The northern parts of India have an extreme climate. Thus, you have summers becoming extremely hot and the winters uncomfortably cold.

best room heater radiator india

If you have seen the old Hindi films, you would invariably have come across the fireplaces kept in the bungalows. These are nothing but room heaters of a different type. They use fire to radiate heat across the rooms.

However, science and technology have made tremendous strides today. You have convection and radiation room heaters available on the market.

The inimitable fireplace is still the best bet, but it requires firewood. You cannot go on cutting trees to supply wood. You need a viable alternative.

Under such circumstances, you need room heaters to maintain the right temperature inside the house. These are small appliances, but very useful in providing comfort during the cold. Let us now look at some of the room heaters before checking out the buying guide and FAQs.

Best Room Heaters in India

1. Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

A compact room heater in many ways, the Orpat OEH-1220 is ideal for the small and medium-sized rooms up to 250 sqft. This room heater has two settings, 1000-Watt and 2000-Watt. Let us look at the fantastic features of this room heater.

  • Ideal for small rooms
  • It comes in two settings of 1000-watt and 2000-watt.
  • Capable of working for long hours while heating an area at its highest temperature
  • The thermal cut out facility makes it a safe appliance to use.
  • The cool-to-touch exterior enables you to touch it or move the appliance to another room, even when it is working.
  • The inbuilt handle allows you to move the heater in any direction you want
  • Warranty of one year

2. Orpat ORH-1410 1000 Watt Radiant Heater

The radiant heater is different from a fan heater in many ways. You get instant heat without warm air blowing all over the place. It is an ideal appliance for use in North India or in hill stations where you have single-digit temperatures during the day. Though simple in appearance, this 1000-watt radiant heater packs a solid punch.

  • Portable appliance
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Uses infra-red heating technology thereby transferring heat to objects and people directly
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized rooms
  • Instant heater
  • Works on 1000-watt setting
  • Nickel chrome-plated mesh grill and nickel chrome-plated reflector
  • International ergonomic design
  • Manufacturer warranty for two years

3. Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Room heater

Trust Bajaj to come up with some of the most useful home appliances. The Blow Hot 2000-watt room heater comes with three controls to dispense cool, warm, hot breeze. It is a handy appliance to have in the winter season as it can make the rooms comfortable when it is freezing outside. Here are some of the notable features of this room heater.

  • Consists of two long-running heating elements of 1 kilowatt each
  • The thermostat enables the user to maintain the necessary temperature
  • The heater is a safe one due to the presence of the thermal cut-off switch that prevents overheating.
  • It is a flexible appliance as the stand helps you to move the heater upwards or downwards
  • Switching on the fan ensures that the heat distributes faster. It ensures the long life of the appliance.
  • The reflector shields the motor and the blower assembly thereby making it a noiseless device.
  • Use the heater as a fan during summer to give a cool breeze.
  • Two-year warranty on the product.

4. Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC) 1500-Watt with adjustable thermostat

Usha is another reliable name in the Indian home appliances market. The Usha Fan heater is an excellent appliance that precludes the use of blankets in the winter months. The heat generated from this appliance can make you feel comfortable. This heater comes with a host of attractive features. Let us look at some of them.

  • Portability
  • Adjust the temperature as per your requirement
  • Run on low power 900 watts and high power 1500 watts
  • The inbuilt grip makes it easy to carry from one room to the other
  • Made from fire retardant ABS plastic
  • 2-stage safety for overheating protection
  • Two heating elements that help you save electricity
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty

We have seen four room heaters. They work on electricity to produce heat. There are other types of heating equipment like the oil-filled radiators and electric radiators.

We shall look at some of the top radiators available in India before discussing the Buying Guide for room heaters and radiators.

Best Radiators in India

1. Morphy Richards OFR 09F 2400-Watt Oil-filled Radiator

The oil-filled radiators are the perfect heating solution for the cold wintry months. These oil-filled radiators are comparatively bigger as compared to the fan heaters. They do not blow hot air like the fan heaters do but heat up the room through radiation. In a way, they are similar to the fireplace.

  • The fireplace has a significant disadvantage. It is immovable, but this oil-filled radiator is not. It has castor wheels that allow it to move smoothly from one room to the other.
  • You can also mount this heater on the wall if needed.
  • The tip-over switch ensures that the heater switches off when the heater tilts more than a pre-determined safe angle. It helps to avoid unnecessary fire accidents and electrical shocks.
  • This heater is a powerful one as it consumes 2400 watts of power.
  • The presence of nine fins ensures that the heater spreads uniform heat throughout the room irrespective of the size of the room.
  • The radiator comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.
  • The autonomous power selector feature ensures uninterrupted supply of heat to the room irrespective of the input voltage.

2. Havells OFR – 11 Fin 2900-watt OTC Fan Heater

Similar in looks to the Morphy Richards Oil heater, the Havells OFR-11 fin fan heater is an excellent performing appliance. This appliance is a fan heater of the highest order. It has excellent safety devices to ensure there are no untoward accidents. Let us now look at some of the exciting features of this heating appliance.

  • The Havells OFR is an extremely safe appliance
  • It has a cord storage and rear safety cover.
  • The automatic tip-off switch ensures that the heater switches off instantly in case it tilts beyond a specific pre-determined angle.
  • The thermostat controls the heat generated
  • The PTC fans ensure instant heating
  • The appliance is capable of working at three different power settings, 1000 watts, 1500 watts, and 2500 watts. The heater and fan together consume another 400 watts
  • The castor wheels allow for easy portability.

3. Morphy Richards OFR 11F – 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiator with PTC fan Heater

Morphy Richards is a reputed international brand manufacturing home appliances of the highest order. This Company has entered the Indian market in a big way by introducing these oil-filled radiators. Look at some of the salient features of this radiator to understand the unique nature of this appliance.

  • The sturdy castor wheels enable its portability anywhere in the house.
  • The PTC heater works at 2900 watts
  • The heater comes with an adjustable thermostat to control room temperature
  • The cord winder is a safety feature as it prevents people from tripping over.
  • The tip-over switch ensures there are no unnecessary accidents in the house.
  • The carry handle allows you to pull the appliance without any hassles
  • The power selection knob will enable you to use the radiator at various power combinations
  • The unit comes with a manufacturer warranty of one year

4. Orient Electric OF1104F 2900 Watts 11-Fins Oil Filled Radiator

The oil-filled radiators are the best when it comes to maintaining heat for extended periods. The oil inside the pipes remains hot for a long time. It explains the popularity of this kind of heater in the northern parts of India.

One of the other advantages of this heater is that it does not make much noise. Let us also look at some of the other features of the Orient Electric oil-filled radiator heater.

  • The presence of 11 fins ensures delivery of hot air to all corners of the room.
  • The advanced S-shaped fins dissipate heat faster and save energy at the same time.
  • The additional 400-watt PTC heater and fan enables better performance in comparison to other heaters.
  • The heater comes with an adjustable thermostat for temperature setting with an in-built humidifier.
  • This heater comes with safety measures like triple overheat protection and cord storage facilities.
  • The castor wheels allow for easy portability.
  • The product comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty.

5. Usha Oil Filled Radiator (3509F) 2000-watt with Over Heating protection

Usha home appliances have a unique quality. They cater to all segments of society. It explains why practically every household in India has at least one Usha product. The Usha Oil-filled radiator heater is a welcome addition to the North Indian households as it provides an excellent degree of comfort from the biting cold in the winter months.

  • This heater comes with three heating positions, low, medium, and high.
  • The presence of nine fins enables all-round delivery of heat
  • The fan ensures that heat dissipates quickly
  • The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the temperature admirably
  • You can move the heater around comfortably using the integrated handle and castor wheels
  • The cord winder is a welcome safety feature
  • The fan comes with three different settings, 800 watts, 1200 watts, and 2000 watts

6. Morphy Richards OFR13F-13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator with PTC Fan heater

Morphy Richards has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing some of the most useful home appliances. The OFR13F 13-fin oil filled radiator provides a high degree of comfort to consumers. It enables radiation of heat to all parts of the room. The fan ensures faster dissipation of heat. Look at some of the exciting features of this high-end radiator heater.

  • The 13 radiator fins are the highlight of this appliance.
  • The PTC fan heater operates at 2900 watts
  • Adjusting the temperature is possible using the thermostat.
  • The cord winder and the tip-over switch are excellent safety measures.
  • The castor wheels enable you to move the appliance to any room.
  • Select the right power settings using the power knobs.
  • The product comes with a one year warranty.

Buying Guide – Room heaters and Radiators

The traditional fireplace is a great way to radiate heat all over the rooms. However, these heaters cause environmental damage due to the need for cutting down trees and emission of smoke as well.

Secondly, the fireplaces require large dedicated spaces in the houses. It is not possible to have them in small rooms and homes.

The room heaters are the best appliances to do the job for you. This buying guide will help you search for the right kind of room heater.

Types of room heaters

There are three kinds of room heaters available on the market. They are as follows.

  • Fan heaters – Also known as convection room heaters, blower room heaters, ceramic heaters
  • Infrared heaters – Also known as Halogen, Quartz, or Radiant room heaters
  • Oil-filled Room heaters – also known as oil heaters
Fan heatersInfrared heatersOil-filled room heaters

Fan heaters are nothing but convection room heaters. They are excellent for heating up any space in the quickest possible time. There is a ceramic coil for heating the air around it.

Such heaters come with a fan to blow the hot air into the room. It will thus keep your living space warm. It consumes less energy and is the least expensive of all the heaters available in India. Some of the best available brands are Orpat, Usha, and Bajaj.

Fan heaters are excellent for cooling the entire room. However, if you want to provide heat to close places, the infrared heaters do a good job. It is perfect for bachelor rooms as only one person will be using it. There are no fans. Hence, they do not make any sound.

However, one should be careful in not touching the coils. Therefore, it is not safe with children around in the house. Bajaj, Orpat, and Usha manufacture such heaters as well. They are the cheapest ones available on the market.

The oil-filled heaters are the best when it comes to heating up large spaces. They work on the principle of radiation and convection. Contrary to popular belief, there is no burning of oil inside the heaters.

The oil in the appliance heats up when you plug on the heater to the electrical source. This heated oil passes through the metal walls and radiates heat through convection.

The most significant advantage of the oil-filled heaters is that they produce heat for a long time. It takes time to heat up, but the oil remains hot for a long time. Secondly, they do not make much noise as well.

The modern-day oil-filled heaters come with PTC fans to dissipate heat quickly. However, these heaters are the best when it comes to environmental conservation. They do not cause suffocation or dry eyes and skin rashes. It is the perfect choice of the heater if you have babies in your home.

Some of the best brands of Oil-filled heaters are Morphy Richards, Orient, Usha, and Black & Decker. 

This ready-reckoner table can help you make the right decision

ParametersFan HeaterRadiant heater Oil-Filled heater
Children safetyYesNoYes
Fit for large spacesYesNoYes
Economic / PriceYesYesNo
Energy efficiencyNoYesYes
No Noise pollutionNoYesYes
Low time for heatingYesYesNo
Maintain oxygen levels and humidityNoNoYes

The takeaway from the table displayed above

Have children in the house

Do not go for the infrared radiant heaters. The fan heater and the oil-filled heaters are safer.

Bachelors or rooms with small space

The infrared radiant heaters are the best. You can place it on the table like a table lamp. They consume less electricity as compared to fan heaters.

Heat up larger rooms

The fan heaters and oil-filled heaters can do the job for you.

Energy efficiency

The fan heaters usually consume 2000 watts. The oil-filled heaters are the best because they consume a maximum of 1000 watts. Also, the rooms remain hot for a longer time.

Time taken to heat the room

The oil-filled heaters take some time, but the fan heaters and infrared heaters are the quickest in this regard.

Noise levels

The fan heaters make the maximum noise. The infrared heaters and the oil-filled heaters do not make any noise at all.

Maintenance of oxygen and humidity levels

The oil-filled heaters are best equipped to deal with the maintenance of oxygen in the room and humidity levels.

Other features of these room heaters and radiators

Asthma patients LooksSafety aspects

The fireplace can cause pollution as the burning of firewood can produce smoke. Asthma patients have a tough time in the winter months. The pollution from these fireplace heaters can aggravate the problem. You do not have any such issues when you use the fan heaters, infrared heaters, or the oil-filled heaters.

The oil-filled heaters have an aesthetic appearance. You can also mount some of the heaters on the walls. They blend beautifully with the other furniture and enhance the look of the room.

The oil-filled heaters are the safest of the lot because they have more safety features. The cord winder is one safety device as it prevents people from tripping over it.

The auto shut off feature is also a welcome addition because it prevents overheating of the appliance. The oil-filled heaters come with a tip-over switch that shuts off the device if it tilts more than a specified angle. It can help prevent fires and electric shocks.

Top features to look for in a room heater

Shut-off facility – To prevent overheating of the appliance

Thermostat – To control the room temperature and make it comfortable

Heat timer – Enables you to set the heater on or off at a specific pre-determined time

Multiple heat settings – Set the temperature at low, medium, and high temperature. You save a lot of power in the bargain

Portability – You can carry the infrared heater wherever you want. The other heaters have castor wheels that enable you to pull them along from one room to the other.

Best Room heater brands

We have discussed some of the best room heater brands earlier in the article. Some of the best brands are Bajaj, Orpat, Orient, Usha, Havells, Morphy Richards, Black & Decker, and so on.

These room heaters are available online at the reputed online retailers. You get additional discount offers, free shipping facilities, and other attractive advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the cheapest heater available on the market?
The infrared heaters are the least expensive. The fan heaters are also comparatively cheaper. The oil-filled heaters are the most costly of the lot.
Are radiator heaters more efficient?
Yes, they come with adjustable power settings. The oil-filled heaters work at an optimum power level of 1000 watts. It makes them energy efficient.
Do room heaters consume electricity?
Yes, they consume electricity.
Is there any burning of fuel or oil in the oil-filled heaters?
No, there is no burning of oil. However, the process involves heating of the oil. This oil then spreads over the tubes lining the walls of the heater and transmits heat by convection.
Are these heaters safe?
Yes, these room heaters come with many safety features.
Which is the best portable room heater?
The oil-filled heaters are the best portable heaters as they come with castor wheels. The fan heaters and infrared heaters are also portable.
Which is the most expensive heater on the market?
The fan heaters and the infrared heaters are the least expensive. The oil-filled heaters are expensive but worth every rupee you spend on them because they last longer and are the most efficient of all room heaters.