Intel UHD Graphics 620 vs AMD Radeon Vega 6

Entry level Laptops do not come with discrete graphics. One has to manage with integrated graphics.

Laptops with Intel Core CPUs use Intel UHD graphics, whereas those with AMD Ryzen processors use Radeon Vega 6 graphics.

Intel UHD Graphics 620 vs AMD Radeon Vega 6

Let us compare the Intel UHD graphics 620 with Radeon Vega 6 graphics.

ParametersIntel UHD Graphics 620Radeon Vega 6Inference
Effective 3D Speed4.84%7.37%A measure of 3D gaming performance compared to NVidia RTX2060 (100%)
Average Score
Lighting5.98fps8.74fpsGPUs ability to render complex lighting effects
Reflection9.19fps11.3fpsIndicates reflection handling
Multi-rendering7.36fps9.39fpsRender target array and geometric shading performance
Gravity6.37fps9.55fpsCompute and render Nbody particle system
Overclocked Score
Lighting7.3fps11.5fpsRadeon Vega displays better peak lighting effects
Reflection20.8fps14.5fpsThe Intel UHD 620 displays better peak reflection handling
Multi-rendering10.6fps12.3fpsFaster multi-rendering
Gravity8.9fps11.1fpsFaster peak Nbody calculation

When you compare the Intel UHD graphics 620 with the Radeon Vega 6 graphics, the above comparison shows the Vega 6 graphics to be much better.

An average bench score of 4.84% makes the Intel UHD graphics 620 suitable for general computing tasks. At the same time, the Radeon Vega 6 graphics displays satisfactory gaming performances at low settings.

Both these graphics cannot run anywhere near the highest settings on any game.

Source: Intel, Notebookcheck

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