When it comes to choosing electronic goods, people normally look out for Japanese goods. They have a reputation of being sticklers for perfection.

At the same time, the Korean manufacturers are not very much behind as far as reliability is concerned. A glance at the LG brands of electronic appliances affirms this fact.

Lak Hui (Lucky) Goldstar or simply LG as it is popularly known is a renowned player in the television market. They have a great presence in India, one of the most popular destinations for electronic goods, especially televisions.

Nowadays, you have a majority of people having at least two television sets if not more in their homes.

Working with the primary objective of making Life Good for everyone, LG has come up with the latest OLED TV models. Let us look at what OLED technology is before moving on to the other unique features of LG televisions.

LG TV Buying Guide

What is OLED?

Can you take a guess as what exactly does OLED convey?

Now, everyone knows that LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This part does not need any kind of elaboration at all. There is a craze for organic food, organic beauty products, etc in the world today.

Under such circumstances, can we presume that “O” stands for ‘Organic’? I must say that you right on the dot. “OLED” stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode.

OLED is a semiconductor made of organic material that glows when you pass electricity through it. They call this effect as “electroluminescence”. When you use the word ‘organic’, it entails that you have carbon as one of the main ingredients accompanied by certain other chemicals.

Every OLED pixel can create its own light depending on the amount of electric current it receives. This conveys that more electricity means more light while no electricity translates into ‘no light’ at all. This is the key to OLED’s excellent picture quality.

OLED TV marketers claim that OLED technology can produce infinite contrast. It is a fact though it seems very difficult to believe.

OLED technology is the only one that can create the perfect black. Now, the contrast ratio is defined as the brightest white divided by the darkest black. In the case of OLED, the denominator is ‘Zero’. Thus, theoretically, they are correct when they claim that they can produce infinite contrast.

Contrast ratio is one of the most important aspects of picture quality. When you have a technology capable of creating an infinite contrast, it has to produce the best quality pictures.

How is OLED different from the normal LED TVs?

Each OLED pixel is independent and can produce its own source of light. Hence, this is the only technology available today that is capable of producing the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. This is the basic concept of High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

No other LCD / LED TV is capable of producing this contrast level. Though many people claim Plasma technology as the discovery of this century, this technology cannot produce the effects created by OLED technology.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) works on the principle of blocking the light created by the backlight. It can be the CFL bulbs or LED lighting.

The LCD panels cannot block out all the light thus ensuring that they are unable to create the perfect blacks.

There is no question of any backlighting in OLED technology as the OLEDs themselves are sources of illumination when electricity falls on them. Hence, an OLED TV does not have backlighting in the form of either CFL or LED. Hence, you have sleeker TVs in comparison to the bulkier LCD / LED TVs.

Usually, you find that the entire backlighting in LCD TVs work as one unit. This entails that the dimming of the screen occurs across the entire screen. You have the ‘local dimming LEDs’ today that can dim or brighten certain sections of the LCD screens independently.

Hence you might have say 6, or 12, or even 300 dimming zones on the screen. You will be amazed at the fact that a 4K OLED TV has more than 8 million dimming zones.

How is this possible?

It is possible because OLED TV dimming works on a per-pixel basis. It may certainly lack the extreme light output of some latest technologies like the Quantum Dot LED (also known as QLED) by Samsung but as far as the darkest blacks are concerned, nothing can come near to OLED technology.

Note: This Post only covers about LG Televisions and other TV Technologies. We have also listed Best Led TVs in India, Best 4K Televisions, Best Full HD TVs and Best 32 inch TVs here.

How does the OLED technology work?

All color TVs including the OLED ones use the basic colors ‘red, blue, and green’ and mix them to create all the colors of the rainbow. Thus, in order to produce the colors, the traditional LCD TVs use RGB color filters whereas the plasmas use RGB phosphors. The OLED TVs other than LG use red, green and blue OLED elements.

How is LG OLED TV different from the others?

LG’s OLED uses only two colors, blue and yellow. Using these color filters, they create red, green, and blue colors. They have a clear white element as well to enhance the brightness factor.

Instead of making this part of the article too technical and difficult to understand, we shall state that the OLED technology is great for creating the perfect blacks. The QLED technology pioneered by Samsung is excellent for creating the brightest whites.

If you have a technology that combines the best of OLED and QLED, like say pixels made of Quantum Dots, you could end up with the technology of the century. Maybe, that day is not far away when you might actually see the combination of OLED and QLED technologies.

Let us now proceed with some of the other attractive features of the LG OLED televisions before reviewing some of the best TVs on offer.

Multi HDR with Dolby Vision:

HDR has become the byword for excellence in TV viewing experience today. In the days gone by, people were speaking of concepts the brightest colors, etc. Today, you have concepts like the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. In between, you have the natural colors as well.

This is the essence of HDR, a more dynamic contrast, higher degree of brightness, and wider range of colors. You end up with a life-like TV viewing experience. HDR ensures that it enhances the image quality and highlights the details that you normally miss out on the traditional LCD / LED TV.

LG can claim to be the pioneers of TV innovation. The OLED technology with HDR and Dolby Vision is proof of this. The specialty of OLED is that it is an emissive technology as compared to the transmissive technology that QLED presents. When we use the word emissive, we reiterate that the OLED pixels emit their own light instead of relying on the luminescence of the backlighting.

The normal HDR LCD / LED TVs reproduce 14 stops of brightness whereas the multi HDR concept of OLED goes on to produce 21 stops. This enables you to view the images with a greater sense of clarity. Combine it with the Dolby Vision technology and you get to experience the power of Hollywood Studios on your OLED TVs.

IPS 4K Nano Cell Display:

The Nano Cell Display is another wonderful technological innovation by LG. This technology involves the use of uniformly sized particles of approximately 1 nm in diameter for displaying accurate colors. You get a vibrant display resulting in a flawless experience even when you watch the TV from a tilted angle of up to 60 degrees.

These nano cells can absorb surplus light wavelengths thereby enhancing the color purity. You have an amazing 4K screen to visualize the excellent result. The nano cells are capable of producing picture content 64 times richer than that of the conventional TV.

They are capable of bringing out over a billion shades of colors. LG’s IPS 4K Nano Cell Display technology is capable of reproducing innumerable shades of colors with finer degradation thereby allowing you to view accurate color display from wider viewing angles.

You do not experience the usual problems of LED TVs such as color fading, image instability, and other degradation issues.

In addition to the Nano Cell Display technology, you have the ULTRA Luminance technology which transfers excess of current from the darker regions thereby boosting the contrast levels. You end up with sharper and crispier images. All LG panels have this technology. LG is the pioneer in this technology. It is evident in the fact that LG supplies panels to its competitors like Sony and Panasonic.

Smartness at its best with WebOS:

The best thing about computer monitors is that you can see multiple scenes on the same screen. The WebOS supports this kind of multi-viewing on LG OLED TVs.

The Magic Remote comes with myriad uses such as motion-controlled point and click functionality, voice commands, etc. You can use it as a universal remote to control other compatible LG appliances. Operating the LG Magic Remote is very easy because of the clear demarcation of the buttons.

You have the additional functionality of assigning a speed dial to your favorite channels in the same way you do so on your smartphone. This ensures that accessing your favorite channel is just one press away.

What is LG TruMotion Rate?

When you compare across a range of TVs, you use a lot of parameters. One such parameter is the refresh rate.

The refresh rate is the rate at which the TV refreshes a frame per second. Usually you have this rate in the range of 50 Hz to 60 Hz. Different TV manufacturers classify it in different ways. Samsung calls it the ‘Clear Motion Rate’ whereas LG markets the same as LG TruMotion Rate.

This rate is very useful when you witness fast paced scenes such as sporting events and high action movies. LG TruMotion rate enables you to watch the minutest details with the greatest deal of ease.

The feature of LG TruMotion rate is that it has the capacity to upscale the refresh rates and keep up with the faster programming thereby weeding out the motion blurs.

Comprehensive Protection

Who would like to have a TV that wears off soon because of its delicate construction and operation? LG understands this concept better than others as it offers comprehensive protection to each of its televisions. Let us look at some of the steps taken by LG in this regard.

The In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels shipped by LG today are capable of resisting a range of temperature and pressure changes. You need such diverse equipment because of the vast geographical area of this country, India. You have cities that experience different temperatures throughout the year.

Input voltage is also an area of concern in India. You have deep fluctuations in voltage. Hence, you find these LG TVs capable of surviving wide fluctuations in voltage ranging from 100 V to 240 V. It can also provide safety in the 50 Hz to 60 Hz frequency range.

You can experience unexpected surges in lightning. Hence, the LG TVs of today are armed with 500 V cap, fuse, varistor, thermistor, and isolator for protection.

The dust-resistant back cover vents have also seen an improvement over the times because dust can be a major factor in many Indian homes.

Regional Language Support:

Indians take great pride in the diversity of languages they speak. Any company intending to make a mark in the Indian subcontinent has to cater to a range of languages.

LG has taken the initiative in this regard by providing support to their clientele in various regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, etc.

Indians are crazy about Bollywood movies. The LG TVs have a Bollywood mode that automatically selects the optimum equalizing options thereby providing a cinematic experience to the viewers.

Something New and Interesting

You must have heard of mosquito repellant advertisements being played on TV at frequent intervals. Have you ever heard of a mosquito repellant TV?

LG has pioneered this Mosquito Away Technology that uses ultrasound waves to keep the mosquitoes away. Thus, you need not use mosquito repellants that rely on harmful chemicals. LG is the first TV manufacturer to include this feature in its high-end TVs.

Where does LG stand in comparison?

LG differs from the other TV manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic in the fact that it uses IPS instead of the Vertical Adjustment (VA) panels. It is undisputable that VA can offer more vibrant picture quality. However, as far as viewing angles are concerned, nothing can beat the IPS panels.

The IPS panels score high on the durability factor as well. No other brand can match LG as far as versatility in models is concerned. Sony might boast of a uniform screen performance but it does come at a cost. Even Sony with all its Japanese technology cannot match up to the Korean conglomerate LG in the versatility factor.


Before looking at some select LG models, we shall summarize the good and bad of LG in a few words.

Starting on a positive note, LG has the interests of the common Indian at heart. This is evident in offering designs that are capable of withstanding high voltage fluctuations.

The LG designs can keep up with the vagaries of the weather as well. You have positive features such as mosquito repellant TVs, protection from high surges, etc. The OLED technology is the perfect icing on the cake as it provides for an unbeatable experience for its elite customers.

One should have knowledge about the negative aspects as well. LG, for some strange reason, prefers to use the IPS panels whereas its competitors have moved ahead with the VA panels. The IPS panels have a history of offering a low contrast ratio.

However, in spite of this handicap, LG is the leading manufacturers of TVs in India. These models are versatile and innovative in their own way. This company is in existence for more than two decades. Therefore, there is no dearth of quality in the LG brand of televisions. One can opt for this brand anytime. They live up to their reputation of Life’s Good.

Best LG 4K TV – OLED – E6T

You have two variants in this model, the 55-inches, and 65-inches. You get the first model in Amazon whereas the 65-inch model is not available in India at present. Let us look at some of the top features of this television.

Check 55 inch 4K Price at Amazon, 65 inch Model at LG.com

  • The OLED technology envisages lighting up of every pixel enabling you to get an unparalleled exhibition of color and clarity. It is possible to watch the richest details of every image. Experience the effect of the brightest whites and the darkest blacks in this wonderful TV.
  • OLED technology promises infinite contrast without any leakage of light. This technology is not presently available in any other TV in this range.
  • When you have the perfect blacks and whites, you should get the perfect colors as well. The vibrancy of these images is literally the talking point of the town.
  • With nearly 8.3 million pixels, you get a screen resolution about 4 times that of Full HD. You will be able to experience breathtaking clarity even at close range.
  • The WebOS 3.0 is the latest addition to the LG Smart TV platform. The advanced features make it a treat to use.
    This is a Netflix recommended TV. Hence, you can watch Netflix movies with all their original features.
  • The OLED technology does not require any backlighting. Hence, you can make these TVs as slim as possible.
  • You have an elegant stand along with which comes an integrated Sound bar speaker.
  • The Harman Kardon audio system is of the highest class.

Best Full HD SMART LG TV – LH576T

You get this smart TV in two variants, the 46-inches, and the 49-inches models. Amazon offers you some attractive discounts on both these models. They are also available on Flipkart. These are some of the striking features of the models.

49 inch – 49LH576T  – Check Price at Amazon

43 inch – 43LH576T – Check Price at Amazon

  • These are full HD TVs with screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. The 2 million pixels spread across the screen present outstanding pictures.
  • The LG Smart TVs come with an Advanced Magic Remote that is convenient to use. Connecting this TV with other devices is easy.
  • The Wi-Fi Alliance certified Miracast feature allows for seamless connection between the TV and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • This Netflix recommended TV allows you to watch your favorite Netflix TV shows and movies.
  • Switching over to YouTubeTM for accessing unlimited video content is very easy.
  • The built-in Wi-Fi allows for greater connectivity with other similar devices. This ensures that you enjoy seamless home entertainment.
  • The Clear Voice III feature separates the background noise thereby providing you with a crisp and clear hearing experience.
  • The metallic design makes you TV look enviable in the living room.
  • The narrow design is the highlight of the LG TVs. The narrow bezel design eliminates the space between the screen and the bezel thereby blending in beautifully.
  • This TV is smart in its energy saving aspects as well. The TV does not use any electricity in the Standby Mode.

Best Budget LG TV – LH516A

The two attractive models in this brand, the 43-inch and the 49-inch can suit the budget of the common Indian consumer. Attractive EMI offers are available on both Amazon and Flipkart. Let us glance through the exciting features of this TV.

49 inch – 49LH516A – Check Price at Amazon

43 inch – 43LH516A – Check Price at Amazon

  • The LED backlighting is like a dream. You get crisp pictures with vivid life-like colors.
  • Get a fantastic sound experience with the 20W Powerfull Sound feature.
  • Keeping up with the trend, you have various regional language options thereby making it the best TV for the Indian home.
  • Cricket is like religion in India. The Cricket Mode ensures you get a stadium like feeling in your home.
  • The metallic design presents a beautiful sight making this TV one of your prized possessions.
  • The Bollywood mode is great for film enthusiasts.
  • The Triple XD engine brings you a higher degree of colors, picture quality, and performance.
  • The narrow design is a marvelous one lending beauty to the home.
  • You have access to play Divx and Divx HD videos on this TV.
  • The IPS panels allow you to view the TV from 60-degree angles as well without feeling any distortion in the image quality.
  • You get all round protection that no other TV manufacturer in India provides.
  • Children would love this TV especially for the built-in games it offers.

Final Words:

You have just seen the features of the OLED LG TVs in detail. LG has a reputation to maintain. With an experience of over 2 decades on Indian soil, it has become as Indian today as any other local Indian manufacturer. They truly live up to their motto of “Life’s Good.”

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