aspect of this HP 14-inches laptop is that it features 8GB RAM, expandable to 16GB.

The storage aspect is taken care of by 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. The significant benefit is that it speeds up the transfer rate and also the laptop’s processing speed. Besides, it offers sufficient room to store your data.

The 14-inches screen is the laptop’s highlight. The 2-side thin bezels enhance the screen’s presence and make for a higher screen-to-body ratio. FHD resolution ensures that you see the visuals in its full glory. IPS technology makes it possible to view the laptop screen from wide angles.

This laptop does not have a discrete graphics card. It features integrated UHD graphics with shared graphics memory.

Windows 10 OS brings with it features like Cortana and a host of in-built apps that enhance the laptop’s performance quotient. The plus point is the laptop’s battery. It offers enough power to last for seven hours at a stretch. The Fast Charge feature is an excellent one to have.

  • Light in weight and compact
  • High-quality performance
  • Incredible battery life with Fast Recharge options
  • MS Office is a trial version.
  • No HDMI port

8. ASUS VivoBook 14 Intel Core i5-1035G1 10th Gen 14-inch FHD Compact X409JA-EK370T

The benefit of 10th generation Intel Core CPUs is that they are swift and more efficient than the earlier generations. This Asus VivoBook features a 10th gen Ci5 processor that is as good as an i7 CPU of the earlier generation.

  • Processor – 10th generation Intel Core i5 1035G1
  • Cores – Quad-core with hyperthreading and 6MB Cache
  • Processor speed – 1.0GHz to 3.6GHz
  • Memory – 8GB (Dual-channel) DDR4 3200MHz, upgradeable to 12GB using 1×50-DIMM slot
  • Storage – 1TB SATA 5400rpm HDD plus 256GB NVMe PCIe 3.0 M.2 SSD
  • Graphics – Integrated Intel UHD Graphics
  • Display – 14-inches LED-backlit FHD with refresh rate 60Hz and anti-glare panel
  • Operating System – Preloaded Windows 10 Home

The Hybrid-storage gives you double benefits of super-fast data performance and large storage capacity. SSD storage enhances responsiveness, whereas the 1TB HDD provides ample room to store your data.

The Nano-edge 14-inches FHD display offers an excellent screen-to-body ratio of 77.5% to deliver an immersive viewing experience. The anti-glare coating reduces unwanted distractions and protects the eyes from glare and reflections and enables you to focus on the screen comfortably.

This laptop weighs around 1.60Kg and is thus convenient to carry along in your backpack. Besides, the laptop has a sleek appearance with its transparent silver or slate grey finish.

One of the positive aspects of Asus VivoBook is its rich and crystal-clear audio. The Asus SonicMaster is an excellent hardware and software combo designed to deliver an exquisite acoustic experience. Signal processing and tuning help to filter noise and improve audio clarity, whereby you get immersive sound.

The built-in fingerprint sensor in the touchpad along with Windows Hello Support enhances the laptop’s security levels. The chicklet keyboard is a treat to use with its ergonomically-designed keys providing a comfortable typing experience.

This Asus X409 comes with excellent batteries that display a lifespan thrice that of standard Li-ion batteries. The Fast-charge technology allows the battery to charge up to 60% in 49 minutes.

This laptop comes with EAR HDD protection to secure your data from physical impacts. The EAR HDD protection feature automatically detects shocks and vibrations to reduce chances of HDD damage, even in a moving vehicle. The reinforced chassis and lid ensure complete protection for the laptop’s delicate components.

  • Good build with excellent protection features
  • High quality sounds to complement the fantastic visuals.
  • Fast charge feature is a big plus.
  • No backlit keyboard
  • No LAN cable port

9. HP Pavilion x360 Touchscreen 2-in-1 FHD 14-inch Laptop

HP Pavilion is another favourite with students because of its compact size and attractive features like an extra-light body. It is also one of the ideal laptops for regular use. Here are some of its features.

  • Processor – 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10110U
  • Clock Speed – The base speed of 2.1GHz and Turbo speed of 4.1GHz
  • Display – 14-inch HD with anti-glare touchscreen
  • Memory –  8GB DDR4, expandable upto 16 GB 
  • Storage – 512 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home

The 10th gen Core i3 processors deliver excellent performance anytime with its brilliant colour and vivid visuals. The battery life is an asset for this laptop.

This HP laptop comes with excellent 8GB DDR4 RAM along with 512GB SSD storage. Therefore storing your documents and files is never going to be an issue on this laptop.

This entry-level 10th gen Core i3 chipsets along with Intel’s Dynamic Platform enables the appliance to shift power levels effortlessly. Hence, it ensures a higher level of performance when compared to the chipsets of the earlier generations.

The 14-inch touchscreen display makes it one of the most versatile devices to use. The 360-degree hinges allow the laptop to be used as a large-sized tablet.

The anti-glare technology ensures a soothing effect for your eyes, thereby delivering an incredible viewing experience.

This laptop comes with Alexa Built-in, thereby enhancing the functionality and making it one of the best computing devices available today.

The compatibility with Alexa ensures that you type less because you can communicate with the digital assistant using your voice. Alexa comes with a host of attractive features to make your overall experience an enjoyable one.

  • 360-degree usage makes it a convenient appliance to use
  • Good connectivity options
  • Excellent touchscreen experience
  • The speaker system needs improvement

10. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT Laptop

Gamers will love this combination of CPU and GPU as it offers them excellent opportunities to enjoy the best gaming experiences. The 3rd generation AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs combine beautifully with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics to deliver an exotic gaming experience.

  • Processor – AMD Ryzen 5 3550H with 6MB cache
  • Processor Speed – 2.1GHz to 3.7GHz
  • Cores – Quad-core with eight threads
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM, upgradeable to 32Gb
  • Storage – 1TB 5400rpm SATA HDD plus an additional slot for SSD storage
  • Graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR5 4GB VRAM
  • Display – 15.6-inches LED-backlit FHD with IPS and anti-glare
  • Operating System – Preloaded Windows 10 Home

This graphics card works up to 70% faster than the previous generation GTX 1050. Compulsive gamers can enjoy the latest games on their ASUS laptops.

Gaming laptops should have the best displays. This Asus gaming model features an innovative NanoEdge design with a slim 6.5mm bezel to ensure an expansive and immersive display.

The ultra-fast 60Hz IPS-level panel allows for smooth gameplay with the minimum of motion blur. The wide-view technology ensures excellent colour consistency, even when looking at the screen from the most extreme angles.

On the performance aspect, this laptop comes equipped with the latest GeForce GTX 1650GPU for seamless gaming and live-streaming. This GPU combines with the AMD Ryzen CPU to take on any task within and outside the gaming arena.

What is a gaming laptop without a gaming-enabled keyboard? The FX505 offers an optimised keyboard for gaming, especially with the One Zone RGB backlighting feature. It features HyperStrike technology to enhance your typing experience.

The improved ergonomics of a highlighted WASD key group takes your gaming experience to a different level. The isolated arrow keys and the recognisable gaps between the function keys offer a delectable feeling when playing the fastest and action-packed games.

The Overstroke technology allows for 1.8mm travel distance to enhance responsiveness. These durable keys can endure up to 20 million key presses.

This laptop features 8GB RAM, expandable to 32GB. On the storage front, it comes equipped with 1TB SATA HDD with an empty SSD slot for expansion.

NVIDIA Optimus feature optimises your laptop for outstanding graphics performance while extending battery life for extended enjoyment.

Gaming laptops can get hot quickly. This Asus FX505 gaming wonder features Hypercool technology consisting of Anti-dust cooling system and HyperFan to ensure optimum cooling during your marathon gaming sessions.

On the audio front, this laptop comes with excellent stereo speakers to deliver a rich acoustic experience. It comes with good connectivity options to connect to compatible devices seamlessly.

  • A power-packed gaming performance at the minimum price
  • Excellent CPU-GPU combo
  • Fantastic display with a superb audio experience 
  • The battery could have been better.
  • Slightly on the heavy side


AVITA LIBER V14 is the new kid off the blocks. However, it does come with excellent configurations to take on the best on their terms and come out with an outstanding performance to boot.

  • Processor – 10th Gen Intel Core i5 10210U with a 6MB Cache
  • Clock Frequency – A base speed of 1.60GHz and turbo speed of 4.20GHz
  • Memory – 8GB DDR4 RAM with Intel Integrated UHD graphics
  • Storage – 512GB SSD
  • Battery Life – up to a maximum of ten hours
  • Display – 14-inches FHD display
  • Keyboard – Backlit compatibility
  • Operating System – Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home
  • Software – Pre-installed MS Office 365
  • Connectivity Ports – Four connectivity ports with SD Card reader

The secret of any laptops popularity lies in its performance and portability. This AVITA LIBER V14 laptop scores are high on both these counts. The 1.25Kg weight makes it one of the most comfortable laptops to pack in your backpack and take with you wherever you move.

On the performance front, you have the 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor delivering a powerhouse of performance with its incredible speed and capacity. This laptop is compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and the latest version Bluetooth V5.1. Hence, it counts as one of the best when it comes to matching performances.

Though it features a 14-inch screen, it incorporates an excellent keyboard with backlighting compatibility. The 1.5mm key movement ensures a dynamic and comfortable input experience.

The 14-inch screen ensures a screen-to-body ratio of 72.8%. Besides, it features an FHD display with IPS anti-glare technology. This combination allows you to watch the screen from angles as wide as 178 degrees without straining your eyes.

The extra-large trackpad is the highlight of this laptop. It enables user-friendly keyboard operations while supporting 4-fingers gesture control. The 10-hour battery backup is an outstanding feature that makes this laptop your ideal companion on your long trips.

The fingerprint reader is one of the best aspects of this new-generation laptop.

The AVITA LIBER V14 comes with excellent connectivity options to help you connect various compatible devices comfortably. Therefore, transferring data becomes comfortable with this appliance.

  • The fingerprint sensor is a welcome feature.
  • The specifications make it a good deal.
  • It is the most portable and lightest of all laptops in its pricing range.
  • The webcam quality needs improvement.
  • The ports appear to be a bit tight.
  • A normal-sized HDMI port would have been better than the micro HDMI port.

Best Laptop Under 50000 – Buying Guide.

What are the significant factors to consider when purchasing a laptop?

Your budget is a critical factor because laptops are available for as low as 25k and also as high as Rs 2 Lakh. The configurations and features decide the laptop’s pricing.

Laptops under 50k are not the best for graphics-intensive activities like gaming and video editing. These laptops are better suited for students, general users, office-going professionals, etc.

Screen Size

Laptops are available on the market with screen sizes ranging from 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches. As we are in the mid-range budget, we should concentrate on screen sizes between 14 inches and 15.6 inches.

Anything above 15.6 inches could push the pricing up considerably, whereas sizes below 14 inches can also be expensive because of their compactness. The Apple MacBook, with a screen size of 13.3 inches, is a prime example.

We have already stated that portability is a critical quality that separates laptops from PCs.

A Laptop with a screen size in the range of 14 to 15.6 inches should be light enough to fit into your backpack comfortably.

Students would love to have some games on their laptops. Hence, the 15.6-inches size should be ideal for them. Otherwise, the smaller laptops will also suffice. You can use the amount you save for having a better processor or other features.

Touchscreen laptops are convenient to use, but they are expensive. The Apple MacBooks are expensive. HP Pavilion x360 is a good laptop with a touchscreen.

We recommend you go for a laptop with screen size in the range of 14 inches to 15.6 inches. Besides being compact, these laptops are light in weight.


As we are discussing laptops with screen sizes 14 to 15.6 inches and pricing under 50000, the 4K and UHD displays are out of the question. The best you can go for in this budget is FHD (1920x1080p).

8K vs 4k

While selecting the display, it is better to opt for IPS panels as compared to VA or TN panels. The advantage of IPS panels is that you get a wide-angled view without any distortion.

Besides, you should also ensure that the laptop screen has an anti-glare coating to keep out the blue light and UV rays. It provides for a soothing visual experience.

A FHD display with IPS and anti-glare technology is the ideal one in this budget.


The keyboard is another crucial aspect of your laptop. Many people do not pay much attention to the keyboard, but small things do matter a lot.

Your laptop screen decides the keyboard size you get. Generally, the keys are of the same size in a 14-inches and 15.6-inches laptop. However, the larger screen allows more keys to be accommodated. Such laptops have an additional numeric pad at the sides to enhance the convenience factor.

Usually, laptop keys are durable and can withstand heavy usage. However, there are chances of the keys becoming loose, primarily when you use the arrow keys or the WASD keys for gaming purposes. It might require a replacement. Under such circumstances, it is a better option to go for a keyboard with individual keys, like the Lenovo models.

Models like Dell have an integrated keyboard that requires the replacement of the entire keyboard even when one key becomes dysfunctional.

Other sterling features to look for in a keyboard include key travel distance, 100% anti-ghosting, backlighting, etc. Simultaneously, you should also check out the trackpad. It should be easy to use.

Specific Lenovo models have the trackpad aligned towards the left, thereby making it slightly uncomfortable to use. It is better to have the trackpad bang at the centre.

There is not much to choose because your screen size determines your keyboard size. However, you can look out for features like backlighting to enhance the illumination factor.

Connectivity Ports

Connectivity is a crucial aspect of computing. Hence, you find laptops featuring a range of connectivity ports, including the HDMI port, USB Type C ports, USB 3.1, and USB 2 ports, along with the Ethernet cable connectivity and audio/microphone jacks. Some laptops also feature SD card readers and DVD drives.

The USB 2.0 ports are the least preferable of the lot. However, you have many compatible devices with these ports. Hence, you should have a minimum of one USB 2.0 port. The USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports exhibit faster data transfer rates than the USB 2.0 port.

The USB C port is an excellent one to have because these ports can support a maximum data transfer speed of 20 Gbps. The latest laptops come with 10th gen Intel Core CPUs that support Thunderbolt 3 connectivity ports. These ports enable data transfer speeds up to an astonishing level of 40 Gbps.

Besides, the 10th gen Intel Core CPUs support Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth v5.0. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest technology available today that is considerably faster than Wi-Fi 5. Though DVD drives have become uncommon today, many laptops have one for convenience.

Build Quality

A laptop is a portable piece of equipment. Hence, there are chances of accidental drops and shocks. A laptop with a sturdy build with military-grade specifications should prove ideal. Some of the laptops, like Mi Notebook, come with dust-proof covers for the keyboard.

Aluminium body for the laptop makes it light and portable. You have laptops with plastic bodies. It is better to look out for anodised body with powder coating on the surface to make the computer sturdy and presentable.

Central Processing Unit – CPU

Today’s kids can rattle off the ideal laptop configurations within no time starting with the CPU. Intel Core and AMD Ryzen are the most prominent CPUs available today. Almost every laptop has either of these CPUs powering them.

Intel Core CPUs

No one goes for the 8th generation Intel Core CPUs today. Almost all laptops featuring the Intel Core processors have the 9th and 10th generation CPUs.

Best Performance laptops

The Intel Core i7 and i9 CPUs are the best when it comes to Intel-powered laptops. However, these CPUs are out of our range. The best performing CPU under 50k should be the 10th generation i5 or the 9th generation i7 CPUs.

AMD Ryzen processor

The AMD Ryzen CPUs are the perfect alternatives to the Intel Core processors. Besides being less expensive, they come with enhanced features like multithreading and a higher number of cores.

However, there are some drawbacks, as well. This comparison between the AMD Ryzen processors and Intel Core CPUs should settle the debate.

Intel Core Vs AMD Ryzen

  1. AMD Ryzen 5 3rd generation processors are equal to the 9th generation Intel Core CPUs in performance.
  2. Costs-wise, Intel Core CPUs are expensive to the AMD Ryzen counterparts.
  3. AMD Ryzen CPUs have more cores and multithreading features, whereas all Intel Core CPUs do not support multithreading. The Intel Core i3 CPUs are usually dual-core processors whereas the AMD Ryzen 5 3rd generation CPUs are quad-core.
  4. Intel Core CPUs have better clock frequencies than the AMD Ryzen processors. The facility of Turbo Boost enhances the booting performance of the laptop.
  5. AMD Ryzen CPUs can support higher and faster RAM compared to Intel Core processors. You can go up to 64GB RAM. Though the Intel Core 10th gen CPUs support up to 128GB RAM, these laptops are expensive.

Intel 10th Generation Intel Processors

The 10th gen chips are available in the Core i3, i5, and i7 processors.

Built on the Sunny Cove architecture, it utilises a 10nm and 14nm process. Exciting software tweaks allow the laptops to have excellent memory frequency and screen refresh rates.

Intel announces that this architecture can push the laptop battery life to more than a day.

The specifications of the 10th generation Intel Core Processors are as follows.

Processor Core i3, i5, and i7
Thermal Design Power 9W, 15W, 28W
Cores/Threads Up to 4 cores and 8 threads
LL Cache Size Up to 8MB
Maximum Turbo Frequency Up to 4.1 GHz
Graphics Configuration Intel Iris Plus up to 64EU and Intel UHD Graphics
Graphics Frequency Up to 1.1GHz
Integrated Thunderbolt 3 Up to 4X
Memory LP4/x-3733, DDR4-3200

Currently, there are 11 10th gen Core processors (6 in the U-series and 5 in the Y-series). All these processors are for laptops and 2-in-ones.

Here are the primary specifications of these processors.

U-Series Processors
  i7-1068G7 i7-1065G7 i5-1035G7 i5-1035G4 i5-1035G1 i3-1005G1
Cores/Threads 4/8 48 4/8 4/8 4/8 2/4
Graphics Iris Plus – 64 Iris Plus – 64 Iris Plus – 64 Iris Plus – 48 UHD 32 UHD 32
Cache 8MB 8MB 6MB 6MB 6MB 4MB
Base Clock 2.3GHz 1.3GHz 1.2GHz 1.1GHz 1.0GHz 1.2GHz
Boost Clock 4.1GHz 3.9GHz 3.7GHz 3.7GHz 3.6GHz 3.4GHz
Y-Series Processors
  i7-1060G7 i5-1030G7 i5-1030G4 i3-1000G4 i3-1000G1
Cores/Threads 4/8 4/8 4/8 2/4 2/4
Graphics Iris Plus – 64 Iris Plus -64 Iris Plus – 48 Iris Plus – 48 UHD 32
Cache 8MB 6MB 6MB 4MB 4MB
Base Clock 1.0GHz 0.8GHz 0.7GHz 1.1GHz 1.1GHz
Boost Clock 3.8GHz 3.5GHz 3.5GHz 3.2GHz 3.2GHz

You can see that the i3 processors are more of the entry-level CPUs with a maximum of two cores in both Y and U-series.

Compared to the i3 chips, the i5 processors are better-placed with four cores and eight threads.

When compared to the i7 chips, they have weaker CPU and graphics boost clocks.

The i7 processors are the best with four cores and complete support for hyperthreading. They have the highest cache of 8MB and the most powerful graphics performance.

Advantage of 10th generation Intel Core CPUs

The 10th gen Intel Core CPUs come with some inherent benefits like Thunderbolt 3 support and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility.

Besides, the integrated graphics in the 10th gen CPUs are better as the Intel Iris Plus graphics are way ahead of the Intel UHD graphics on the performance front.

Other benefits of the 10th generation CPUs are Bluetooth v5.0 compatibility and Intel Optane memory. AI-enabled features make these 10th generation CPUs a favourable one to have.

 A laptop in the ₹50000 range can have the 10th generation Intel Core i5 or i3 CPU, like Ci5 10210U or the Ci3 1035G1. AMD Ryzen 5 3500U should also be an ideal choice.


Random Access Memory or RAM is critical for any computer. A higher RAM enables you to multitask better. In these days of excellent connectivity, multitasking is a crucial aspect. The higher the RAM, the more efficient is the laptop at multitasking.

The Ideal RAM:

A laptop can work comfortably with 4GB RAM. However, it is advisable to have a minimum of 8GB to enable smooth multitasking. 8GB is better because it provides sufficient RAM to the CPU even if it has to share the memory with the integrated graphics.

The RAM speed is a significant factor. AMD Ryzen CPUs support RAM speeds in the 2993MHz to 3200MHz frequency range, whereas the Intel Core i3 and i5 CPUs do not support more than 2666Mhz.

A dual-channel RAM is preferable to single-channel RAM as it provides you with opportunities to upgrade at a later stage. A laptop in the range of 50k should come with upgradeable RAM up to a maximum of 12GB. Anything more than 12GB can affect the laptop’s pricing.

Depending on your usage pattern, you can select your RAM. General users can work comfortably with 4GB RAM, whereas those watching multimedia or use the laptop for extended periods should opt for a minimum of 8GB.

8GB RAM with upgradeable options up to 12GB or 16GB is the ideal configuration to have.


RAM and storage go hand-in-hand. Many people confuse RAM with storage, as well. However, they are two distinct concepts.

Laptop storage comes in two options, HDD, and SSD. Let us understand the difference between the two.

HDD – Hard Disk Drives

HDD is the most common storage option available in laptops. However, they are fast losing their popularity to the SSDs. HDDs are heavy and bulky. Besides, they have movable parts.

Hard Disk drive

Therefore, they are more prone to damage. HDDs rotate at high speeds of 5400rpm or 7200rpm. Hence, they emit heat and make noise, as well.

SSD – Solid-State Drives

SSDs are like your RAM cards and hence light compared to HDDs. SSDs do not have any movable parts.

Thus, they are not as prone to damage as the HDDs are. SSD storage can enhance the overall processor speed by several notches.

We have seen that HDDs rotate at speeds up to 7200rpm. SSDs are much faster than HDDs, thereby enabling more incredible data transfer speed.

You should know the glaring differences between SATA and NVMe to understand the benefits of SSDs better.

SSDs are lightning-fast, but they have a limiting factor in the SATA III connections that hard drives use. NVMe is a better option as it allows the SSDs to perform at the speeds they are capable of, instead of restricting them.

The SATA 7200rpm HDD drive can write at speeds of 100Mbps, whereas a SATA III SSD can go up to 500Mbps. On the other hand, the NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD can write at 3500Mbps. Thus, you have seven times the writing speed with NVMe SSDs.

The recommended storage for a laptop under 50000 is 512GB SSD or hybrid storage of 1TB HDD and 128/256GB SSD.

Graphics Processing Unit – GPU

Graphics is integral to a computer as it enables the laptop to render the image to the monitor. If you do not have graphics, it would not be possible to see anything on the monitor.

Hence, graphics are as critical to the computer as any other component we have discussed so far.

Integrated Graphics Vs. Discrete Graphics

There are two types of graphics cards. One is the integrated graphics card that comes as part of the laptop with the other option being the discrete graphics card.

Laptops with low configurations such as the U-series (see the U as the suffix to your CPU) CPUs come with integrated graphics cards. The higher-end CPUs feature discrete graphics cards.

An Intel Core powered CPU contains an Intel UHD graphics card, whereas the AMD Ryzen series processors feature the AMD Radeon Vega 8 integrated graphics card.

These cards should be sufficient for regular use. However, if you are into graphics-intensive work like gaming and video editing, you will need the discrete graphics processors.

Our budget of Rs 50,000 will not allow you the liberty to go for the high-end graphics card.

These Laptops, with their integrated UHD graphics, allow moderate gaming but fall short of your expectations when you try to play the fast and action-packed games. The maximum you can hope is the NVIDIA MX250 graphics.

Compared to the integrated graphics, the MX250 graphics card is better. It allows you to indulge in gaming activities. However, it is no match for the high-end GeForce GTX and RTX graphics cards.

Secondly, integrated graphics cards do not have a separate memory. These cards share the memory with the CPU RAM and thus, affects the overall computer speed.

The discrete graphics cards offer you the option to have discrete RAM in the form of GDDR5 or GDDR6 VRAM. The higher-end 10th generation Intel Core CPUs support GDDR6 RAM that is much faster than GDDR5.

Generally, laptops under Rs 50,000 feature integrated graphics. Mi Notebook is the only laptop that has an NVIDIA MX250 graphics card with 2GB GDDR5 memory.

Cooling technology

As your computer works continuously for extended hours, the internal components can become hot. If you indulge in massive gaming activities, the GPU and CPU gets hot faster.

Therefore, gaming laptops and other high-end computers feature state-of-the-art cooling technology.

In our case, The normal ventilation provided at the laptop base (reverse of the appliance) should be sufficient to keep the laptop internal temperature under check.

You can use a cooling pad or place the laptop on a stand to ensure better air circulation.

Operating System:

Generally, all laptops come with a pre-loaded version of Windows 10 Home OS with lifetime validity. Chrome OS is an excellent alternative to have.

Many laptop manufacturers offer a trial version of MS Office as an additional attraction. Generally, these trial versions are for a month after which you have to renew the subscription.

The Windows 10 Home OS is a good one to have.

Battery Life

A laptop is a portable appliance. You cannot take your electrical source everywhere you go. Therefore, The battery life becomes a crucial factor that determines the laptop you purchase.

The best laptop is one that can work for the most extended period. Generally, eight hours of battery life is outstanding. Anything above six hours is excellent.

Let us now discuss the critical factors that affect battery life. It can help us maximise the battery use by conserving power. It enhances battery life and improves overall laptop performance.

  1. Increasing the screen brightness results in higher consumption. You should adjust your laptop settings to have optimum brightness. Anti-glare technology proves useful under such circumstances.
  2. The more the number of applications running in the background, the higher is the battery consumption. Unless necessary, you should not have multiple apps running simultaneously. Similarly, it is better to close the browser windows that you do not need. It enhances laptop performances considerably.
  3. Continuous connectivity through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is exciting. However, it consumes a lot of power. You do not require a constant internet connection when watching a movie that you have downloaded earlier. Turning it off can help conserve energy.
  4. Your OS is also a crucial factor that determines the amount of power your battery consumes. Laptops working on Chrome OS consume less energy than those on Windows OS.

Here are useful tips and tricks that can help your battery to last long.

  1. Though it sounds odd, you should not charge your battery up to 100%. You can stop the recharging as soon as the battery meter shows 95% to 97%.
  2. Similarly, you should not drain the battery entirely to 0%. As soon as the battery meter reaches 10% to 15%, it is better to plug in the charger.
  3. If you do not need using the laptop for a while, you can switch on the Hibernation mode. It consumes less power. 
  4. One should not use duplicate chargers or any charger other than those supplied with the laptop.

Some of the laptops today feature Rapid Charging facility. It helps the batteries to recharge to up to 80% within one hour. It proves useful when you are away and do not have much access to charging points.

The ideal battery life is between six to eight hours.

Other aspects you should consider

Protecting your laptop from intruders and malicious hackers is crucial. You should have the following security features in place.

It will protect from cybercriminals hacking into your notebooks and compromising with confidential data.

  1. Before you start using the laptop, you should install a robust anti-virus system to protect your data.
  2. The latest laptops, especially the high-end ones, feature security features like biometric identification like facial recognition, fingerprint scanners, etc. The laptops in your budget might not have these features.

You can consider insuring your laptop and safeguard your financial interests.

A Summary

We sum up the information discussed above in a nutshell. Your laptop under Rs 50,000 should have the following features.

  • Processor – Intel Core i5 or i3 10th
  • Alternatives – AMD Ryzen 5 3rd generation
  • Graphics – Intel UHD integrated graphics or AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics
  • Alternatives – NVIDIA MX 250 with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM
  • Memory – 8GB RAM, upgradeable to 12GB or even 16GB
  • Storage – 1TB HDD plus 128/256GB SSD or 512GB SSD
  • Screen Size – 14 inches to 15.6 inches
  • Display – FHD (1920x1080p) with IPS and anti-glare
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home or Chrome OS
  • Battery Life – Six to eight hours
  • Connectivity Ports – HDMI, USB 3 Type C, USB 2, Thunderbolt 3, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth v5.0

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be the best RAM and storage combination for laptops? 

Laptops under 50k should generally come with 8GB RAM and 256/512 GB SSD storage. However, a lot depends on the CPU and graphics card. If you have a 9th or 10the generation CPU, you cannot go more than the Intel i5 processors.

2. Can you have a good gaming laptop under Rs 50,000?

Generally, gaming laptops are expensive because they require high-quality graphics cards and compatible CPUs. They need more RAM and storage, as well. Getting a good gaming laptop under 50000 can be challenging.

3. Is it better to go for the 10th gen CPUs?

Yes, The 10th gen CPUs are more efficient than the 9th generation chips. They come with additional features like Thunderbolt C and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility to ensure faster data transferring capacity and better internet connectivity speed.

4. What is the appropriate screen size for a laptop?

Laptops come in various screen sizes. 14 to 15.6 inches Provides the best balance of Portability and Performance. Laptops with Small display are lighter and more compact but you won’t get improved viewing angle.

5. What are the best laptop brands under 50k?

Some of the best laptop brands are Lenovo, HP, Dell. Asus, Acer and Mi. All these manufacturers produce a range of laptops that fit any price range. These laptops are the best you get in this niche.

VS Chaithanya Is Vsbytes's Editor-In-Chief. He Is A Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert And Has Been Interested In Computer Hardware, Software, And Gaming Right Since The Time He Was A Child.


  1. Hello sir, Can u suggest some laptops under 50K with i5 or above, minimum 8 GB ram, 1TB storage with 258 GB SSD, good graphics, mainly Backlit keyboard and good battery life….

    • It’s really weird that Laptop Manufacturers are not providing backlit keyboard for Budget Laptops. Not much models under 50K have this option. i5 10th Gen Laptops with The storage Specifications you have mentioned are not available under 50K. Mi Laptop is available but it doesn’t have the backlit keyboard. Checkout the below models with backlit keyboard that are priced around 55k. It is better to spend 5 or 6K more and get the right model.

      Lenovo ThinkPad E14 (Amazon Link – This is an excellent Laptop with Military Specifications, rugged model with 10th Gen i5-10210U, excellent display, 8GB RAM, Storage and 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD. Excellent security with TPM 2.0 chip for encryption of data.

      ASUS VivoBook 15 (Amazon Link – Intel Core i5-1035G1 10th, 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD.

      • Sir what these to even tho its above 50K can u check about that….. Hp 15s i5‑1035g1/8gb/256/win10 AND ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 15.6-inch FHD Thin and Light Laptop (8GB RAM/512GB NVMe SSD/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics/Bespoke Black/1.80 kg), M513IA-EJ310T…. can u say the difference between the HP, DELL and the LENOVA, ASUS etc… sorry for this type of question but i need to kno…

        • The ASUS M513IA-EJ310T is an excellent option with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Procesor, The 8GB DDR 3200MHz and 512GB M.2NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD is excellent. This is model is better than the HP 15s-du2077tu with 10th Gen i5. Ryzen 5 Processor has more clock speed, more cores, more threads and 8MB Cache.

          HP, DELL, Lenovo and ASUS all are top brands with excellent reputation and support. It’s not about the brand, but you have to look at the individual configuration. In General Lenovo laptops are more affordable than DELL Laptops. The Lenovo Thinkpad E models come with Military grade specs, can handle accidental knocks, drops, and even spills.

          The Build Quality of the Dell and HP models is excellent. Lenovo also makes Ideapad Slim laptops that are more affordable with excellent specs but you have to compromise on the build quality.

  2. Sir can you recommend only one laptop for programming and android studio emulator..with good battery backup and must have 5 years lifetime..also people are saying ryzen gets heated very high than intel is it true???

    • AMD Processors are good now. Ryzen Processors have more cores, multithreading and also support faster ram. Please checkout the below models.

      Mi Notebook 14 (Amazon Link – This model comes with 10Th Gen Core i5-10210U, 8GB Ram and 512GB SSD. Also, there is Nvidia MX250 Dedicated Graphics suitable for emulator.

      HP 15s-du1065TU (Amazon Link – Good Build Quality, 10Th Gen i5, 512GB SSD and 4GB Ram.

      HP 15s eq0024au (Amazon Link – Ryzen 5 3rd Gen, 8GB Ram and 512GB SSD with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics.

  3. Hi, I need a Laptop to study Design Softwares such as AutoCAD, Solidworks etc…and also I need MS office for college purpose with lifetime validity with a better battery backup…under 50K.

    • Hi There, Checkout the below models

      HP 15 10th Gen Intel Core i5 (Amazon link – This models comes with 10th Gen i5 Processor, 512 GB SSD, 4 GB Ram and MS Office. Not many laptops in this price range offer Free MS Office.

      Mi Notebook 14 (Amazon link – This is a better model with 8GB Ram, 512 GB SSD and 2GB Nvidia MX250 Dedicated Graphics that will be useful for AutoCAD. Offers excellent battery life.

      Dell Inspiron 3505 (Amazon link – Ryzen 5 model with 8GB Ram and 512GB SSD with MS office.

  4. I have a budget of 50k .
    All I want is a laptop for regular use by a college student with good sound for audio and video playing.
    8gb ram
    Atleast 512 GB SSD storage

    And one more question
    Is intel i3 worth buying in the current situation?

  5. sir can u recommend me a laptop with good battery backup, backlit keyboard, good web cam, light gaming under 50 k please?

  6. Suggest laptop under 50k for
    Medium act gaming
    Online ! Class
    Regular browsing
    Normal usage
    Photo editing sometimes

    • Hi Mounika, For Work from home, you need a laptop with good battery backup, a Fast Processor and 8 GB Ram to switch between those programs and run multiple tabs at once. You also need an SSD Storage for fast data transfer and most importantly you need excellent connectivity and a Full HD Display. Please have a look at the below models.

      You don’t need a Dedicate Graphics card for Work From Home. You need that card only if you want to play action games.. If you want such models, We can list. The below models come with 10th Gen Intel core i5 Processor. The Latest from Intel. These models support WiFi 6 for Great Internet Speeds future proof.

      Only few models are available below 50K

      Mi Notebook 14 Intel Core i5-10210U 10th 512GB SSD (Amazon link –
      Mi Notebook 14 Intel Core i5-10210U 10th 256GB SSD (Amazon Link –

      Please also have a look at the above models listed in the Post and let us know if you have any other queries.

  7. Sir plz recommend me a laptop under 50k which have m. 2 slot ,type c and ram upgraddable and last but not least is i5 8 gen.

    • Hi There, most of the m.2 ssd Laptop models are priced a little bit on the higher side. You can have a look at this ACER Latest Laptop.

      ACER Swift 3 with Intel core I5-8250U 8th gen, 8GB ram 512GB SSD, 14 inch Full HD display (Amazon Link –

  8. Hey guys, I need some suggestions! I need a laptop with i5 8th Gen, 14-15.6″ Full HD display. I don’t require any OS pre installed as I don’t want to spend money in that. Preferably MS DOS is fine.
    Also, I want to have 128/256 GB SSD and no HDD.
    Ports such as USB 3.0/Type C is a must.
    Finally the budget around 50k.
    Thanks !

  9. Bro..can u please suggest me a laptop for medium usage
    Medium gaming
    Full hd display for movies
    Better storage

    Waiting for yur response ?

  10. I need a laptop for my studies like programming in c,c ,Linux,unix etc. and for regular use.So can you suggest me some laptops under 40-50k and my preferred brands are hp,dell, lenovo and there is one more question for you…….please tell me how can i dual boot Windows 10 and ubuntu in my laptop.

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