A wise man had said once, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost. If health is lost, something is lost. If the character is lost, everything is lost.” What does this statement indicate?

It reiterates that the health of the individual is any day more crucial than his/her wealth.

And, yet, we people run after wealth all our lives. It is time we concentrated on the health aspect, as well.

We are all enduring the lockdown today with no opportunity to go out and have a nice walk. Staying indoors means one tends to binge on food, thereby causing us to become denser at the waist. By the time the lockdown ends, most of us would have put on additional weight.

Going to gyms in today’s scenario is not an advisable thing at all. A better option is to buy a treadmill so that everyone can use it at home.

Buying a treadmill can be quite a challenge. One has to look at several aspects. This Treadmill Buying Guide attempts to clear the misconceptions and make it simple for the buyer.

Before discussing the details of purchasing the best treadmill for your home, here are some benefits of using the Treadmill at home.

  • Exercising in your homes is any day economic to working out in a gym.
  • Having a treadmill at home entails that one can use it at any time.
  • Every member of the family can use the appliance and improve their fitness levels.
  • In these times of coronavirus (It might be around with us for a long time), using a treadmill at home reduces the chances of contracting the disease from others.


MAXPRO PTM405 is a beast of a treadmill when you go through its fantastic features. This machine is available on Amazon with exciting discounts. It qualifies as one of the best treadmills available in India under Rs 25,000.

Features in brief

  • Motor – 2.0 HP with a peak capacity of 4 HP
  • Speed – Maximum of up to 14 km/hr
  • Accessories – Pulse rate monitoring
  • Warranty – One year
  • Installation Support – Available

MAXPRO PTM405 takes exercising at home to an entirely different level altogether. This folding treadmill boasts of a unique space-saving design. As it comes equipped with a sturdy frame, it is one of the most reliable machines to have at home.

This treadmill is a multipurpose machine because it helps to lose weight and build endurance. The user-friendly controlling options allow you to set the speed according to your requirements in the range of one to 14 km/hr.

The machine runs on a 2 HP motor that can deliver a peak power output of 4 HP if required. The shock-absorbing technology ensures there is minimum vibration when using this device. Secondly, the mute function eliminates noise.

Hence, the user can go on with the exercising job silently. Above all, this treadmill conserves energy, thereby proving its utility as one of the most efficient of treadmills available in the country.

This treadmill possesses a soft, durable, and long-lasting running surface measuring 115 x 42 cm. The soft-drop hydraulic mechanism allows you to fold the machine safely and without any hassles after completing your workout. The built-in transportation wheels enable you to shift the device anywhere comfortably.

The machine comes with 12 pre-set programs to enable an efficient workout. These programs include pulse and heart rate monitoring options. This treadmill has three manual incline settings that help burn more calories, increase endurance levels, and build up layers of muscles.

Apart from these features, the MAXPRO PTM405 comes with exciting entertainment options like AUX input where you can plug your smartphone or MP3 player. Inserting a USB pen drive is also possible whereby you can enjoy your favourite music while exercising.

The machine comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for the motor and other parts.

  • Ideal for heavy people weighing around 90 kg
  • High-quality, durable motor
  • Energy-efficient and space-saving appliance
  • Manual setting up of incline
  • A bit on the expensive side but discounts are available on Amazon
  • Comes to a sudden halt at the time of a power cut, thereby increasing chances of injury

2. Fitkit FT200 Series

Fitkit is one of the top treadmill brands available in India in 2020. The Fitkit FT200 series is a complete fitness solution by itself. Besides providing excellent exercising options, this treadmill offers various free services, including medical consultation and diet plans.

Salient features of Fitkit FT200 Series

  • Motor – 2.25 HP motor with a peak capacity of 4.5 HP
  • Speed – Up to 16 km/hr
  • Accessories – Heart rate and pulse rate monitoring available
  • Warranty – One year on the motor
  • Installation Services – Available
  • Other features – Dedicated mobile app and Amazon Alexa

The FT200 Series from Fitkit comes with modern amenities to make exercising a pleasurable activity. Besides the regular features, this treadmill offers additional free services like activity tracking, medical consultation, fitness plans with videos, diet tracking, and 3-month diet plans. The company provides at-home installation in more than 650 cities across the country.

The distinguishing feature of this treadmill is the compatibility with Amazon Alexa. This feature allows you to use voice commands to control your fitness equipment. The facility of a dedicated mobile app for activity tracking is also available.

The FT200 series is different from other treadmills because it offers an automatic inclination facility and auto lubrication. You can change the inclination using the services of Alexa. Thus, exercising at home becomes a fun-filled activity.

One of the highlights is the DC green, efficient 2.25 HP motor capable of providing a peak output of 4.5 HP. Therefore, users ranging from beginners to pros enjoy working out on the FT200.

The running belt is of the highest quality, with shock-absorbing features to enhance the convenience factor. Professionals prefer the multi-layered running belt because of its non-slippery nature.

Changing the inclination is comfortable with this treadmill. The auto inclination with a convenient soft-drop system allows you to alter your inclination angles without stepping down from the machine or stopping your exercising routine.

This treadmill offers a range of pre-set options such as heart rate monitoring, speed, and distance calculator, and so on. These options are available on an LCD screen.

The machine also comes equipped with heart rate sensors on the handlebars. The device allows you to choose strenuous workouts with speeds up to 16 km/hr. As it can support up to 110 kg, it is one of the most convenient machines available today.

Some of the additional features available are a free personal trainer, nutritionist, and medical consultant. This feature allows you to customise the machine according to your requirements.

Besides, you can connect your smartphone with the F+ app and control the device. Trainer videos are available on the app to improve your exercising routines. Users can track their dieting activity and consult the dietician using F+ Chat Support.

  • Provides excellent value for the money you spend
  • Excellent connectivity features
  • Smooth and comfortable operations
  • Users have complained of facing difficulty while folding the machine.
  • The stability quotient needs improvement.
  • Makes noise while running at specific inclines

3. Fitkit FT 100 Series

Fitkit FT100 Series treadmills are similar to the FT200 series machines discussed above but with slightly different features like a motor with a lower capacity. On the performance front, they rank among the best in the business. The excellent discounts on Amazon make these machines one of the best treadmills available under Rs 25,000 in India.

Exciting features on display

  • Motor – 1.75 HP motor
  • Speed – Maximum up to 14 km/hr
  • Accessories – LCD for heart rate and pulse rate
  • Warranty – One year
  • Installation – Available
  • Other features – Alexa and dedicated mobile app

The features available on the FT100 series treadmills are similar to those available on the higher-end FT200 series machines. The primary distinction is the reduced capacity of the motor that results in lower speed.

The 1.75 HP motor works with a peak efficiency of around 3.25 HP. It is one of the most power-efficient treadmills available in India today.

The treadmill comes with a standard inclination feature that allows you to change the inclination without reducing your walking speed. The 3-level manual inclination helps to enhance your fitness levels by burning more calories and speeding up the weight loss process.

This machine does not require much maintenance because of the auto lubrication feature. Thus, exercising at home becomes an enjoyable activity.

The high-quality running belt absorbs all kinds of vibrations and shocks to provide a non-slippery exercising experience. The highly efficient motor can work with a maximum power of 3.25 HP, thereby proving to be an ideal machine for beginners and advanced users.

Fitkit provides excellent after-sales services that begin with the free installation of the machine at your home. The manufacturer has more than 650 service centres located across India. Besides, users can enjoy the services of a medical consultant, nutritionist, and personal trainer.

The heartening feature of this treadmill is the ease of control and operation. This machine offers excellent connectivity options where the users can control the functioning using the F+ app on their smartphones.

Tracking your dietary preferences and training schedules are convenient using the Fit+ app. Users can also avail of chat support through the app for controlling the diet and nutrition.

These experts are available round the clock. Besides, the machine is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you can use voice commands to communicate with the device and customise your exercises accordingly.

  • Excellent performance coupled with long-lasting durability
  • Easy to use instructions
  • Monitor your vital stats using the Fit+ app and on the LCD screen of the machine
  • Belt seems narrower, especially for advanced users
  • Speaker quality needs a lot of improvement
  • Users have complained of hissing noise from the belt.

4. PowerMax Fitness TDM-97

PowerMax Fitness TDM-97 treadmill is an excellent investment as it helps you to build up your physique at home. This multi-functional treadmill can convert your home into a gymnasium. The best part of this device is the space-saving feature because you can fold it and put it away at a convenient place. It is one of the best treadmills under Rs 20,000 in India.

Excellent features of this treadmill

  • Motor – 1.5 HP DC Motor
  • Speed – Maximum of 10 km/hr
  • Accessories – Heart rate monitor available
  • Warranty – One year
  • Installation – DIY installation

Compared to some of the machines discussed above, this treadmill has a 1.5 HP DC motor. However, it can support weights up to 90 kg and perform at a maximum speed of 10 km/hr.

This device comes with 12 pre-set programs and an LED display to show the time, and distance, incline levels, and pulse rates. Besides these 12 programs, users can focus on activities like time or distance goals and burning calories.

These features make your workout specific and practical. One of the critical functions is the grip rate pulse sensor that helps to monitor your heart rate.

The device comes with a foldable design and a manual lock. This space-saving design makes it convenient for you to use it whenever required and fold it away when not in use. The treadmill is a robust one that is capable of withstanding weights up to 90 kg.

The reinforced stainless-steel frame comes with wide side rails for safety. This device features two transportation wheels that enable convenient movement from one location to another.

The 6-ply running board features an anti-skid running belt and a bouncy surface to conserve your energy and reduce the impact on your joints. The low-running deck design makes you come closer to the surface and feel safe. The running track measuring 43.3 x 15.75 inches is a spacious one.

Some of the exciting additional features of this treadmill are the Auto Stop Safety Function, independent CPU, and built-in speakers for audio and MP3 connections.

  • Compact machine with foldable features
  • An ideal device for walking and running at speeds around 8 km/hr
  • Provides full value for money
  • The belt width is comparatively narrow
  • The motor tends to make a bit of noise
  • Cannot work at speeds exceeding 10 km/hr

5. Healthgenie 3911M

Healthgenie treadmills are one of the most user-friendly machines available in India. One of the highlights of this device is the DIY installation feature. Videos are available on the YouTube channel of the company that can guide you through the installation process.

Fantastic features of the Healthgenie 3911M

  • Motor – 1 HP motor with a peak capacity of 2.5 HP
  • Speed – A range between 0.8 to 10 km/hr
  • Accessories – 12 pre-set programs
  • Warranty – One year on the motor and other parts
  • Installation – Do it yourself installation facility available

The Healthgenie 3911M is light and foldable motorised treadmill that should satisfy all the requirements of a fitness enthusiast. The DIY installation guide helps you to install the machine on your own without waiting for the technician from the company. However, Healthgenie offers excellent onsite service support across India.

This treadmill offers excellent cardio workout facilities at home, whereby you do not have to go to a gym at all. Compared to the other treadmills discussed above, this machine works on a 1.0 HP DC motor capable of delivering a peak output of 2.5 HP.

Therefore, one should not expect the speeds to exceed 10 km/hr. However, the ideal rate should be in the range of 8 km/hr. It is advisable to install a separate stabilizer before using the machine.

The running surface is comparable with the other products on offer at 43 inches x 15 inches. It can support a human weighing a maximum of 100 kg. The best aspect of this machine is that it is foldable. Hence, it is a space-saving device, an essential requirement for a treadmill designed for home use. The treadmill is equipped with wheels on its sides to make it a portable appliance.

This machine comes equipped with a 3-inch LCD to provide essential feedback, including speed, time, distance, pulse rates, and calories burnt during the exercise routine. The treadmill comes with a unique pulse sensor attachment on the handlebar to measure your heart rate.

The Healthgenie 3911M is a safe machine to exercise because of the presence of the safety key that includes an emergency stop button on the handrail.

You can combine entertainment along with your exercise as this treadmill comes with speakers that connect to your pen drives or other devices.

  • The ideal value for its price
  • Fantastic performance
  • DIY installation saves time and money
  • Users have complained of an asymmetric alignment
  • The treadmill is a bit noisy in comparison to its peers
  • Not ideal for heavy users and those with professional requirements

6. Durafit Spark

Durafit Spark is an ideal treadmill to have at home as it can cater to the exercising requirements of retirees, diabetes patients, and regular users like sprinters and marathon trainers. These features make this treadmill one of the best available for prices below Rs 17,000.

Features at a glance

  • Motor – 1.25 HP DC motor with a peak of 2.5 HP
  • Speed – Between 1 to 12 km/hr
  • Accessories – 12 pre-set HIIT training programs and Target and Chase modes
  • Warranty – Three years on the motor
  • Installation – DIY with video call assistance

The Durafit Spark treadmill is a preferred one for home use because of the durable and noiseless motor. The motor comes equipped with a newly developed copper mesh core technology that reduces noise and saves on power consumption.

This treadmill comes equipped with 12 pre-set fitness programs and Target & Chase modes ideal for a range of users from beginners to professionals. The 1.25 HP motor allows the user to run at speeds up to 12 km/hr on the non-slippery running surface.

The 1150 mm x 400 mm running surface might not be the largest on display but is good enough for home use.

The positive aspect of this machine is the feather-light portability. The convenient wheels installed at the base enables smooth movement to any part of the house. The foldable manual hydraulic system allows you to store the treadmill in a small space when not in use.

The Durafit treadmills come in five different models, of which the Spark can bear weights up to 95 kg. The Durafit Sturdy and Serene models can carry loads up to 110 kg.

Besides the regular exercising features available on this treadmill, it comes with a heart rate sensor in the trading zones to provide an accurate and real-time reading for users.

The machine weighs around 35 kg. Hence, it is a stable one, an ideal treadmill for older adults and the young alike. This machine comes with a three-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty for the frame. However, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for the parts.

The DIY installation feature is one of the highlights of this treadmill.

  • Excellent online support through video calls for the installation
  • Wide LED display
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Does not have an incline feature
  • Users have complained of irregular display of pulse rates
  • Looking at the features, the pricing seems to be a bit on the higher side

7. Fitkit FT098 Series

Fitkit treadmills qualify as one of the best available in India in 2020 because of their excellent features. We have discussed FT100 and FT200 series machines earlier. The Fitkit FT098 series is similar in its functioning in many ways.

Unique features of Fitkit FT098 series

  • Motor – 1.5 HP DC motor with a peak of 2 HP
  • Speed – Maximum of 12.8 km/hr
  • Accessories – LCD panel to display heart and pulse rate
  • Warranty – One year on the motor
  • Installation – Free
  • Other features – Alexa compliant

The ergonomic design and the sturdy frame of the FT098 series treadmills make it a favourite with people who love to exercise at home. The portability options and the foldability features enhance its utility value.

This treadmill comes with a 1.5 HP DC motor that can allow users to run at speeds up to 12.8 km/hr. Therefore, it is an ideal machine for amateurs and professionals alike.

The machine comes with a new LCD to show your heart and pulse rates, time, distance covered, and other parameters. The heart rate sensors on the handlebars make it convenient to use. The best aspect of this treadmill is that it is controllable using a dedicated mobile app, Fit+.

One can connect this app to other leading apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and so on. Alexa compatibility is also an exciting feature that attracts people towards the Fitkit FT series.

The device comes with 12 pre-set programs that help you determine your pulse and heart rates, calories burned during the process, and so on. Use Alexa to provide crucial information within no time.

You get real-time information on the number of steps you have walked today. Similarly, Alexa can also help you with your dietary programmes.

The Fitkit FT098 series come equipped with shock-absorbing running cushion effect running belts made of high-quality professional-grade material. Thus, you get adequate protection for your knees and ankles as you exercise with full enthusiasm.

Besides these features, Fitkit FT098 offers free services such as DIY installation assistance, nutritionist, dietician, and medical consultation. Chat support is also available for any kind of change you need in your dietary plans.

  • A range of free services available
  • Excellent LED display
  • Fantastic entertainment features like speakers and USB connectivity
  • The machine makes a noise at higher speeds
  • Incline facility not available
  • Auto lubrication not available when compared to FT100 and FT200 models

8. Cockatoo CTM-05

The sleek and stylish Cockatoo CTM-05 treadmill takes exercising at home to an entirely different level. The user-friendly features of this machine make your workouts easy and convenient. This treadmill comes equipped with an exotic range of features to qualify as the best treadmill under Rs 18,000.

Features to note

  • Motor – 2 HP DC motor at its peak
  • Speed – 0.8 to 10 km/hr
  • Accessories – 5” LCD monitor to display vital parameters
  • Other qualities – Easily portable and sleek design

This motorised treadmill comes with various advanced features like smooth handles and side storage kits to enable a hassle-free workout session. The exciting aspect of the Cockatoo CTM-05 treadmill is its user-friendly operation coupled with its stylish appearance.

The machine comes with a motor capable of delivering a peak output of 2 HP. This power translates into a maximum speed of up to 10 km/hr. Therefore, casual and professional exercisers benefit from its usage. This treadmill can bear a maximum weight of 90 kg.

This treadmill has a 5-inch LED display to track your speed, time, distance, and calories burned along with your pulse and heart rates. The machine comes with 12 pre-set programs that enable you to perform various exercises at different speeds.

It also comes with features like a safety key to safely stop the machine at any point during its functioning. Hence, it is one of the ideal treadmills for a complete workout.

Cockatoo CTM-05 believes in combining entertainment along with exercise. This machine comes with a set of high-quality speakers to listen to your favourite music from your smartphone or MP3 players.

The treadmill has a running surface of 1100 mm x 390 mm and a 1.4 mm running belt to allow natural movement. The machine has a sturdy frame with side rails to provide additional safety to users. One of the highlights is the transportability of this machine.

The treadmill comes equipped with wheels that enable users to shift it from one place to another comfortably.

  • Provides excellent value for its price
  • Sturdy design with good stability
  • Sleek and stylish looks
  • No incline facility
  • The motor could have been more powerful
  • The running belt is very narrow.

9. Sparnod Fitness STH-1200

The Sparnod Fitness STH-1200 is an ideal treadmill for home use because of its flexibility and transportability. The machine can fit into small spaces. When not in use, you can comfortably fold it away and store it in a convenient place. Some of these exciting features make this treadmill the one to go for.

Exquisite features of Sparnod STH-1200

  • Motor – 1.75 HP DC motor with a peak of 3 HP
  • Speed – Range of 1 to 12 km/hr
  • Accessories – LCD, AUX output
  • Warranty – One year for the parts and three years for the motor
  • Installation – DIY installation

Sparnod Fitness STH-1200 is the perfect treadmill for activities like walking, jogging, and running, as it can accommodate speeds up to a maximum of 12 km/hr.

The 1.75 DC motor is a powerful one capable of delivering a peak output of 3 HP if required. This treadmill can bear a weight of up to 100 kg. It is one of the most preferred treadmills for home use.

The foldable quality of this treadmill allows the user to save considerable space. The treadmill comes with wheels to make it easy to transport the machine comfortably. It is a light machine weighing a mere 29 kg. Therefore, one can pack it up into a car and take it to the office if necessary.

This treadmill comes with 12 pre-set programmes to enable a complete workout procedure. The large screen placed strategically at the centre adds to its stylish looks. This LCD screen provides crucial information about various parameters such as heart and pulse rate, speed, timing, and distance on a real-time basis.

The heart rate sensors on the handlebars make it easy for the user to monitor it and reduce the intensity of the workout if it proves to be strenuous.

The anti-slip running belt is a highlighting feature of this appliance. The four-layer running belt measures 44 inches x 16 inches to enable you to perform a variety of exercising options. Some of the other exciting features are the cup holders and the AUX input facility.

It allows you to combine exercise with pleasure as you plug on to your favourite music while working out at the same time.

The machine is easy to install. The DIY installation kit provides step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. The sturdy frame comes with a lifetime warranty, whereas the motor gets a three-year warranty.

  • A compact machine that fits anywhere in your house
  • High-quality non-slippery running belt
  • Excellent options like cup holders
  • No incline
  • Speaker quality needs improvement
  • Speed adjustment is manual and not automatic.

10. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09

The exciting aspect of the Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 treadmill is that it is easy to set up and use anywhere. One can unpack it and install it in the office to have a workout to relieve stress at any time of the day.

Features in a nutshell

  • Motor – 2.5 HP at its peak capacity
  • Speed – Maximum speed of 10 km/hr
  • Accessories – LCD monitor and AUX Input facility
  • Warranty – One year on the motor and parts
  • Installation – DIY installation

Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 treadmill presents you with an excellent opportunity to increase your stamina at home without going to a gym. The beauty of this treadmill is that it is easy to install and set up at short notice. As this treadmill is a light machine, it can be transported with ease. The 90-degree foldable design of the device allows you to store it in a comfortable place.

This treadmill draws its power from a powerful motor capable of delivering a peak output of 2.5 HP. As this machine allows a maximum speed of 10 km/hr, it should prove ideal for walkers, joggers, and professional athletes.

The device has a wide running surface with eight rubber pads under the deck for absorbing pressure. This treadmill can handle users up to a maximum weight of 90 kg.

The LCD monitor provides real-time information on your heart and pulse rate, speed, distance, and time. Therefore, this machine is an ideal one for weight loss and endurance training.

The heart rate sensor present on the handlebars adds to the utility factor. Other features include AUX speakers to combine entertainment.

Installing this machine is convenient. The package comes with a DIY installation kit along with an instruction video. All these features make this machine one of the best treadmills available in India under Rs 17,000.

The machine comes with a warranty of one year on the motor and the parts. The frame gets a three-year warranty.

  • Robust frame
  • Excellent display
  • DIY installation
  • No automatic inclination
  • Only one colour available
  • Machine gets heated after using it for more than an hour.

Treadmill Buying Guide

Remember that a treadmill can be an expensive piece of equipment. The price range could be anything between Rs 15K and Rs 100K.

Therefore, it makes sense to research thoroughly and decide on the perfect machine. This buying guide will simplify the process significantly.

The following factors play a vital role in selecting the ideal treadmill machine for the home.

Choosing the right brand is critical.

We have already mentioned that a treadmill is a substantial investment. Therefore, one should select a branded treadmill. A reliable brand can provide product quality along with excellent serviceability, thereby ensuring your proper satisfaction.

On researching, one can find out many reputed brands of treadmills available in India. We shall discuss them in a separate post. However, some of the famous brands are as follows.

  1. Fitkit
  2. Powermax
  3. Healthgenie

Distinguish between manual and electronic treadmills.

Treadmills are available in two types, manual and automatic. Naturally, the manual treadmills cost less than their automatic counterparts.

Usually, gyms have electronic treadmills. Such machines work on built-in motors that run the mat on which the user walks or runs.

On the other hand, the manual treadmill does not feature an electric motor. It implies that the user has to do the hard work to make the treadmill run.

While selecting an electronic treadmill, ensure that you have the appropriate electricity point where you can plug in the machine safely.

Determine the running area.

Note that it is not easy to return a treadmill, especially if you buy it online. Therefore, be sure that the machine has ample running space and is not cramped.

It is better if the machine has an ample operating space because it adds to the comfort and convenience level.

The machine does not occupy much space when you fold it and keep it aside. However, it can occupy a lot of space when you assemble it for your exercises. Know the ideal dimensions of your treadmill in advance.

  • A width of 22 inches should be ideal for runners. The perfect length should be about 55 inches.
  • Walkers can opt for a width of 20 inches and a length of 50 inches.
  • The belt widths should be approximately 16 to 20 inches, whereas they can be 45 to 60 inches long.

Choose between auto and manual incline.

The treadmill is a long-term investment. Initially, users can find it challenging to use them. However, as they grow stronger, there will be a necessity to increase the intensity of the workout. One way to do so is to enhance the speed. An alternative method is to change the incline. The higher the slope, the more intense the workout is.

Treadmills are available with two types of inclines, manual and automatic. As the name suggests, treadmills with manual inclines require the user to adjust the inclination manually.

The automatic inclination feature is available in almost all modern machines. Such machines allow the user to change the inclination at the touch of a button.

From the convenience angle, the automatic inclination is ideal. The user can change the slope even when the machine is running. The manual treadmills require the user to step off the machine and adjust the slope manually.

It implies that the machines with automatic inclination feature are comparatively expensive than the manual fixtures.

Look out for additional tracking features like heart rate, BMI, pulse rate, and others.

A treadmill is a multi-dimensional device. Besides enabling regular walking and running exercises, the modern machines can measure the user’s heart rate, BMI (Body Mass Index), pulse rate, amount of calories expended, and so on.

Though the readings might not be accurate, these additional tracking features can prove helpful. However, if you are concerned with your fitness, it is always advisable to purchase a specialized fitness tracker. The tracking features available on your treadmill provide indicative results.

Learn how the pre-built programs and pre-sets work.

The modern-day treadmills come with specialized pre-built programs and other settings. Some of the parameters could include the following.

  • Simulation of terrain for one kilometre and subsequent running on a flat surface
  • Brisk walking on an incline for half an hour followed by quick running for a similar period at a constant speed
  • Simulation of alternatively running at high speed for a couple of kilometres and slow pace for the same virtual distance

Different machines come with different settings. However, the user should note that one can adjust these settings manually, as well. The pre-programmed settings make the job easier.

Understand how much weight your machine can support.

Many people commit this mistake before deciding on the treadmill of their choice. Generally, a treadmill can support the weight of an average individual comfortably.

These machines come with specific limits up to which it can withstand. The range is between 100 kg and 200 kg.

If you belong to the obese category, it makes sense to know in advance whether the machine can support your weight. Otherwise, it can prove to be a wasteful expenditure.

Check out if the Power Use feature is available.

The Power Use feature is available on the electronic treadmills alone. This feature can, however, consume a lot of electricity. Hence, it is advisable to confirm if the feature is available on your machine before purchasing it.

Know the maximum speed of your treadmill machine.

Every treadmill comes with a maximum speed up, which allows the user to run on it. Usually, the treadmill speed is in the range of 10kmph to 20kmph. If you have plans to run at faster speeds on it, it is better to opt for a speedier treadmill.

Maintain the treadmill by lubricating the moving parts.

Maintaining your treadmill is of utmost importance. The appliance is an expensive one. The machine comes with many movable parts such as rollers, conveyor belts, and so on. Lubricating the movable parts can ensure the longevity of the machine.

The machines available today come with an auto-lubrication feature. The user need not lubricate these machines. However, the machines with manual maintenance require regular servicing. Use a good quality lubrication fluid to maintain your machine in perfect working condition.

Check out the pricing of the device.

The budget is a crucial aspect that decides the machine you purchase. Treadmills are available in the range of Rs 15,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

Quick Tips for buying the ideal treadmill for your home

Here are some aspects of treadmills that one should be aware of before deciding to purchase one for your home.

  • Do your research thoroughly.
  • Visit a store and try out the machine before deciding to buy it.
  • Treadmills are also available online on ecommerce sites like Amazon.
  • Know the specifications of your treadmill before purchasing it.
  • Buy the machine that will be used by everyone at home.

Look out for these factors when researching for the ideal machine.

Treadmill Motor and HP

At times, the HP ratings advertised by the manufacturer can be misleading. You should not opt for the Peak Duty Rating but go for the Continuous Duty Rating. The ideal HP range should be around 1.5 to 2 HP. If you are a heavy user, it is better to go for a machine with heavy-duty motors with 2.5 to 3 HP power.


Remember that the treadmill can make noise. Buy one that makes the least noise, as it can let you watch TV or listen to your favourite music while exercising on it.

Stability of the machine

Testing the machine at a showroom before purchasing it is advisable. One should determine the stability of the device. The handrails should be strong enough to support your weight. The deck should not wobble when you run on it. The floor should also not be soft or spongy as you can risk injuring your knees. At the same time, the floor should also not feel hard.

Know the ideal belt and deck dimensions

The perfect deck length should be between 50 to 55 inches with the width being in the range of 20 to 22 inches. The belt length should be enough to let you use the entire length of the deck. The ideal dimensions should be between 45 to 60 inches in length and 16 to 22 inches in width.

Display features

The treadmills available today come with modern elements like LCD or LED display panels to indicate the vital statistics like heart rate, calories burned, and so on.


One should note that different parts of the machine have different warranty periods. The motor and frame usually come with a lifetime warranty. Other components like the electronic instruments and the deck are available with warranty periods extending up to a maximum of three years.

Take your time before purchasing the best treadmill for your home.

While it is imperative to select a durable device, your safety is of equal importance. Learn how to operate the equipment before using it regularly. It is advisable to have a fitness trainer teach you the nuances of the controls. It will help you to get used to the same.

We have discussed the treadmill buying guide in detail. Go through each of the points discussed above before selecting the machine for your home. The treadmill is a long-term asset. Use it carefully and see yourself improve fitness levels within no time.