11 Best Gaming Laptops Under ₹80000 (India, 2021) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

The younger generation’s outlook has changed a lot. In the good old days, youngsters used to play outdoor games and indulge in activities like reading books in their pastime. Today, the world has turned topsy-turvy with more youngsters sitting glued in front of their laptops, mobiles, and PCs playing virtual games. Hence, you see the … Read more

11 Best Gaming Laptops under ₹70000 (India, 2021) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Playing games on the computer has always fascinated people, young and the old alike. One can expect a spurt in online gaming, especially with teenagers and other young graduates immersing themselves into online computer games like PUBG and others. A gaming laptop can thus be an ideal companion for such people. Gaming laptops, like any … Read more

10 Best Laptops under ₹70000 in India (2021) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Laptops have become more of a necessity than a luxury today. Almost every house has a computer or two. Students use their laptops for studies and gaming, whereas the modern-day professional uses it for his/her daily work. The easy accessibility to the internet has encouraged people to invest in laptops. The most significant advantage that … Read more

9 Best Laptops under ₹60000 in India (2021) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

best laptop under 60000

With the world rapidly moving towards advanced technology and the internet, computers and laptops have become commonplace in every household today. Rarely could you come across any student in India who does not own a laptop? Many state governments have started gifting laptops to school students to ensure that students get exposure to the technology … Read more

11 Best i7 laptops in India (2021) 10th Gen and 9th Gen!

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9 Best i5 Laptops in India 2021 (10th Gen) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

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