11th gen Ci3 1115G4 vs 10th gen Ci5 1035G1 – Which is better?

Here we compare the CPUs of two different generations and core versions. Generally, the higher core version offers better features. However, let us compare the two CPUs using various parameters to decide the better option.

Single-core PerformancePerformance in single-threaded apps and benchmarks8169
Overall PerformancePerformance involving all cores1619
Power EfficiencyEfficiency score of electricity consumption8985

 Here is the detailed comparison, parameter-wise.

CPU Speed2 x 3.0 GHz4 x 1.0GHzThough the Ci5 1035G1 has four cores, it displays slower CPU speed.
CPU ThreadsFourEightMore CPU threads indicate better multitasking and faster performance.
L2 Cache2.5GHz2.0GHzThe 11th gen Ci3 1115G4 has a bigger L2 cache by 0.5MB
L1 Cache192KB320KBIndicates a faster CPU
Turbo Clock Speed4.1GHz3.6GHzThe higher the turbo speed, the better is the performance.
GPU Turbo Speed1250MHz1050MhzWhen the GPU runs at low speeds below its limitations, the turbo speed boosts clock speed to deliver enhanced performances.
DirectX Version12.112.0The later version displays better graphics performances.
PCI Express Version4.0          3.0Indication of higher bandwidth and low latency
Geekbench v5 test12081040The Ci3 1115G4 is 16% faster than the Ci5 1035G1 version.
Number of coresTwoFourThe Ci5 1035G1 is a quad-core processor, whereas the 11th gen Ci3 CPU is dual-core.
Power Consumption28W15WThe Ci5 1035G1 consumes up to 46% less energy than the Ci3 1115G4.
PassMark Result (Single Core)27412383The Ci3 1115G4 has a 15.02% higher PassMark result (single-core)
PassMark Result (Multiple threads)64017981The Ci5 1035G1 performs better when you include multiple threads
PassMark Result (Overclocked)64657987When overclocked, the Ci5 processor is better than the Ci3 CPU
OpenGL version4.64.5The newer version supports better graphics.
Supports DisplaysFourThreeIt creates a larger workspace. Hence, you can work across multiple apps.

The 11th generation Ci3 1115G4 performs better than the Ci5 1035G4 CPU as it brings the advantages of the 11th generation Intel Core processors.

Source: Intel i3-1115G4,  Intel i5-1035G1

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