This article explores some of the best ergonomic chairs available in India for office and home use.

Many people work from home, as well. They, too, spend long hours working on their computers.

The buying guide discusses the various points to consider when purchasing an ergonomic chair for office and home use.

Best Office Chairs (Ergonomic)

1. GreenSoul Monster Ultimate Series Ergonomic Chair – GS-734U

Gamers or office professionals need flexibility in their movements to bring out the best of their capabilities. The GreenSoul Ergonomic chair provides the ultimate in comfort with its amazing features.

  • Breathable premium soft fabric
  • Metal frame for increased stability
  • Spandex Upholstery and memory foam
  • Lumbar Pillow
  • Innovative Engineered Frog Mechanism with locking facility
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • High-quality castor wheels
  • Three-year warranty

GreenSoul Monster Ultimate Series is one of the best ergonomic chairs in India for home and office use. The adjustable neck and head pillow arrangement with comfortable padding allow you to sit for extended periods without any inconvenience.

This chair features a flexible memory foam lumbar pillow to provide the necessary support to your spine. Thus, you do not need to compromise with your posture.

The GreenSoul Monster product comes with a flat and spacious seat that allows you to cross your legs and relax. It is one of the best ergonomic chairs for office use because it prevents your legs from getting cramped up.

The 4D armrests made of PU Carbon texture are not only soft and comfortable but also provide an excellent grip. As these armrests are adjustable, you can angle them depending on your convenience.

This GreenSoul Monster Ultimate Series ergonomic chair ranks as the best chair for lower back pain because of the lumbar pillow. At the same time, it provides excellent neck and head support.

The best aspect of this chair is that it is scientifically designed to provide comfort to your shoulders, arms, things, and knees. The heavy-duty castor wheels can bear weight and allow you a high degree of mobility without any inconvenience. Hence, it qualifies as one of the ideal ergonomic chairs to work from home.

This chair is available in three models, Monster (2018), Monster Pro (2019), and Monster Ultimate (2020).

  • Better than a leather chair because of the breathable Spandex fabric
  • Prevents heat build-up, thereby providing more comfort
  • Frog Mechanism enables you to lock the chair into any position
  • Though the product claims that it allows tilting up to 180 degrees, it is not possible to do more than 135 degrees without the danger of the chair toppling backward
  • Armrests seem to be on the smaller side.

2. Green Soul Beast Series Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair (GS-600) 

Here is another product from GreenSoul that has the qualities to rank as one of the best ergonomic chairs for gaming in India. Its excellent features make it hugely popular among the gaming community.

  • Chair Height – 48 to 51 inches
  • Seat width – 14.9 inches
  • Seat depth – 18.5 inches
  • Breathable soft fabric
  • Metal frames make it a robust piece
  • Maximum weight capacity – 120 kgs
  • Three-year warranty

GreenSoul products are renowned for being passionate about the well-being of its customers. Hence, they care a lot about ensuring the best posture for the user. This ergonomic chair comes with an adjustable and removable headrest pillow that provides additional cushioning to the neck and head area.

The adjustable lumbar pillow provides the ideal support to your lower back. The reclining feature allows you to relax and take mini-breaks from your busy office schedules. The racing car bucket seats sink to the perfect depth when you sit on them. The ample seating size also provides a high degree of comfort.

This ergonomic chair features adjustable 3D armrests that can move in three directions, height, angle, and back-front. The breathable fabric proves much more comfortable than leather upholstery because it allows smooth airflow.

This chair can bear weights up to 120 kgs comfortably. The castor wheels are strong enough to allow free movement back and forth.

  • The excellent fabric does not cause heat or sweating, thereby enhancing comfort levels
  • Comfortable seats large enough to accommodate heavy persons
  • Foam application is good.
  • Chair tends to gather a lot of debris because of the excessive folds
  • Headrest and backrest seem to be too thick in comparison to other products in its niche

3. Savya Home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming cum Office Chair

An office chair should be not only comfortable to use but also have aesthetic looks as it enhances the overall ambience in the office. The Savya Home gaming office chair qualifies as one of the best office chairs in India on both these counts.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Multipurpose gaming chair
  • Breathable Premium PU leather
  • Comfortable seat
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Alloy Style large casters

An office chair or a gaming chair is different from the one ones you use for regular seating purposes. These chairs require you to sit on it for long hours. Hence, they come with better-cushioning features to offer greater comfort.

The Savya Home office and gaming chair has an ergonomic design with a strong metal frame to enable a comfortable seated position. The thick padded back and the comfortable seating arrangement take this chair to the ultimate comfort level.

Office chairs should have multi-functional adjustments. This chair has a customisable armrest and adjustable seat height settings. While reclining and rocking at 90 to 180 degrees, this seat offers a 360-degree swivel.

The strength of this office chair lies in its 5-point base that comes equipped with heavy-duty, smooth-rolling casters. The best part of these casters is that they do not damage the floor by scratching the tiles or carpets. Besides offering high mobility, these casters provide excellent stability.

The removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion add to the comfort quotient. The broad seat allows heavy people to sit comfortably without sinking into the cushions. The 3D armrest moves in three directions, back-forward, up-down, and right-left to offer the highest level of comfort.

This chair comes with a Class 4 Pneumatic Gaslift that enables the heavy-duty swivel mechanism to work with control. A single lever is sufficient to rock the chair forward and back. The 170-degree tilt level provides extra comfort when you sit on the chair for extended hours.

  • Easiest to assemble
  • Breathable PU leather adds to the comfort level.
  • High-quality hand rests
  • Leaning forward causes the chair to lose balance.
  • The overall build needs some improvement, especially if you weigh more than 100 kilos

4. Savya Home APEX Chairs Apollo Chrome Base High Back Engineered Plastic Frame Office Chair

This Savya Home APEX office chair ranks as one of the most comfortable office chairs in India because of its exquisite design, the uniquely shaped headrest, and the breathable mesh fabric.

  • Ergonomic Co-Polymer chair with black-contoured back mesh
  • Chrome-plated metal base
  • Pneumatic 5-inch seat height adjustment
  • Plastic armrest
  • Strong nylon casters
  • One-year warranty

The best feature of this ergonomically designed office chair is the up and down adjustable upholstered head support. The adjustable nature makes it easy to tilt your head backwards or forward without having to lean forward or recline back.

The breathable premium line mesh backrest enables free air circulation, thereby reducing sweating on your back and lower body areas. The up and down spring-actuated front and rear adjustable lumbar support provide the ideal comfort to your lower back.

This chair comes equipped with an elegant, durable, and comfortable armrest that allows you to rest your tired elbows after long hours of continuous typing on the PC keyboard.

The height adjustment feature makes it an ideal chair for the average Indian executive. The tilting lever adjustment makes it possible for you to rest your back by reclining it at a comfortable angle.

The chrome-plated steel base looks excellent while providing the much-needed stability to the chair. The 50mm super-strong nylon caster can rotate in all directions to make this chair one of the best when it comes to mobility.

The breathable neck pillow keeps your neck relaxed and comfortable. The breathable fabric enhances the cooling capacity of the chair and prevents your neck area from sweat.

The 360-degree swivel is one of the stellar features of this executive chair. The five-point wheelbase lends the required stability as you swivel 360 degrees to fetch your stationery or set up your printer options in the office.

The adjustable height factor makes it comfortable for you to place your feet on the ground. Thus, your knees and thighs get the support they need to reduce the overall stress on your body as you sit for uncomfortably long hours.

  • Adjustable neck support provides a high degree of comfort for your neck muscles.
  • The mesh fabric allows free air circulation.
  • The sturdy wheelbase offers excellent mobility and stability.
  • Not the most ideal chair for those weighing over 100 kg
  • The backrest is not adjustable according to your convenience.

5. Green Soul Newyork High Mesh Office Executive Ergonomic Chair with Adjustable Arms and Tilt Lock

Workaholics prefers green Soul office chairs because of the greater levels of comfort and convenience they offer to the user. As they provide the best support to your back, shoulders, arms, and neck, they rank amongst the best office chairs in India.

  • Indigenously manufactured product
  • Nylon and Glass fibre frame
  • Mesh-type upholstery cover
  • Withstand up to 110 kgs
  • Three-year warranty

Sitting on an office chair for long hours can be taxing on your back and shoulders. The Green Soul High mesh office chair provides the ideal support because it enables free air circulation to enhance the comfort levels to another degree.

The best aspect of the breathable mesh upholstery allows the air to circulate, thereby enabling you to maintain cool while sitting in a relaxed manner. The black-coloured upholstery adds to the overall attractiveness quotient.

This office chair comes with adjustable lumbar support that can be pushed forward or backwards, depending on your desired comfort level. All the user does is to rotate the lumbar support knob clockwise and anti-clockwise to enjoy excellent lumbar support.

The adjustable headrest offers the maximum support to your neck and head. It is designed to provide the greatest degree of comfort. The breathable mesh fabric allows free air circulation making it more enjoyable to sit on this chair for extended hours.

Another excellent feature of this ergonomically designed office chair is the adjustable armrest. It provides the maximum comfort to your arms while working and typing on your PC keyboard. The best aspect of this T-shaped armrest is that it is adjustable in height and can be locked as per your convenience.

While being able to support weights up to 110 kg, this office chair offers high levels of mobility and stability. The 360-degree swivel and nylon casters allow smooth movement and excellent flexibility in your working space.

  • The mesh-type upholstery enables free air circulation and maintains your body cool.
  • The adjustable headrest and armrest are excellent comfortable features.
  • Excellent mobility and stability
  • The tilting feature is a risky one, especially as you lean for more than 105 degrees.
  • The body takes a lot of time to adjust to the big hump in the seat.

6. Wipro Furniture Alivio Mid Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

With the office interior designing improving to world-class levels, you must have office chairs to match with the ambience. The future-ready design of this Wipro executive ergonomic office chair makes it one of the best-designed office chairs in India.

  • Ergonomically engineered Synchro-Tilt Mechanism
  • Cushioned lumbar support
  • Adjustable armrest and seat height
  • High-quality fabric
  • One-year warranty

This comfortable office chair strikes the perfect balance between performance and elegance. The attractive seat, coupled with the ergonomic design enables users to deliver their best performances in office and even in the WFH environment from their homes.

The aesthetic appearance of this chair adds a touch of glamour to your office and enhances the overall ambience to a different level altogether.

This chair is large enough to accommodate people weighing up to 100 Kgs comfortably. The cushioned seat is aligned correctly to prevent heavy people from sinking into the cushions.

The ergonomically engineered synchro-tilt mechanism is an excellent one as you can tilt backwards even when your feet touch the ground.

The adjustable seat height allows both tall and short people from making optimum use of this ergonomically designed office chair. The adjustable armrests are placed at a perfect angle to deliver the best possible support to your forearms and shoulders at the same time.

The cushioned lumbar support protects your lower back from strain. The wire mesh upholstery at the back allows free air circulation, thereby maintaining the body temperature and prevents unnecessary sweating. Thus, it offers the highest levels of comfort.

The five-pronged base with high-quality nylon casters makes it one of the most comfortable chairs to use. It offers a high level of stability and mobility. The 360-degree swivel makes it the best one to use in the office.

The adjustable backrest comes with a single-point locking mechanism at the upright position. The adjustable knob for backrest tension adjustment is easy to operate as you can turn it clockwise and counter-clockwise with great ease.

The Waterfall Edge seat design eases the pressure on the thighs and knees, whereas the ergonomic backrest reduces the stress on the spine and the lower back.

  • Ergonomic design of the highest quality
  • Maximum support to almost every part of your back, shoulders, and neck
  • Stable and high mobility features
  • No headrest
  • Requires installation by a carpenter

7. beAAtho JS-29 High Back Executive Office Revolving Chair

If looks were the only criteria for deciding the best office chair in India, this beAAtho JS-29 would win the competition hands down. However, it is also an excellent performer besides being the most attractive of the lot.

  • High-Quality Metal Chrome stand
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Hydraulic mechanism
  • Stretchable rexine fabric
  • Tilting mechanism

If there is an office chair well designed to comfort your spine, it is this beAAtho JS-29. The curved cushions synchronise with your spine’s shape perfectly to offer the highest levels of comfort.

The best aspect of this office chair is that the seat is perfectly aligned to allow you to place your feet comfortably on the ground. At the same time, it keeps your elbows straight, whereby it becomes convenient to type out on your laptop or PC keyboard.

The S-shaped backrest ensures that you do not have to lean forward while using your laptops and computers. The large armrests provide the perfect comfort while also allowing you to manoeuvre the chair smoothly forward or back without worrying about falling off from it.

The high-quality metal chrome stand offers the highest level of stability.

The heavy-duty caster wheels offer excellent mobility in all directions. The 360-degree swivel feature allows you to revolve comfortably. Thus, you do not have to get up from the chair when reaching out to stationery and other files kept behind your back.

The Up and Down hydraulic system allows you to adjust the seat height so that your heels touch the ground and not your toes. This chair is ideal for both tall and short people as it offers excellent stability even when you have a seat in the raised position.

The tilting mechanism is perfect without causing you to lose your balance when tilting back or forward. You can push the lever in to lock the chair and maintain the backrest at 90 degrees. Pulling it out enables you to tilt the backrest to a comfortable 105 degrees.

The heavy-duty stretchable rexine fabric gives your chair a regal look. The high-quality brown coloured upholstery makes it an attractive model, thereby proving fit to be referred to as a boss’ chair.

  • Comfortable to use and easy to assemble
  • Ample cushioning to provide a high level of comfort
  • Excellent lumbar support because of the S-shaped backrest
  • The armrests are made of plastic and look vulnerable.
  • The rexine fabric is not breathable.

8. CELLBELL C102 High Back Office Computer Desk Gaming Chair

This ergonomically designed chair provides the ideal support necessary for your back and shoulders when you slog it away on your office desk for hours on end. This best chair for office use comes with excellent features that add to the convenience level.

  • Padded seat for extra comfort
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic lift
  • Can withstand up to 110 Kgs
  • Synthetic leatherette upholstery
  • Chrome base with five caster wheels
  • One-year warranty

The sterling aspect of this C102 high back office chair is that it provides ideal comfort to the neck muscles because of its ergonomic design. The thick padded backrest provides the perfect curve for your back to rest properly, thereby reducing the stress and strain on your lower back.

This chair is the ideal one for people of all sizes, small and big.

The Class 4 gas lift feature allows you to lift the seat comfortably without making any noise. The pneumatic lift is also one of the smoothest to operate.

The push-back mechanism is easy to use and master. One flick of the thumb is enough to allow you to recline at a 105-degree angle to catch with your much-needed rest. Another flick helps the seat to regain its original position in an instant.

The elegantly designed armrests are placed ergonomically to provide the ideal comfort to your elbows. The rubber padding adds to the cushioning effort and makes it easy for you to grip the chair when you move around from one end of the table to the other.

The 5-star wheelbase made of sturdy material can easily withstand weights up to 110 kgs. This office chair comes with five beautifully-designed wheels that can rotate in all directions, thereby enhancing the mobility factor to another degree.

The Rocking Pressure Adjustor adjusts the flexibility of rocking back in your chair. The height-adjustable seat is a convenient arrangement that helps in multi-tasking. The lock feature allows you to lock the recline at any angle between 90 degrees and 110 degrees.

This chair is ideal for the average Indian office going executive who is between 5-feet 8-inches to 6-feet in height. As it can comfortably withstand 110 kgs, it serves as the perfect office chair available in India.

  • Most comfortable seating arrangement, even for bulky people
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Excellent cushioning arrangements
  • Seat length is more for short people with height less than 5-feet 6-inches.
  • The upholstery is not breathable, hence prone to become hot with continuous usage.

9. MISURAA Imported Zenon High Back Ergonomic Chair

This imported ergonomic high-back chair is designed to offer the highest level of comfort. The best aspect of this chair is that it is an ideal one for gaming as well. Though priced a bit on the higher side, this chair qualifies as one of the best office chairs in India.

  • Seven comfort functions
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ideal lumbar support
  • Ideal air circulation
  • Breathable mesh
  • A high degree of mobility and stability

One of the desirable features of this office cum gaming chair is that it does not use any foam or other materials for providing comfort. The wire mesh backrest offers the perfect air circulation and thereby helps to maintain cool.

This chair comes with seven adjustable functions to provide state-of-the-art support. You can adjust the lumbar support height to provide the best support for your back and lower spine. The adjustable armrest is another stellar feature as you can change its height to suit your preferences.

This chair comes with a seat-depth adjustment feature to accommodate heavy people. The headrest height is at a perfect angle to provide your neck with the necessary support.

The backrest tilt is ideal for offering comfort to your back.

The synchro-tilt mechanism makes it comfortable for you to recline and take rest when you feel tired. The breathable mesh backrest provides perfect air circulation and does not allow your body to heat and cause discomfort.

Another sterling aspect is the high-quality, durable material used for constructing the base. The cast aluminium base and nylon body make this office chair one of the sturdiest around.

The multi-position back recline locking feature prevents you from toppling over as you can lock the recline at a comfortable angle. The seat height and depth adjustment features allow both tall and short people to use the chair with ease.

One of the best features is the sturdy nylon caster wheels. These wheels can rotate in all directions, thereby allowing you to move seamlessly from the end of the office table to another. The sturdy wheels do not damage the flooring in any way. This chair is also one of the best to use on carpeted floors, as well.

  • The high-quality breathable mesh ensures proper air circulation.
  • Excellent mobility and a high degree of stability
  • Heavy caster wheels can withstand the weight of bulky people.
  • The armrest seems to be a bit short and uncomfortable.
  • The lower back does not get the right kind of support.

10. Innowin Makson High Back Executive Office Chair

Innowin Makson is the quintessential executive office chair because of its exquisite appearance and excellent features.

  • Chair Height – 45.5 to 49.5 inches
  • Seat width – 20.5 inches
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Wooden frame makes it a light chair
  • Leatherette upholstery cover
  • Maximum load – 150 kgs
  • One-year warranty

Office chairs are different from gaming chairs in many ways. This comfortable executive chair with ergonomic lumbar support provides the ideal seating arrangement with a deep seat and excellent support for the head and the shoulders.

This chair comes with a wooden frame that makes it light and robust at the same time. The leatherette upholstery cover provides the highest degree of comfort to allow you to sit for long hours.

The alignment is perfect, whereby your back and neck get excellent support. The full seats will enable you to fold your legs and relax. It also helps in improving blood circulation in your legs.

The Class 3 pneumatic seat adjustment feature allows you to extend the chair’s height to accommodate taller persons with ease. This ergonomic office chair can accommodate up to 150 kgs. The 50mm castors allow smooth movement from one place to another without making any noise.

Assembling this chair is easy, as it is available in a semi-assembled state with instructions on how to complete it. You do not require tools to assemble this chair from this position.

  • The all-black leatherette fabric looks pleasing to the eye because of its elegant appearance.
  • The foam backing is excellent and enhances the comfort levels.
  • High-quality castor wheels make it easy to move around.
  • The upholstery is not breathable. Hence, it can feel hot if you sit for extended periods.
  • It does not come with adjustable armrests.

11. Da Urban Miller Medium Back Revolving Office Chair

Office chairs are characterised by their revolving nature. It lends an air of authority to sit back and revolve while addressing your employees. This Da Urban Miller revolving chair is one of the best ergonomically designed chairs for office use in India because of its sturdiness and exquisite appearance.

  • Chair height – 35 to 40 inches
  • Seat height – 17 to 22 inches
  • Seat dimensions – 20 x 19 inches
  • Ergonomic leatherette fabric with double-layered seat and back
  • Cushioned armrest
  • Nylon castor wheels
  • Six-month warranty
  • Maximum load – 100 kg

An office chair needs durable wheels to allow free mobility from one desk to another. This ergonomic office chair features five sets of nylon castor wheels that move smoothly without causing any damage to the floor.

The double cushioning allows you to recline and rest for extended periods without causing any heat. The leatherette upholstery lends a sophisticated look to the chair and makes it a stylish adornment to your office. The comfortable armrest provides excellent support to your arms while working.

This chair comes with an adjustable height increasing feature with easy-to-use controls. Pushing the level is enough to increase or decrease the chair’s height according to your convenience level. The tilt-lock mechanism allows you to increase the recline’s angle and also lock it if you do not want any movement.

The tilt tension control knob makes it comfortable for you to rock back in your chair, depending on the direction you turn it. This chair enables a 360-degree swirl to enable convenient multitasking. The metal legs built on a sturdy metal frame is durable and can withstand a load of up to 100 kgs.

These qualities make this Da Urban Miller Medium Back Revolving Chair one of the best chairs that allow extended hours of sitting.

  • An excellent revolving facility that gives it an authoritative appearance
  • Assembling this chair is easy by following the instructions on the pamphlet
  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Does not have a headrest
  • The height support is inadequate for anyone more than 5’6” tall.

Buying Guide for ergonomic chairs for office and home use

The average Indian spends a lot of time in front of a computer. It can be a student, an avid gamer, or a white-collar employee.

These persons experience severe back and neck issues because of uncomfortable seating conditions.

Investing in a comfortable chair to sit is essential to protect your back and neck muscles from damage. These points are worth considering when purchasing ergonomic chairs for home and office use.

Overall Dimensions – Select the right size.

The perfect office chair should be the one that fits any shape or size while providing adequate support at the same time. The dimensions of your chair gain significance. The best aspects should be as follows.

  1. Height between 34 to 45 inches
  2. Depth of 20 to 25 inches
  3. Width in the range of 19 to 24 inches

These dimensions could fit the average Indian comfortably. However, if you are an oversized person, it is better to select the appropriate size that offers maximum comfort.

Lumbar Support – Protection for the back

An improper sitting posture is one of the primary reasons for the backache. Sitting for long hours on uncomfortable chairs can cause tremendous strain on the spinal cord.

Choosing an office chair that offers excellent lumbar support is crucial. Proper lumbar support imitates the natural spine, thereby providing fantastic support to the middle and lower back.

The spine has a natural curve. Therefore, excellent lumbar support is one that does not pressurise the back, whereby you prevent spinal injuries.

The lumbar support area can have cushions, mesh fabric, or be solid, depending on your choice. However, you should ensure that it is wide enough to support your entire back.

Adjustable back support with a reclining arrangement should be ideal. A reclining chair allows you to move back and forth, thereby ensuring to distribute your bodyweight equally. It helps to avoid soreness or back pain.

A 12″ to 19″ wide backrest should be ideal for supporting your spine and preventing unnecessary injuries.

Seat Height and other adjustments – Customisable design

Generally, office chairs have adjustable seats to cater to people with different statures.

These chairs come with a level that allows you to change the seat height accordingly. The ideal seat height adjustment is in the range of five inches. It should be perfect for short and tall people alike.

Besides the seat height adjustment, some of the high-end chairs come with other changes, such as the reclining angle, armrest height, and headrest angle.

Depending on your body shape and size, you can customise these adjustments to provide you with the highest degree of comfort. The advantage of these adjustments is that they allow you to stretch your body and relax your muscles when using the chair for extended periods.

Cushioning and Fabrics – Adequate padding is vital.

Cushioning is a crucial aspect, and so is the fabric used for cushioning. Typically, office chairs come with leather upholstery or with a mesh-like cover. The benefit of the mesh covers is that it allows free air circulation, whereby the seats do not heat up.

These types of cushions provide excellent support to the back area. Leather seats look attractive and provide exceptional cushioning, but they can heat up because they do not permit air circulation. Some of the reclining chairs come with a cotton or rexine upholstery.

If you reside in an area with a warm climate, the mesh covers are the best. As far as cushioning comfort is concerned, the leather cushions are the ideal ones. You should also ensure that your chair has adequate padding. Some of the inexpensive chair models come with low-quality foam padding.

These chairs tend to flatten up quickly with regular use. 2-inch padding should be the minimum requirement for providing excellent comfort. A memory foam padding is also a good one to have.

Castor Wheels and Swivel Base – Enables mobility.

Multitasking is essential these days in offices. Your printer might be placed at a distance. You might have to access your cupboards and cabinets frequently.

Getting up from the chair to accomplish these tasks is not necessary if your office chair comes equipped with high-quality castor wheels and a swivel base. Thus, you can rollover to your colleague’s desk and have a friendly chat while sitting on your chair.

You should make sure that the wheels are of good quality. They should not make a creaking sound when you attempt to move your chair. A good swivel base helps you to turn around in the same sitting position. Besides, it can also prove suitable for your body’s natural movements.

Warranty – Check it out to your advantage.

Office chairs are usually durable. However, one uses them for extended periods. Therefore, select the chair that comes with a good warranty. The more the warranty period, the better it is.

It is better to check out with the dealer on these matters. Some manufacturers offer warranty for the entire product, whereas some models come with a manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects only.

Tips for choosing the ideal ergonomic office chair

We have discussed the various aspects to consider when purchasing ergonomic office chairs. The tips enumerated below can help you choose the ideal chair, depending on your likes and dislikes.

  • Office chairs are available online and offline at the respective showrooms.
  • Ensure that online purchases have a return clause.
  • If you wish to purchase offline, it is always better to try out the chairs for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. Showrooms allow people to try out the chairs on display.
  • It is advisable to test the chairs at the showroom even if you wish to order them subsequently online.
  • Ensure that the backrest corresponds to your spine’s natural curve. The lower back is crucial. Do not go for non-reclining chairs as they can prove uncomfortable to sit on for long hours. The backrest should adjust to the contours of your back and recline as per your requirements.
  • Check out the seat adjustment carefully. Your knees should hang down at a 90-degree angle to provide maximum comfort.
  • Having the armrests close to your body is beneficial as it relaxes your shoulders. Adjust the armrest to match with the height of the desk. It ensures that your joints do not experience any strain when you place your hands on the table.
  • The chair’s back should be at the middle or above the shoulder level to ensure adequate comfort.
  • As you sit on the chair, there should be space or around three fingers between the chair and your knee.
  • If your feet keep hanging in the air, it is not a good sign. Your feet should rest on the ground, or there should be a footrest to comfortably place your feet.
  • A memory foam cushion is the best one to have.
  • Usually, an office chair revolves freely. The chair should be comfortable to move around backward and forwards. Rotating on the chair should not pose any problems for your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my office chair is the right one?

The following points should help you decide whether the office chair is the perfect one or not.

An ergonomic office chair should provide you with maximum comfort. If you experience inconvenience and pain when sitting for extended periods, it is time to change your office chair.

Generally, office chairs come with a lifespan of five to six years, depending on how you use it. A good-quality cushion can last for six years. It is better to change the chair if it has over-lived its utility.

An uncomfortable office chair does not provide adequate lumbar support. If you feel frequent pain in your lower back area, it is time to switch over to a new chair. An ill-fitting chair adds pressure on the discs and decreases blood supply.

2. Should I purchase a chair without armrests?

An office chair is a place where you sit for long periods. You need armrests to support your arms. Chairs in office canteens, restaurants, and recreation clubs do not need armrests. An office chair should have padded and cushioned armrests to provide the highest degree of comfort.

3. Which chair is more comfortable, a mesh chair, or a cushioned chair?

Both these chairs have their merits and demerits. A mesh chair is advantageous because it allows free movement of air. However, the mesh can sag and stretch over a period. It can cause discomfort. The cushioned chairs do not allow air circulation. Hence, they can heat up quickly. However, they provide excellent comfort to your spine and are comfortable to use for extended periods.

4. What are the attributes of an excellent ergonomic office chair?

The most significant attribute of an ergonomic office chair is that it should provide the best lumbar support. Secondly, the padding is crucial, as you will be sitting on the chair for at least six to eight hours daily. The seat and height adjustments should suit your requirements. Office chairs should have comfortable armrests to place your hands.

5. What are the similarities between a gaming chair and office chair?

An office chair and study chair are similar in many ways. They should allow you to sit comfortably and use the computer. The gaming chair is different in many aspects. Gaming involves you moving your body parts such as hips, legs, and shoulders. Hence, the best gaming chairs are those without armrests. At the same time, the chair should be comfortable to sit.

6. What is the general lifespan of an ergonomic office chair?

A good office chair should last for a minimum of six years. However, a lot depends on your usage. Once you start feeling uncomfortable using it, you should change it.

7. What are the best brands of ergonomic chairs available in India?

Some of the best brands have been discussed in detail in the review. These include GreenSoul, Savya, Da Urban Miller, and Innowin Makson.

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