With more people accessing the internet, the need for printing content has also increased. Therefore, every home has a printer today.

Offices also need printers for ensuring convenient correspondence. Therefore, the demand for printers has increased.

best laser printer

It brings us to the burning question as to which is the ideal printer for home and business use.

If you look at it from the convenience angle, the inkjet printers should be the best for home use, whereas laser printers should ideally cater to commercial requirements. Through this buying guide, we shall now look at how to select the ideal laser printer.

Best Laser Printer in India

1. HP Laserjet M1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

HP is considered as the market leader when it comes to manufacturing printers. This laser jet printer comes with the perfect qualities that make it ideal for home and office use.

  • Laserjet printer
  • Multifunction – Print, Scan, and Copy
  • Connectivity – USB connectivity
  • Pages per minute – 14
  • Paper size – Seven sizes
  • Laser Toner – HP 12A Black
  • Yield – 2000 pages
  • Duty Cycle – up to 5000 pages per month

The HP Laserjet Multifunction printer is a versatile one that can perform various functions like printing, scanning, and copying. Thus, it is an ideal one to have at home as well as in the office.

Another advantage of this printer is that it sits compactly on your desk. Though it is bigger than an inkjet printer, it does not occupy much space. Apart from this versatility, this printer is a fast one capable of printing 14 pages in a minute.

The positive aspect of this printer has a built-in instant-On technology that uses fuser technology to produce the first print faster after resuming from low power mode. This feature ensures that the printer reduces energy consumption.

This printer is an Energy Star qualified appliance. The Flatbed scanning allows the printer to deliver high-resolution scans of up to 1200dpi.

This configuration makes it the perfect printer to scan old black and white photographs.
This HP printer features a 150-sheet input tray so that you never run short of papers at crucial times. The appliance comes with a 10-sheet priority input tray, as well.

The highlighting feature of this printer is its speed. The HP Fast Res Technology ensures a top speed of 14 sheets per minute. The copier is also an excellent one that comes with various resizing options ranging from 25 to 400%.

This device features Optical Character Recognition that one can use for converting documents into digital formats for editing or archiving.

  • High-quality printing
  • Excellent speed
  • A functional memory capacity of 2Mb
  • Fantastic for bulk printing jobs
  • No duplexing
  • Does not have wireless printing facilities

2. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto Duplex Printing

Apart from HP and Canon, Brother is one of the top manufacturers of laser printers. This device ranks as one of the best in the business because of the following stupendous features.

  • Laser Printer
  • Single function (Print alone)
  • Monochrome
  • USB Connectivity
  • Speed of 30 ppm
  • Supports a variety of page sizes
  • Laser toner TN-2365
  • Page yield – 2600 pages
  • Duty Cycle – 10,000 pages per month

Brother Laser printer is one of the most efficient machines available today. Its excellent print speed of 30 pages per minute. It has a fantastic print resolution of up to 2400×600 dpi. It produces professional output with high-quality text output and excellent graphics.

The Duplexing feature is one of the highlights of the printer. Hence, it saves paper while looking professional at the same time. The 2-in-1 copy function can scale two or more documents to one A4 paper and thus, help you save paper.

This printer with a manual feed slot and rear paper exit to provide a straight path. Hence, it enables thicker documents to pass through, such as envelopes and letterheads.

The laser printer meets all your printing needs, as its adjustable paper tray can handle paper of the regular A4 and document size with equal ease. The design of the paper tray is such that it protects the paper from moisture and dust.

  • One of the fastest printers in town with 30 ppm
  • The duplexing feature saves paper
  • Ideal for printing envelopes and letterheads
  • Monochromatic printer
  • Cartridge yield is 1500 pages
  • High printing cost

3. Canon Image CLASS LBP2900B Single Function Laser Monochrome Printer

Canon is the ideal competitor to HP when it comes to printers. These are the first two names that come to mind when you talk of printers. This printer comes with excellent features like,

  • Laser Printer
  • Single Function – Print alone
  • Monochrome
  • Connectivity – USB
  • 12 pages per minute
  • Page size support – 2
  • Page Yield – 2000 pages
  • Cartridge Toner – Cartridge 303

This Canon Laser printer is a compact one that sits on your office table comfortably. It is also an ideal one for home use because it does not occupy much space.

This printer harnesses the power of Canon Advanced Printing Technology (also known as CAPT) and Hi-ScoA (High Smart Compression Architecture). This feature allows it to process images faster than the other conventional printers available on the market.

The technology compresses the print data into smaller sizes thereby allowing for a quick transfer from the computer to the printer. Therefore, it ends up with a fantastic speed that you usually associate with expensive printers.

This printer features a unique software that creates appealing collages and calendars from the images stored on the PC by making suggestions to the users to get the best out of the images.

Canon’s exclusive On-Demand Fixing Technology ensures to transfer heat almost instantly. The Quick warm-up time enables the printer to respond from Standby Mode.

Thus, you have a speedy performer on your hands. This printer is different because it comes with a Duplexing feature, thereby enabling you to save paper and time.

  • Compact machine
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent speed of 12 pages per minute
  • Single function
  • Monochrome

4. HP Laserjet Pro M126nw Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

HP Laserjet Pro M126nw is one machine that could suit your domestic and official needs. This multi-functional appliance can work at a wide temperature range of 15 to 32 degrees. Some of the fascinating features of this printer are,

  • Laserjet Printer
  • Multifunctional (Print, Scan, Copy)
  • Monochrome
  • Wireless and USB Connectivity
  • 20 pages per minute printing speed
  • Supports a range of paper sizes
  • Cartridge – HP 88A
  • Page Yield – 1500 pages
  • Duty Cycle – 8000 pages per month

This printer is different because it can directly print from your smartphone. It is also compatible with Wi-Fi and USB. Thus, you can refer to it as a future-ready printer in many ways. This printer delivers crisp and clear content with an excellent resolution of 600x600dpi.

This printer is a multifunctional appliance, as you can print, scan, and copy documents comfortably. The printing speed of 20 pages per minute is an excellent one that ensures a productive printing experience.

This HP laser printer is a highly compatible device, as you can print from a range of gadgets like your smartphone, tablets, laptops, and computers.

This printer not only saves power but also enables you to save paper because it can print on either side of the paper. It supports a range of formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, TXT, and so on.

The Wireless compatibility ensures that you can use the printer to print without a network connection. Connect your smartphone to the printer using your Hot Spot and start printing within no time.

This printer is a compact one that takes up very little space on your table. Therefore, it is one of the ideal machines to have in your home, as well as your office.

  • Excellent speed
  • Most Durable
  • High-quality prints
  • Duplexing
  • Not compatible with large-sized pages
  • No back-lit in digital display screen

5. HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

Compared to the Canon printer reviewed above, this HP Laserjet printer is a bigger model. It is an ideal one for your office, but it can also make for a great home use printer as well.

  • Laserjet printer
  • Multifunction – Print, Scan, Copy
  • Monochrome
  • Connectivity – USB
  • Pages per minute – 18
  • Pages supported – Six
  • Duplexing feature
  • Cartridge – HP 88A
  • Cartridge yield – 1500 pages
  • Duty Cycle – 8000 pages per month

This HP printer is the best one to have on your office desk as it performs different functions like printing, scanning, and copying. This stylish printer stands out from the others because of its ability to offer more than what its peers do. Besides printing, this printer can scan and copy, as well.

The advantage of this printer is outstanding text quality. This multifunctional printer is a professional when it comes to delivering quality output.

It is one of the most compact appliances available. The all-black matte exterior imparts a classy and sophisticated look.

This energy-efficient device comes with Auto-On/Auto-Off technology that shuts off the printer when it remains idle for a long time. Thus, it is always ready to start printing when you want it to do so.

This printer is different from the HP Laserjet described earlier, as it comes with Duplexing feature. The highlighting feature is the printing resolution of 600X600dpi. The duty cycle of 8000 pages in a month makes it an excellent device for office use.

This Energy-star certified printer features a 150-sheet input tray that should be sufficient for your printing needs. The scanning and copying feature of this printer makes it a versatile one. This appliance comes with a unique scan to email feature.

  • Good printing speed
  • Excellent quality
  • Duplexing feature makes it versatile
  • Energy-saving device
  • Monochrome
  • Price can be an issue

6. HP 1020 Plus Single Function-Monochrome Laser Printer

This laserJet printer is the ideal one for office use because of its durability. This printer is a simple one that does not come with functions like scan and copy.

  • LaserJet printer
  • Single functionality
  • USB Connectivity
  • Compatible with all OS
  • Speed of 14 pages per minute
  • Supports different paper sizes
  • HP 12A Cartridge
  • Yield of 2000 pages
  • Duty Cycle of 5000 pages per month

The HP LaserJet 1020 Plus comes with a single function mode. It does not scan or copy. However, it is one of the best laser printers for printing documents. Though it does not come with a Duplexing feature, it is a good device to ensure quality printing all the time.

This monochrome printer delivers sharp text images to ensure a professional job. The compact design of the HP Printer 1020 is such that it suits both home and office use.

The contoured sloping top makes it one of the most elegant ever. It saves a lot of space, whereby it is an ideal one for your home.

The most remarkable feature of this laser printer is Instant-On technology. It enables the printer to switch on immediately, thereby ensuring to deliver the first print within 10 seconds from a standstill position. Therefore, you get quality prints while saving energy at the same time.

The Duplex printing feature is not available. However, it enables you to save paper. It also improves the quality of the output. The smart printer draws its power from a high-speed 234 MHz processor with a 2MB internal memory.

This printer gives high-quality prints at a resolution of 600x600dpi. This printer can handle a wide range of media. Thus, it is one of the ideal printers to handle letters, legal documents, postcards, and envelopes. This printer is one of the most competitively priced machines in its range.

  • High-quality printing
  • Excellent memory
  • Instant On Technology
  • No Duplexing feature
  • Monochrome printer

7. HP Laserjet-Pro M30w Multi-function Wireless Laser Printer

HP Laserjet Pro M30w is unique because it is the world’s smallest laser printer in its niche. Though it is around 30% smaller than its predecessor, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to delivering quality performances.

  • Laserjet Printer with multi-functionality
  • Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 connectivity
  • 20 pages per minute
  • Compatible laser toner
  • 1400 pages yield
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Ideal for business use

With the HP Laserjet Pro M30w gaining the distinction of being the smallest laser printer in the world, it can fit anywhere in your office or home. Besides, its exquisite appearance adds a touch of glamour to the entire office ambience.

This printer’s performance proves that size does not matter when it comes to delivering a performance of uncompromising quality. The performance is as good as any other HP laserjet printer model.

A positive aspect of this laserjet printer is that it is compatible with your smartphone. The print and scan compatibility with the smartphone allows you to stay connected to your business from anywhere. Besides, you can use the HP Smart App to order the laser toner for keeping the printer in permanent working condition.

The printing speeds of 20 pages per minute is incredible as you can maximise your uptime and your business need not wait for printer availability. It is also possible to scan your emails to the printer, thereby making it for multi-destination digital sending.

The HP Auto On/Off technology is unique as you can shut off the printer when not in use. It helps save energy.

The M30 series printers come with an easy slide-off glass scan-bed design that is free from raised edges or bumps to make it easy for the paper to slide off the scanner glass.

The Easy ID copy feature allows you to capture both the sides of your ID document onto one side of the paper. This printer supports various page sizes such as A4, A5, A6, B5, C5, DL, and postcards.

The M30 printer series is one of the most economical ones as the compatible laser toner can cater to nearly 1400 pages on a full cartridge.

  • Small and compact size, hence, fits anywhere.
  • High-quality printing
  • One of the most comfortable to use
  • The Auto On/Off feature requires a firmware upgrade.
  • There are a couple of installation issues.

8. Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex Printing

Brother is another excellent laser printer model fit for business and commercial use. This laser printer allows you to print and scan documents or photos without any hassles. This multifunctional printer is a worthy asset for any business enterprise.

  • Laser printer with multiple functionalities
  • 30 paper per minute printing speed
  • Compatible with all paper sizes
  • TN 2365 Standard toner cartridge
  • Windows XP home compatible
  • USB Connectivity

This printer proves its worth because it comes with a printing speed of nearly 30 pages per minute. It thus ranks amongst the best laser printers for official use. The 2400×600 dpi print resolution produces professional output with excellent graphics and crisp text.

Printing envelopes is comfortable on this printer because it features a straight-through paper path instead of the curved path observed in various printers. Thus, Brother DCP-L2520D is ideal for thicker documents like envelopes, letterheads, etc. It ensures that your printed material always look their best.

This Brother laser printer is ideal for your office and other commercial establishments because of its convenient paper handling features. It comes with a 250-sheet capacity paper tray that can handle all paper sizes (letter or legal-size paper).

The paper tray has a cover to protect the paper from dust and moisture, thereby improving the output quality significantly.

The separate toner and drum technology is a unique combination because you can change the toner without changing the drum. The toner can handle up to 2600 pages, whereas the drum life is around 12,000 pages.

This multifunctional printer can print, scan, and copy with equal finesse. Though it does not support Wi-Fi, it connects to your PC or laptop through a USB cable.

This excellent office printer is compatible with a host of operating systems like Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista, and even the earlier Windows versions like Windows 2003, etc. It is also compatible with macOS. Thus, it is an ideal printer to have in your office. Duplex printing facilities are also available with this laser printer.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Cost-effective device
  • Economical on the power front
  • Print on both sides of the paper comfortably.
  • The printer is a bit bulky.
  • Not possible to operate the printer from mobile phones.

9. HP Neverstop Laser Multi-function Direct W-Fi 1200w printer with Google Cloud Print

HP Neverstop laser printer works true to its name as the laser tank technology helps self-reloading within 15 seconds. Hence, your office or commercial establishments never feel the absence of a printer at any time.

  • Multifunctional laser printer
  • Black and white output
  • Wi-Fi and Highspeed USB connectivity
  • A printing speed of 20 ppm
  • The overall yield of 5K pages
  • Supports all paper sizes
  • A duty cycle of 20000 pages

The unique feature of this HP Neverstop laser printer is the 15-second mess-free self-reload feature. It allows you to restore the toner levels without making any mess. Thus, your printer is back on the job within no time, thereby reducing stress levels.

The cost-effectiveness of this printer makes it a sought-after appliance in offices and homes. When compared to other HP toner cartridges, the HP Neverstop cartridges are the cheapest, as they cost around 29 paise per page.

When it comes to measuring the yield, this printer ranks amongst the best with a superlative yield of 5000 pages on a full charge.

The HP toner reload kit, and the black laser imaging drum delivers thousands of pages for a smoother printing workflow. The best aspect of this printer is that replacing the toner does not cause any mess.

This revolutionary laser printer delivers consistently high-quality laser prints with sharper text and bolder blacks. This laser printer is amongst the most economical ones available today as you print high volumes at ultra-low costs.

The 20-pager per minute speed is an excellent one, ideal for business and commercial use. This laser printer works all day tirelessly long to print high volumes of content with uncompromising quality. The only time it pauses is when you reload the toner.

The quick reloading time of 15 seconds ensures that you get back to your printing jobs within no time. This printer features a Toner Level indicator to guide you when to reload it. As soon as the level indicator displays +1 or +2, you can start the reloading exercise.

As it works on Wi-Fi connectivity also, you can print content from your smartphone with ease. Besides, it is also compatible with USB 2.0 connectivity. This printer supports almost all paper sizes ranging from the A6 sizes to the envelope-size. The paper tray can hold around 150 papers comfortably at a time.

  • Quick self-reloading feature
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Quality B/W printing
  • No colour printing facility
  • Not the easiest of printers to install

10. HP Laserjet P1108 Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

The HP Laserjet P1108 is a simple single-function monochrome laser printer but capable of proving extremely useful in your office. The print quality and the utility factor make this printer one of the ideal laser printers in every office.

  • Single function, print only
  • Black and White printing
  • USB Connectivity
  • HP 88A Black laser toner
  • 18 pages per minute
  • Supports various paper sizes
  • A duty cycle of up to 5000 pages per month

No office is complete without a laser printer. This HP Laserjet P1108 ranks as one of the most commonly available printers because it is one of the most comfortable printers to install and use. It features built-in drivers and an intuitive control panel that enables you to set up the printer instantly.

This compact laser printer comes equipped with an Auto On/Off technology that makes this unit an energy-efficient one. The printer switches on and off automatically, thereby lowering energy consumption by almost 50%.

This monochrome printer is perfect for your office, especially for small business establishments. You can comfortably print small-scale professional documents at affordable prices.

The writing speed of around 18 pages per minute ensures the delivery of sharp images and bold text, thereby catching every bit of subtle detailing. The HP FastRes 1200 technology enhances business graphics to give smaller print files and consistent tones.

This HP Laserjet P1108 is a versatile device as it is compatible with a wide range of media including cardstock and transparencies. The HP Laserjet Pro P1108 does not take much warming-up time. Thus, you can start your printing job within minutes. The Instant-On technology ensures faster output without compromising on the printing quality.

This Laserjet P1108 comes with a 266MHz processor and 2MB internal memory to accelerate the printing speed considerably. You can connect your laptop or PC to this printer using the USB 2.0 port and start printing your documents within no time.

  • One of the handy printers to have in an office
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to repair
  • Refilling is convenient because of the easy availability of the 88A cartridge.
  • Does not have the copy and scan features that are available in some of the latest printers
  • Black and white printing

The pros and cons of laser printers

Before we go into the buying guide aspects of a laser printer, we shall look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of laser printers. It should make your task of selecting the ideal laser printer easy.

The advantages of laser printers

Laser printers have the inherent advantages that make them ideal to use in offices.


No one can deny that laser printers are incredibly fast. On average, a laser printer can print 30 to 40 sheets in a minute. That makes it an ideal machine to have in an office.


The high level of technology involved in the manufacturing of these laser printers ensures that they deliver the output of the best quality, especially when it comes to producing text documents. However, the laser printers are now improving, as the latest appliances available are capable of producing quality images, as well.


Compared to the inkjet machines, the laser printers are incredibly durable. You rarely ever hear of a laser printer breaking down. One has to concede that the printers can be expensive, but they do provide you with hassle-free service for years to come.


Initially, the laser printers cost much more than their inkjet counterparts. However, they are economical because of the higher page yield of the laser printers. The average toner cartridge can deliver more than 1000 pages, thereby making them cost-effective.

The disadvantages of laser printers

Before purchasing a laser printer, you should have an idea about their demerits, as well.

Not versatile

Laser printers work great on the standard printer and copier papers. Yes, they are excellent when you need printing on the regular A4 and A3 sheets. However, they are not as effective when you use a thick card or glossy photo paper. The heat and the pressure generated by the laser printers make it challenging to print on such documents.


Compared to the inkjet printers, the laser printers are costly initially. It could well be beyond the reach of the casual user.

Not ideal for printing photographs

Though the quality of laser printers have improved, they are still not the ideal ones to use for printing photos. The inkjet printer always does a better job of layering and blending colours using liquid ink dots. The laser printers fall short when it comes to printing quality photographs.


At one point in time, these laser machines were gigantic. Even today, they are bigger than inkjet printers. It should not be an issue when you use them in the office. However, these printers can occupy a lot of space in the home.

How do laser printers work?

We have seen the pros and cons of a laser printer. Now, this could set you wondering as to how they work. The explanation is an extremely technical one. Therefore, we shall not go deep into the technical aspects.

In short, we can say that the laser printers work in a similar way to the photocopiers.

These printers use a high-intensity light (laser) to print an exact replica of the source page.

The difference between a photocopier and a laser printer is that the laser printers can use electronic data sent from your computer to print the output. Copiers can only copy the source document.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink for printing documents, whereas the laser printer uses a toner. The laser printer uses an electrical charge to instruct where, when, and how the toner should be dispensed on the paper.

The inkjet printers work on a straightforward principle of dispensing ink when the cartridge moves across the page.

Points to note when purchasing a laser printer

We shall discuss the features of a laser printer and the aspects you should concentrate on while purchasing it.

Colour or Monochrome

It depends on your printing needs. If you need a printer to print invoices or simple monochrome documents, you should choose a monochrome laser printer. A colour printer can be an expensive one. They are more useful if you need them regularly for printing colour documents.


Nowadays, you have printers performing multiple tasks. They include photocopying, scanning, sending and receiving fax messages, and even printing photos. The printers available today can also print data present in pen drives or USB sticks.

The latest printers also use cloud-based apps. Therefore, it depends on how you want to use your laser printer. A multi-function laser printer can do all these tasks.

Handling papers of various sizes

Usually, people use A4 sheets for printing documents. Hence, most of the home printers are compatible with A4 size paper sheets. However, if you run a business, you might require using papers of varying sizes. You might also need to print addresses on envelopes.

These envelopes could be thicker than the regular A4 sheets. Hence, you should check out the printer specifications. It will help you understand the weight of the paper it can handle.

When you use the printer in an office, you would need it to print many pages at a time. Hence, it should come with sufficient storage space for papers of various sizes.

The office printers come with trays that can accommodate around 250 to 275 sheets. If you have a higher requirement, you can always go for the printer having multiple shelves.

Nowadays, duplexing is a regular feature in printers. Duplexing is when you print on both the sides of a paper. Another aspect is the Automatic Document Feeder. The printers available today come with these built-in features.


A home printer can be a simple one that can connect to a single device such as a computer or a laptop. Some of the home printers also connect to smartphones using specific cables.

Cloud printing features are also present in many printers these days. Hence, you can print documents from remote locations without connecting your device to it. Such printers are compatible with Google Docs, OneDrive, and so on.

However, the conventional office printer should have Ethernet connectivity so that other people can link to your printer for their printing assignments.

They can operate the printer from their computers. Under such circumstances, you should be able to install your printer on all the accessible devices.

The better option today is wireless connectivity. Opportunities are available where you can also have printers with Wi-Fi Direct capability.

Some of the latest machines work on NFC technology, as well. You need to place the device near the printer to pair with it.


We are living in an age of touchscreens. You have a touchscreen smartphone in your hands.

You use touchscreen controls on your car. Your laptop supports touchscreen. Would you not like your laser printer to offer this level of convenience? A touchscreen panel allows you to control various options easily.

Other aspects of convenience include the swiftness with which you can access the paper trays. The ease of changing the toner cartridges is also one of the points you should concentrate on when looking for the convenience factor.

Cost of the toner

When it comes to printers, you can safely say that the cost of the replacement cartridges can quickly overtake the value of the printer. Remember, it is a recurring cost, as well.

People owning inkjet printers will realise soon that the cost of maintaining the printer is much more than the overall price of the appliance.

Similarly, in the case of a laser printer, the cost of the replacement toner is a crucial aspect that should influence your decision.

It is advisable to go for the high-yield cartridges that last longer and print more pages before the toner needs replenishment.

Power consumption

Printers can consume power. Hence, people usually do not connect their printers to the home inverters. Before purchasing your laser printer, you should verify its Energy Star Compliance. Go for the one that saves power.

It can be a bit expensive in the initial stages, but they end up being economical. Many printers today come with the Sleep mode that saves energy while eliminating the need to switch on and off frequently.

Noise emission

People using Dot-Matric printers can vouch for the noise it creates when printing. It can end up waking an entire neighbourhood if you use it at the dead of the night.

In comparison, the laser printer and the inkjet appliances are noiseless. The printers available in the market today come with a low noise output of up to 50db.


Printers for office or commercial use come with a feature known as the duty cycle. It is the number of pages that the printer can print monthly.

If you need a printer for regular use, it is essential to check out this factor. Domestic users need not worry much about this feature, as they have limited use of the appliance.

Processor and Memory

The beauty of today’s printers is that you do not have to wait for a document to print before assigning another one.

You can assign multiple reports at a time. The printers come with processors and a good memory to carry out the printing activities with ease.

Similar to smartphones and laptops, you have printers with upgradeable memory. You will need such printers if you use it to print designs and graphics using PCL or PostScript language.

Size of the printer and ease of installation

One has to admit that the laser printers can be bulky enough to move around from one place to another. Hence, you should take care of its installation in advance.

Select the right location to install the printer. You will not be changing the location very soon. Secondly, you should also ensure that it is convenient to replace the cartridges or load the papers without moving the printer too much.

We have seen the various points that you should consider when purchasing a printer. We now proceed with reviewing some of the best laser printers available in India.

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