Imagine you are out on a tour or a hike in a relatively unknown destination with unfamiliar roads, so you depend on the GPS on your phone and when you are in the middle of nowhere, your phone’s battery drains.

How harrowing can that be?

This is just one of the countless situations where most of the handheld electronic devices conk out on us.

In the recent times, the size of the gadgets have become more portable, slim, there is an increase in its performance levels and above all increase in the use of such handy devices, all of which has added up to diminish the widget’s battery life.

To save you from such nightmares as mentioned above, it is advisable to carry a good quality external battery pack which is popularly known as ‘Power Bank’.

This is just a lay man’s definition of a power bank. So what does a power bank mean in its real sense?

It is a charger that stores electrical energy for your portable electronic devices that lets you charge your device on the go.

For someone who is frequently on the move, getting a power bank can be life altering as it not only assists you when you probably have a deadline to meet, but also helps in emergency situations.

We Highly recommend you to read the Power Bank Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest Power Bank technologies.

Best 20000mAh power banks available in India

1. Mi power bank 2i

This is one of the most popular brands in India at the moment and its popularity is justified given its amazing performance.

  • Has dual USB port
  • 2 USB ports- 5.1V, 2.4V
  • Supports fast charge
  • Light weight and uses the most advanced technology
  • Can be used for both smart phones and tablets
  • Exterior material is made out of high quality PC+ABS material
  • Its riddled surface gives a good grip and is also scratch resistant
  • The company gives a warrantee of 6 months.

  • Intelligent adjustable power output is enabled to detect the device’s input capacity and charge
  • Durable and looks attractive high quality cables
  • 9 layers of circuit chip protection
  • Supports quick charge 3.0
  • Option to choose low power mode
  • Quick charge works on when single port is being used

2. Ambrane P-2000 20800mAH

Missing out on Ambrane while talking about power banks, is a faux pas in itself. This product gives a massive capacity of 20800mAh, which makes it an undisputed winner in the area of power.

  • Has 3 USB ports
  • 3 USB ports-5V/1A, 5V/2.1A, 5V/2.1A
  • Compatible with various devices like android phones, tablets and also iphone ipods and ipads.
  • Battery is made of Lithium-Ion
  • Available in two colours that is black and white
  • Comes with high quality cable
  • Satisfactory exterior build quality
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year

  • Supports fast charging
  • Comes with an LED flashlight
  • Extremely compatible
  • 9 layers of protection
  • Indigenously made
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Type C cable is not available

3. Intex IT-PBA 20K Poly 20000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank

Power banks made by Intex have made a mark in the market by being one of the most light weight and handy power banks. This power bank’s battery is made of Lithium Polymer which makes it safer to use compared to its counter parts.

  • It has 2 USB ports
  • 2 USB ports- 5V/1A, 5V/2.1A
  • Fine exteriors makes it look sleek
  • Extra perforation gives better grip
  • Comes with a standard quality USB cable
  • The company gives a warrantee of 1 year

  • Durable
  • Comes with a LED torch
  • Type C cable is not available
  • Does not support pass through charging

Best 10000mAH Power banks

1. Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i

Mi is said to produce some of the most innovative and high yielding Power banks in India.

  • It has 2 USB outputs
  • 2 USB ports- 5Vor 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
  • The casing is made out of aluminium
  • It is intelligent adaptor enabled making the output power adjustable to the needs of the device that needs to be charged
  • Battery is made out of Lithium Polymer making it extremely safe to use.
  • The company gives six months of warrantee.

  • Extremely compact and stylish looks
  • Provides low charging mode
  • Highly compatible
  • Offers fast charging
  • May heat up sometimes

2. Lenovo 13000mAH Lithium Ion Power Bank

Lenovo does not need any introduction as it is one of the top brands not only among power bank companies but electronics in general. This power bank is dependable due to the following features:

  • It has 2 USB ports
  • 2 USB ports- 5V/2.1A for both
  • Comes with a standard micro USB cable
  • The battery is made out of Lithium ion
  • The surface has flat sides and not round
  • The exterior is made out of high quality plastic
  • Has the ability to support pass through charging
  • Available in three colours that is white, silver and gold
  • The company provides a warrantee for 1 year.

  • Very good performance
  • Easy to carry around as it has small breadth
  • Has intelligent power adaptation for more efficient charging
  • Looks too plain
  • Heavy

3. Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank

Intex is one of the oldest producers of power banks in India. With its satisfactory performance, now it has become a very popular power bank among the mass.

  • It has 3 USB ports
  • 3 USB ports-5V/1A, 5V/2A, 5V/2A
  • The battery is made out of Lithium-ion
  • Sturdy plastic is used to build the exterior
  • It comes with 1 year of warrantee
  • It gives upto 81% efficiency
  • Available in two colours that is black and white
  • Comes with a very a long USB cable
  • The company gives a warrantee for 1 year

  • Supports pass through charging
  • Has 4 layers of protection
  • Comes with a LED torch
  •  Does not support fast charging
  • Slightly on the heavier side

4. Ambrane P-1111 10000mAH Power Bank

Unlike any of the power banks, Ambrane P-1111 is has an octagonal shape and has a quite brawny exterior. Other than that, it has the following features:

  • It has 2 USB ports
  • 2 USB ports- 5V/2A for both
  • The battery is made out of Lithium-Ion
  • It gives up to 70-80% efficiency
  • The exterior has a strong plastic build
  • It is available in five different colours that are white, silver, gold, black and a combination of white and light blue.
  • The company provides warrantee for 1 year

  • Quite efficient
  • It has 4 layers of protection
  • Has a LED flashlight
  • Portable
  • Heavy

Power Bank Buying Guide

What all gadgets does a power bank charge?

  • Smart phones
  • Small cameras
  • GoPros
  • GPS
  • MP3 players
  • Tablets (not all)
  • Small speakers

When a small hand held device that has a lot of importance and much more gadgets with which it can be used, it becomes crucial to understand the nuances of the device to make a smart purchase.

Capacity of the Power bank

Capacity tops the list of things you need to know when buying a power bank. The capacity of a power bank is measured in milliamp hour (mAh).

For example, a smart phone says that it has a battery of 5000mAh then, it means that the phone’s battery can supply 5000 milliamps of electric power in an hour. So, if the circuit consumes 1000mAh then the battery will last for 5 hours at its best performance.

But this is just theoretically right. In practicality a lot of external factors come into play that determines the life of the battery, two such factors are voltage and circuit resistance.

In the case of voltage conversion, a good portion of power is lost. The input to the power bank is generally at 3.7-3.8V whereas the output is at a standard rate of 5V (USB port) which is a voltage up conversion.

On the other hand, the device’s (lets assume a phone here) battery charges at 4.2-4.4V and here we see a down conversion. So in physicality, the user may expect a decrease of up to 25% in the capacity of the power bank.

To calculate a near accurate capacity of the power bank, you can use the following formula-

(Mentioned capacity of Power bank)*3.7/4.2

Pro tip: Ensure that the device’s cell quality is up to the mark as that checks the discharge rate of the device.


Ampere (A) is the unit of measuring electric current. This shows the amount of time it will take the power bank to charge the device in question.

Generally, a standard power bank has amperage of up to 3.5A. Therefore anything below 3.5A will take longer time for your device to charge.

Size of the battery pack

We can find various scales of power bank capacity in the market today. Due to marketing techniques and relevant forces, the prices of different scales of the power bank may have little difference.

In such a case, a customer may be inclined to purchase a power bank with the highest battery pack. But it is important to know that higher the bigger the battery pack, longer the time it takes to charge the bank.

Now you don’t want to end up in a situation where you just keep charging both, your device and your power bank, thinking of putting the power bank to use at some point of time.


Since a power bank is a high capacity battery that is being carried around, the companies manufacturing the power banks provide the customers with the following basic protection:

Over charging

when the device is still put on charge even after it has been fully charged, it’s called over charging. Although over charging does not have any fatal disadvantages, it does tend to shorten the life of the battery.

Over voltage

When the voltage goes over the upper design limit, there are chances of damaging the product due to over heating.

Short circuit

when there is excess current flow due to low resistance often resulting in destruction of the power source.

Excessive temperature

High temperatures can cause the product to catch fire. It’s especially seen in the cases of Lithium-Ion batteries.

Pro tip: Opt for a high quality Lithium-Polymer battery for safety and assurance

Output port

Back in the day when power banks were new, it used to come with a separate cable to connect the phone or other device to the power bank.

But now, most of the power banks have a built in USB port. Power banks also come with multiple USB ports for simultaneously charging more than 1 device.

But the buyer should understand that when multiple ports are used at the same time, the total output falls at both the output points.

As the number ports and the ampere increases in a power bank, so does its price.


We often find an inbuilt USB cable or a lightening cable. But in case if you do not want to use a cable, check that the power bank provides with an in built micro USB.

Quick charging

As the name suggests, quick charging means that the power bank can charge your device at a pace as high as that your device gets charged by the time you to take a shower and finish your meal, in short it.

What fast charging does is that it utilizes the maximum wattage in the internal circuitry by adjusting the amperage and/or voltage to the extent the technology supports.

However if the whole process is not well thought out, then the battery life may get shortened due to production of excess heat. It is most useful when the battery is almost dead and you need to charge a portion of it to keep you floating for a little longer.

There are many companies that manufacture quick charging power banks, to name a few:

  • Xiaomi
  • Ambrane
  • Aukey
  • intex

Mobile device’s input current

Most of the phones consume power at 5V so the users may notice that the power bank takes longer than a wall charger to charge the phone.

Therefore see that the battery pack gives an output of 1-1.5A. A phone will only consume the amount of energy that is required. So, even a high powered power bank will also work just fine. It may even charge the phone faster.



quite a few power banks these days come with a torch/flashlight facility.


there are some hi-tech power banks that are Bluetooth enabled and controlled

FM radio
some power banks come with built in radio with upto 24 hours of play time!
These power banks have a speaker on one end which is controlled via Bluetooth. It amplifies the sound enough for a small group to hear what is playing on the phone


Always opt for a well known and established brand as it comes with standard quality of built material and technology. The devices being charged are important and expensive, to ensure its maintenance and longevity its always good to chose a power bank manufactured by a known brand whose price ranges from mid to high.

Power Bank Maintenance

Here are some pro tips for your power bank’s maintenance to ensure that you make the best of your power bank.

Charge your power bank even when you don’t use it. This upholds its overall performance and longevity.

It is advisable to use the cable provided with the power bank instead of any other, as this keeps a check on the power consumption, wastage and loss.

Although most of the power banks these days come with pass through charging, it is advisable to charge any device only after the power bank has charged or plugged off.

Make sure that the power bank is not exposed to humid environment for long period of time as any electronic device faces corrosion or oxidization of the internal system.

Check that the power bank supports the particular device that you wish to charge. Do not force-plug any device or create a DIY to make the ends meet as it adversely affects the power bank’s performance and shortens its life span.