Are you looking for the Best Top Load Washing Machine for your home?

If yes, then you are at the right place. Top loading machines have become popular in India.

best top load washing machine

Indians are used to the working of the Semi-automatic machines. They are also top loading machines, but with a limited usage.

For people graduating from the semi-automatic mode, the top loading machine is the right one.

There are many companies that manufacture Best Washing Machines in India. The most prominent among them are IFB, LG, Whirlpool, Onida, and Samsung. Each of these machines has its unique characteristics that make it the favourite among people.

Let us look at one machine from each of these top manufacturers. This will definitely make your job of buying your washing machine easier.

Best Top load Washing machines in India

The List of the Best Top Load Washing Machines is based on the data we collected from various brands, technical specifications, user reviews and value for money.

1. LG 8.0Kg Inverter Fully-automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T80SJFS1Z

Indian homemakers are more comfortable with top-load washing machines when compared to front loaders. LG has the pulse of the Indian consumer at heart, as it churns out one excellent model after another. This 8Kg washing machine is ideal for the average Indian family.

  • Fully-automatic Top-loading washing machine
  • 5-star BEE Rating
  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • Capacity of 8.0Kg
  • Three Smart Motion
  • Jet Spray+ and Turbo drum

All LG washing machines feature smart inverter technology. Besides being one of the safest appliances at home, this washing machine saves power, time, water, and money.

The washing machines working on smart inverter technology adjust energy consumption at the optimum level, depending on the load.

This LG washing machine features a powerful Turbo drum that rotates in a direction opposite to the pulsator. It thus removes the toughest stains and results in absolute cleaning of your laundry.

The Jet Spray+ technology eliminates the need to rub and scrub your clothes. The water spray washes off the dirt and excess detergent comfortably while saving water in the bargain.

The Punch+ 3 technology creates vertical water streams to mix the laundry well, thereby resulting in a uniform wash.

The inclusion of a stainless-steel drum ensures a long life for the machine because it does not rust. Secondly, it also protects against bacterial accumulation.

The Tub Clean feature eliminates the foul smell that could, at times, come from the drum. It sterilises the inner and outer tub thoroughly to ensure a hygienic wash.

The smart closing door is an excellent feature that protects the user from unwanted injuries. This LG washing machine connects to the SmartThinQ app, whereby it helps detect up to 86 errors in case you face problems with the appliance.

The Child Lock feature prevents anyone from tampering with the settings. There is no need for any worry about restarting the machine after a power outage, as the Auto Restart feature ensures to start from where it stooped at the time of the power cut.

  • One of the most effortless appliances to operate and use
  • The refined motor ensures the least noise.
  • Excellent performance on all respects
  • Does not offer the hot water wash feature

2. Whirlpool 7.5Kg 5-Star Royal Plus Fully-automatic Top-loading washing machine

Along with LG, Whirlpool is a favourite brand with Indian homemakers because of its innovative in-house technologies, such as 6th Sense Smart Sensors. These machines have a reputation for lasting long.

  • 12-wash programs
  • 1-2-3 wash system
  • LED Digital display
  • Spiro Wash Action
  • Hard Water Wash Technology
  • 6th Sense Smart Sensors
  • 5-star BEE Rating

The 6th Sense Smart Technology distinguishes this Whirlpool machine from other brands. This technology involves the use of smart sensors for detecting the load, distribution, dry taps, water pressure, detergent dosage, and voltage.

All these features make this washing machine one of the best when it comes to energy savings. The Hard Water Wash is a boon, especially for those living in areas depending on groundwater sources. The smart sensors sense the water type and adjust accordingly.

The Spiro Wash Action helps to squeeze out the most stubborn dirt from the clothes as the unique circular wash motion gives your clothes a complete wash.

The Zero Pressure Fill technology ensures that your washtub gets filled 50% faster even if the inlet water pressure is as low as 17mpa. 

This washing machine offers 12 wash programs to cater to different types of fabrics. The 1-2-3 Wash option eases the control panel option and lets the machine’s intelligence take over to provide an excellent washing experience.

If you face time issues, the Express Wash option can reduce the wash cycle by 30 to 40%. There are options to allow delaying the wash cycle by up to 24 hours if required.

The Auto Tub Clean feature reuses the water used in the wash cycle to clean the inner portions of the tub after every wash. The magic lint filter automatically collects and cleans the lint from your fabrics during the spin cycle. Thus, it removes the need for any manual intervention.

The Aqua Store option is an innovative one, as it stores water for the next wash. It is a utility feature to have if you reside in areas experiencing a water shortage.

The control panel is at the backside of the machine. Thus, it protects the electrical controls from water spillage.

  • 6th sense technology makes this machine a smart one.
  • Adequate wash programs
  • Saves water and energy
  • After-sales service needs improvement.

3. Whirlpool 7Kg 5-Star Fully-automatic Top-Loading washing machine – Whitemagic Elite

Whirlpool offers exciting options to suit families of different sizes. This 7Kg washing machine should prove ideal for medium-sized Indian families consisting of up to four members.

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 7. 5Kg capacity
  • Steel Drum
  • 740rpm motor
  • 12 wash programs
  • Power scrub technology
  • Hard Water Wash

Whirlpool machines are the favourite of people living in areas depending on groundwater and borewells with high TDS content. This machine adapts the wash cycle to give you an excellent wash.

The 1-2-3 wash is an innovative feature where the user presses three buttons, one after the other to let the machine’s intelligence take over. The Spiro Wash action washes clothes in a unique circular motion to squeeze out the dirt comfortably.

This machine offers 12 different wash programs, depending on your fabric quality. Thus, you can choose the appropriate fabric type and enjoy a fantastic washing experience.

Many places in India experience water pressure problems. The Whirlpool machine features Zero Pressure Fill technology that enables the washtub to be filled up to 50% even if water pressure is low.

You have options to delay your wash cycles by up to 24 hours, depending on your convenience. At the same time, the Express Wash option completes the washing cycle 30 to 40% faster when compared to the regular wash cycle.

This washing machine comes with a unique auto tub clean feature that uses the left-over water after the wash cycle to clean the tub thoroughly. The Aqua Store feature stores the water in the tub for the next wash. It is a fascinating feature to have if you live in places experiencing a water shortage.

The Smart Lint filter removes lint from your clothes and prevents them from clogging the drains. Thus, your clothes come out sparklingly clean. Some of the other excellent features include the Child Lock and the Back-Control Panel.

  • Provides full value for money
  • Saves power, time, and water
  • Excellent wash performance
  • No hot water wash feature.

4. LG 6.5 Kg 5-Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T65SKSF4Z

LG has washing machines to cater to all family sizes. Besides, being one of the most convenient washing machines to use, this 6.5Kg comes with excellent features to rank amongst the best washing machines in India.

  • Fully-automatic top-load washing machine
  • 5-star BEE Rating
  • 6. 5Kg capacity
  • 780rpm spin speed
  • Seven wash programs
  • Smart Inverter technology

LG maintains its reputation as one of the best washing machines in India that save energy, time, and water. The Smart Inverter technology ensures that the device adjusts the water consumption, depending on the load and the quality of the garments.

The LG motor comes with BMC Motor Protection where it covers the motor entirely to leave no room for dust, humidity, and insects.

The Turbo Drum feature enables a powerful wash with the pulsator and drum moving in opposite directions to remove the toughest stains.

LG offers a hygienic washing experience because of the Tub Clean feature. This function thoroughly sterilises the inner and outer tub to remove bacteria, germs, and foul odour to deliver a hygienic wash.

The Smart Diagnosis feature allows you to know what ails your machine in an emergency. You can connect the device to the SmartThinQ app and diagnose up to 86 errors.

The Auto Restart option starts the machine from the same point where it stopped during the power cut. This washing machine features a Child Lock that enables you to disable the panel to keep the settings safe and tamper-proof.

  • Excellent power saving device
  • Inverter motor does not make any noise
  • Pre-designed programs are easy to operate
  • No hot water wash cycle

5. Bosch 6.5Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – WOE654W0IN

When you speak of Bosch washing machines, the images of front-loading machines come to mind. However, Bosch manufactures some of the best top-loading washing machines available in India.    

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 6. 5Kg capacity
  • 680rpm
  • Three wash cycles
  • Steel Drum
  • Two-year warranty

Bosch brings the best of German technology to Indian homes with its high-quality washing machines. These machines are designed with German engineering for maximum performance.

Bosch has introduced interesting wash cycles in this appliance. The Power Wave Wash System consists of an intelligent wave drum movement complemented by a dynamic water flow system to eliminate the most challenging stains from your clothes.

This machine saves a lot of water because it features eight water levels for different wash cycles. There are provisions for hot and cold-water intake.

The Power Off Memory Function is an innovative one. It enables the machine to resume the last wash cycle after a power cut. Thus, it ends up saving time and energy, as you do not have to restart the machine from scratch.

The Magic filter captures lint and the small threads that come out from your clothes while washing. It collects the debris and does not allow it to flow down the drainpipe and clog it.

The Soft closing lid shuts gently on its own without making a sound. It prevents accidental mishaps, thus protecting your fingers from damage. The best aspect is that it closes gently even if you try to push the door down with force.

This Bosch washing machine comes with a toughened glass lid. Besides being transparent, this glass lid can withstand heavy weights.

This machine features a Smart Child Lock function that allows you to lock the control panel settings. No one can tamper with them after to set the child lock.

The steel drum is an advantage because it lasts long. It does not rust and also does not allow the accumulation of bacteria.

The 680rpm spin speed is a good one that dries the clothes comfortably after a thorough wash. You do not have to hang the clothes for extended periods after removing them from the machine.

  • Best of German technology
  • Exemplary performance on all fronts
  • Saves water and energy
  • Spare parts are expensive

6. Whirlpool 6.5Kg 5-Star Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – Whitemagic Royal

This Whirlpool 6.5Kg washing machine is an ideal one for small to medium families. Indian homemakers prefer this machine because of its easy-to-use features.

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 6. 5Kg capacity
  • 1-2-3 wash system
  • 12 wash programs
  • Hard Water technology
  • 6th sense smart sensors
  • 5-star rating

Whirlpool offers patented 6th Sense technology that senses the laundry weight and recommends the right kind of detergent to use. Power Scrub technology eliminates the need for manual intervention to remove challenging stains.

This 6th sense technology senses water pressure, dry taps, and voltage to deliver quality performance. This machine saves water and energy, thereby earning a 5-star BEE rating.

Express Wash allows you to get quick results. The technology reduces the wash time by 30 to 40%. On the other hand, the Delay Wash feature will enable you to delay the wash cycle by up to 24 hours.

People living in areas with hard water supply will rejoice using this machine. It senses the water type and adapts to the wash cycle accordingly. The Spiro Wash offers 20% better cleaning with the advanced Wash Motion in a circular mode.

You can wash all types of garments from silk to cotton and wool by using the 12 wash programs available at your disposal. This washing machine is one of the easiest to use as you have to press the 1-2-3 button to let the machine take over the job conveniently.

Whirlpool offers ZPF technology to ensure that the washtub fills up to 50% even if the water pressure is less than 17mpa. The Magic Lint feature removes lint and other garment debris to make your clothes sparklingly clean.

This washing machine makes optimum use of water by using the residual water after the wash cycle to clean the tub automatically every time you use it. Similarly, this machine saves the water after the spin cycle to provide for the wash cycle the next time you use the device.

Child Lock is an excellent feature that can give you extreme peace of mind. It prevents your children from tampering with the settings.

  • 6th sense technology is a useful one
  • Delivers long-lasting performance
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Installation costs additional money.

7. Haier 6.5Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – HWM65-707NZP

Haier has some excellent washing machines in its armoury. Here is a 6.5Kg appliance that should satisfy the needs of a medium to small-size Indian family comfortably.

  • Fully-automatic top-load washing machine
  • 6. 5 Kg capacity
  • 700rpm spin speed
  • Eight wash programs
  • Innovative technologies
  • Two-year warranty

Haier washing machines come with unique features that save water and energy at the same time. The Oceanus Wave Drum is a conical-shaped vessel that allows for more robust water flow to wash the dirt effectively while being gentle on the clothes. 

Clothes can leave out a lot of residue in the form of lint. This washing machine comes with a Double Magic Filter that helps to remove lint during the washing cycle. It also ensures that the lint does not go into the drainpipe to clog it.

The Deep Clean Pulsator provides a powerful motion to clean your heavy clothes easily. At the same time, the pulsator is gentle on your delicate fabrics.

Different kinds of clothes require distinct wash cycles. This washing machine features eight wash programs to wash all types of clothes, including your delicate fabrics. This machine is the ideal one for your white clothes, as it makes them sparkle.

Low water pressure is a perennial problem in India. This washing machine resolves the issue by functioning effectively even when the water pressure is at near-zero levels.

Jet Stream technology is an excellent one to clean your clothes thoroughly. It involves water to come out at high pressure from below to deliver a 4-way uniform wash.

One of the exciting features of this washing machine is the 700rpm spin speed. It helps the clothes to dry quickly during the spin wash. There is no need for hanging the dresses on a clothesline after removing them from the spin cycle. The smaller clothes dry out completely.

  • Excellent performance every time you use it
  • Hassle-free and simple to operate
  • Does not make any noise when functioning
  • No provision for a hot water wash

8. Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully-automatic Top-load Washing Machine – WA62M4100HY-TL

Samsung is another overwhelming favourite with Indian homemakers along with LG and Whirlpool. This 6.2Kg washing machine ranks amongst the best in India.

  • Fully-automatic top-load washing machine
  • 6. 2Kg capacity
  • 680rpm spin speed
  • Six wash cycles
  • Five water levels
  • Two-years warranty

Samsung washing machines with centre jet technology and diamond drum to offer one of the best washing machines in India.

The advantage of centre Jet Technology is that it prevents the tangling of clothes, thereby preventing your clothes from damage.

The Diamond Drum is a unique feature with its soft-curl design. It washes the clothes effectively while treating your delicate fabrics with care. The smooth diamond-shaped ridges allow the water to seep through the tiny holes and ensure a high-quality wash.

This Samsung washing features a magic filter to gather the lint and fluff that comes out from the clothes. The best aspect is that it collects the lint and does not allow the drainpipe to get clogged. Besides, this magic filter is easy to clean.

The Eco Tub Clean feature keeps the top-load washer fresh without using harsh chemicals. It also notifies the user when it needs cleaning.

If you have less time at your disposal, you can exercise the Quick Wash program to wash your clothes in the least possible time. It allows you with more time to enjoy while the Samsung machine goes on with the washing job.

This Samsung machine is designed to save water. It comes with five different water levels to cater to a range of wash cycles. Studies show that Samsung top-loaders save up to 28 gallons of water per cycle.

The Child Lock feature is an excellent one because it keeps your settings tamper-proof. The control panel gets locked when you exercise this option.

The Center Jet technology involves the water to generate from the pulsator centre to improve the washing efficiency by several notches. Secondly, this continuous flow of water from the bottom prevents the clothes from getting tangled.

  • Amongst the most comfortable washing machines to use
  • Impressive wash quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Consumes more time for specific wash cycles

9. LG 6.2 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – T7288NDDLG.ASFPEIL

Here is another LG washing machine in the seemingly endless line of LG machines. No wonder, LG is the favourite of Indian homemakers.

  • Fully-automatic Top-Load Washing machine
  • 6. 2Kg capacity, ideal for couples and individuals
  • 780rpm spin speed
  • Exciting wash programs
  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • Two-years warranty

LG believes in making things easy for the consumer. This washing machine is one of the safest appliances around. While offering an exquisite washing performance, it is one of the silent washing machines in its niche.

The Smart Inverter Motor is a welcome change from the noisy motors that we had in the past. Besides making less noise, this motor adjusts the energy consumption at the optimum level, depending on the load.

The BMC Motor protection feature is an excellent one. It covers the motor completely to provide full protection from dust, insects, and humidity.

This LG washing machine features a spacious Turbo Drum that spins in the opposite direction to the pulsator. It results in a tumbling motion, thereby allowing the most challenging dirt to fall off comfortably.

The Punch+ 3 technology creates water streams in a vertical direction to mix the clothes thoroughly. The laundry moves up and down conveniently and results in a uniform wash.

One of the exciting features of this washing machine is the Child Lock. It enables you to lock the settings after finalising them. No one can tamper with it, as the control panel gets disabled. Thus, your settings remain safe.

The Smart Diagnosis feature helps connect the machine to the SmartThinQ app. It allows you to know the problems with the appliance, thereby saving valuable time and money.

This machine is amongst the most hygienic of all. The Tub Clean feature sterilises the drum and removes the unpleasant odours along with the bacteria.

The highlight of this machine is the stainless-steel drum. It lasts long because it does not rust. It does not attract bacteria, thereby proving its utility as a hygienic appliance.

A sterling feature of this appliance is the Auto Restart facility. This feature remembers the point in the washing cycle when it stopped during a power cut. As the supply gets restored, the machine restarts from the same point.

  • Saves water and power
  • Delivers impeccable performance
  • A range of wash programs makes this machine a favourite with homemakers.
  • No hot water wash facility

10. Whirlpool 6.2Kg Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – Whitemagic Royal

The Whirlpool washing machine is the ideal one for those switching over from a semi-automatic appliance to a fully-automatic washing machine. The simple features make this machine one of the best in its category.

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 6. 2Kg capacity, ideal for a family of three
  • 12 wash programs
  • Spa Wash system
  • Power Scrub feature
  • 6th sense smart technology
  • ZPF technology

Whirlpool washing machines are the best one to tackle white clothes because of the Power Scrub Technology that eliminates manual intervention. The superior agitators help to knock off the stubborn dirt and ensure that your white dresses sparkle as new.

The 6th sense technology is a fantastic highlight. It senses the load and determines the appropriate water level. Depending on the load, it also decides the amount of detergent needed. It checks the voltage levels and stops the machine if it finds the voltage to be low.

Whirlpool is a favourite with homemakers living in areas having hard water supply. The Hard Water Wash technology judges the hardness of water and adjusts the washing cycle accordingly to ensure a perfect washing job.

Low pressure is always seen as an impediment when using washing machines. It is not so in the case of Whirlpool machines as they come equipped with ZPF technology. It enables the washing tub to fill 50% faster, even with water at low-pressure levels.

The Express wash is a highlighting feature that proves a boon when you do not have much time and have to rush the washing job. You can use the facility to wash your less-coiled clothes comfortably.

This washing machine is amongst the easiest to use. The 1-2-3 wash option envisages you to press three buttons and let the machine take over.

The Spa wash is a new feature that delivers a perfect performance with 40% less tangling. It is because of the unusual movement of the drum. Compared to the regular washing drum, this washing machine drum has 50% lesser holes. Thus, you ger a smoother wash with reduced lint collection.

  • 6th sense technology is a marvel.
  • Capable of washing clothes in hard water
  • Can deal with low pressure conveniently
  • Hot water wash facility is not available.

11. Panasonic 6 Kg 5-Star Fully-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – NA-F60LF1HRB

Panasonic washing machines are amongst the lowest priced models available in India. However, they are excellent performers, as they come with innovative features to rank as one of the best top-loading washing machines in India.

  • Fully-automatic top-loading washing machine
  • 6Kg capacity, suitable for individuals and couples
  • 680rpm spin speed
  • Eight wash programs
  • One-Touch Wash
  • Aquabeat Wash
  • Two years warranty

Panasonic washing machines come with innovative features like Aquabeat Wash and Fuzzy Control technology to deliver an excellent washing performance.

The Fuzzy Control technology senses the laundry load and determines the water level accordingly. It results in ample saving of water over the entire wash cycle.

The Aquabeat wash is an innovative feature that uses a unique three-beat motion to remove the stubborn dirt and ensure a thorough cleaning job.

This washing machine displays an excellent spin speed of 680rpm. This high-speed rotation dries the outer surface of the drum and prevents bacteria growth, thereby resulting in a hygienic job.

Using this washing machine is easy. The One Touch Smart Wash feature allows you to customise the wash cycle and drying time to meet your varied washing needs.

The presence of a magic filter ensures to remove dirt and lint from clothes. The sterling aspect is that it collects the lint and does not allow it to clog the drainpipes.

The power-off memory feature allows the machine to remember where it left off during a power cut. As soon as the electric power supply resumes, the machine starts functioning from the same point, thereby saving time and power.

The primary issue with washing machines is that the clothes get tangled during the washing process. The Water Magic Flow feature creates a unique flow pattern to prevent the clothes from tangling.

Another stellar feature of this washing machine is the range of customised wash programs available. The unique cover design allows the device to remove water efficiently, thereby enhancing the drying effect.

A stainless-steel drum is an excellent option because it removes dirt while being gentle on your clothes. The durable body remains rust-proof and looks new even after many years of usage. This washing machine saves power. As a result, it has earned the 5-star BEE rating.

  • Ideal machine for a small family
  • Comfortable for every person in the family to use
  • Saves water and energy
  • Does not have a countdown timer

Top Loading Machines – Buying Guide

A majority of young people in India, especially the teenagers have not heard the word ‘DHOBI’ in their lives, let alone understand the meaning of this word.

For the benefit of such persons, I shall say that ‘Dhobi’ stands for the humble washerman. Yes, there was a class of people known as ‘washer men’. They used to wash clothes and deliver it to houses in the past. In fact, there is a locality in Mumbai known as ‘Dhobi Talao’. This iconic location has featured in several Hindi films as well.

Coming to the point, we wish to state that the ubiquitous Dhobi has virtually disappeared from the scene.

Why has it happened? Who is to blame for this? One can state that the advent of the washing machine has caused this to happen.

Today, you have virtually every home in India having a Washing Machine. Right from the basic semi-automatic machines to the state of the art front loading machines, you have a wide array to choose.

If you do a quick research on the usage of washing machines in India, you will find that people prefer to use the top load washing machines over the front loading machines. The preference in the US is just the opposite. You can attribute this to the washing habits of Indians.

Top Loading Machines – The Advantages

You have decided to purchase a washing machine for your house. Should you not have an idea about the advantages of using top loading machines? Here are five simple advantages for you.

  • The top-loading machines are at a comfortable height thereby obviating the need for bending down to load and unload clothes. Hence, you develop a better posture.
  • The height factor eliminates the need to invest money in purchasing expensive bases for placing these machines.
  • You do not experience any kind of bad or undesirable odours like mould and mildew in these top loading machines.
  • Cost wise, they are considerably cheaper than the front loading machines.
  • One of the main attributes of the top loading machines is that they consume less water and energy as compared to the standard semi-automatic top loading machines.

Top Loading Machines – Disadvantages

A prudent homemaker should look at both the sides of the coin before investing her hard-earned money in a top loading automatic washing machine. Hence, it is better to weigh the disadvantages as well.

  • The High-Efficiency top loading washing machines have longer washing cycles as compared to the traditional top-loading machines.
  • You need to arrange the clothes properly into the tub lest you experience tangling of clothes leading to damage.
  • These machines can take up more space than the front loading machines.
  • In comparison to the front-loading machines, these top loading ones use more water.
  • Hence, you find the top loading machines take a longer time to dry clothes. This increases the timing required for the spin function.

Frequently asked Questions

You have just seen the best models of top loading washing machines available in India. Let us look at some the frequently asked questions in this connection.

We have just seen the basic advantages and disadvantages, FAQ’s and some of the best top loading washing machines in India. If you have any queries regarding washing machine selection, you can post them in the below comments section and I’ll answer them.

1. Why is inside-out washing of clothes recommended by many dealers?

In fact, it does not make any difference to the machine’s performance. This act enhances the lifespan of your clothes, especially those having printed logos and designs. It also prevents the formation of fluff balls on woollen garments.

2. What is the cause of these fuzzy balls on some clothing?

Synthetic clothes shed small fibres that can cling to clothes. You have a remedy for this available in numerous departmental stores. Avoid overloading your machine.

3. How much detergent do you need?

It depends on the nature and condition of clothes you put for washing. The hardness of the water can also affect the quantity of detergents used. See if there are soap suds left after your washing cycle. In case you find then, you are using more detergent than necessary.


  1. sir/madam, does any machine have weight sensors, like how many cloths to add or has it become overweight ? like putting blankets and bedsheets, it is always confusing, specially at the time of drying when the RPM increases and by chance if the cloths are on one side there is always a chance of vobeling or imbalance while rotating at high speed decreasing the life of the machine and causing more noise please advice thank you.

  2. I am interested to purchase a 7kg top load washing machine, I am confused between ifb 7.0 sdg and Whirlpool deep clean/deep clean ultra/360 bloom wash …I have gone varipus review in regards with IFB that they have after sales service issue means response is week and second thing there service men unnecessarily charges you extra like to change panel without any fault and salesman selling the water filter etc….also my native is bharuch Gujarat.can u comment any thing on IFB/WHIRLPOOL service..?secondly the water I use at my place is of 1600-1800 TDS,which machine will I suggest in above scenario….

  3. Which fully automatic washing machine will work under low water pressure My bucket fills6lt water per min will machine work pl tell me

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