A quality floor standing speaker systems are well known for spectacular sounding and can instantly supercharge your entertainment system.

They blend into spaces next to bookshelves or tv cabinet making use of vertical space pretty well. Not only do they look good but they also quite blissfully fill your living room with an enormous amount of quality decibels.

Everybody has their own type of preferences. Some people prefer floor standing combinational home theatre system and others like a powerful pair of speakers. We’ve set out options for both the kinds.

Floor standing vs Bookshelf speakers

Floor standing speakers are fantastic as they produce powerful and wider sound than bookshelf speakers do. But there are definitely situations where you could use both simultaneously for Hifi amplifier systems.

While we do love bookshelf speakers, they couldn’t produce equivalent raw power as the big guns put out.

Best Floor standing speakers

First things first, We are well aware of the fact that some of these would cost you premium 5 or even 6 figures. We only include a few of them because, for most people out here, it is total overkill.

While ranking, we have taken into account various factors like value for money, wattage and several other preferences by which we stand by.

The list below contains a pair of Floor standing/Tallboy speakers right out of the box unless mentioned otherwise.

Polk Audio S60 Signature American HiFi Tower Speaker Pair

Enjoy rich, clean, Full range sound for movies, gaming and Tv with Polk’s S60 signature American HiFi Tower speakers. Uncompromisingly these are one of the best floor standing HiFi speaker systems available in the market.

You cannot imagine how powerful they are, and how much punch and depth they have in their belly until you have one of these in your living room.

Their 3-way speaker system produces thunderous beats with extreme audio clarity and range. S60 signature speakers come with inbuilt subwoofers for which our daily based bass extension feels tiny.

Exclusive Polk Power port technology makes bass feel lively and impactful.

Key Features

  • Frequency response: 26 Hz → 40000 Hz
  • Wattage: 300w per channel
  • High-Resolution Polk Terylene Tweeter
  • Dual Gold Plated 5-Way Binding Posts
  • Anti-Diffraction Magnetic Grille

Verdict: Master of all trades.

2) YAMAHA NS-F71 240W Floor Standing Speakers

Like to Boost up your home theatre system? Well NS-F71 speakers add up even more light than you would expect from a mid-range device. They will form the core of your speaker system.

Their large gold plated terminals prevent loss of sound quality and a glossy black front baffle with two-tone finish make for an exquisite design.

They come with inbuilt subwoofers and the need for an external bass module is vague. 2-way audio input is quite enough to feel the punch of the media by and large without much compromise.

Overall, Yamaha made a powerful tower speaker system at a pretty reasonable price. Considering its balance between audio quality and value, this buy is a Hit.

Key features

  • Frequency response: 43 Hz → 26000 Hz
  • Wattage: 240w per channel
  • 2-way 3-speaker configuration
  • Anti-Diffraction Magnetic Grille

Verdict: Best in the segment.

3) Polk Audio Signature Series S55 American HiFi Tower Speaker Pair

A generously priced tallboy speakers without any major giveaways over sound quality is a steal. Polk audio kept up its reputation with the signature series as a mid-range champion.

Polk Signature series S55 American HiFi tower speakers, while it’s not as heavy duty as say the above-listed products, it does the job with diligence.

Action packed features like “ Exclusive Polk power port technology, 1” high-resolution tweeter, 6.5” mica-reinforced polypropylene cones for clean and clear audio etc.

While the rest of the basic information will be taken care by the e-commerce platforms, we provide you with some important features below.

Key Features

  • Frequency response: 32 Hz → 40000 Hz
  • Wattage: 200w per channel
  • High-Resolution Polk Terylene Tweeter
  • Dual Gold Plated 5-Way Binding Posts
  • Anti-Diffraction Magnetic Grille

Verdict: Best choice for mid-sized rooms!

4) Philips SPA9080B Multimedia Tower Speakers

Philips is known for delivering the best value with top-notch quality among its contemporaries. You will be surprised for the amount of audio and quality bass this product delivers.

Philips SPA9080B come with a handful of no Nonsense features that majority of the households in India use. Bluetooth connectivity, USB direct, FM tuner, Mic for enthusiastic singers and many more.

If you’re looking for a budget Floor standing speakers under 15000, this one stands a no-brainer. Go for it.

Key Features

  • Rich sound experience with powerful bass.
  • Bluetooth, USB, Mic connectivity, FM tuner, Remote control
  • Frequency response: 40Hz → 20000 Hz
  • Wattage: 90W RMS
  • Minimalistic Design

Verdict: Best Value for your Money!

5) Yamaha Speaker System Ns-8390

We couldn’t find a better option in our pursuit of efficient floor standing speakers with the best value in hand. Yamaha Ns- 8390 sounds great at the same time goes light on your pocket.

Needs an amplifier most of the times to drive these massive speaker systems that could easily form the centrepiece for your home theatre.

Looking at the spec sheet seems like Yamaha didn’t make major compromises beforehand. But there’s a catch, a good amplifier to drive these better is crucial for performance and precision.

Balancing out all the odds, Yamaha Ns- 8390 remains our choice for the top floor standing speakers under 20000.

Key Features

  • Gold-plated binding speaker posts for pure signal transfer.
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz → 27000 Hz
  • Wattage: 70W-220W
  • Magnetically shielded for video applications

Verdict: Well built for Home theatre systems.

6) Philips SPA9120B/94 Tower Speakers with Bluetooth

Packing a powerful bass in an elegant wooden cabinet that barely eats up space of your living room is here. Philips SPA9120B/94 caters a ton of features under an exciting price.

If your television is starving for a better sound extension whilst your pocket could stretch up to 20000 rupees, your choice should be this.

Very good for powering up mid-sized rooms with heart-thumping bass modules built in. Party freaks, movie lovers, music enthusiasts and you name it, everybody would find their interest pouring towards these.

Key Features

  • Frequency response: 40 Hz → 20000 Hz
  • Wattage: 80W
  • Bluetooth, USB, Wireless Mic, FM tuner, Remote control
  • Gold-plated binding speaker posts for pure signal transfer

Verdict: Ideal for Bass Lovers!

7) F&D T60xbrown Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

F&D began as an aggressive startup liked to be known for making quality audio products. Keeping the pricing and margin low key, always stood for best audio engineering and quality.

Falling back to our product, here we have a T60x wireless floor standing speakers. One of the most popular in F&D’s T series, very well known for best customer reviews online has put forward T60 to take on its rivals with a bang.

T60 is packed with features like USB, Bluetooth, Wireless connectivity, FM radio is truly a deal to stand in the race for the top floor standing speakers under 15000.

Key Features

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz → 20000 Hz
  • Wattage: 55W
  • Bluetooth, USB, Wireless Mic, FM tuner, Remote control
  • 4 inches woofer and 8 inches subwoofer for each channel

Verdict: Known for best customer reviews online.

8) OBAGE DT-2425 Dual Tower Multimedia Speaker System

These days of higher competition and demand has given new companies great hope and opportunities in the game of technology. Offering the customers great quality and value has made the top giants step up to a tough race.

One of such companies is OBAGE, known for their expertise in audio equipment. Their Product DT-2425 has seriously raised eyebrows in the segment. Having said that, makes us question some big giants in the market for their value provision.

Loaded with features on board, this could be a serious option for several buyers looking for the best floor standing speaker system under 5000 without any major compromise in audio quality.

Key Features

  • Frequency response: 30 Hz → 17000 Hz
  • Wattage: 50W
  • Bluetooth, Dual Aux connect
  • Distortionless playback

Verdict: Quality can’t get any cheaper!

9) Philips SPT-6660 2.0 Channel Tower Speakers

Get ready to deliver your best karaoke mixed with some playback. Philips SPT-6660 comes with dual mic inputs that lets you record simultaneously with your partner.

Elegant Philips design signature, built in bass modules sits around your tv module or bookshelf subtlety. SPT-6660 ticks all the boxes right in regard of numbers. Comes with bluetooth, USB connect, aux, and FM radio gives the user a breeze of options to maneuver. Makes it our choice for the best floor standing speaker under 10000.

Key Features

  • Frequency response: 40 Hz → 20000 Hz
  • Wattage: 80W
  • Bluetooth, USB, Wireless Mic, FM tuner,
  • Gold-plated binding speaker posts for pure signal transfer
  • Deeper bass modules.

Verdict: Best in class!

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