Intel Iris Xe DG1 Dedicated GPU Gaming Performance & Benchmarks!

Everyone knows about the integrated Intel UHD graphics available on all Intel CPUs. As these graphics are not the best for gaming and other graphics-intensive activities, Intel has introduced its discrete graphics card, Intel Xe DG1.

Iris Xe DG1

While this card does not compete with the latest graphics card offerings from NVidia or AMD, the latest Benchmarks shows this discrete graphics card has the potential to deliver a decent 1080p Gaming performance.

The initial benchmark of this Intel discrete graphics card released in April 2021 showed its performance to be inferior to the Radeon RX 550, released in 2017.

CyberPower PC with IRIS Xe DG1

However, a recent test on the DG1 card included in a prebuilt $749.99 CyberPower PC gaming system revealed that the card could deliver a decent gaming performance across various games.

Intel Iris Xe DG1 Specifications

Execution Units / Shading Units80 / 640
Memory4GB LPDDR4X 4266 MHz RAM
Clock Speed1500 MHz Boost Clock Speed

The low TDP is advantageous because it can be passively cooled and does not require external PCIe power connectors.

While carrying out the tests, YouTube channel ETA Prime replaced the original 8GB DDR4 3000 MHz RAM with a dual-channel 16GB DDR4 3600 MHz RAM to ensure an uplifting performance.

The system featured an 11th gen Intel Core i5 11400F CPU. Earlier, Intel had stated that the discrete graphics card DG1 could be paired with the 9th and 10th gen Intel Core CPUs alone.

The gaming benchmarks displayed promising results showing the Xe DG1 capable of handling various games at 1080p at normal to low settings. Here is the game-wise average FPS performance of the Intel Iris Xe DG1.

GameResolutionGraphics PresetFrame Rate (Average)
Forza Horizon 41080pLow60 to 70
Injustice 21080pLow55 to 60
Overwatch1080pMedium65 to 85
Fortnite1080pPerformance130 to 180
Genshin Impact1080pMedium55 to 60
Rocket League1080pHigh80 to 100
GTA 51080pNormal75 to 90
Cyberpunk 2077720pLow25 to 35
Red Dead Redemption 2900pLow30 to 50

Performance-wise, the Intel Iris Xe DG1 seems to be on par with the latest Ryzen APUs. However, the next version of Intel, Xe-HPG (DG2), had at least one SKU featuring 512 Rus. Thus, one can place its performance somewhere between the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080.   

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