best triple door refrigeratorSummers can become quite hot in India. In fact, there are places in India that can touch temperatures as high as 45 to 46 degrees Celsius as well.

Anyone would love to have a glass of chilled water under such circumstances. At the same time, your food can get spoiled as well if you keep them out in the open.

The best solution is to go for a refrigerator.

The fridge is not something that you go to a supermarket and buy it off the shelf. You need a lot of planning before deciding on the right kind of fridge that could suit your house.

We have seen the basics of buying a refrigerator in one of our earlier articles about refrigerators. We had spoken at length about the single-door and double door refrigerators in that particular article.

We shall concentrate on the multiple-door (Triple Door Refrigerators) in this article.

Before going into the details of the popular fridges in this category, we should have a basic idea about the (triple door) multi-door refrigerators.

Buying guide for the multi-door fridges

Size matters

You have an idea about the size of your family and the food you normally store in the refrigerators. The culinary habits (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) also play deciding factors.

The number of people in the house is important. Similarly, the space available in the house to keep your fridge is important as well. You can also explore the reversible door fridges to allow a smooth flow of traffic.

Capacity is an important feature

This is the thumb rule for deciding the capacity of the refrigerator you need.

A couple

A fridge up to the capacity of 400 litres should be enough. The earlier post on the single and double doors should provide you the options.

A Family of four

You require a fridge in the range of 240 to 600 litres. The side-by-side door model or the French door fridge should suffice.

Larger Families

It is always better to have a fridge with a minimum capacity of 700 litres. The freezer capacity also plays an important role.

Different types of fridges

You have seen the single and double door fridges in our earlier post.

French Door FridgeSide-by-Side FridgePigeon Door Fridge
  • These fridges have wide shelves that allow for holding large platters and pizza boxes.
  • The major advantage is that you get chilled food at a convenient eye level.
  • You have some models that have two separate freezer drawers to store bulk items and regular food separately.
  • The presence of the ice and water dispenser is extremely useful for kids.
  • These fridges save space as they do not obstruct your way around the kitchen.
  • You get plenty of space to store bottles and jars.
  • The separate ice and cold water dispenser is a special feature.
  • These refrigerators have large freezers with great storage capacity.
  • These are large fridges having separate chambers for freezing.
  • Such fridges have the capacity to occupy minimal floor space while giving you maximum refrigeration space.
  • These fridges are economical in comparison to other fridges of similar capacity.
  • You can have separate freezers allowing you adequate space to store frozen food in plenty.

Energy Efficiency

In the normal course, the larger fridges consume higher power. At the same time, such fridges are available in the Eco and Vacation modes. They can save you tremendous power in the long run.

It is advisable to buy intelligent fridges. You have smartphones and smartwatches. How can you leave the refrigerators behind? These smart fridges are capable of adjusting the temperature according to your usage. There are facilities where you can set different temperature levels for different areas.

Hygiene is important

You get fridges with vitamin optimizing features to keep the fruits and vegetable fresh for a longer time. The latest fridges in the market have hygienic features such as special anti-bacterial coatings on the walls and doors to prevent the formation of bacteria that can spoil the food. Such features can save you a lot of money over a period.

Maintenance is an important aspect

Stainless steel finishes are beautiful but you end up with a lot of finger prints all over the place. The stain and fingerprint-resistant metallic finishes should be the best one for you.

Safety glass shelves in the top fridges available today can bear heavier loads. Similarly, you have the anti-spill shelves that can prevent the spillages from dripping to the shelves below.

Having a fridge with a child lock function is essential. Such fridges usually have a separate water dispenser enabling the child to have an unending supply of cold water without having to open the fridge door.

The modern day refrigerators make less sound. You need such fridges especially if you have babies in the house.

Best Refrigerator Brands in India

Some of the top brands available in the market are Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, and Godrej are very popular. You have premium brands such as Hitachi, Haier, and Panasonic that offer bigger size models.

Best Triple Door Refrigerators (Multi Door)

1. Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator

Model Number: (Mirror White (N), FP 263D PROTTON ROY, 2017)

Let us look at the admirable features of this fridge.

The 6th Sense ActiveFresh Technology enables to keep your food fresh for a long time. How does it manage to do so? The fruits and vegetables are in direct contact with cold air. This can suck the moisture out of the food items. In this technology, the cool air flows around the compartment and does not come in direct contact with the food items. This can increase the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables.

Whirlpool Fp 263D Royal

This is an intelligent refrigerator having the capacity to control the circulation of cold air. This ensures that each compartment receives an optimum supply of cool air thereby maintaining the freshness of the food items stored in its various compartments.

Hygiene wise, this is an excellent product as it has compartments made of micro blocks. These micro blocks can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria thus ensuring to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

The triple door advantage enables you to save a considerable amount of power as you will be opening the requisite door alone. This facility allows you to prevent the different odors from mixing thereby preserving the original taste of the food.

You have the other normal facilities such as toughened glass shelves, ice twister, built-in stabilizer, RC light, and a separate drawer for vegetables.

  • Saves considerable power
  • Cools the fastest
  • Get your money’s worth
  • Absence of lights in the top and bottom compartment.
Verdict: Consumer reviews point out a satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5. Considering the fact that 86% of the people have given it a rating of 4 and above, this can prove to be one of the best triple door refrigerators in the market.

2. Hitachi 336 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator

Model Number: (Glass Black, R-SG31BPND, 2016)

This is a 3-Star BEE Rating 2017 certified fridge and one of the best three-door refrigerators from the best in the business, Hitachi.

The 3-way flexible shelf allows you tremendous leeway in storing different kinds of foods at a time.

The automatic ice maker is a great feature where you have to fill in the tank to get your ice cubes automatically. There is no need to mess around with the ice trays.

hitachi triple door fridge

The spate bottle corner can save you a considerable amount of space in the vegetable compartment.

This is an environmentally friendly fridge in the sense that it is CFC and HFC-free.

The Eco Thermo Sensor ensures optimal cooling for your food and beverages.

This is a frost free refrigerator.

The inverter control guarantees you power saving.

The jumbo door-pockets are capable of holding huge soft drink bottles thereby allow stacking them up for a party with ease.

The LED control panel is a user-friendly one.

LED lights inside the fridge not only save power but also allow you to see things clearly.

The mould proof door gasket is very easy to clean because of the superior Hitachi mould proofing technology.

The Nano Titanium filter ensures that your food remains free from bacterial attacks thereby making it a hygienic fridge.

The Quick Freezing technology ensures fast cooling.

Pulling out the double-deck drawer is easy allowing you to store your requisite food items with ease.

The tempered glass shelves can withstand up to 100 kilograms. Hence, storing heavy utensils inside the fridge is never going to be a problem.

  • Excellent features
  • Superb cooling
  • Saves Power
  • Great looks
  • Slightly expensive
Verdict: A majority of people are satisfied with this product. Having secured a rating of 4.3 out of 5, this refrigerator ticks all the boxes comfortably. The inverter system saves a lot of electricity and hence is economical in the long run.

3. Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator

Model Number: (Steel Knight, FP 283D PROTTON ROY, 2017)

Check Price at Amazon

This best three door refrigerator is available at Amazon on easy installments as well. This is one of a notable feature of this deal. Let us look at the principal features of this fridge.

This refrigerator is very much similar to the first one discussed in this article. The only difference is in the capacity. This is a 260-liter fridge as compared to the 240-litre capacity discussed in Product No 1.

Expect excellent all round cooling with the 6th sense ActiveFresh Cooling Technology.

This fridge does not allow the cold air to come in contact with the vegetables and fruits. Hence, there is no loss of moisture. Therefore, they retain their freshness for a longer time.

The Optimum Cooling Technology ensures the right amount of cooling to each compartment depending on the stored items. This can save power for you.

The micro-block reinforced compartments keep out the bacteria thereby ensuring that your food remains hygienic.

The three-door advantage is that you need not open all the doors unnecessarily. Does this not save you power?

The other normal features such as toughened glass shelves are available.

  • Uniform cooling
  • Retains freshness for a longer time
  • Hygienic
  • Absence of lights inside all the compartments of the fridge.
Verdict: Overall, this is a good product. The ratings of 4.3 out of 5 suggest this fact. You need a 260-litre fridge today for a family of two. This is perfect for the nuclear families of today’s times.

4. Whirlpool 300L Frost Free Triple Door Refrigerator

Model Number: (Alpha Steel (N), FP 313D PROTTON ROY, 2017)

Check Price at Amazon

There are fantastic offers available along with this best triple door refrigerator. You can avail the same at Amazon. Let us bask in the features of this fridge.

The capacity of the refrigerator is a comfortable 300 litres. This is sufficient for a normal Indian family today. Keeping the food fresh for a long time is the main objective of this refrigerator. The 6th Sense ActiveFresh technology plays a great role in this process.

The absence of direct contact between the cool air and the fruits/vegetables prevent the dehydration of the products. The technology is such that it reduces the oxidation and hence keeps the food farm fresh for a longer time.

The intelligence of the refrigerator is evident in the way it circulates the cool air inside the chambers. It ensures that it provides optimum cooling to every chamber based on the density of items stored inside it.

This is a healthy fridge in the sense that the micro blocks reinforced compartments do not allow the contamination of food by bacteria. The food retains its moisture and thus is hygienic.

You will not open all the three doors at a single time. This ensures that you save adequate power.

This refrigerator has all the other usual features one can expect in a frost free present-day generator of similar capacity such as a built-in stabilizer, toughened glass shelves, etc.

  • Excellent performance
  • Saves power
  • Quick cooling
  • Could have provided LED lighting in all compartments
Verdict:  The ratings of 4.5 out of 5 suggest that this qualifies as one of the best triple door refrigerator in India. This can be the perfect fridge to cater to a normal Indian family of three or four people.

Final Words

We have just gone through a comprehensive buying guide for the multi-door refrigerators. A perusal of the best refrigerators available in this genre should enable you to make the right decision. If you have any queries regarding best triple door refrigerator, post them in the comments section below and I will try to answer them.

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Have read somewhere that in vegetable drawer, we shud keep veggies in brown paper or else they will spoil becoz if condensaton? Is this correct?