Have you ever wondered why our grandmothers had a robust physique compared to us?

It is because they used to do a lot of physical chores in the kitchen such as grinding the dough for your favorite idlis and vadas, and so on.

best wet grinder

Believe me; I have tried that stuff. It is a challenging experience. Maybe, it is because I am used to the wet grinder machine that I have at present. It takes care of the grinding stuff that my poor grandmother used to do manually.

The best wet grinders have made our job easy. We add the necessary ingredients, switch on the machine, and continue with our other kitchen work.

The dough becomes ready in due course. Let us look at the wonderful invention that has made our lives more comfortable than the previous generation.

We shall explore some of the top wet grinder brands available in India before moving on to the buying guide for wet grinders.

Best Wet Grinders in India

1. Elgi Ultra Dura+ 1.25-Litre Wet Grinder

This wet grinder is a compact appliance that can do a variety grinding jobs in the kitchen. It is lightweight, portable equipment having an aesthetic design. The powerful motor ensures to reduce the grinding tome considerably.

Elgi Ultra Dura+ 1.25-Litre Wet Grinder

Let us look at some of the exciting features of this wet grinding machine.

  • The ABS body makes it light in weight. At the same time, it is a durable machine.
  • The wet grinder comes in contact with water all the time. This appliance comes with a rust-proof stainless steel drum that can store the batter for more extended periods.
  • The 85-Watt motor is strong enough to ensure perfect grinding while ensuring that it does not heat up the batter.
  • The highlight of this wet grinder is the patented conical stones. They generate less heat while working as compared to the conventional heaters. It not only makes the idlis soft and fluffy by ensuring better fermentation but also increases the efficiency of the appliance.
  • The 1.25-litre capacity is ideal for the modern day Indian family.
  • The product comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • The batter cleaner attachment enables you to remove the batter easily from the conical stones.
  • The detachable drum is useful for storing the batter in it. There is no need to remove the dough and transfer it to another utensil.
  • You can also purchase additional attachments such as coconut scraper and atta kneader.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Powerful motor that ensures optimum operation
  • Multipurpose use of the drum
  • Optional additional attachments
  • Ideal for small families, but the capacity is inadequate for managing the requirements for bigger families
Verdict: This Elgi wet grinder is a useful appliance in many ways. It is worth a buy for the simple reason that it makes your job more comfortable in the kitchen.


2. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder

This wet grinder is an improved version of the appliance discussed above. The method of operation and the technology is the same. The only difference is the increase in the capacity of the grinder from 1.25 litres to 2 litres.

It necessitates the fitting of a motor with a higher capacity. Let us look at the salient features of this wet grinder.

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder

  • In spite of its size and capacity, this grinder is a light one because of the ABS body. It is a durable appliance at the same time.
  • The AISI 304 Stainless Steel drums are rust-free thereby enabling you to store the batter in them after the grinding is over.
  • The 150-Watt motor is a powerful one. It ensures smooth operation with the minimum of noise.
  • The unique feature of this wet grinder is the conical stones. This company has patented the design. It ensures an ideal fermentation process. The conical shape of the stones increases the efficiency of the machine.
  • The 2-litres capacity is perfect for a South Indian modern family. They have a more substantial requirement of dough as compared to the other linguistic regions in India.
  •  5-year warranty.
  • The batter remover arrangement is a welcome addition to the appliance. It enables easy cleaning of the stones.
  • The multi-utility feature of the drum is an excellent one. You can store your batter in it without having to transfer to another utensil.
  • You can opt to purchase additional attachments like the Atta Kneader and the coconut scraper.
  • Highly efficient machine
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect grinding because of the conical shape of the stones
  • Powerful motor
  • Compared to the 1.25-litre wet grinder, this appliance makes more noise
 Verdict: The regular South Indian family needs a 2-litre wet grinder to meet their daily requirement of idlis and dosas. This Elgi Ultra Grind+ is one of the best wet grinders in India.


3. Panasonic MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder

Panasonic is a reputed brand when it comes to electronic and kitchen appliances. The wet grinder machine is a welcome addition to the kitchen. These machines have revolutionized the appearance of the kitchen.

It is effortless to clean these portable wet grinders as you can dis-assemble its various parts and wash them separately. Let us now understand the other notable features of the Panasonic wet grinder.

Panasonic MK SW200BLK Wet Grinder

  • The beautiful black colour can entice everyone to come and have a look at this magnificent appliance.
  • The stainless steel 304-grade drum is rust resistant. Hence, you can store your batter in this drum without fearing about the deterioration in the quality of the ingredients.
  • The transparent cover enables you to inspect the grinding at frequent intervals.
  • The 240-watt motor is an epitome of power. There is no question of any overloading factor when you have an engine of such high capacity.
  • The round-shaped grinding stones rotate in unison to ensure optimum grinding.
  • Powerful appliance capable of catering to the requirements of a medium-sized Indian family
  • Can cater to a variety of dough
  • Easy to clean and use
  • The stainless steel drum is rust-free
  • Can make some noise, especially as the motor is a powerful one
Verdict: It is worth buying this powerful wet grinder as it can cater to all the requirements of a typical South Indian family of four or five persons.


4. Butterfly Rhino 2-Litre Table Top Wet Grinder

Butterfly is a favourite brand with many South Indian families as you can find a variety of kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers, induction stoves, mixies, and so on. Hence, it should not surprise you that they prefer to purchase the same brand while looking for a top wet grinder.

At the same time, one should also concede that the appliance is an efficient one. Let us consider the factors that can influence you to buy this appliance.

Butterfly Rhino 2 Litre Table Top Wet Grinder

  • High grade ABS plastic body that is durable and good-looking at the same time.
  • The cylindrical stones are highly efficient as they enable uniform grinding of the batter.
  • The 2-litre grinding capacity stainless steel drum has a long life expectancy.
  • This wet grinder comes with ventilating features to regulate the body heat of the appliance.
  • The cylindrical stones come with a secure lock system thereby ensuring smooth operations.
  • The transparent lid allows you to check out the operation at various stages.
  • The 150-Watt motor is a powerful one enabling the appliance to function at optimum speeds.
  • This grinder weighs 11 kg. Therefore, it is highly portable.
  • Powerful appliance capable of carrying high loads
  • The stainless steel drum is rust-resistant. Therefore, it serves as an excellent storage option.
  • Easy to use
  • The machine is safe as you cannot operate it without locking the grinding stones
  • Not very popular north of the Vindhyas
Verdict: Butterfly is a reputed brand. They adhere to strict quality norms. This wet grinder is worth a buy.


5. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 2-Litre Wet Grinder

Elgi Ultra is one of the most prominent wet grinder brands in the country. These appliances come in various sizes and capacities. The unique feature of this grinder is the conical stones.

It is an innovative technology that enables optimum grinding of batter with the minimum of effort. This wet grinder has many other notable features. Let us have a look.

Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 2-Litre Wet Grinder,

  • The Elgi wet grinder is a light one enabling you to carry and place anywhere in the kitchen.
  • The ABS plastic body makes the grinder a durable one
  • This wet grinder has AISI 304 stainless steel drum that is rust resistant.
  • The grinder comes with a powerful 150-watt motor.
  • The patented conical stones give you a different experience of grinding dough.
  • The 2-litre capacity steel drum is ideal for storing the batter after the grinding.
  • This Elgi wet grinder comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • An electronic timer with buzzer alerts you when the process of grinding is complete. This facility eliminates the frequent checking of the operations.
  • The batter remover enables the easy cleaning of the conical stones.
  • The dish-shaped steel drum is ideal for ensuring the batter remains in place while grinding. It enables you to get high-quality and fluffy idlis.
  • The additional optional attachments like the kneader and the coconut scraper are welcome for their utility.
  • The 150-watt motor is a powerful one enabling the smooth operation of the appliance
  • The stainless steel drum takes care of the storage of the dough.
  • The heavy-duty wet grinder can make some noise. It is natural.
Verdict: The Elgi series of wet grinders are the most popular in India with many people opting for it. It is easy to use and clean the appliance. These features should influence you to buy the wet grinder.


6. Butterfly Smart 150-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder

Butterfly manufactures some of the most useful kitchen aids. It includes the mixer and the dry grinder. The wet grinder is also very popular in the southern part of India.

This wet grinder comes with a durable motor that ensures trouble-free working. Let us glance at some of the exciting features of this appliance that could help you decide on the right choice.

utterfly Smart 150-Watt Table Top

  • Excellent aesthetic design that fits all types of kitchens
  • ABS plastic body that is not only durable but also shockproof and heat resistant
  • This wet grinder comes with an additional coconut scrapper
  • The round stones provide the perfect grinding experience as it makes the batter soft.
  • Looks wise, this wet grinder is worth the money.
  • It comes with a ventilator arrangement to regulate the body heat of the appliance.
  • The lightness of the appliance makes it easy to clean and use.
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for making the softest batter thereby ensuring fluffy idlis every time you use it
  • 5-year warranty on the motor
  • Powerful motor, but makes some sound while using it
Verdict: The sheer power and looks of this appliance should help you decide on buying this appliance.


7. Pigeon Platino 12726 2-Litre Wet Grinder

It is always better to buy a domestic wet grinder because it becomes easy to get spare parts in case the appliance develops issues. Pigeon Platino is one such domestic wet grinder that has become very popular in the smaller towns in India.

These wet grinders are as efficient as the higher priced reputed brands. Let us look at the features of this wet grinder that can help you compare with the other brands.

Butterfly Smart 150-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder

  • The appliance has a virgin ABS shockproof and rustproof body. It is not only durable but also look elegant.
  • The equipment comes with a high quality grinding stone to ensure that the batter remains fresh and uncontaminated.
  • The double side ball bearing motor is a powerful one that ensures hassle-free operations.
  • The unbreakable lid is of food grade polycarbonate.
  • You can detach the steel drum. Hence, it becomes easy for you to store the batter as well as clean the drum and various parts of the machine.
  • The advantage of opting for a domestic brand is that you get these additional attachments such as the coconut scraper and kneader free of cost.
  • The 2-litre capacity should suffice for an average Indian family of four to five persons.
  • You get a 5-year warranty with the product.
  • Service centres easily available
  • The advanced interlocking feature ensures less noise while functioning as compared to other grinders.
  • The additional attachments come free
  • Appliance becomes hot after about 10 to 15 minutes of operation
  • Some people have complained about leaking drums
Verdict: This wet grinder might be the cheapest product available on the market. If you are a budget-conscious person, you can very well go for this product.


8. Butterfly Rhino plus 150-Watt Wet Grinder

Trust Butterfly to manufacture some of the state-of-the-art wet grinders in India. These appliances can compete with the best in the business. Some of the features of this appliance are worth spending every rupee in acquiring it.

The best aspect of this wet grinder is that it has a compact design thereby occupying as little space as possible in your kitchen. We shall look at some of the other attractive features.

Butterfly Rhino Plus 150-Watt Wet Grinder

  • The ABS plastic body is not only attractive to look at but also extremely durable.
  • This wet grinder has a shockproof and rustproof body that has heat resistant properties.
  • Two conical stones do the perfect job of grinding the rice and pulses into a smooth batter.
  • The 2-litre capacity is ideal for the regular Indian family.
  • The appliance has a powerful motor that ensures the completion of a single grinding within 20 minutes.
  • The built-in coconut scrapper attachment is a highlight of this appliance. You can scrape the entire coconut shell without injuring your hands.
  • The dough kneader is a welcome addition to the appliance.
  • The motor overload protection protects your appliance from overheating and prevents accidents.
  • The parts of the appliance are detachable. Hence, it is easy to clean the product.
  • Excellent looking appliance
  • Its performance matches its looks in every way
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Overload protection feature
  • The stones are set at a slightly inclined angle. They do not touch the grinding stone
  • Some people complain about the noise that the appliance makes during the operation.
Verdict: You can trust Butterfly to provide some of the best after-sales services in India. The features listed above should help you decide to buy this wet grinder.


9. Premier Wonder – Table Top Wet Grinder 1.5 Litres 230 V

Premier is another household name as far as kitchen appliances are concerned. You get these mixies, pressure cookers, cooking ranges, and pans, and so on in the Premier brand.

Therefore, it should not be a surprise that Premier has come up with the latest model of wet grinders in the market. The enchanting features of this table-top wet grinder are as follows.

Premier Stainless Steel 95 W Table Top Wet Grinder

  • This wet grinder has exemplary looks.
  • Its performance matches its looks in every way.
  • The stainless steel drum ensures that the batter remains healthy and lasts longer
  • The entire body of this wet grinder is made of steel.
  • The 95-Watt motor is perfect for this 1.5-litre wet grinder
  • You can grind all kinds of pulses and grains in this wet grinder.
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • The name Premier sells in many parts of India
  • Makes less noise in comparison to its peers
  • The 1.5-litre capacity might not be the right one for an average South Indian family of four or five persons.
Verdict: This wet grinder is worth a buy because of the reputation that Premier enjoys in the market. The sleek look and the powerhouse performance should tilt the scales in its favour.


10. Premier Compact – Table Top Wet Grinder 2 Litres 230V

You have seen the features of the Premier 1.5-litres wet grinder. The most significant disadvantage of the 1.5-litres grinders is that they do not suffice for Indian families, especially the South Indian families who depend on the dosas and idlis for their breakfast almost daily.

They would love to have a wet grinder of higher capacity. The Premier Compact is a table-top wet grinder having a capacity of 2 litres. Let us look at some defining features of this wet grinder.

Premier Compact – Table Top Wet Grinder

  • This wet grinder is as simple as it can get. However, it does a great job of grinding the batter for your idlis and dosas.
  • The stainless steel drum is rustproof. Hence, you get hygiene of the highest quality when you use this wet grinder.
  • The entire wet grinder is made of steel. It adds to the overall strength.
  • The detachable drum makes it easy for you to store the batter in it. It also helps in more natural cleaning of the drum and other movable parts of the grinder such as the grinding wheels, and so on.
  • Simple but effective
  • The capacity of 2 litres makes it comfortable for the average South Indian family.
  • The detachable drum enables you to clean the various parts easily.
  • The higher capacity wet grinders tend to make a lot of noise. This wet grinder is not different in any way.
Verdict: The decision to purchase this wet grinder is a good one as it is an efficient product.


11. Vidiem Jewel ST 2 Litres Grinder (White)

The modern-day kitchen is becoming more compact than ever. Hence, you do not have sufficient place to keep these big wet grinders. The small kitchen demands a smaller appliance.

The Vidiem Jewel fits the bill perfectly. The sleek design ensures that it does not occupy much space. Also, it guarantees to provide the maximum efficiency you expect from a wet grinder having capacity of 2 litres.

Vidiem Jewel ST 2 Litres Grinder

  • The design is an aerodynamic one that does not occupy much space.
  • The stainless steel drums ensure the highest degree of hygiene.
  • This wet grinder has the optimum capacity of 2 litres in spite of being a compact one.
  • Storing your batter is also easy because of the detachable drum. You need not go in search of a different utensil.
  • This wet grinder works on a 90-Watt motor
  • Sleek design
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to clean the appliance
  • Can fit kitchen of all sizes
  • The size is a compact one, but the stones are more massive than what you get in other wet grinders.
Verdict: People having small kitchens should look to save as much space as possible. This wet grinder is ideal for such houses.


Best Wet Grinders – Buying Guide

Most of us remember how our grandmothers had a tough time grinding the batter for preparing the mouth-watering idlis, dosas, and vadas.

The society owes a considerable debt to the housewives of yesteryears. It has made amends and made the life of the modern-day homemaker easy.

You have many appliances bringing you the comfort you need. The wet grinder is one such kitchen appliance that can bring a smile to the faces of the homemakers today. It spares them the hard work of having to grind the batter manually.

However, you should know the different types of wet grinders available on the market before deciding to buy one of your choices.

There are three types of wet grinders in the market.

  • Regular wet grinders
  • Table Top wet grinders
  • Tilting wet grinders

Regular Wet Grinders

These are big appliances generally used for commercial purposes. You can also see these machines in hotels and restaurants. Usually, the families do not opt for the grinder because of its size.

However, this machine resembles the grinders that your grandmother used in her younger days. These appliances are substantial, and big families might opt to purchase such devices. The design is such that a steel rod holds the grinding stone with the help of an iron belt.

The drum rotates when you switch on the motor. The grinding stone does an excellent job of grinding the batter. You get good output from this machine. However, the principal drawback of this machine is its weight. Installing the device in the kitchen is difficult. You can also experience the batter overflowing over the sides at times. Hence, they are difficult to clean.

Table Top Wet Grinders

These are compact appliances having capacities ranging between 1.5 and 2 litres. The mechanism is such that the drum rotates when you switch on the device. The grinding wheels that are in contact with the inner side of the drum also start rotating.

Thus, it traps the grains and pulses in between to grind them. You can use this type of grinder to prepare lesser quantities of dough. These are portable appliances. You can detach the drum from the machine and store the batter inside it without feeling the need to transfer it to another utensil. These wet grinders are very popular among people today.

Tilting wet grinders

One has to admit that the drums can become heavy once it fills up with the dough. It can become difficult for the homemaker to lift the drum and empty it before cleaning them. The tilting wet grinders are the solution to this problem.

The mechanism is such that you can tilt the drum and let the batter flow out of the drum smoothly. These are efficient wet grinders, but they have an issue. If you have fixed drums, it becomes difficult to clean them. The detachable drum is the best aspect of the wet grinders.

Standard features of the wet grinders


You have wet grinders of varying capacities in the market. It ranges from 1.5 litres to even 15 litres. Choose the right one according to the frequency of usage, the size of the family, and so on. Usually, a 2-litre grinder is enough for a typical Indian family. In case you have a higher requirement, you can always opt for the larger appliances.

Drum material

The stainless steel drums are the best in the business. They are not only durable but also provide a great deal of hygiene. The bottom of the drum has a layer of stone. It enables the perfect grinding of the batter. The detachable drums are always better because they allow you to clean the drums and the other parts of the appliance quickly.

Tilting function

You can experience this function in the tilting wet grinders. You can tilt the drum and cause the batter to pour out into a new container. Such drums are not removable. Hence, it is a challenging task to clean such drums.

Number of grinding stones

Some wet grinders come with two stones whereas some come with three. They come in different shapes as well. The conical shape is the most common of all. You have the round stones as well. The regular wet grinders have one big stone whereas the table top wet grinder has more than one. The advantage of having multiple stones is that it speeds up the process of grinding.

Overload Protection

Look out for the overload protection feature on the wet grinders. This feature ensures that the motor stops working in case of an overload. It protects the life of the engine and enhances it. Under such circumstances, you have to reduce the load and start the machine again.

Additional attachments

Some of the present-day wet grinders come with additional accessories for coconut scraping and atta kneading. Alternatively, you get these attachments when you pay extra. You can remove the grinding stones and place these attachments in their place. Your wet grinder can knead atta and scrape coconuts beautifully.

Installation of Wet Grinders

The regular wet grinders are large appliances. It can be a challenging task to install them for the simple reason they are heavy. The grinding stone itself can be a heavy one. It is also difficult to clean these appliances.

The table top and tilting wet grinders are straightforward to install. In fact, you can detach the steel drum from the table-top grinders and remove the different parts. It allows you to clean them quickly.

The motor is the heart of the appliance. You should ensure to take care of the engine by overhauling it at frequent intervals. Check out the lubrication levels of the wheels. Similarly, check out the conveyor belts and ensure they are tight enough to function correctly. Do not keep the wet grinders near water surfaces.

Best Wet grinders brands

We have seen some of the most popular wet grinders in India. They are,

  • Elgi
  • Panasonic
  • Butterfly
  • Pigeon
  • Premier
  • Vidiem
  • You have some more such as Prestige, Ultra and Sowbaghya, and so on.

Best Wet Grinder – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of wet grinder should you opt for?

It depends on the size of your family and the requirement. The requirement of a South Indian family is different from that of the Indians from other parts of the country. The South Indian community tends to use these wet grinders more than the others as they regularly prepare idlis, dosas, and vadas.

Hence, they prefer to go for the bigger ones. Usually, the table top wet grinders of 2-litres capacity should be enough for a family of four to five members.

Smaller families can go for the 1.5-litre capacity grinders. Cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, and commercial establishments can opt for the regular wet grinders.

2. Why do the wet grinders make a lot of noise while working?

Grinding of pulses and cereals is a challenging task. You need the power to do so. Hence, you see these wet grinders having motors in the capacities of 90W to 150W.

These heavy-duty motors make a lot of noise. Also, you have the grinding stones rotating at reasonable speeds. These stones can also make a lot of noise. However, once the batter settles down, the noise level reduces.

3. What is the usual guarantee that manufacturers offer?

Various manufacturers provide warranties on the product and the motor. Specific manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on the motor whereas the 5-year warranty is the usual norm. However, you should understand that the warranty does not apply to the plastic parts of the appliance.

4. How long does it take for the wet grinders to complete one cycle?

The standard time taken for the completion of one cycle is around 20 minutes. If the wet grinder takes more than 20 minutes, you should check the motor and send it for an overhauling.

5. What happens if we overload the wet grinder?

The present-day best wet grinders come with overload protection. Thus, the grinder switches off automatically when you overload the machine. You have to reduce the load and restart the appliance.


  1. Ponmani is also best.
    Using for last 15 yrs
    Grinds fast.
    Batter is not getting heat.

    Service and parts were readily available.

  2. Can i buy (Elgi Ultra Plastic Fast Grind Table Top Wet Grinder (Fortune Red, 2 L)).

    Please Give me the suggestion on it whether to buy or not.

    Thank you…

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