The refrigerators are our best friends during the hot summer months in India. You have locations in India in Chennai where there are only three seasons in a year, HOT, HOTTER, and HOTTEST.

Keeping your food items fresh becomes an arduous task in Chennai and similar other places. Therefore you find people opting to buy larger refrigerators as it offers them more space.

best side by side refrigerator

The side-by-side refrigerators have thus, become very common in India.

The advantages of the side-by-side refrigerators are that it offers more space to keep your food fresh.

Some of the fridges have additional features like the external water dispenser, flexibility in its performance, powerful compressors that come with higher warranty periods, and most significant energy-saving capacity.

Yes, they are expensive, but you have to pay the price to get the best things in life.

Considering the advantages they provide, the cost you have to pay is negligible. Let us now look at some of the best side-by-side refrigerators available in the market in India.

Best Side by Side Refrigerator in India 2020

The prominent fridge manufacturers in this category are Haier, LG, Samsung, BPL, Panasonic, and Bosch. Here are seven of the best refrigerators (not in any particular order) in this category.

1. Haier 565 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Model Number: (Grey – HRF-618SS)

Store your food conveniently in this large 565-litres capacity refrigerator with ease. The reciprocatory compressor is a durable one capable of keeping the contents inside at the optimum temperature at all times. Here are some of the exciting features of this refrigerator.

Fridge to Freezer ratio

Arranging your food inside this refrigerator is comfortable because the Haier SBS has one of the best freezers to fridge ratio in the industry. Hence, you can keep your fruits and moisture-rich vegetable fresh for more extended periods.

Eggs and milk have separate containers with a different temperature setting. Store your ice creams and puddings in such a way that they remain tasty to eat at all times.

Excellent Design

When you spend a reasonable sum in buying one of the best refrigerators in the market, you need to show it off as well. It is a sort of a status symbol for us. Keeping these points in mind, Haier has placed great emphasis on the designing of this fridge.

The slim and elegant design can transform the look of your kitchen considerably. It has adorable interior features like separate fruit box, crisper cover, egg trays, and foldable shelves to provide greater flexibility in storage.

Energy efficiency

This fridge appears enormous, but can save you a lot of electricity as it consumes a meagre 0.98 units per day. Hence, you need not worry about fending off substantial electricity bills.

Heavy duty Performance

The excellent features like the vegetable crispers, chiller compartments, Super Cool and Super Freeze functions make this fridge a heavy-duty performer.

  • Holiday Function – Who does not love to go on a vacation? There is no need to switch off this refrigerator before you go out of town to chill out during the summer months. Activate the Holiday function and ensure that the freezer and fridge function at a comfortable 17 degrees Centigrade. It helps to keep your food fresh and odour free until the time you return home.
  • Fuzzy Logic – The days of manual setting of the fridge and freezers no longer exist. The Fuzzy Logic feature of this refrigerator adjusts the temperature automatically depending on the internal and ambient temperature variations.
  • 90-degree Contour door – The aerodynamic design of the fridge ensures that the doors do not come in the way of placing or removing things from the refrigerator. The 90-degree contour door enables you to remove the vegetable and fruit baskets easily.
  • One Touch LED control – Setting the temperature of this refrigerator is easy. There is no need to juggle with knobs when you have the One Touch LED controls available to make it easy for you.
  • The excellent design gives it a pleasing exterior appearance
  • Superb cooling performance
  • Energy efficient features
  • Adjustable shelves allow easy storage of large vessels
  • Costs are on the higher side, but it is worth every rupee you spend
  • Natural occupies more space, hence not popular with people having less space in the kitchen
Verdict: The Haier refrigerator does appear to be expensive, but you need to sacrifice something to get the best things in life. In spite of the heavy-duty performance and size, this fridge is an energy efficient appliance. It is worth having one in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this refrigerator need a voltage stabiliser? 

No, the appliance comes with an inbuilt stabiliser

How much electricity does this fridge consume?

It depends on your usage patterns. The ideal consumption is around 0.98 units per day.

Can you convert a freezer into the fridge in this refrigerator?

You can set different temperature levels for your freezer and fridge. You cannot convert the freezer into fridge and vice versa.

Can you open both the doors at the same time? 

Yes, you can do so. This refrigerator has the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other.

2. LG 687 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Model Number: (GC-B247SLUV, Platinum Silver, Inverter Compressor)

Larger families having more than five members would love to opt for the 687-litres LG refrigerator. This fridge is a giant in every sense of the term. The Inverter Compressor ensures that it is a powerful but gentle giant as it consumes less electricity than the other refrigerators.

One of the advantages of this fridge is that you can control this fridge with your mobile phone even when you are not at home. Look at the exciting features of this refrigerator.

Inverter Linear Compressor

The ILC feature is a significant highlight of this fridge. It can work within a temperature range of + or – 5 degrees Centigrade. This feature makes it an excellent power saving compressor as compared to the conventional compressors in the market. It reduces the noise component as well.

Smart ThinQ

The electronic appliances have become smarter day-by-day. The LG Smart ThinQ feature helps you to control and diagnose the refrigerator using your smartphone even when you are away from your home. Set the refrigerator temperature, monitor the express freeze function, and diagnose your refrigerator with Wi-Fi using your smartphone.

Multi Air Flow cooling

Maintain the freshness of your food with the uniform cooling as this refrigerator uses Multi Air Flow technology. You have vents at vantage points inside the refrigerator that allow the cold air to circulate freely. It also ensures your food remains healthy.

Multi Digital Sensors

The LG refrigerator has digital temperature sensors to monitor the external and internal temperature thereby helping in maintaining the temperature consistency. It helps to keep the food fresh for more extended period.

  • Easy to control the fridge using your smartphone
  • Energy efficient features because of the use of inverter compressor
  • Diagnose any problem quickly and effectively
  • Ample Storage space
  • Consumes a lot of space in the kitchen, hence not suitable for smaller homes
  • Delivery not available throughout India
Verdict: The LG 687 L Frost-Free Refrigerator is a powerful one by all means. It is an expensive refrigerator, but worth the price. In spite of its gigantic appearance, the refrigerator does not consume much power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this fridge work with Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can control this refrigerator with Wi-Fi using your smartphone. Set the optimum temperature and diagnose issues quickly with the Smart ThinQ feature.

Do you need to defrost the fridge manually? 

No, this is a frost free refrigerator. There is no formation of any frost at all.

Should you use a stabiliser?

The use of a stabiliser is not at all necessary as the fridge comes with an inbuilt stabiliser.

What is the warranty?

The fridge comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product whereas the inverter compressor has a 10-year warranty.

3. Samsung 674 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Model Number: (RS62K6007S8/TL, Elegant Inox, Inverter Compressor)

Samsung manufactures some of the best electronics appliances in the country. This refrigerator ranks as one of the best in its niche. It has adorable features making it the favourite of large families having more than five members.

7 Smart Sensors

The 7 intelligent sensor feature maintains freshness of the food under all conditions. The refrigerator comes with seven sensors that help in optimising the performance of the fridge.

As you open the door frequently during the summer months, the system increases the speed of the compressor to maintain the freshness of the food. At night, you do not use the fridge as much as you do in the day. The sensors ensure that the compressor slows down to compensate.

Slide out drawers

Reach out to the interior portions of the fridge is always tricky because you encounter a lot of obstacles. The slide out drawers ensures that you pull out the shelves and organise your food items efficiently.

It allows you to see the details kept at the back. As the technology involves the building the shelves on rolling hinges, it is easy to pull out these drawers.

Twist ice maker

Remove your ice cubes easily by using the twisting function of the Twist ice maker. It occupies less space thereby leaving large areas free to store your other items.

Child Lock

Control the various aspects of your fridge such as temperature settings, child lock protection, and so on with digital LED display. You have the Power chill function to cool items quickly.

  • Twin Cooling – This refrigerator has separate airflow and precise temperature controls for the freezer and the fridge. Hence, your fruits remain fresh as ever. You ice creams do not melt inside the freezer, and your ice cubes do not smell like the food items you keep in the different compartments of the refrigerator.
  • Multi-Flow – Each shelf has small air vents over it to ensure uniform cooling throughout the appliance. It enables the food to remain fresh for a longer time.
  • Ice Cube LED Display and Control – The LED display allows you to control the various features of the fridge without opening the door.  It also indicates when you have to change the filter. You can use this function to dispense water and ice instantly. It also enables you to set the fridge on Vacation mode when you go out on holiday.
  • Power Cool – Cool your food 31% faster with this innovative feature. Hence, the food remains fresh for a more extended period.
  • Power Freeze – The Power Freeze feature allows you to make ice cubes faster thereby reducing the waiting time for ice cube formation.
  • Big Door Bin – Compared to the other refrigerators, this one has greater space on the doors as well. You can store the bigger beverage bottles and milk containers easily. Chilling tall bottles is easy in this fridge as it has the Big Guard feature to prevent the jars from toppling over.
  • The Fresh Room – This fridge has a special cooler compartment to ensure the freshness even if you frequently open the fridge door. The feature makes it the ideal place to store your dairy items like milk, curds, and cheese.
  • Digital Inverter Technology – The speciality of the digital inverter technology is that it automatically adjusts the speed of the compressor depending on the requirement. Hence, it saves energy, minimises noise, and reduces wear and tear.
  • Door alarm – The door alarm feature alerts you if you do not close the door properly. It is an energy saving feature.
  • Recess Handles – Recessed handles increase the aesthetic looks of the fridge by offering a touch of elegant minimalism to compliment any modern décor.
  • Superior cooling experience
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Excellent power savings
  • Digital Inverter Technology with 7 intelligent sensors
  • The fridge occupies a lot of space. Hence people living in small houses do not prefer to have this fridge
  • Expensive, but it is worth the price
Verdict: Enjoy a fantastic cooling experience with the state-of-the-art refrigerator from Samsung. The fridge comes with a 10-year warranty on the processor. Hence, you can call this appliance as an investment for a lifetime. It is worth every rupee you spend in buying this product.

Frequently asked questions

Does this fridge have an independent water dispenser? 

Yes, you have a separate water dispenser in the freezer cabin

Is it an energy efficient product? 

Yes, the refrigerator is an energy efficient appliance. This product has seven smart sensors to monitor the internal temperature conditions.

Does it require a stabiliser? 

No, this product comes with an inbuilt stabiliser.

Is it suitable for large families?

Yes, the product is ideal for Indian families having more than five members.

4. BPL 564 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Model Number: (BES564H, Silver)

Maintaining a uniform temperature inside the refrigerator is the key to ensuring that the food remains crisp and fresh. Opening the fridge door frequently causes the interiors of the refrigerator to heat up. As a result, the cooling suffers.

The BPL 564 litres BES546H model maintains an even temperature inside because of the multi-airflow system. Let us now look at the other salient features of this fridge.

Quick Cool and Quick Freeze functions

The speciality of this refrigerator is that it cools and freezes quickly thereby ensuring that the food remains fresh for a long. You can make ice cubes rapidly in this fridge.

Intelligent control

The LED touch button enables you to access and control the temperature settings easily.

Multi-airflow system

The Multi-airflow system is such that you have air vents on every shelf. It ensures the flow of cold air continuously thereby keeping the food fresh. The continuous flow of cold air eliminates the refrigerator odour regardless of the number of times you open the doors.

  • Silent operation – The silent technology enables the fridge to work without making any noise. Hence, you can carry on your conversations without any disturbance from the fridge.
  • Easy to pull out drawers – The fridge is a spacious one. It has more space for keeping more food. The pull out drawers allows for surplus storage and also easy access to the food placed at the back end.
  • Water dispenser – There is no need to open the fridge to get your supply of cold water. There is a water dispenser on the door of the fridge. It is a convenience feature and saves a lot of power in the bargain as well.
  • Quick cool and Quick freeze technology
  • Multi-airflow to ensure uniform cooling
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to use
  • The fridge is a Chinese make product, hence difficult to find spare parts
  • You have to open the door completely to pull the vegetable box
Verdict: BPL is a reputed name in the refrigerator industry. They focus more on quality. You can see this aspect in this product. There might be a couple of shortcomings, but it is still worth its price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a warranty on the product?

Yes, the product has a one-year warranty while the compressor comes with a 5-year warranty.

Do you need to connect the RO machine to the fridge?

No, it is a storage type water cooler. You can store RO purified water in the cooler.

What is the power consumption figure? 

It depends on the usage patterns. Ideally, it consumes 1 to 1.25 units per day.

Does it have an internal stabiliser?

Yes, it has an internal voltage stabiliser.

5. Panasonic 582 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Model Number: (Stainless Steel, NR-BS60MSX1)

The weather in summer is such that your ice creams start to melt even as you bring them home from the parlour across the street.

With the Panasonic refrigerator at home, you need not worry at all. Place your ice creams in the freezer for a few minutes. The Quick Freeze mode ensures that your ice creams solidify within no time. Here are some of the best features of this fridge for you.

Surround Cooling Airflow

The Surround Cooling Airflow system ensures that you get perfect cooling throughout the fridge and the freezer compartments so that your food remains fresh for a long time. Different food items need different cooling temperatures.

This cooling system provides independent airflow system for the freezer thereby ensuring your fruit juices remain refreshing for a long time.

Touch Control Panel

You need not open your fridge to control the temperature. You can do so using the Touch Control Panel and the LED Display on the door of the fridge. Control the temperature of both the fridge and the freezer irrespective of the heat outside.

Double Vegetable Box

You have two separate vegetable box compartments (12 litres and 23 litres) to preserve your vegetables and ensure their freshness.

Quick Cool

The Quick Cooling Mode enables the fridge temperature to drop from 32 degrees Centigrade to 5 degrees Centigrade within minutes. It helps in preserving your food during the hot summer months.

  • Quick Freeze Mode – The Quick Freeze mode goes one step further in reducing the internal temperature of the freezer compartment to -18 degrees Centigrade within no time. Hence, your ice creams go not drip all over the place. Make ice cubes instantaneously so that you never feel short of them during your parties and get-togethers.
  • Toughened Glass Shelves – Indian vessels are heavy. You can keep big containers easily inside the fridge as the toughened glass shelves can bear the weight. You can also adjust the height of the shelves according to the size of the vessels.
  • LED Lighting – Searching for the elusive buttermilk packet in the dead of night is not a problem at all because the fridge has an effective LED lighting system inside the compartment. The use of LED lighting is an energy saving endeavour.
  • Ice Triple Tray Twist – There is no need to remove the ice tray from the freezer to take out the ice cubes. You can twist the ice tray, and your ice cubes fall into the container placed precisely to collect them. The detachable nature of the ice tray allows you to put it anywhere inside the freezer.
  • Quick Freeze function ensures instantaneous freezing of your ice creams
  • The quick Cool function allows for rapid cooling of your other food items
  • Easy to control the temperature inside the individual compartments
  • Energy efficient refrigerator
  • Freezer space is adequate, but fridge compartment is not spacious to keep big round vessels
  • The freezer is at the bottom. Hence people have to bend down to remove the ice cubes. It can be tough for an aged person to do so.
Verdict: The fridge is an ideal one for families having more than 5 members. It is perfect because of the quick cooling it provides. Buy it from online retail stores like Flipkart to get additional discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you adjust the shelf sizes to accommodate larger vessels? 

Yes, you can do so. The toughened glass shelves can bear the weight of massive vessels easily.

What is the ideal refrigerator size for Indian families? 

Bachelors and single individuals – 40 to 80 litres
Couples and small 3-member families – 80 to 240 litres
The family of 4 to 5 members – 240 to 400 litres
Larger families – Above 400 litres

I live in an area with extreme voltage fluctuations. Do I need an external voltage stabiliser? 

Usually, you do not need one, but if the voltage in your area drops below 100 or goes up over 300, it is advisable to have an external stabiliser.

What is the compressor type? 

This refrigerator works on a reciprocatory compressor.

6. Bosch 618 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Model Number: (Inox, KAN56V40NE)

Going to the market and buying vegetables on a daily basis is a challenging task in the summer months. The temperature is uncomfortable even after 8 pm. Hence, it is a great idea to have a refrigerator capable of storing vegetables for the entire week.

The Bosch 618 L Inox is the ideal one for the purpose. Look at some of the other attractive features of the fridge.

Spacious interiors

The fridge is an enormous one with tremendous storage capacity. You have spacious interiors. The adjustable glass shelves in both the compartments allow for a great deal of flexibility.

Big Box

Bosch’s Big Box is enormous enough to store an entire lamb leg. Need we say anything more now?

Super Cooling

Adjust the temperature of your fridge and freezer compartments at the press of a button. Hence, you need not wait long for your food and drinks to become cold.

Multi-Airflow System

The vents provided at vantage locations inside the fridge ensures that it cools every corner of the fridge uniformly. Hence, you avoid unnecessary issues like condensation. Your food remains crisp and fresh wherever you keep them inside the refrigerator.

  • Ice twister – The ice twister is a fantastic arrangement as you do not have to remove the ice tray to take out your ice cubes. Twist them in their place and collect the cubes inside the container.
  • Toughened Glass shelves – The toughened glass shelves can bear heavy weights. They are easy to clean as well.
  • LED Lighting – You get glare-free illumination inside your fridge. Therefore. You do not have to grope around in the dark or strain your eyes while searching for your bottle of cold water in the middle of the night.
  • Fingerprint-free coating – The stainless steel body has a unique fingerprint-free coating. Hence, your fridge does not have to contend with mucky fingerprints all over the place. Young parents love this feature as it saves them a lot of work in cleaning the fridge surface of their child’s fingerprints.
  • Frost-free technology – Frost does not form inside this fridge. Hence, you do not have to defrost it manually.
  • Convenient settings – The temperature settings of the freezer compartment are independent of the fridge compartment. You can conveniently set the temperature at different levels.
  • Excellent design with Fingerprint-free coating
  • Quick Cooling and freezing
  • Spacious enough to hold big bottles and containers
  • Innovative Bosch technology
  • Occupies a lot of space
  • Not ideal for small families
Verdict: Bosch has a worldwide reputation for being one of the top refrigerator manufacturers. This company brings with it VitaFresh technology that not only keeps the food fresh but also ensures there is no loss of the nutrient value. It is worth every rupee you spend on its purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of frost-free refrigerators?

The most significant benefit of frost-free refrigerators is that you do not have to manually defrost the fridge every time as there is no accumulation of frost inside the freezer compartment.

Do my food items remain cool during power cuts? 

Yes, the exclusive technology involved in the manufacturing of this fridge ensures that your food remains crisp and fresh for as long as ten hours during an extended power cut.

Is this refrigerator a convertible one? 

No, it is not a convertible refrigerator

Do you need a separate stabiliser for this fridge?

No, large fridges come equipped with an inbuilt stabiliser. You do not need to use an external stabiliser.

Best Side by Side Refrigerators – Buying Guide

The refrigerator is an integral part of any kitchen. It is not practically impossible to find a house in India that does not have a refrigerator. In fact, you have people having refrigerators in their bedrooms as well.

side by side refrigerator buying guide

What do you do when you wish to buy a cup of ice cream?

You look at various flavours on the menu card and take a long time to decide which of the flavours to order. How can you expect to make a quick decision when you want to buy an appliance as big and useful as a refrigerator? You need to do a lot of homework. This buying guide will help you in this process.

Size of the family matters a lot

If you have No-7 sized feet, do you go for a shoe size of No 9? You do not do so. The same logic applies to your refrigerator as well. The size of the family is essential. This illustration can make things easy for you.

  • Bachelors and single individuals – 40 to 80 litres
  • Couples and families with 3 members – 80 to 240 litres
  • Medium size families having 4 to 5 members – 240 to 400 litres
  • Large families having more than 5 members – over 400 litres

There are various kinds of refrigerators available on the market. You have refrigerators having a single door as well as those having more than two. Naturally, the multiple door refrigerators are the larger ones, especially over the 240-litre capacity mark.

We shall concentrate on the multiple door refrigerators and in particular, the Side-by-Side refrigerators in this buying guide.

Also, Read

Side-by-Side Double door refrigerators

As the name suggests, this refrigerator has two doors placed side by side as you experience in the cupboards and bureaus. Usually, you find the freezer compartment on one side whereas the other side comprises the fridge compartment.

The freezer to fridge ratio changes from one brand to the other. You have brands like Haier having the most significant freezer to fridge ratio in the industry.

This combination makes it ideal for people having a preference for non-vegetarian food. Such people require refrigerators with larger freezer space.

Important points to note

Capacity:  Usually, the side by side refrigerators are available in sizes ranging from more than 500 litres and can go up to even 800 litres. These refrigerators have freezers of greater sizes than the standard double door appliances.

Some of them have additional features like water dispensers. You can have your glass of fresh water without having to open the refrigerator. Such refrigerators have large boxes for storing vegetables and fruits.

Energy efficiency:  Most of these refrigerators are energy efficient with some of them consuming less than one unit of electricity in a day. Of course, the electrical consumption depends on the usage patterns.

Compressor types:  You have two types of compressors, the reciprocatory compressors and the inverter compressors. The standard compressors work at a single speed. They shut off and on at regular intervals as the temperature inside the refrigerator changes.

The inverter compressor works on a continuous basis without shutting off. They operate at varying speeds depending on the load and temperature inside the fridge. They are more energy efficient than the standard compressors.

Side by Side Refrigerators – Features to look for

Quick Cool and Quick Freeze

You measure the utility of a refrigerator by its ability to cool your food and keep it as fresh as possible. The side by side refrigerators come with Quick Cool and Quick Freeze technology that can bring down the temperature from 32 degrees to 5 degrees and -18 degrees within a few minutes.

Multi-Airflow system

These fridges have vents on the interiors to enable uniform circulation of cold air inside the fridge. It helps in ensuring a constant temperature at every corner. Hence, your food remains fresh for extended periods of time.

Separate boxes for vegetables and fruits

The side by side refrigerators have larger space as compared to the standard refrigerators. Hence, you have different boxes for keeping your vegetables and fruits. The uniform cooling ensures that they do not lose the moisture content and therefore remain fresh for a more extended period.

Larger freezers

One side of the refrigerator comprises the freezer whereas the other contains the fridge compartment. The ideal ratio for a vegetarian family is 80:20 in favour of the fridge whereas non-vegetarians need a ratio of 70:30. You have refrigerators like Haier that come with a higher fridge to freezer ratio.


Usually, all the side by side door refrigerators come with a one-year warranty on the product with a warranty ranging between 5 and 10 years on the compressor. These appliances pass through stringent quality checks and rarely fail during the warranty period.

Inbuilt stabiliser

All large fridges come with inbuilt stabilisers. Hence, there is no need to invest in a voltage stabiliser. You can have one if the voltage in your area frequently fluctuates below 100 or above 300.


Almost all the side by side refrigerators cost more than ₹ 50,000. You can purchase these appliances from reputed online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon. You get attractive discounts, free shipping, cash back offers on specific credit cards, and so on.

Now, you know the distinctive features of the side by side refrigerators and are also aware of the things to note while buying one.

We have also discussed seven of the top brands available on the market. It should not be a difficult task for you to proceed with the purchase of your side by side refrigerator.

Buy one and enjoy your cold drinks and ice creams during the hot summer months. Your food remains fresh for a long time. A refrigerator is an absolute necessity in places like India that have seasons like HOT, HOTTER, and HOTTEST.


  1. There is some budget issue while we are seeking side by side door refrigerator but yes if we invest them it provides value for money, I personally like Samsung 674 L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator my friend had bought the same. Thanks for the article, Keep Posting.

  2. I am looking for kitchen equipments like,
    Refigerator side by side door (80000 budget)
    Coffe maker
    Bread toster
    Rice cooker
    Washing mechine ( should be drayer also)
    6 members family
    Pls help me to choose the best

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