Power cuts are frequent in India. It explains why almost every Indian house has an inverter.

The responsibility of the inverter is to ensure that the household gets an uninterrupted power supply (at least for some electrical appliances) during these power outages.

Usually, people do not connect the household inverter to appliances like TVs, refrigerators, ACs, and computers as well.

They prefer to use the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for their PCs. Let us see what the UPS is and how does it work. We shall also discuss the points to note while purchasing a UPS for your PC.

We Highly recommend you to read the UPS Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the latest UPS technologies.

Best UPS for PC in India

1. APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back UPS

The APC BX600C UPS is a compact UPS that is ideal for home use. At home, we usually have one PC and a couple of accessories connected to it.

The power consumption would rarely exceed 250 to 300 Watts. Hence, the 600 VA UPS should be perfect. Here are it’s features.

  • Latest design with a compact size
  • Charges quickly
  • Display system available
  • Battery saver feature
  • 2-year warranty

This UPS system is an inexpensive model available for less than ₹ 3K. Considering the low price, it has some of the notable features you can expect in a UPS.

One such feature is the alarm function that alerts the user when it starts using the battery during a power failure.  Another exciting feature is the battery self-testing feature to enable users to know when to replace the battery.

The Automatic Voltage Regulation feature protects your PC from sudden voltage surges and drops.  The battery charging indicator helps you know when the battery is charging and when the charging is complete.

The Battery Saver Feature prevents accidental discharges when the UPS is on battery mode.  The Boost Automatic Voltage Regulation helps in preserving battery life. It also maximises the runtime as it corrects the low voltage without discharging the battery.

The highlight of this UPS is the cold start function. It can provide temporary battery power when the main power supply is off.

The battery has a fast recharging capability. This UPS can recharge your battery even while working on generator power. The LED indicators help you to read the status of the unit at any time.

Three connectivity ports make it easy for connecting one more device in addition to your CPU and monitor.

  • Excellent battery features
  • LED Display
  • Runtime of more than 15 minutes
  • Ideal UPS for PC
  • Cannot use for more than two PCs at a time

Verdict: With a runtime of around 15 minutes, this PC is competent to protect your PC.

2. APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V UPS

Compared to the UPS described above which is of 600VA, this UPS has a capacity of 1100VA. Therefore, it can cater to more PCs and have a longer runtime as well. Accordingly, this UPS is more expensive than the one described earlier. The features of this UPS are as follows.

  • Nominal Input Voltage of 230V
  • Works in the range of 145 to 290V
  • Output Voltage of 230V
  • Output power capacity of 1100VA
  • 72% efficiency at full load

This APC BX1100C UPS has all the features of the APC BX600C discussed earlier. This UPS indicates notifications of changing utility power and UPS power conditions by way of audible alarms.

The automatic self-test ensures and indicates when you need to replace the battery.

This UPS is a step-up and step-down UPS where it increases or decreases the output voltage during voltage drops and surges. The battery charging indicator indicates whether the battery is charging or fully charged.

The battery saver facility prevents discharging of the battery. This UPS has a Boost, and Trim AVR facility ensures the correction of the voltage conditions without using the battery.

The cold-start feature ensures to provide temporary battery power. This UPS comes with a fast battery charging capacity. It also comes with generator compatibility.

  • Power capacity of 1100VA
  • Runtime of 25 minutes
  • Five connectivity ports
  • Comparatively expensive as compared to the 600VA UPS

Verdict: This UPS is the ideal one for a home PC.

3. Microtek 1000VA UPS

Microtek is a reputed name in the field of inverters and UPS. The inherent strength of the Microtek UPS is the battery life. Secondly, you have an exhaustive range of UPS systems from Microtek. The features of this Microtek 1000VA UPS are as follows.

  • Provides backup for more than 40 to 45 minutes for a single PC
  • Boosts low input voltage
  • Protects in case of high voltage input
  • Capable of handling input voltage in the range 135 to 300 Volts
  • UPS to battery backup mode

The best aspect of this Microtek UPS is that it automatically cuts off the power supply to your PC in case of extreme voltage surges or short circuits thereby offering the highest degree of protection. This phase is temporary and lasts only until the restoration of regular electricity supply.

This UPS can handle input voltage in the range of 135 to 300 volts and maintain an optimal output voltage of 230 volts. It can cater to two PCs simultaneously.

The Microtek UPS can work in extreme climatic conditions such as 0 to 90% humidity and temperature range of 0to 48 degrees Centigrade.

The battery has enough capacity to allow one PC to work as long as 40 to 50 minutes. This runtime is sufficient for anyone to complete the work on hand and save the files before shutting down the computer.

The best aspect of this UPS is that it does not take more than two hours for a full recharge.

This UPS comes with additional features like fuse protection, noise filter, and so on thereby making it an intelligent UPS.

  • Runtime of 40 to 50 minutes
  • Capable of handling surges and drops
  • Short recharging time
  • At 9 kg, it seems to be a heavy unit

Verdict: The Microtek UPS is an efficient one as it can support two PCs at a time.

4. APC UPS Model BR1000G-IN 1 KVA Battery Backup

APC UPS systems come with the technical expertise from Schneider Electric. This 1 KVA UPS should be the ideal foil to your PC as it can address almost all the power issues one faces in an Indian household. Let us examine its features.

  • Guaranteed protection to your PC and other accessories
  • Provides a perfect shield during blackouts, overloads, voltage surges, and drops
  • Automatic voltage regulations ensure healthy voltage conditions
  • Eight outlets
  • LED status display
  • Power Chute software
  • Lifetime protection
  • Energy Star certified

The BR1000G UPS is the ideal UPS system to have because it allows you sufficient time to complete your work, save it, and finally, shut down your computer during any power outage.

The Automatic voltage regulation feature protects all appliances connected to it from voltage surges and drops. The presence of customisable voltage transfer points and sensitivity profiles help maximise your UPS battery life.

The Power Chute software enables the automatic saving of your data and shuts down the system in case of extended power blackouts or low battery conditions. You need to connect the USB cable that comes along with the system to your computer to use this software.

The LED status display allows you to monitor the power status, current load, remaining runtime, battery charging, and so on. This UPS system comes with a three-year warranty.

Also, you have an additional lifetime equipment protection policy. It is an Energy Star certified UPS system.

  • Sufficient runtime
  • Power chute software protection
  • Lifetime equipment protection available
  • Saves energy
  • Eight connectivity outlets
  • The fan is a bit noisy

Verdict: With eight connectivity ports, it suits a mini-office setting rather than a home PC.

5. Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sine wave Inverter UPS

Luminous is a reputed UPS inverter manufacturer in India. This 1100VA Inverter UPS not only protects your PC but can power other electrical appliances as well. Here are the features of this inverter UPS system

  • Can take care of all power-related issues
  • Display system to indicate the status
  • Power a range of electrical equipment
  • Compatible with one 12V battery

This Luminous Inverter UPS is not the traditional UPS that you usually associate with PCs. This device is more of an inverter that can support other electrical appliances such as fans, tube lights, air coolers, and so on.

The system is such that you connect this UPS to the main current thereby ensuring that the entire flow of the current is through this inverter. Accordingly, you can select the points where you need this inverter to supply power in case of power failures.

This system does not come with an attached battery. You should buy a separate 12V battery to connect to this sine wave inverter. This UPS provides MCB protection and comes with a bypass switch to supply power in the event of power outages.

This sine wave inverter is a noiseless appliance because of its low harmonic distortion.

The LED display unit indicates the power backup time. It comes with a 32-bit DSP processor. The battery electrolyte level indicator alerts you whenever the battery requires a top up.

  • Multipurpose use
  • Protects against voltage surges
  • LED display
  • Does not come with a battery
  • As you have to purchase a separate battery, the cost of the system will escalate

Verdict: This UPS is a good one as it can supply continuous power to various electrical appliances.

6. VGUARD UPS SESTO 600 – 600VA Application Desktop UPS

This VGuard UPS is the best one for your PC in many ways as it is a dedicated unit that can power your PCs, monitors, and even printers. There are the fundamental features of this UPS.

  • Powers one PC with printer
  • Off-mode battery charging
  • High voltage protection
  • 10 to 15 minutes runtime
  • 600VA capacity

The VGuard UPS is a simple UPS that can power your PC for a duration long enough to enable you to save your work and shut down comfortably. The UPS has a runtime of 10 to 15 minutes at full charge. There is minimal time lag whereby it does not switch off during power outages.

This UPS comes with an in-built battery that charges quickly even in the off mode. The UPS protects your PC from voltage surges, especially when you power your AC unit.

It can support one CPU, one monitor, and printer. It is not advisable to connect the laser printers to this UPS as it can reduce the runtime considerably.

  • Simple UPS unit for sustained protection
  • Protects against voltage surges
  • Enough runtime to enable safe shutdown
  • Cannot connect a laser printer
  • Not suitable for more than one PC

Verdict: Costs wise, the VGuard UPS is affordable for the regular Indian household use.

7. APC BR1500G-IN 865 Watt Back UPS

The regular UPS does not provide you with enough runtime to play games online during power outages. This APC BR1500G is a powerful UPS that enables you to play online games and save your stages before shutting down. These are some of the exciting features of this UPS.

  • The capacity of 1500VA or 865 watts
  • Four battery packed cum surge protected sockets
  • Two additional surge protected sockets
  • LCD to show status
  • Extended runtime

This UPS is a top-end system that comes with an LCD screen to allow easy monitoring of the device. The power saving feature allows you to connect your PCs as well as printers. The master and slave socket concept ensures that the printer shuts down automatically as you shut down your PC.

There are four battery packed cum surge protected sockets where you can connect your PC and other equipment. You also have two surge protected sockets to enable you to connect your printer and scanners.

The AVR functionality allows the device to work even under low voltage conditions.

Another crucial aspect of this UPS is that it automatically switches off the power supply to idle equipment. The advanced battery warning feature alerts you when the battery requires charging. It also provides information and alerts you when there is a battery failure.

It is also possible to adjust voltage sensitivity thereby ensuring proper protection for your expensive equipment. This UPS can take care of voltage surges as well as drops.

It also comes with a unique feature that ensures cutting off the power supply to the peripherals when you shut down the computer. It automatically resumes power supply as soon as you switch on your PC.

  • Best for high-end gaming because if its extended runtime
  • Capable of powering multiple PCs
  • Master-slave socket concept is a good one
  • Extended time for the battery to recharge fully

Verdict: This UPS is the ideal one to use for high-end gaming activities.

8. APC BE700Y-IND 420-Watt Back UPS

APC UPS systems are extremely popular because of their excellent features. This UPS is also one of the favourite models that provide sufficient runtime to allow safe shutdown of your PCs.

  • The capacity of 700VA or 390 watts
  • Three battery packed cum surge protection sockets
  • One surge protected socket
  • Built-in AVR feature
  • LED Display with audio alarms
  • Overload protection

This UPS system has a capacity of 700VA and is capable of supplying power to one PC and peripherals. There are three battery-packed surge protection sockets to connect your PC, monitor, and maybe a printer.

You also have one surge protected socket for connecting to other simple electrical equipment like scanners.

The built-in AVR feature regulates the input voltage and ensures to provide an optimal output voltage of 230V. This UPS is capable of handling both voltage surges and drops. The overload protection feature allows you to customise your thermal cut off points.

This UPS is a simple system that comes with enough runtime to safely shut down your PC and protects your expensive equipment from power fluctuations. The LED display unit and audible alarms prove handy to indicate when to recharge your battery.

  • Simple but powerful enough to power one PC and peripherals
  • AVR feature to take care of fluctuations
  • Easy to use
  • The fan makes a disturbing sound at times

Verdict: This simple UPS is ideal for regular home use

9. Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS

Microtek is reputed for its home inverters. However, they also manufacture UPS systems for your PCs. This UPS is a simple one but is capable of protecting your PC from power fluctuations.

  • Highly reliable output
  • Capable of handling voltage in the range 140 to 300 volts
  • Extended battery life

The primary job of the UPS system is to provide sufficient time to your computer to shut down thereby protecting it from damage. The Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS does this job admirably.

It is capable of handling input voltage in the range of 140 to 300 volts. It increases or decreases the output voltage accordingly to ensure that it provides an optimal output of 230V to your PC.

This UPS comes with an in-built battery that has an extended life. The batteries are not replaceable.

  • 650VA capacity to help power one PC
  • Extended battery life
  • Inexpensive
  • Cannot replace batteries

Verdict: This UPS is a simple and inexpensive one. Hence, it is the favourite of all.

10. Emerson Liebert iTON CX 600VA Line Interactive UPS

The Emerson Liebert UPS is a Line Interactive UPS whereby it protects your PC from voltage surges and drops. By regulating the voltage, it ensures proper output voltage and ensures complete protection to your PC.

  • Capacity of 600VA
  • Recharge time of 6 hours
  • Sine wave inverter
  • Line Interactive type UPS
  • Ideal for home use

The power situation in India is such that you experience extreme voltage fluctuations in many towns. The Line Interactive UPS ensures to increase or decrease the voltage depending on the input voltage. Hence, it maintains the ideal output voltage of 230V. It enables your PC to function properly.

The presence of the autotransformer in the UPS system protects your expensive equipment from damage in case of severe voltage fluctuations. The battery provides sufficient runtime for you to shut down your computer. The battery has a recharge time of six hours.

  • Capable of handling severe voltage fluctuations
  • 600VA capacity
  • Three connectivity ports
  • Not ideal for use other than powering your PC

Verdict: This UPS is an elementary Line Interactive type UPS ideal for home use alone.

What constitutes a UPS System?

In simple terms, a UPS system is a simple battery-based backup power system. The primary function of the UPS is to supply power long enough to enable you to shut down your PC when the main power supply fails.

Resultantly, you get a chance to save your data. You also protect your PC from unnecessary damage as a hard shutdown can cause a lot of stress to your PC system.

Secondly, the UPS acts as a surge protector. It can protect your PC and the accessories from surges or abnormal voltage fluctuations.

The need for a UPS system

The UPS system is such that it automatically switches over to the battery mode during a power failure. The battery gets charged when the power supply is on.

During a power outage, the battery of the UPS system supplies the necessary power to your PC. Your PC does not black out instantly. Hence, you save the PC from damage.

Depending on the type of UPS you use, the battery has a specific backup capacity. Usually, you do not require much time to save your work and shut down your computer properly.

Thus, you get some breathing time to shut down your PC or the video gaming consoles without suffering any loss of data.

The UPS is handy during heavy voltage fluctuations. It can protect the PC from different types of power problems. Let us discuss the different types of power problems you usually encounter at home.

Types of Power Problems

When we talk about power problems, we consider power blackout as the only power problem. However, it is not so. There are different types of power problems. Here are some of them.


Blackouts can range from a few seconds to even days. The reasons for interruption can be bad weather, grid failures, or utility power shortages.

Load Shedding

It happens many times that power companies lower the voltage of the electricity to avoid total blackouts thus resulting in a disruption in your power supply for a specific period. You know it by the term load shedding.

Voltage Surge

Voltage surges are sudden occurrences that have the potential to damage expensive electrical and electronic equipment.

Voltage drops

These are similar to voltage surges, but it involves low voltage. It can also harm your PC components.

There are other problems such as frequency noise, frequency variation, and harmonic disruption. All these power problems can harm the delicate components of your PC.

The UPS can take care of these problems by ensuring that your PC receives the right current at the optimum voltage.

Different Types of UPS Systems

Different types of UPS systems are available. They are the Standby, Line-Interactive, and the Online UPS unit.

Standby UPS Unit

Almost everyone has this type of UPS for their home PCs. The UPS unit works by charging the battery when the power supply is on and switches the power supply to the battery back up the moment the mains supply fails.

This automatic switch takes about 20 to 100 milliseconds. It is within the tolerance threshold of your PCs and other electronic equipment. Hence, the appliances do not switch off.

Line-Interactive UPS

This UPS system is similar to the standby UPS but includes a special transformer. The transformer is extremely useful in areas that experience voltage drops.

You notice that the lights become dim during voltage drops but do not switch off completely. The Line-Interactive UPS helps to increase the output voltage thereby ensuring that your PC receives the optimum voltage at all times.

Online UPS System

The online UPS system is different from the standby and the Line-Interactive UPS system in the sense that it does not wait for the power to switch off. It continuously filters the input power supply through the battery system. You can compare it to the home inverter.

It ensures that the PC and the other appliances attached to it receive constant power supply through the batteries even when the power supply is on.

It replenishes the battery on a continuous basis thereby ensuring that there is no break in the power supply to the PCs. These UPS systems are comparatively expensive to the other two types of UPS systems discussed above.

It is also referred to as the Double Conversion UPS system.

What type of UPS do you need?

Your UPS depends on the type of power problems you face. The standby UPS system should suffice if you encounter challenges like load shedding, blackouts, and voltage surges.

If you experience continuous voltage drops and surges, you should use the line-interactive UPS system. The double conversion UPS or online UPS can tackle all kinds of power problems including line noise, frequency variation, and harmonic distortion.

What should be the capacity of my UPS?

At the minimum, you need the UPS system to provide power for a duration long enough to enable you to save your work and shut down the computer safely.

If your UPS is capable of providing this power, it should be sufficient for normal domestic use. Otherwise, you risk damaging your computer and its expensive components.

The question on everyone’s mind would be how to determine the capacity of their UPS. There is no specific formula as such, but you can use this thumb rule for deciding how much UPS you need.

Every PC will come with a power supply rating that indicates the maximum power a computer will pull.

Secondly, you might also have some peripherals such as monitors, external hard drives, printers, and so on. You have to keep the power load of these appliances as well.

If your PC comes with a power supply rating of 400 Watts, it will not be pulling a constant load of 400 Watts. Usually, the start-up load will be around 300 Watts, and the operating capacity will be in the region of 250 Watts.

However, you should always go with the maximum power supply rating of your PC while choosing your UPS. The general formula is as follows.

Minimum Volt-Amperes (VA) = 1.6 times the Wattage load

In our case, it is better to go for a UPS system with a minimum VA rating of 640 VA.

In the ordinary course, your home UPS system should accommodate a minimum of three appliances. Thus, you should go for a UPS that has provision for connecting three power cords.

Secondary Features

Fundamentally, your UPS is a sophisticated battery. However, you should go for a UPS system that has various additional features.

  • Ensure that your chosen UPS communicates accurately with your attached devices. Today, you have UPS systems that come with multiple connectivity ports.
  • Your UPS should also be compatible with the OS you use. Under such circumstances, you will get an alert that the PC is running on the UPS thereby enabling you to initiate the shutdown process.
  • Voltage surges are frequent in India. Hence, you should check whether your UPS includes surge protected/filtered ports for your Ethernet cables.
  • The UPS systems available today come with display systems. The low-end UPS systems and the older systems do not have this facility. The display panels provide you additional information such as remaining runtime, battery health, and so on.
  • Not all UPS systems have fans. The larger ones have them. Check out the noise that these fans make. It assumes greater significance if you connect your home theatre to your UPS. The sound can interfere with the output.
  • Usually, UPS batteries last for three to five years. Some UPS systems allow you to swap the exhausted batteries with fresh ones. The low-end UPS units do not have this facility. You would have to discard them and buy a new UPS system. It is better to choose a system that permits swapping of batteries.

Price Range

We spend a lot of money acquiring our PCs and other equipment. We need to safeguard these appliances from power outages and other power-related problems.

In this context, using a good and compatible UPS system is necessary. Spending a few thousand rupees to protect your PC and other appliances should not be an issue.

You get a good quality UPS system in the range of ₹ 5000 to ₹ 10,000.

Final thoughts

The PC and other peripherals are valuable equipment. There is a need to protect them from sudden power outages. Hence, one should install a UPS system to take care of power fluctuations.

The UPS systems provide you with a specific time window whereby you can save your work and safely shut down your PC. It protects the equipment from damage.

Source: APC

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