In the recent years the use of Smartwatches has increased by leaps and bounds and rightfully so considering the fast paced lives that we 21st century beings live.

In order to stay ahead in life using a cutting edge technology that only makes you more efficient.

It has often been argued that smartwatches are only a piece of wearable that symbolises decadence, something only for the better off.

On the contrary, smartwatches in the recent times have been manufactured to suit the needs and pockets of all. This little accessory can make you quicker, prompt and can help you tick points off your check-list anytime anywhere.

What do smartwatches do?

Al though each smartwatch has its unique characteristics, a generic smartwatch too provides you with a plethora of features, like:

Fitness tracking

everyone needs to squeeze a little bit of physical activity into our sedentary lives; a smartwatch makes your job easier by tracking your heart rate, it has barometers and also a pedometer to track the number of steps taken.


A smartwatch can provide you with the notifications of important dates and events. It can provide you with the notifications that you’d get on your smartphone.


The apps on the smartphone are the crux of its functionality. Depending up on the operating system of the smartwatch, the apps come installed. You can install other apps as per your needs.


If the smartwatch is synced with your smartphone, it can control and manage the apps for your taste of entertainment.


The watches can track your location plus notify you with details relating to the region.

Voice dictation

As the name suggests, the smartwatch user can respond to his messages and such alerts orally and does not have to spend his time in typing the message out.

Keeps up with you longer than a smartphone does

Most of the smartwatches outperform smartphones when it comes to battery life, but some smartwatches can keep you company up to 10 days with a single charge!

Here are some of the points that you should look into before buying a smartwatch for the best purchase:

Which operating system to opt for?

As we have discussed earlier that not all smartwatches depend on a smartphone to operate, but majority of the smartwatches need to be paired with your smartphone to enable notifications etc.

Smartwatches come with operating system that work with both iOs and android which is now known as wearable software. While there are some smartwatches can come with their own independent operating system that supports specific devices only.

Hence, before buying a smartwatch you must check its operating system to ensure its compatibility with your smartphone.

Here are some of the best operating systems of smartwatches in the market:

Wearable OS (android)

It is quick, orderly, cutomizable and easy to use as it is very similar to android operating system on phone.


It is provided by Apple and it has only those apps that gets Apple’s stringent selection process.


It is an operating system which is used by smartwatches manufactured by Samsung. Apart from smartwatches Tizen operating system can work on smartphones, tablets etc. It has developed its own apps that are made available on all the devices to ensure thorough synchronization among devices.

Windows 10 OS

It is developed by Microsoft and is used by smartwatches manufactured by the same brand (like Microsoft band 2). The best feature of this smartwatch is that it is compatible with windows, iOS and android powered smartphones!


Most of the smartwatches lately have been equipped with either OLED or AMOLED (active-matrix organic light emitting diode) displays that gives vivid display and shows the pictures, apps and overall the entire screen in better, brighter colours.

LCD screens perform very well in bright for example, in sunlit areas.

Black and white screens are a talk of the yester years, but they are the best when it comes to saving energy. Like LCD screens the black and white displays gives a hindrance free viewing as it uses E-paper or E-link that does not give a glare in bright settings.

Apart from the screen types, it is important to know that in order to make the batter life last longer, most of the smartwatches do not stay active at all times. Most of the smartwatches stay asleep unless they are activated by the user each time.

Glass protectant

If you are someone who is going to wear the watch everyday and expect it to sustain a rough use, then opt for those screens that have fortified glasses like Gorilla glass.

For fitness enthusiasts who like to hike, swim, go on bike rides etc, the watch needs to be water resistant. So before buying the watch ensure that this feature is present and also see the extent till which
the watch is protected from water.


It is the platform where the users can communicate with the device. Smartwatches come with either of the two types of interfaces:

Button and bezels

Although it is considered to be a technology of times gone by, if you are someone who likes a more conventional approach that is simple to use then opt for a smartwatch with buttons and bezels.

Bezels are basically controls that you find on the rim of the device, in case of smartwatches bezel is around the display and it can be used for the purpose of navigation and select items from the menu.

Touch screen

Touch screen has become the most widely used interface technology due to the convenience it gives to the user for selection, navigation, gives bigger display and a sleek look to the watch.

Design and customization

Smartwatches are often fragile and delicate therefore it is better that you do no choose to go with bands that uses clasps and similar designs as they are unwieldy. Opt for the ones that come in bands and straps as they are much easier to use and are comfortable to wear.

You can pick the design and colour of your strap or band as you like or even select a design of a third-party manufacturer and get it fitted to suit your style.


Some of the smartwatches come with wireless charging, others need a cable and plug to feed itself. While wireless charging is a lot more convenient, it comes with a price tag alike.

Best Smartwatch In India

1. New Apple Watch Series 6 – GPS + Cellular

When it comes to matching quality, nothing can beat an Apple product in its respective niche. Those owning Apple devices like the iPhone or the iPad always like to go for the Apple smartwatch. Other than brand loyalty, they look for compatibility issues. Apple smartwatch gels perfectly with other iOS devices.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a multipurpose device as you can measure your blood oxygen levels, your heart rate, and fitness levels on the “Always-On Retina display.”

This smartwatch helps you to understand your health on a deeper level. You can evaluate your blood oxygen level with a new sensor and the Blood Oxygen app. The ECG app takes your echocardiogram anywhere anytime. The Sleep app monitors your sleep to let you wake up healthy the next morning.

This smartwatch is the ideal one to have during your workouts. It tracks your daily activity and lets you choose your favourite exercise from cycling, running, walking, or even underwater swimming.

With the Apple smartwatch in your hand, you do not need a smartphone. This watch lets you take calls, send texts, talk to Siri, and stream Apple Music comfortably.

The Always-On Retina Display offers a perfect view, even in sunlight because of its enhanced brightness levels. The customisable watch face allows it to have a new look every day.

It is the ultimate device for a healthy life as it helps track your heart rate, monitor your fitness levels, and allow personalisation. You can choose from a range of Apple smartwatches, the Series 6, SE, and Series 3.

The Apple smartwatch is compatible with your iPhone. You get directions on the iPhone. Together, both these devices add up to a lot of fun.

The Apple smartwatch comes with a range of straps that allows you to have a new belt, depending on your mood.

  • A range of excellent new sensors makes it a formidable health-monitoring device.
  • GPS and cellular features ensure that you never get lost for directions.
  • One of the most attractive appearances
  • Does not pair with earlier iPhone versions, like the iPhone 7

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The problem with Apple watches is that they are generally compatible with iOS devices. People not having an iPhone usually do not opt for the Apple Smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is an ideal competitor to Apple Watch Series 6.

Among all smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 3 is the one to watch out for because it combines smartphone-level productivity and leading health technology in a single premium device.

The innovative feature of this smartwatch is the precision rotating bezel for app navigation. It is available in a range of exciting colours. The magnificent display makes it easy for you to focus on what matters the most. At the same time, this smartwatch is slim and light to wear comfortably.

The customisable face options let you choose from more than 40 different combinations, depending on your choice.

The built-in oxygen measurement feature uses red LED and infrared rays to measure your SpO2 levels. As oxygen saturation is linked to your physical performance, you can use the Galaxy Watch 3 to take your exercising routine to the next level.

The Fall detection feature automatically detects hard falls and uses its enhanced accelerometer to send an SOS to the emergency contact with your location.

The Sleep monitoring function records your REM sleep cycles, deep sleep and total sleep times to improve the overall sleep quality. This smartwatch comes equipped with more than 120 home workout programs. You can choose your favourite one and cast it to your TV, as you work out.

The running guide feature lets you keep pace as it provides tips on the go. It helps to improve your striding patterns and prevent injuries. It even measures VO2 max values and lets you monitor your activity from your smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 enables you to stay connected with the world as the smart reply feature analyses texts and photos to suggest intelligent replies. This smartwatch enhances the fun quotient in communication with its Bitmoji stickers.

This smartwatch enables you to play your favourite music on the go. The Spotify app allows you to switch from one song to the other seamlessly.

  • Automatic Wi-Fi option is excellent.
  • Battery backup of two days is reasonable.
  • Keeps track of all exercises
  • Works only with Samsung devices
  • ECG option is not functional in India.

3. Apple Watch Series 5  GPS Plus Cellular

Apple is a renowned name when it comes to manufacturing iPhones, iPads, and other high-quality devices. They bring the same technology to producing the best smartwatches in the country. Besides telling the time, this Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch comes with the following features. This smartwatch is available in two options, only GPS, and GPS plus Cellular.

The Always-On Retina Display feature on this smartwatch ensures to display the time and the watch face at all times. The appliance comes with utility apps that can keep a watch on your heart rate. The ECG app keeps tracking your heart’s rhythm and displays the rate accurately.

Loud noises can impair your hearing power. The Noise app on the smartwatch alerts you when the decibels rise to high and damaging levels. Women would love the Cycle tracking app, as it enables them to keep a track over their menstrual cycles.

Fitness enthusiasts benefit the most from the Apple smartwatch because it enables them to achieve all their fitness goals. This app comes with excellent features like advanced workout metrics, GPS, and water resistance capacity up to 50 metres.

The Activity Rings app tracks your exercising progress and inspires you to continue the same and be active and on the move. One can compete with friends in challenges to see who comes out as the winner. It is the sporting façade of this app.

Music lovers do not have to feel disheartened because they can access the entire Apple Music library and stream your favourite songs. The podcasts that come with the watch enable you to listen to these songs wirelessly.

The best aspect of this watch is the Compass app that never lets you lose your direction. Thus, you can always retract your way back home from anywhere. The smartwatch offers access to Apple App Store, where you can download more apps within no time.

With this smartwatch, there is no need for you to carry your compatible smartphone everywhere you go. You can monitor your calls and even send SMS texts from this watch, thereby giving your smartphone a much-deserved rest.

The Emergency SOS feature comes with fall detection sensors that can automatically call for help. All these features make the Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch one of the best and most versatile smartwatches in India.

Above all these features, we reiterate, lest you forget that the smartwatch displays accurate time.

  • Multi-utility smartwatch with the best features
  • Make calls without using your smartphone.
  • Automatic emergency SOS calls when in trouble
  • The most accurate fitness results
  • As the smartwatch uses Bluetooth to make or receive calls when the smartphone is within range, some users have complained of spotty call quality.
  • The pricing is on the higher side, but it is indeed a high-quality product that deserves the price it demands.

4. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

If the Apple smartwatch had a unique appearance, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch does look like the conventional wristwatch with its dial and other specifications. However, behind this deceptive appearance, lies a smart appliance that can perform various activities.

On the designing front, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch displays a vintage look. The scratch-resistant Gorilla glass DX+ makes it a sturdy companion to have with you all the time. While being a smartwatch, it has the countenance of a traditional wristwatch.

This watch is available in two sizes, 4.2cm and 4.6cm, depending on your body size. The Silver model is the larger of the two. Samsung offers a 22mm silicone strap to suit the 46mm dial. You can keep the AMOLED display on at all times to enable the watch to show the time at all times of the day and night.

Suppose you love to listen to your favourite music while on the move, the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is the one for you. The excellent battery life ensures that you can listen to music for long hours. The extended battery life allows the charger to take a well-needed rest for some time.

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch doubles up as your trainer as it lets you exercise more with less planning. The watch measures your heart and pulse rates while tracking six activities as you exercise. You can select more options up to more than 39 types of activities.

The Health App on the Galaxy monitors your health parameters accurately. With the Samsung Health option, you can expand the existing features and get detailed information on your heart rate and calories spent.

This smartwatch tracks your sleeping activities, whereby you end up feeling better the next day. The smartwatch creates a log that includes four stages of sleep. Simultaneously, it monitors your stress levels and reduces it by inducing guided breathing techniques.

All these apps work when you pair your Samsung smartphone with the app.

The smartwatch comes with a built-in GPS to track your physical location and map routes. Thus, you would never get lost anywhere. The water-resistant features of this smartwatch allow you to dive into the pool wearing the watch. You can even go deep into the water up to 50 metres and still find the watch functioning exceptionally well.

The best aspect of this smartwatch is the battery that can last for nearly 80 hours at a stretch on the Bluetooth mode. However, if you switch on the GPS, the battery life reduces to 24 hours. This smartwatch has unique features that enable you to get reminders about appointments and momentous occasions.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Fantastic features that compare favourably with the Apple Smartwatch Series 4
  • Connects to Android and iOS smartphones
  • Accurate in-built GPS
  • The charging speed is on the slower side.
  • Google maps are not available.
  • Bixby is not efficient on this smartwatch.

5. Apple Watch Series 4 – GPS Plus Cellular

When it comes to smartwatches, the first name that is one everyone’s lips is ‘Apple.’ Apple has built up an excellent reputation for manufacturing some of the most durable and high-end smartwatches over the years. The Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch is one that follows the illustrious lineage.

This Apple smartwatch is available in two options. The specific model we are discussing is a 44mm model, whereas a 40mm version is also available. The redesigned and re-engineered smartwatch helps to keep you active, healthy and connected.

The new electrical heart sensor is a welcome addition to its features. It gives low and high heart rate notifications. Besides, it can detect a sudden fall in the rates and send out an emergency SOS. It is thus, a proactive health monitor in many ways.

The automatic workout detection feature monitors your hiking and yoga exercises. Along with pace alerts and cadence for runners, it allows you to look up five metrics as you train your way to good health.

The comprehensive activity tracker allows you to share your training activity schedules with friends and also enjoy the benefit of personalised coaching. You can participate in monthly challenges and earn achievement rewards to motivate yourself to close the activity rings daily.

If you feel that this smartwatch is all about exercising and no fun, you are way off the mark. Stream your favourite music and songs from Apple Music and Podcasts. Siri is also available in a new avatar. The in-built cellular features allow you to take phone calls and SMS even while you are away from your smartphone.

Last but not least, this smartwatch provides you with accurate time. The timer and alarm functions are excellent to alert you. The in-built GPS feature ensures that you are right on track wherever you go.

The sleek looks complemented by the excellent performance make it a prized possession to own. This multi-utility smartwatch proves to be your trusted companion at all times, as you slip it on your wrist.

It chips away at monitoring your health while you go on with your daily monotony. You can rely on this smartwatch to alert you and your loved ones if you find yourself in a health emergency.

  • Excellent features making this smartwatch your ideal health companion
  • Works perfectly with the earlier versions of iPhone
  • Incredible looks and a matching performance to boot
  • It urges you to be on the move by vibrating when you are stationary for extended periods.
  • The performance is fantastic, but the ECG features are not available in India.
  • This smartwatch works excellently in combination with iPhones but not as efficiently with other smartphones.

6. Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 Smartwatch

This Fitbit smartwatch matches the Apple smartwatches in its appearance. On the performance front, it is not far behind. It delivers a power-packed fitness-tracking performance as it comes with excellent features to qualify as one of the best smartwatches in India available in the Rs 20,000 range.

With built-in Alexa compatibility features, the Fitbit Versa 2 is a treat to possess. Alexa helps you to check the weather, set reminders, and perform various activities using your voice commands. However, you should also note this feature is not available in all countries.

This smartwatch comes with a unique Sleep Score feature to monitor your sleep and restlessness activity, depending on your heart rate. It thus enables you to understand and improve your sleep quality when used regularly.

Another highlight of this smartwatch is the facility to download hundreds of apps, similar to your smartphones. This smartwatch provides notifications for calls and SMS texts when your phone is in the vicinity. It also allows online payment facility.

The Always-On feature displays information 24 x 7. However, this feature consumes much battery power. Hence, you might need charging the smartwatch frequently if you use this facility regularly.

The Spotify app is an exciting feature on this smartwatch as it allows you to add Deezer playlists and comfortably play more than 300 songs on your wrist. However, you need a separate subscription to activate this app.

Monitor your heart rate to track your calorie spending activities, thereby allowing you to optimise your workouts. The Fitbit app lets you analyse your resting heart rate trends and cardio fitness levels.

Besides these fantastic features, this Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch tracks your daily activities like steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and others to help you achieve your goals.

This smartwatch comes with a dependable battery that can last for five days on a single charge. Thus, you have enough power in your hands to track your fitness levels without stopping for frequent recharges. However, the battery depends on how you use the apps. Some apps, such as the Always-On Display can guzzle battery life.

  • Fabulous looks matching that of expensive Apple smartwatches
  • Incredible performance with fantastic features like sleep and heart rate monitoring
  • Compatibility with Alexa is an excellent feature.
  • Can replace your smartphone during workouts or driving
  • It requires a third-party account to access Alexa.
  • NFC payment facility is not available in India

7. Honor Magic Watch 2

Honor is a reputed smartphone brand that manufactures premium smartphones. They extend the same technology to their smartwatches, whereby you get to wear your health on your wrist. This incredible smartwatch comes with numerous attractive features.

Compared to the Apple smartwatches, the Honor Magic Watch has a traditional circular-dial appearance. Similar to the Apple products, the Honor smartwatches are also sturdy, as they come with a 316L stainless steel body, the with which they make Aeroplanes.

These watches offer a high strength to weight ratio and are less vulnerable to scratches and ticks from daily use.

The Always-On AMOLED display enables you to view the time and other readings without having to brighten the screen. This smartwatch comes with unique features that distinguish it from the rest.

One such feature is the SpO2 monitor that allows you to track and monitor the oxygen levels in the blood. It is an excellent app to have if you workout at high altitudes.

The Honor Magic Watch 2 displays a personal touch by allowing you to add your photos to the screen. You can store multiple images, whereby you get to view a different one each time you raise your wrist.

One of the principal strengths of this smartwatch is its long-lasting battery life. The battery lasts for 14 days because of the powerful Huawei Kirin A1 chipset. This processor also allows for rapid processing of data using minimum power.

One can refer to the Honor Magic Watch 2 as the Ultimate Workout and Health Guru because of its 15 goal-based fitness models with voiceover guidance features. Use the breathing app to relax your mind and get a good night’s sleep.

The watch features 13 different running courses with real-time voiceover guidance. It helps to enhance your endurance power gradually.

Store your favourite music albums on the 4GB built-in storage and play it whenever you are in the mood for entertainment.

The smartwatch connects to the Honor Sport PRO earphones over Bluetooth without the need of your smartphone. Thus, you can have a great time on the move and when working out in the gym.

The in-built speaker and microphone allow you to use the smartwatch as a smartphone. You can connect to your friends and loved one seamlessly. It also provides options for switching over to your smartphone anytime.

  • Masterful battery performance makes it one of the best smartwatches in India
  • Excellent appearance on par with the best in the business
  • Sturdy body but still, light in weight
  • Use it as a phone and a health monitoring device simultaneously
  • The health app is good, but the smartwatch does not allow easy downloading of new watch faces.
  • Some of the processes are not user-friendly.

8. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 – Full Touch Control Smart Watch

This smartwatch is a simple device that is available for under Rs 5,000. Though it might not have the features that the top-end smartwatches have, it is one of the best smartwatches for any person who is purchasing their first such device. It helps people to get used to these appliances.

The Colorfit Pro 2 comes with incredible controlling features when you consider its low pricing. The full-touch controls deliver a fantastic experience.

The smartwatch comes with one of the most durable batteries in the industry. The 10-day battery life ensures that you do not have to place the smartwatch on a recharge mode frequently.

It is one of the most coveted smartwatches by exercising enthusiasts because it is compatible with various sports modes like brisk walking, jogging, treadmill walking, Yoga, cycling, and trekking. The smartwatch comes with a complete health tracking package that monitors your heart and pulse rates during all these sporting activities.

Women benefit a lot by using this smartwatch as it enables them to track their menstrual cycles. The smartwatch records the details you input and monitors the difference in your medical parameters during these periods. The advantage

One of the exceptional aspects of this smartwatch is water-resistant qualities. This IP68 rated waterproof smartwatch is good enough for wearing it during your swimming pool exploits. It keeps tracking your heart rates during swimming, as well. The smartwatch can work appropriately at depths up to 50 metres.

The customisable watch face selection of this smartwatch is an attractive option. You can have different watch faces depending on your mood for the day.

Shifting between the analogue and digital time presentation is a fantastic feature.

This smartwatch comes with swappable watch straps. You can use the ideal one to match with your clothing and occasion. This customisable feature is generally not available on many other high-end smartwatches.

This smartwatch allows you to receive notifications in real-time if you pair it with your compatible smartphone. Another advanced feature of this smartwatch is that it can act as a remote control for your smartphone. You can play your favourite music on your smartphone by controlling the options from the smartwatch.

  • Excellent features considering its pricing below Rs 5,000
  • A fantastic resemblance to the Apple smartwatch in terms of appearance
  • One of the best smartwatches if it is the first buy
  • Good battery backup
  • Bluetooth connectivity range is not up to the mark.
  • Processing delays can be irritating.
  • One tap option is not available.

9. Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Up to now, we had concentrated on the high-end smartwatches that cost in the range of Rs 20,000 and more. The Apple smartwatches are way ahead in the pricing race as the Series 4, and 5 smartwatches are available at costs nearing Rs 50,000. Now, we come to smartwatches that are available below Rs 10,000 in India. The Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch is one such model.

Though available for under 10K, this smartwatch has many features in common with that of the higher-priced counterparts. On the styling quotient, these smartwatches are right there amongst the best in the business.

The stylish large square screen resembles that of the Apple smartwatches. The advantage of a square screen is that it can show more content. One can also download new editable modular watch faces to enhance the attraction quotient.

The AMOLED display is an excellent one that displays the content with fantastic clarity. The 341 ppi display is one of the best available in the industry.

The Always-On Display mode ensures easy readability of time and other content. However, keeping this function in the ON mode consumes a lot of power, thereby reducing the battery life.

When it comes to battery life, this smartwatch has enough in the tank to function continuously for 14 days. It is one of the best when it comes to battery life. However, a lot depends on the user to maintain the battery levels at such high standards.

This Smartwatch has a sturdy body that can withstand changes in temperature and pressure. It can also function inside water up to a pressure level of 5 ATM. Thus, you can smoothly go up to 50 metres inside the water.

This smartwatch comes with 12 sports modes that support various exercising activities like outdoor jogging, walking, cycling, indoor cycling, treadmill exercising, elliptical trainers, swimming in the pool and sea, skiing, and also strenuous activities like mountain climbing and hiking.

The slim metal watch body makes it one of the sturdiest smartwatches available in India. The 2.5D curved glass helps lower the thickness to 9.4mm, thereby making it slender and delicate.

This smartwatch comes equipped with a Biotracker PPG Sensor Realbeats AI-based engine to monitor your heart rate 24 x 7. The heart rate monitoring during workouts is one of the best in the industry. It issues a warning if it detects any abnormality.

  • The Always-On feature is a good one, but it can a bit bright at night.
  • The water-resistant qualities of this smartwatch are excellent.
  • Fantastic slim appearance
  • Extended battery life
  • Absence of a smart voice assistant is a disadvantage.
  • The smartwatch does not have a microphone.

10. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch is one of the best alternatives if you do not want to invest in the expensive Apple watches. Though these smartwatches deliver excellent performances, they cannot equal that of the Apple smartwatches. Nevertheless, the Fitbit Versa smartwatches are popular among many fitness enthusiasts.

One of the attractive features of these smartwatches is the ease of using this appliance. Besides telling the accurate time, this smartwatch performs a series of functions that help to monitor your health parameters.

This smartwatch comes equipped with various fitness apps and other apps like finance, social media, sports, etc. The All-day tracking activity app maintains records of daily activity like steps walked, distance covered, and calories burned, thereby helping you to achieve your cherished goals.

The Pure Pulse app monitors your heart rate continuously and tracks the number of calories burned during your workouts. It shows your resting heart rate trends and helps you to discover your cardio fitness levels.

The Fitbit Versa smartwatches are compatible with almost all smartphones, whereby you get notifications for calls, texts, calendar, and events. It comes with apps like Gmail and Facebook that allow you to send quick replies to the messages you receive.

The Fitbit Versa smartwatch is amongst the ideal appliances for women because it allows you to log in your period and record symptoms. It helps to compare your menstrual cycle against your other health statistics like weight, activity, and sleeping patterns.

This smartwatch is compatible with GPS. Thus, you have access to the map of your route as you embark on your morning walks and jogs. This app also helps you to track your way back from anywhere in the city.

The battery life of this smartwatch is the talking point, as it comes with a 4-day life.

Another excellent feature of this smartwatch is the availability of the Fitbit coach on your phone, tablet, or computer. The Fitbit coach analyses your health condition and comes up with a step-by-step workout specially tailored for you. The best aspect is that the schedule evolves as you keep improving your fitness levels.

This smartwatch tracks and analyses your sleeping patterns by measuring your heart rate in all sleeping patterns. (light, deep, and REM sleep). It helps to understand your sleeping patterns better.

You can participate in Fitbit challenges with your friends and family to enhance your motivation. These challenges help to improve and maintain your fitness goals.

  • A crisp appearance supplemented by a fantastic performance
  • The battery life is excellent for a smartwatch.
  • Works best with Samsung smartphones
  • Excellent Android experience
  • Syncing issues with some premium smartphones like One Plus 6
  • The smartwatch requires frequent restarting to get all call notifications.

11. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS)

The Apple Watch Series smartwatches are one of the best when it comes to smart wearable devices. The Apple Watch Series 3 has GPS compatibility and is available in two sizes.

This smartwatch comes equipped with GPS to ensure that you find your way back home from anywhere in the world. However, one should keep the location sensor in the ON position to enjoy the benefits of this feature.

Usually, people conclude that smartwatches double up as health-control devices. They are not wrong in their conclusion, but the smartwatches can never substitute or replace genuine healthcare devices.

The Apple smartwatch comes with an optical heart sensor that indicates any abnormal heart activity like increased beat rate or reduction in oxygen levels in the bloodstream.

It also comes with features like an accelerometer and gyroscope app that helps to determine your walking speed, the number of steps you take, and thereby monitor the heart rate accordingly.

The Barometric Altimeter feature enables you to find out the atmospheric pressure, especially if you do workouts at high altitudes. It also comes with a Breathe app that encourages you to follow useful breathing techniques to ensure proper sleep.

On the appearance front, the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatches are sturdy with Ion-X strengthened glass that does not crack easily. It is also scratchproof whereby you can wear it on your mountain hikes and your strenuous workouts.

The water-resistant qualities are helpful to deal with the sweat that you could raise when exercising. The Swim-proof features enable you to dive into swimming pools wearing this watch. It performs beautifully until you reach depths of 50 metres.

This smartwatch is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It displays excellent compatibility with iPhones and other smartphone brands. You can take or receive calls on your smartwatch even if you do not have the phone on your person.

The smartwatch allows you to access App Store and your iTunes portfolio, whereby you can download and stream hundreds of your favourite songs online. The 8GB storage capacity is more than adequate to cater to your storage requirements.

The dual-core processor is a robust one that can handle all the tasks with ease. It comes with a WatchOS 5 operating system to manage the apps.

The battery can run for a maximum of 18 hours. Hence, you need to spend considerable time in recharging these smartwatches.

  • Compatible with almost all iPhone series of smartphones
  • The Breathe app is an absolute delight.
  • The smartwatch comes with an impressive display.
  • The versatility of this smartwatch makes it a favourite with people worldwide.
  • The battery takes more time to recharge.
  • Compared to some of the other smartwatches here, the battery life is not up to the mark.

12. Amazfit Bip Lite Smartwatch

If battery life is the only criteria for comparing smartwatches, the Amazfit Bip Life Smartwatch should win the competition hands down. This smartwatch comes with an incredible battery life of 45 days. Thus, you can keep up with your active lifestyle without worrying too much about charging your smartwatch battery.

This smartwatch has excellent multi-utility features that allow you to get the best out of your workouts. It provides detailed tracking of your outdoor running, treadmill walking, outdoor cycling, and hiking. It traces your steps, distance covered, and calories burned while performing all these activities.

Swimming is also a frequent exercise for people. The ideal smartwatch is one that can monitor your essential rates during swimming. This smartwatch has water-resistant properties that allow it to perform at depths up to 30 metres. Thus, it ranks as one of the best smartwatches available in the pricing range of Rs 5,000 in India.

The Amazfit Bip Life smartwatch can monitor your vital signs when sleeping. You can wear this smartwatch while going to bed.

The health monitoring app tracks your sleeping patterns and monitors your health parameters to give you a detailed analysis.

The designing of this smartwatch is of the best standards. It comes equipped with a Corning Gorilla Glass screen that is scratchproof and easy to clean. The Always ON feature ensures that the light remains on all the time to deliver the results you seek immediately. The screen contents are also visible even under bright sunlight.

The heart rate monitoring app provides continuous feedback on your pulse rates, whereby you get a comprehensive view of your heartbeat behaviour during the day and night. Accordingly, you can take corrective measures if the situation shows alarming fluctuations.

Though the smartwatch does not come with a microphone, it gives you notifications of your calls, messages, emails, and other apps. Another positive feature of this smartwatch is that it starts giving put sedentary reminders if you show inactivity for extended periods. This feature motivates you to exercise and keep yourself fit.

  • One of the most comfortable watches to wear on your wrist
  • Excellent battery life
  • Suitable for people who wish to buy high-end smartwatches but do not know how to use them
  • Good display features
  • Does not offer activity tracking for Yoga
  • No option to increase the font size
  • No support for notifications from Android for work apps
  • Software issues

13. Noise ColorFit NAV Smart Watch

If you find the Apple and Samsung smartwatches expensive, you can settle for the Noise ColorFit NAV smartwatch.

Similar to the Apple smartwatch, the Noise ColorFit device comes with a built-in GPS for the next level fitness and training. It enables you to measure your run distance with incredible accuracy. It also allows better estimation of calories spent by you in the process.

As the smartwatch calculates the calories spent while running, it provides an accurate map of your entire workout activity.

On the appearance front, this smartwatch is right at the top of the heap with a bright and vivid display. The 1.4-inches colour LCD panel offers excellent clarity because of the high 320x320p resolution.

The full-touch interface makes this smartwatch one of the most comfortable devices to use. You get all these features at incredible prices less than Rs 5,000.

The salient aspect of the Noise ColorFit NAV smartwatch is the personalisation feature. This watch offers up to twelve customisable watch faces for you to choose, depending on your exercising routine. The future firmware upgrade proposes to introduce cloud-based watch faces, whereby you get unlimited watch faces to choose from.

On the hygiene front, this smartwatch is a useful one to have. The hand wash reminder feature is a unique one that reminds you to sanitise your hands at regular intervals.

This Noise ColorFit smartwatch resembles the Apple smartwatch in the sports mode features. It comes with ten sports modes like walking, running, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, badminton, indoor walking, indoor running, yoga, strength training, and dancing.

This watch is IP68 waterproof. Thus you can use it when exercising in the pool. It also proves helpful in the case of sweat dripping onto the watch dial. The watch does not get affected in any way.

Finally, this smartwatch allows you to make or receive calls while on the move. You can also listen to your favourite music and reply to text messages.

  • Excellent performance for its pricing
  • Step tracker is an excellent feature.
  • Battery consumption is incredible.
  • Allows quick replies only on text messages and not on WhatsApp

14. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an earlier version of the Watch 3 discussed above. Features wise, the Watch 2 is similar to the Watch 3 in many respects but with some modifications. On the attraction quotient, nothing can separate both the watches, as they come with an exquisite design.

The endearing feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is that it fits your looks and mood for the day. You snap a selfie with your outfit, and the Galaxy Watch 2 will set up a watch face to match your appearance.

With the Samsung Watch 2 on your wrist, you do not have to use any additional equipment to track your workouts. This watch tracks your activities with precision. The new Swimming mode added to the automatic tracking is an excellent feature, not otherwise present in many smartwatches.

The Running Coach function offers you actionable advice on a real-time basis. It keeps track of your various tasks like walking, jogging, strength training, indoor running, outdoor running, and even when doing yoga.

Generally, the smartwatch battery lasts for an entire day with all its functions. When you use it as a regular watch, the battery lasts much longer. The compact magnetic wireless charger allows the battery to recharge itself. There are no hassles of wires and jacks hanging all over the place.

The watch’s military-grade durability allows you to take the watch with you wherever you go. It is dustproof and waterproof. It can remain unaffected even if you for a swim because of its IP68 and SATM water and dust resistance features.

This smartwatch acts as a perfect entertainment partner with apps ranging from the Galaxy line-up to a range of downloadable 3rd party apps.

The touch bezel for quick control helps maximise your screen space with an uninterrupted view. The enlarged display with a minimal border makes optimum use of space and enhance the overall appearance by several notches.

The customisable options on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is an enticing feature. All these features enable the watch to rank as one of the best smartwatches available in India.

  • Ergonomic design is an absolute beauty.
  • The leather strap enhances comfort quotient.
  • Auto-detection of exercise is super accurate.
  • It takes some time to get used to
  • With better options like the Watch 3 available, the pricing is on the higher side.

15. Fossil Women’s Gen Women’s smartwatch

Though women can use all the smartwatches discussed above, they do not qualify as a smartwatch exclusively for women. The Fossil Women’s smartwatch is the ideal women’s smartwatch that they can rightfully call their own.

This smartwatch works beautifully with both iPhone and Android phones as it comes with a Google OS.

On the attraction quotient, this smartwatch is an absolute beauty with no other smartwatch coming near it. This watch can match your jewellery and overshine it, as well.

It evaluates your heart rate and tracks your other exercising activities using Google Fit. The built-in GPS function is ideal for measuring the distance travelled. Besides, it ensures that you do not lose your way anywhere.

This waterproof watch is your ideal partner as you dive into the swimming pool. It monitors your swimming speed and heart rates to alert you when it is time to have a rest.

With this smartwatch firmly on your wrist, you can forget about your smartphone as you get notifications and alerts on the screen. You can also manage your calendar and control your favourite music. It allows you to download 3rd party apps and customise the watch face.

The touchscreen functionality, the built-in fitness tracker, microphone, multiple time zone feature, and wireless syncing are some of the other regular features available on this smartwatch.

One of its sterling aspects is the battery life that comfortably extends beyond one day. Depending on the usage, it can extend up to three days in low-power mode. The rapid charger powers the battery up to 80% in under an hour.

One should note to keep the watch at least 20cm away from an implanted medical device if you have one to minimise the potential for IR interference.

The 40mm case size and 18mm band size are perfect measurements for your wrists. The interchangeable bands make this smartwatch make a powerful fashion statement.

  • Excellent for small wrists
  • Exquisite design complemented by excellent performance
  • Ideal smartwatch for women
  • It can be heavier than your regular wristwatch. If you are not used to it, adjusting could take time.

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