We begin by borrowing a sporting term, “Form is temporary, and Class is permanent.”

This is true of sportspersons all over the world. This is also true in other fields such as electronics, for instance.

Electronics brands may come and go but brands like Sony remain etched in memory forever. Whenever we speak of quality, especially in the world of televisions the first name that comes your mind is SONY.

Starting off in 1946 as the manufacturer of the first tape recorder in Japan, Sony has certainly come a long way in 2018.

Right since their advent into the TV market, Sony has never compromised on quality. This is one company that has never participated in the price wars. They believe in providing quality as they are sure there are people who never shy off from paying for quality products.

Therefore, one can safely say that SONY is a brand one can safely buy with their eyes closed.

Let us look at some of the path-breaking technologies employed by Sony in the television manufacturing industry.

Sony TV Buying Guide

X-Reality Pro:

This is the age of 4K. Today, you find all the movies are recorded in 4K. However, it was not the same in the olden days. The same applies to your DVDs and even broadcast television.

Therefore, the 4K that you normally see today in televisions might just not be actually 4K.

Now, you know that Sony never compromises on the quality aspect. Hence, they have come up with the concept of X-Reality Pro, a powerful picture engine that has the ability to convert the normal broadcasts to 4K.

How do they do it?

We shall see the same during the course of this article.

X-Reality Pro is in fact, a smart processor.

Let us imagine watching a move in normal HD. How does X-Reality Pro convert this HD movie into 4K?

This chip runs the movie through various image-enhancing techniques such as Reality Creation and Pattern Analysis. Now, you have an end product that looks sharp as well as colorful but still at half the size it needs to be.

The CA8-4K chip proceeds to upscale the normal HD images. They do so using a special 4K database and processing algorithm. This ensures they optimize every pixel for 4K display. They include all kinds of images ranging from landscapes to buildings and even faces.

The process involves three steps. Starting with the analysis of the images, the process continues by reducing of the noise levels and finally, culminates in reality creation.

You can compare this process to the work done by a professional artist to restore a painting to its original true beauty. This involves adding of missing colors, luster, vibrancy, and texture to the images.

The result is that you end up with an image having higher resolution and enhanced clarity. Of course, you have competition in this field as well.

You have Samsung with its HyperReal Engine, LG with its Triple XD Engine as well as Panasonic with its Fine Remaster Engine. All these picture engines have their own advantages but research shows that Sony’s X-Reality Pro is the best as far as quality of images are concerned with Samsung coming a close second.

Triluminos Display

Every TV manufacturing company has its individual USP. As far as Sony is concerned, the picture quality is everything that matters. They have coined a new term, Triluminos Display, a technology that enhances color saturation on the display screen. The USP of this technology is that it reduces color fading especially when you view it at an angle or under direct sunlight.

This technology uses the principle of quantum dots capable of emitting light at preset wavelengths. You get shades as close to reality as possible. The Triluminos Display can produce outstanding shades of blues, greens, and reds that other LED displays struggle to do so.

In technical terms, Triluminos is a kind of a filter placed between the white LED backlighting and the display panel. This filter converts the white light into RGB backlighting thereby allowing Sony Triluminos displays to exhibit a variety of colors.

One should also look at what the competitors have on offer. LG’s OLED and Samsung’s QLED TVs display similar display qualities.

Note: This Post only covers about Sony Televisions and other TV Technologies. We have also listed Best Led TVs in India, Best 4K Televisions, Best Full HD TVs and Best 32 inch TVs here.

Android OS

This is a smart new world out there. You have smartphones and hence it is no surprise that you have smart TVs as well.

LG has the WebOS whereas Samsung has its SmartHub OS. Sony has introduced Android OS into its smart TVs since 2015.

Android is the most common OS found in smartphones all around the world. Naturally, iPhone is an exception. People have worked on the Android OS at some point in time in their lives. Hence, operating the Android OS is never a problem for anyone.

At the outset, launching the Android OS is one of the easiest things to do. A simple touch on the Home button on the remote control can do the job for you. The Recommendations Shelf presents a neatly arranged list based on your preferences. It gives details of the programs accessed by you as well as what you would like to watch.

The bold fonts and menu displays are attractive. However, there is still room for improvement as they do not go beyond the linking of the Watch TV icon to the TV tuners. One must say that the competitors have equally smart if not better engines for accessing the internet.

The basic advantage of the Android OS is that it is extremely user-friendly. Moreover, you have access to constant updates. Google is always on the lookout for improving its technology.

It may certainly not be the best OS available in the market but it does offer value for your money. All Sony TVs might not have the Android OS but they still earn the right to be referred as Smart TVs.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Any discussion on high-end TVs without involving HDR is unimaginable. What exactly is the HDR concept? Let us look at the concept in brief.

Brightness is one aspect of TV. Contrast is more important as it allows you to go into the details of every image. A layman definition of TV contrast is the difference between how dark and bright the display can get.

Dynamic range describes the extremes in this difference and the details it can show in between.

HDR goes deeper into this process and brings out the differences between the darkest blacks and the brightest whites. Automatically, it offers a great range of colors in between as well. This can result in a life-like experience with enhanced image quality. You do not find such differentiation in the conventional LED TVs that work on the Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) principle.

Sony’s 4K HDR TVs can deliver a richer and more vibrant display as compared to the conventional LED / LCD TVs. You will be able to appreciate the dark shadow regions and the areas of sunlight on the screen in a better manner. This is very evident in the telecast of sporting and other live events.

4K HDR TV - Technology Overview

HDR allows you to capture greater details from the black and the darker areas of your display screen. Watching horror movies on Sony 4K HDR TVs can be a spine-chilling experience because of the intricate details the TV display can capture.

Motion Flow Rate

You must have heard of the words ‘Refresh Rate’ whenever you venture to purchase a TV. You must have seen figures such as 50 Hz or 60 Hz mentioned in the specification sheets.

What is the refresh rate? This is nothing but the number of frames the TV can refresh in one second. Naturally, the higher the figure, the better it will be for viewing.

Sony has rechristened this Refresh rate concept as Motion Flow Rate. Other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG have Clear Motion Rate and TruMotion Rate concepts respectively. In the normal circumstances, the refresh rate in India cannot be more than 50 Hz.

Sony has pioneered the world’s first quadruple speed refresh rate that has the capability to convert up to 200 frames per second.

What does this signify?

Sony’s Motion Flow Rate concept involves the insertion of three new transient images from the incoming signal into the original image whereby you get higher display speed and clarity leading to sharper images. You will appreciate this technology especially when you watch your favorite sports programs.

Manufacturers do have the tendency to beef up their refresh rates while advertising their products. These are marketing gimmicks but even 50 Hz is a tremendous refresh rate.

Comparison of Sony with its principal competitors

Sony has the reputation of adhering to the strictest quality norms at all times. This is an inherent quality of Sony. In fact, all Japanese products such as Sony, Mitsubishi, etc are famous for their quality control measures. There are no half measures as far as Sony is concerned.

Hence, it has retained its premier position as one of the leading manufacturers of electronic items, especially TVs in the world. Sony has the distinction of never compromising on the cost of the appliances as well. They have a loyal clientele ready to pay the price for ensuring the highest quality standards.

Picture quality wise, Sony is by far the leader followed closely by Samsung QLED TVs. If you compare the user interface in smart TVs across the board, LG should beat everyone easily. However, Sony with its Android experience is very popular as well because of the availability of higher volume of applications.

Merits and Demerits of Sony TVs

One should always have knowledge of the merits and demerits of Sony TVs especially when you venture to purchase one. Let us look at the positive features before listing out the demerits.

1. As far as picture quality and overall appeal are concerned, Sony is the safest bet. This is one the greatest advantages of going for Japanese products. They never compromise on the quality aspect.

2. The Motion Flow Rate concept of Sony is a reasonable one considering all circumstances.

3. The Android OS might be sluggish as compared to the WebOS of LG but is nevertheless popular because of the user-friendliness and the greater availability of apps.

Demerits of Sony TV

1. Sony never compromises on the price factor. Hence, you can find the prices of Sony TVs to be on the higher side in comparison to similar models of its competitors.

2. Sony might not have many models in the budget range but they do have some exquisite models in the high-end range.

3. In comparison, LG models are cost effective even though the picture quality of Sony TVs is incomparable.


Good things do not come cheap in the world. Sony TV is one of them. They are expensive by normal standards but the costs even out in the long run. Sony TVs have a longer lifetime as compared to similar other TVs. Research is evidence to this fact. Considering the above, Sony TVs are worth giving a try primarily for its picture quality and visual appeal.

Best Sony 4K TV

Model:  X940E / X930E

You have different variants of Amazon. In addition to the 75-inch model, you get the 55-inch and 65-inch models as well. Some of the exemplary qualities of the TV are listed hereinbelow.

55 inch KD-55X9300E – Check Price at Amazon

65 inch KD-65X9300E – Check Price at Amazon

  • 4K and HDR.
  • New 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme.
  • Full Array boosting and dimming technology.
  • The Triluminos display.
  • Enjoy the best of Android apps on this smart TV.
  • Two powerful image improving databases work in tandem to upscale every image to the level of 4K.
  • You have noise reduction facilities of the highest order as every single pixel is enhanced by the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme.
  • Four front-facing speakers delivering dynamic and immersive sound.
  • Motion Flow XR 960 allows easy viewing of fast-moving action scenes
  • You can enjoy lifetime Live TV streaming with PlayStation Vue.

Best Sony Smart TV (Full HD)

Model: W950D

You have some attractive deals on the 43-inch as well as the 50-inch variants on Amazon. You get all the qualities of Sony 4K HD TV in these models. Let us look at the salient features of this smart TV.

50 inch KDL-50W950D – Check Price at Amazon

43 inch KDL-43W950D – Check Price at Amazon

  • Triluminos Display
  • X-Reality PRO engine
  • Dual Acoustic Duct Subwoofer
  • The speakers double up as a stand for your TV in case you decide to place it on a table.
  • This is a smart TV of the highest order with the Android OS.
  • Google Cast
  • Voice Search
  • Notify Bravia app
  • Control your DTH and TV with a single remote using the IR Blaster.
  • Watching Netflix movies on this TV is possible.
  • View 3D images of the highest order on this TV.
  • X-Protection PRO to shield your TV from electrical surges and short circuits.

Best Mid-Range Sony TV

Model: W772E

Get attractive discounts on Amazon on this mid-range Sony TV. You have two variants, the 43-inch and the 49-inch TV in this brand. Let us look at the excellent qualities of this mid-range TV.

49 inch KLV-49W772E – Check Price at Amazon

43 inch KLV-43W772E – Check Price at Amazon

  • Triluminos Display
  • X-Reality PRO engine.
  • Excellent viewing angle.
  • Clear Audio+ experience and BASS subwoofer
  • Sleek and slim design matches with your other furniture as well.
  • Enjoy YouTube and Netflix instantly as the Sony TV is compatible with both.
  • X-Protection Pro
  • USB and HDMI ports are available to enable you to play video clips etc.
  • Screen mirroring feature.
  • Navigating in your preferred Indian language is possible.

Best Budget Sony TV

Model: W672E

Sony Bravia has some excellent budget models as well. The best one in this category is undoubtedly the W672E series, available in 3 screen sizes, 32-inch, 40-inch, and 49-inch. You can take absolute advantage of amazing deals available on Amazon. These are some of the essential and exciting features of this budget range TV.

32 inch  KLV-32W672E – Check Price at Amazon

40 inch KLV-40W672E – Check Price at Amazon

49 inch KLV-49W672E   – Check Price at Amazon

  • The X-Reality Pro engine
  • The built-in BASS woofer
  • Clear Audio+ feature.
  • Plug and Play arrangement.
  • This is a Netflix compatible TV.
  • Playing music and video clips by connecting your USB is easy.
  • Multi-Indian languages feature.
  • Screen mirroring feature.
  • X-Protection Pro feature.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of smart TV models out there in the market. Sony stands out among them for the simple reason that they never compromise on picture quality. Choosing the Sony Bravia should not take time after going through this buying guide and product review.

We shall end with a quote from Akio Morita, the co-founder of Sony. “Don’t be afraid to make a mistake but make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.” Hence, if you have another TV now, it is never too late to switch over to Sony Bravia.

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Ranjan Kumar Patel

Although Sony is the best brand for tv’s, it’s service is all time low as per reviews. So buying a Sony tv is like gambling specially when you are going for a upper range tv.


What is the difference between the Sony Bravia KD-65X9500E and the 9300E which u have put as your recommended 4K 65 inch TV ?


The X9500E Series TV comes with HQ Sound Magnetic Fluid Speakers with 4 x 4 sound system and a built-in subwoofer with powerful bass. You can learn more about the HQ Sound Magnetic speakers here.  



I’m going to buy a new 4k t.v. I am very confused to buy which one is best between Sony x 900e or l. g. 4k C7 55 O. L. E. D. I need your opinion please…


Hi, Should I wait new model for Sony led 55inches 4k with HDR support HDR10 n dolby vision led on 2018 OR which is better led kd-55x9000e or kd-55x9300e 2017 model in overall performance with cost ? According to Sony dealer sony led 49 inches kd-49x9000e not available in raipur (C.G.). Plz suggest sir……..


Hii I’m planning to buy 43 inch 4k LED TV.

Pls suggest me the best one.

I’m confused between LG,Sony,Samsung and VU.Cost wise VU looks cheaper but i heard after sales service is worst and I don’t know the quality of the TV.

Pls reply me about the quality of VU TV and which TV will be the best among all these ones.

Thank you.


LG, Samsung, and Sony are Premium Television brands with excellent Picture Engines, software, and High-QUality Display Panels. On the Other hand, VU is an Indian TV Brand that offers value for money. Of Course, the picture quality of the VU televisions is also good. But, As I mentioned earlier, the Premium Television brands have Good Picture engines and they can handle colors and contrast better than Value for money brands. I am listing top 43 inch 4K TVs, check them out.

Sony 43 inches Bravia KD-43X8200E 4K TV (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2BfgBqE)

Sony 43 inches BRAVIA KD-43X8300D 4K HDR (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2i7ojPA)

Samsung Series 6 43MU6100 4K TV (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2jpeJEy)

LG 43 inch 43UJ752T 4K UHD (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2i77Fjb)

Panasonic 43 inch Viera TH-43EX600D 4K TV (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2i6xFev)


HI, Somewhere I’m read about Sony kd-49x9000e after purchasing 10 to 14days showing horizontal line bottom of screen due to faulty panel confirmed by aurthorised Sony worker. What’s your opinion regarding this issue ? Please suggest……


You might have read that at rtings review of the Sony kd-49x9000e and the issue was sorted out. This TV is one of the best Mid Range 4K UHD TVs. (http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x900e)


Hi, Which sony led is better sony kd-49x8200e or Sony kd-49x9000e ?


The X900E is the better model. It comes with the Latest 4K HDR Processor (X1), 4K X-Reality Pro and X-Tended Dynamic range. HDR Content looks great on this TV and the picture quality is great. The Contrast ratio is good and the TV performs good both in dark room and also in a lighted room considering it has a high peak brightness.


hi, can i get good 4K HDR model details for 43 inches in sony bravia


You can have a look at the Below models.

BRAVIA KD-43X8300D (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2lejx3O) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/AUN4PTuuuN) 4K UHD with HDR and Triluminos Display

Bravia KD-43X8200E (Amazon Link – http://amzn.to/2lewPgF) (Flipkart Link – http://fkrt.it/yO4JF!NNNN) 4K UHD with HDR and Triluminos Display, 200 Hz refresh rate, 4K X-Reality PRO, 4 Bass Reflex Speakers with 40 W Speaker Output, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Digital surround sound.