The summer season is at its peak now. Everyone would like to have a cold glass of water to quench their thirst.

The intense heat can spoil foodstuffs like milk, curds, vegetables, and so on. Therefore, refrigeration is of utmost importance.

It is the principal reason why you see a spurt in the purchase of fridges during these months. You get a fantastic range of refrigerators in the market.

Choosing the right one to suit your requirements and more importantly, your budget is difficult.

We present the list of some of the best single-door refrigerators in India along with a simple buying guide to help clear your predicament.

Let us go through some of the most exciting and popular models in India today.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India

1. Samsung 198L 5-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator RR21T2H2WCU/HL

The Samsung 198L single-door refrigerator is ideal for small families of a maximum of three persons. It is also the perfect fridge for someone who is purchasing the fridge for the first time. Here are some features of this appliance.

  • Capacity – 198L Direct Cool
  • Star Rating – 5-star
  • Compressor – Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Warranty – Ten years on the compressor

This 198L Samsung single-door refrigerator is as stylish as they come with a refreshing crown door design and an H-bar chrome handle. The design is such that it offers six litres of extra space inside the appliance.

The horizontal curve design adds to its excellent appearance and makes it a treat for the eyes. The Garo handle with a curvaceous appearance is convenient and looks glamourous at the same time.

This refrigerator is one of the latest models that come with a covered back. It protects the compressor, the wiring, and the condenser pipes from dust and damage.

This Samsung refrigerator comes equipped with a digital inverter compressor that adjusts its working speed, depending on the cooling demand.

As this fridge comes with an in-built stabiliser, you do not have to invest in purchasing one. Besides, this refrigerator can run on your home inverter and solar energy, as well.

The lighting technology has advanced over the years. This fridge comes with a much brighter lamp when compared to its predecessors. The anti-bacterial gasket protects your food from bacterial contamination, thereby adding to the hygiene factor.

The spacious vegetable box allows you to store your vegetables and fruits at a single location, well insulated from other food odours.

This fridge does not waste any space. The base stand drawer is a perfect example of this fact. The stand comes with a removable drawer where you can store onions, potatoes, and other vegetables that do not need refrigeration.

  • Compact appliance, well suited for small families
  • Incredible design
  • Compatibility with home inverter and solar energy
  • 5-star energy rating
  • Customers have complained of moisture collection in the vegetable box.
  • Manual defrosting

2. LG 190L 4-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – GL-D201ARGY

The LG 190L 4-star refrigerator is LG’s answer to the Samsung model we have discussed above. Though it had a 5-star rating in 2019, the revised rating structure has brought it down to 4-star in 2020. This fridge comes with excellent features to become the favourite of Indian households.

  • Capacity – 190 litres
  • Energy rating – 4-star
  • Compressor – Smart Inverter compressor
  • Warranty – Ten years on the compressor and one year on the product

The latest range of LG single-door refrigerators come with excellent features like the capability to connect with the home inverter in the event of a power cut. Thus, you do not have to worry about spoilt food or milk during extended power cuts and load shedding.

On the designing front, the LG refrigerator is right there amongst the best because of its exquisite looks. The fridge is available in attractive colours and flowery designs to enhance the overall beauty of your kitchen.

The smart inverter compressor delivers unmatched performances due to its silent operation and tremendous savings in power.

It also comes with an in-built stabiliser to take care of voltage fluctuations. Therefore, electricity bills should not be a worry at all when you have this LG refrigerator adorning your kitchen.

The LG fridge comes equipped with a unique lattice-type vegetable box cover to maintain the moisture levels at the optimum. Thus, the moisture from the stored food evaporates and condenses on the lattice, thereby preserving the freshness.

LG refrigerators have a reputation for being one of the fastest when it comes to making ice. This fridge can make ice in 108 minutes. Another highlight is the anti-bacterial gasket that helps in keeping the food healthy and hygienic for extended periods.

The toughened glass shelves can withstand heavy kitchen utensils, as they can bear loads up to 175 kg comfortably. The base stand drawer for storing vegetables that do not require cooling is also a welcome addition to the exemplary design.

  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Ideal for small families up to three people
  • Works well with the home inverter
  • Superb designing
  • Manual defrosting
  • The internal tray fabric quality needs improvement.

3. Samsung 192L 4-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – RR20T182XR8/HL

Here is another Samsung model that has enchanted many homemakers no end. The exquisite design and colouring make it an attractive appliance to have in the kitchen. On the performance front, it is right there amongst the best in the business.

  • Capacity – 192 litres, ideal for small families
  • Star Rating – 4-star
  • Compressor – Digital Inverter
  • Warranty – One year on the product and ten years on the compressor

This Samsung refrigerator comes with an exquisite design with its Grande Door and an aesthetically placed fine line towards the bottom portion of the fridge. It blends beautifully with other appliances in the kitchen.

This fridge is available in a range of exciting colours. The Bar Chrome handle is the stand-out feature of this refrigerator. Besides adding to the attraction quotient, it allows for smooth operations.

On the performance aspect, no one faults its working in any way, as this refrigerator delivers a power-packed performance. The digital inverter compressor ensures greater efficiency while reducing the noise.

This compressor adjusts its working speed according to the cooling demands, thereby ensuring tremendous savings in power.

One of the merits of this fridge is that it can run on the home inverter system. Thus, it ensures that your food never gets spoilt during power cuts.

This refrigerator is also compatible with solar energy. It features an in-built stabiliser that can handle extreme voltage fluctuations from 100V to 300V.

The interiors of this refrigerator remain illuminated because of the excellent lighting system that switches on the moment you open the door. The toughened glass shelves can withstand heavy weights, thereby allowing you to store your food in large vessels.

Samsung refrigerators are one of the few single-door fridges to come with a back cover. It protects the machinery from damage. The base stand drawer to hold vegetables like potatoes and onions is an excellent feature to have.

This fridge features a spacious vegetable container for storing your green vegetables and fruits. The anti-bacterial gasket prevents the build-up and transmission of bacteria into the appliance.

  • Optimum use of space
  • Superb cooling performance
  • An incredible idea for storing potatoes and onions
  • Attractive looks
  • Require manual defrosting
  • Slightly expensive for a single-door refrigerator

4. LG 215L 4-Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – GL-B221APGY

LG has some exquisite refrigerator models to cater to all requirements. This 215-litres model is one of the best single-door fridges available in India, both in terms of appearance and performance. It is available in a fantastic array of colours and designs.

  • Capacity – 215 litres
  • Star Rating – 4-star
  • Compressor – Inverter Compressor
  • Warranty – Ten years on the inverter compressor

LG refrigerators live up to their reputation for enabling excellent savings, displaying high efficiency, and being extremely durable. This new range of LG single door refrigerators satisfy all these features, thereby gaining the confidence of the Indian homemaker.

This appliance has been certified as a 4-star refrigerator according to BEE Star Ratings. However, it delivers a five-star performance in every aspect.

The smart inverter compressor delivers impeccable performance and does not require the services of an external stabiliser. The in-built mechanism can withstand voltage fluctuations in the extended range of 90V to 310V.

The appealing aspect of this refrigerator is that it connects with the home inverter during power cuts and load shedding to deliver uninterrupted power to the fridge. It ensures that food and milk do not get spoilt due to these power outages.

One of the standard complaints of users is that the vegetables and fruits get wet with moisture when refrigerated for extended periods.

LG refrigerators come equipped with a unique Moist-n-Fresh lattice-type box that maintains the humidity at an optimum level. The moisture evaporates from the vegetables and condenses on the lattice.

This refrigerator comes with toughened glass shelves capable of bearing the weight of bulky kitchen utensils. Tests have proved that these shelves can withstand up to 175 kg.

LG fridges are among the best ones for ice-making, as they can make ice in 108 minutes. This appliance is one of the best in terms of hygiene because of the anti-bacterial gasket. It keeps the food healthy by preventing the entry of bacteria and fungi.

  • Excellent storage space for small families
  • Vegetables and fruits retain their crispiness even for a week.
  • The inverter compressor technology eliminates all noise.
  • One needs to empty the water collected at the back of the fridge after defrosting to prevent mosquitoes for settling down.

5. Samsung 192L 4-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – RR20T1Z2XS8-HL

Here is an elegant refrigerator model from Samsung that ticks all the boxes as far as appearance and performances are concerned. This 4-star fridge is ideally suited for small families with two or three persons.

  • Capacity – 192 litres
  • Energy Rating – 4-star
  • Compressor – Digital Inverter compressor
  • Warranty – ten years on the compressor

Performance and features-wise, this refrigerator is similar to the other Samsung fridges discussed above. Some of the outstanding features of this refrigerator are the digital inverter compressor and the base stand drawer.

The digital inverter technology saves power, makes less noise, and ensures the durability of the appliance. By adjusting its speed to the cooling demands, it ensures that it does not run at full pace all the time. Therefore, it lasts long while consuming less electricity at the same time.

The designing of the door is an aesthetic one, with the slim line towards the bottom portion of the fridge being the stand-out feature.

Another exciting aspect of this refrigerator is the excellent illumination of the interiors. The bright lamp makes it easy for storing and removing food materials.

This refrigerator can function on solar energy within the voltage range of 100V to 300V. The inbuilt stabiliser allows it to perform smoothly without any damage to the compressor.

If the input voltage falls beyond the acceptable scope of 100V to 300V, the appliance switches off automatically. The highlight is that it can function on your home inverter during power cuts.

The Island handle arrangement looks modernised while proving to be useful for easy access. The safe, clean back cover ensures that no damage comes to the compressor or the condenser pipes.

The design is complete with the provision of a base stand drawer to enable you to store vegetables that do not require cooling.

As far as other vegetables are concerned, this refrigerator comes with a spacious container to enable proper storage of vegetables and fruits. The toughened glass shelves have their utility as they support heavy utensils comfortably.

This fridge is one of the most hygienic because of the anti-bacterial gasket that prevents fungi and bacteria from contaminating the food. The gasket also ensures against leakage of cold air, thereby enhancing the refrigerator’s efficiency.

  • Aesthetic design with a beautiful island handle
  • Provides excellent cooling and keeps your food fresh for long hours
  • Compatible with the home inverter and solar power
  • Manual defrosting is always an issue with these direct cool refrigerators
  • Too compact for families of four people and more

6. Whirlpool 190L 4-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator WDE 205 ROY 4S INV

Whirlpool has built up a reputation of being a suitable alternative to the LG and Samsung refrigerator models n India. The company offers an exciting range of single-door fridges that come with excellent features.

  • Capacity – 190 litres
  • Star rating – 4-star
  • Compressor – Inverter Compressor
  • Warranty – one year on the product and ten years on the compressor

Whirlpool comes with its advanced insulated capillary technology that helps the refrigerator retail the cooling for a maximum of nine hours, even during power cuts. Hence, it ensures that food and milk do not get spoilt when there is excessive load shedding.

Besides, this refrigerator can connect to the home inverter in the event of power cuts, thereby ensuring to maintain long-lasting freshness.

This fridge features an in-built stabiliser capable of managing voltage fluctuations between 130V and 300V, thus protecting the machine from electrical surges. As it has a 4-star rating, this refrigerator saves on your electricity bills.

This fridge comes with ample storage space despite being a 190L capacity refrigerator. The jumbo bottle rack on the door can accommodate up to three 2L bottles comfortably. The toughened glass shelves can bear heavy weights and even hot vessels without cracking.

The manual defrosting method is easy on this refrigerator. However, one should ensure to use it regularly to prevent the building up of ice.

The large vegetable crisper is one of the highlights of this refrigerator. It ensures that you do not face space constraints.

The honeycomb lock-in technology has a unique moisture slider that helps to maintain optimum moisture in the container to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for a long time. The freezer is a large one. It also comes with stackable ice trays to ensure optimum use of freezer space.

  • Saves power while delivering excellent cooling
  • Compatible with home inverter
  • Keeps the freezer compartment cold for up to nine hours during power shortage
  • The back portion of the fridge does not have a cover.

7. Samsung 192L 3-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – RR20T172YS8-HL

This Samsung refrigerator is similar in appearance and performance to some of the Samsung fridges discussed above. The only difference is that this refrigerator is less energy efficient than the others because it features a 3-star BEE rating.

  • Capacity – 192 litres
  • Energy Rating – 3-star
  • Compressor – Inverter compressor
  • Warranty – one year on the product and ten years on the compressor

Samsung Direct Cool refrigerators are excellent performers while looking attractive at the same time. The grand design of the fridge with its perfectly-chiselled bar chrome handle can adorn your kitchen environment and take it to another level.

On the performance front, the stabiliser-free operation is one of the highlighting features of this refrigerator. The setting is such that it automatically switches off the fridge if the input voltage falls outside the 100V to 300V range.

This refrigerator can function on solar energy and your home inverter, as well. Thus, your refrigerator is capable of functioning 24×7, irrespective of power cuts.

The digital inverter compressor ensures that the appliance makes less noise, as it adjusts its working speed, depending on the cooling demands.

Despite having a capacity of 192 litres, this fridge comes with a large vegetable box to enable you to store your veggies and fruits comfortably.

The lighting arrangement is also one of the best amongst its contemporaries, as the bright view lamp illuminates the interiors of this refrigerator beautifully.

The adjustable glass shelves allow you a good deal of flexibility whereby, you can change the position of the shelves to accommodate large vessels. These shelves can withstand weights up to 175kg as they are made of toughened glass.

This refrigerator is a safe one in many respects because it comes with a back cover to protect the compressor and condenser pipes from dust, pests, and damage.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Exemplary cooling performance
  • Compatible with home inverter and solar power
  • Manual defrosting is an issue.

8. Whirlpool 190L 2-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – WDE 205 CLS 2S

The refrigerator prices have come down considerably with advancing technology. The Whirlpool 190L 2-star fridges are one of the lowest-priced appliances in its category. It is the ideal refrigerator to purchase for anyone buying a refrigerator for the first time.

  • Capacity – 190 litres
  • BEE Star rating – 2-star
  • Compressor – Conventional compressor
  • Warranty – Ten years on the compressor with a one-year warranty on the product

Though this Whirlpool product is amongst the lowest-priced fridges on the market, it comes with excellent features generally seen in higher-priced appliances. The 9-hour cooling retention feature using Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology is one such feature.

This feature proves useful to maintain your milk and other foods in the freezer for up to nine hours without spoiling, in the event of a power cut. This feature assumes more significance because this refrigerator is not compatible with your home inverter.

This fridge does not compromise on the designing aspect, as it features an attractive pocket handle that gives it a modern look while proving its utility at the same time. The interiors come with thoughtfully designed wire shelves for maximising space to enable you to store large vessels.

The jumbo bottle rack can accommodate up to three large 2L bottles comfortably. The fridge also features a considerably large vegetable crisper to accommodate sufficient vegetables.

The freezer is a large one, as well, with stackable ice trays to maximise freezer space. It also features a chiller tray beneath the freezer compartment where you can place your milk packets and other cans.

The vegetable crisper with honeycomb moisture lock-in technology ensures that vegetables and fruits stay fresh for long periods. The advanced moisture slider feature helps to maintain optimum moisture in the vegetables to enable them to last long.

The anti-bacterial gasket prevents the fungi and bacteria from accumulating, thereby maintaining proper hygiene levels. The smooth manual defrosting system ensures hassle-free use.

This refrigerator can work without the need for an external stabiliser, as the in-built stabiliser can manage extreme voltage fluctuations in the range of 130V to 300V.

  • Ideal appliance for first-time buyers
  • Provides full value for money
  • Forms ice quickly
  • Adjustable racks
  • Does not connect to home inverter
  • Manual defrosting

9. Haier 52L 3-star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – HR-62VS

Single individuals need not invest in large refrigerators, especially when their needs are small. The Haier 52L refrigerator is also a great fridge to adorn your bedroom.

It serves beautifully as a second refrigerator in your house.

  • Capacity – 52 litres mini refrigerator
  • Energy efficiency – 2-star
  • Compressor – non-inverter
  • Warranty – one year on the product and five years on the compressor

The Haier 52L refrigerator is an ideal appliance for bachelors because of their limited usage. It is a compact fridge that comes with a tiny freezer box to supply you with ice for your drinks.

It also displays adequate space for storing your beer cans, fruit juices, sauces, and jams. The arrangement also allows you to keep vegetables and fruits but does not come with a separate container for the purpose.

The aesthetic design of this mini-fridge makes it a treat to watch. It is available in a range of colours to suit your home décor in every way. Though small in size, it features a separate bottle rack, a freezer compartment, and the main storage area.

It features wire shelves that can be removed if necessary. Besides, the door comes with two removable racks. The separate ice compartment should provide the perfect setting for making quick ice, whenever required.

As it is a small device, it does not consume much power. However, this appliance has a 2-star rating. The PUF insulation on the single door provides the perfect insulation by not allowing the cold air to escape outside. This feature enhances the overall performance of the mini-fridge.

This refrigerator does not need an external voltage stabiliser. It can provide stabiliser-free operations in the voltage range of 135V to 290V.

The anti-fungal gasket makes it a hygienic appliance. It comes with a door-locking arrangement to ensure that no one tampers with it in your absence.

  • Ideal for bachelors and also as a secondary refrigerator in your bedroom
  • Excellent storage space despite the 52L capacity
  • Handy appliance to have in the home
  • As it is small, this mini-refrigerator takes time for cooling.
  • The fridge does not come with an inverter compressor.

Buying Guide – Best Single Door Refrigerators

Every house has a refrigerator today. You need refrigerators to prevent the food from becoming stale.

The fridge plays a vital role in maintaining the nutrients of the food intact. There are different kinds of refrigerators available in the market today.

You have the multiple door refrigerators becoming very common today with people opting to buy the 3-door or the side-by-side door fridges.

However, the single door refrigerator still has its patrons. Small families need not invest in purchasing the larger fridges when the single-door can do the same job.

Let us go through the simple buying guide for single-door refrigerators. It should make your job easy.

You need to be conversant with some specific terms when you venture to purchase your single-door refrigerator.

Direct Cool Refrigerator

It is the most basic forms of refrigerators that do not use fans for cooling. Therefore, you find a natural kind of convection responsible for the cooling inside the fridge. Hence, you can see a bit of an uneven cooling throughout the refrigerator.

In spite of this drawback, these refrigerators are energy efficient. Usually, you have the single-door refrigerators using this technology.

There is another major drawback of this technology. You find an accumulation of frost inside the freezer compartment because of the higher degree of cooling. You have to defrost the freezer at regular intervals manually.

Advantages of the Direct Cool Refrigerators

  • The cooling is a result of the natural convection process
  • Energy efficient refrigerators
  • Cost-effective
  • Separate freezer compartment
  • Some of the latest single-door fridges feature auto-defrost technology.


  • Manual defrosting
  • You do not get large refrigerators in this category

In-built Stabiliser

Voltage fluctuations are frequent in India. Many a time you experience the input voltage in the range of 135 to 290 volts.

The wide variation can damage the delicate parts of your refrigerator. Hence, people opt for the external voltage stabiliser in the ordinary case.

It is not necessary for the present-day refrigerators because they have in-built stabilisers. These stabilisers enable the fridge to work under adverse voltage fluctuations.

BEE Star Ratings

Depending on the energy consumption, The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rates the efficiency of the refrigerators based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Naturally, the higher the number of stars, more significant is the efficiency of the fridge.

These 5-star refrigerators are expensive initially, but the costs even out because of savings in your power bills.

The Refrigerant – Environmentally friendly

CFC is the common refrigerant used in refrigerators. However, it is not an eco-friendly product, as it contributes to greenhouse gas emission. Some of the better alternatives are R-134 and R600A.

Prominent brands

We have discussed some of the leading brands of single-door refrigerators above. They are

  • Whirlpool
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • Godrej

Each of these brands has its advantages and disadvantages. Go through them and choose the one that suits your needs.

Single Door Refrigerators – Automatic Defrosting

Today, you have single-door refrigerators with the automatic defrosting facility. However, this facility is available in appliances having a capacity of 240 litres or more.

Whirlpool offers this facility in its 285L single-door refrigerators.

The advantages of automatic defrosting are many

  • Automatic defrosting eliminates manual defrosting. Hence, it does not matter if you forget to activate the defrosting button. The machine starts the process on its own.
  • There is no accumulation of ice in the freezer compartment. Therefore, it keeps working at full efficiency.
  • In an auto-defrost fridge, there are no exposed wires or pipes. The backside of these refrigerators is covered. Hence, the compressor and other parts are not visible.
  • Automatic defrosting increases the overall efficiency of the refrigerator.

The demerits of automatic defrosting

  • Auto-defrosting involves the use of heat to defrost the freezer. This heating element consumes electricity and hence increases the energy consumption of the refrigerator.
  • Due to the heat generated by the auto-defrost mechanism, the sidewalls of the fridge become hot. It is different in the case of the manual defrosting method.
  • The auto-defrost feature is not available in refrigerators having a capacity of fewer than 240 litres. Hence, people generally opt for a double-door refrigerator if they need a fridge with a capacity of more than 250 litres.

Single Door Refrigerators – Inverter Compressors

Inverter technology is a relatively recent innovation. Generally, refrigerator compressors keep switching on and off at regular intervals. The conventional compressors are capable of working at a single speed, at full pace all the time.

Once you switch on the refrigerator, the compressor starts working at full speed to cool the interiors. On reaching the maximum cooling temperature, it cuts off the power supply.

As the temperature begins to climb back over a specified figure, the compressors restart. This process keeps on repeating at regular intervals.

As the compressors run at the highest speed, they consume the maximum electricity. When restarting, there is a surge of electric current, as well.

The frequent restarting of the compressor cause the appliance to make noise. It can be disturbing, at times.

The inverter technology is different because the compressor never stops working, as long as the fridge is powered on. It does not work at full speed all the time.

The rate depends on various factors like the load inside the refrigerator, external and internal temperature, and so on. It is more like a car accelerator.

When you need the car to run at higher speeds, you press the pedal. If you do not require high speeds, you loosen your grip over the pedal. It saves precious fuel. Similarly, the inverter runs are varying rates, thereby resulting in saving valuable energy.

Cooling Technology

Cooling technology has improved a lot over the years. Traditionally, the single-door fridges did not come with uniform cooling. However, the modern refrigerator models come with specific technology to enable uniform cooling.

The latest Haier single-door refrigerators come with unique technology, 360-degree Air Flow.

This technology cause uniform circulation of cold air in all directions from the multiple air vents located at every corner of the appliance.

Whirlpool offers a similar technology and names it 3D Airflow technology.

The other top brands also offer similar technology in their latest single-door fridge models.

LG has named this technology as Durachill in its range of products. It can maintain the freezer temperature for a maximum of two hours during a power cut, whereas the LG Evercool model can keep the contents cold for seven hours.

Blackout Backup

Power cuts are frequent in India with the smaller towns witnessing load shedding for extended periods.

If the refrigerator remains switched off during this period, it can spoil the food, especially milk. Therefore, the top manufacturers have devised innovative solutions to deal with these issues.

Reputed brands like Godrej, Samsung, and Whirlpool offer cooling gel, a form of cold gas, that circulates inside the fridge to keep it fresh during power cuts.

Godrej offers a cooling gel technology, StayCool, that keeps the freezer compartment cold, even in the absence of electric power.

Samsung offers Cool Wall technology. It is a specially designed wall that helps retain cooling during power cuts. The Cool Pack technology keeps the items chilled for a maximum of 12 hours during a power cut.

Whirlpool refrigerators feature insulated capillary technology to surround the freezer with capillaries containing the super cold gas.

It allows the freezer to attain temperatures as low as -26 degrees.

Haier single-door refrigerators have inner edges with diamond-shaped designs to slow down the ice melting process. Thus, it helps to retain maximum cooling for long periods.

Customisable interiors

All kitchen utensils are not of the same size to fit in quickly into the fridge. As you have vessels of varying sizes, the refrigerators come with adjustable shelves and bottle racks to ensure optimum space usage.

This customisation of the interiors makes the refrigerators one of the most flexible kitchen appliances.

Today, you have the latest generation single-door fridges coming with modernised crispers to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for extended periods.

The crisper is a plastic container, usually situated at the bottom of the refrigerator for storing vegetables and fruits.

Whirlpool, a reputed manufacturer, offers a fantastic range of crispers to enhance the convenience factor.

Fresh and Sort Crisper

This arrangement includes a mini crisper inside the primary container for placing fruits. It enables easy sorting of the vegetables from the fruits.

Twin Seal Crisper

Such an arrangement has a plastic partition to separate the vegetables from the fruits.

Tri-zone crisper

It includes three compartments wherein you can separate the different vegetables to avoid the mixing of odours. Generally, you have these crispers in the larger appliances because of space constraints in smaller fridges.

Haier offers a unique type of vegetable crisper that enables you to remove the entire container even if there is not adequate space for opening the refrigerator door completely.

The 90-degree contour design can prove useful to those who face space constraints in the kitchen.

Tips for selecting the ideal single-door refrigerator for your home

We have discussed the buying guide in detail. These tips should now help you to select the refrigerator suited to your needs.

  • The refrigerator capacity depends on the size of your family. Family of two to three persons can opt for single-door refrigerators.
  • It is advisable to check out the size of the freezer compartment. Vegetarians can opt for an 80:20 fridge to freezer ratio, whereas people with non-vegetarian preferences can go for a 70:30 model.
  • It is better to opt for a refrigerator with an inverter compressor, as it saves energy.
  • One should also ensure that the fridge does not contribute to greenhouse gas emission. Therefore, R-134 and R-600A refrigerants are the best ones available today.
  • Use your refrigerator for storing food and not as an almirah. Therefore, selecting the right size is crucial. Purchasing an oversized appliance does not make sense if your requirements are not high.
  • Though a refrigerator with automatic defrosting facility consumes more electricity, they offer higher convenience.

This article should have clarified every doubt you had in your mind about purchasing single-door refrigerators. Determine your requirements and choose your appliance wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the ideal size of a refrigerator for my home?

It depends on the size of your home and family. A bachelor can be happy with a refrigerator having capacity in the range of 40 to 80 litres. Couples and small families not having more than 3 persons should opt for refrigerators in sizes 80 to 240 litres. Larger families can go for the ones above 240 litres.

2. How many electrical units does the single-door fridge usually consume?

Usually, a single-door refrigerator with a 3-star rating consumes around 200 to 220 units per year. However, it depends on your usage patterns. A 4-star or a 5-star refrigerator consumes less.

3. What is the frequency of defrosting the refrigerator?

You should not allow the frost to accumulate inside the freezer. It reduces the efficiency of the refrigerator. Keep a check on the accumulation of frost. Doing it on a weekly basis is fine.

4. Can you use the refrigerator on a home inverter?

Yes, it depends on the type of refrigerator your purchase. Some of the latest single-door refrigerators are compatible with the home inverter.

5. Can you use the fridge without a stabiliser?

It is not advisable to use the fridge without a stabiliser because of extreme voltage fluctuations everywhere in India. It explains why the modern-day refrigerators come with in-built stabilisers.

6. Which compressor is the best?

The reciprocatory compressor is a good one as it ensures uniform cooling. The inverter compressor is also a useful one because it saves a lot of power.


We have just seen the reviews of 9 of the best single-door refrigerators in India. The buying guide should help you to choose the best one according to your requirements. Go through the list and make the best choice. You need a refrigerator to supply you with cold water on a hot summer day.

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