The world is facing a tremendous shortage of drinking water. It is ironical that we face drinking water shortage when more than 70% of our planet comprises of water.

This is because more than 98% of this water is either in the form of seas and oceans or hidden away in glaciers. This leaves the entire world with just 2% of water to use.

You have agriculture and industries that need water as well. In addition, environmental factors like global warming etc are playing havoc with the seasons thereby reducing the supply of fresh drinking water a great deal. This places great emphasis on saving water.

Let us now share some simple tips that can help you save water in everyday life.

1. Turn off the tap while brushing teeth

This is simple logic that you do not need the water to flow continuously as you brush your teeth. You could do better to turn the tap off and open it when you really need water. The same logic applies when you wash your hands. You can turn off the water supply when you scrub your hands with soap. This can save gallons of water in the long run.

Use a shower bucket

The water can take some time to heat up. Therefore, while waiting for your shower water to heat up, use a shower bucket to collect the cold water instead of allowing it to flow down the drains. You can use this water to flush your toilet or even water your plants.

Use the flush wisely

Repeatedly flushing the toilet is not necessary. You can use it wisely and save a lot of water.

Fix up the leaks on time

Water leakage is very common in every house. Fix up an appointment with your plumber and plug the leaks immediately. You end up saving gallons of water per day.

Reuse cooking water

Do not throw away the water after boiling your vegetables. Collect this water in a different container and allow it to cool before using it to water your plants.

Reduce your shower time

Cleanliness is important, but that does not mean you spend hours beneath the shower. You end up wasting tremendous amounts of water in the bargain.

Go for high-efficiency appliances

Invest in a high-quality washing machine that can save water. The front load washing machines are a better option than the top load ones.

Efficient faucets can save the day

Invest in efficient plumbing equipment such as low-flush toilet, efficient shower heads, sense-rated washing machines and dishwashers, etc. This will help you save water. Ensure that you use these machines to the optimum level. Do not let them run unless they are full.

Prune your garden

Watering the lawns and the plants can take a heavy toll of your water requirements. Use waste water from the RO water purifying machines for watering your plants.

Do rainwater harvesting

Ensure that you have rainwater harvesting arrangements in place at your residence. This can help recharge the groundwater levels.

Heading to a car wash is a better option

Washing your car consumes a lot of water. Head over to the nearest car wash that recycles the wastewater.

Efficient Plumbing options

Using a float valve in your overhead tank allows you to control the flow of water. Connect the same to the water pump whereby the pump automatically switches off when the tank becomes full.

The twelve tips listed above can help you save a lot of water on a daily basis. Water conservation is of utmost importance. Recycling water is one way of saving a lot of water.

You can always use the waste water from your house for watering the lawns or cleaning the toilets, etc. One way of saving water is to water the plants in the morning when the temperatures are lower. You will end up using less water.

Remember, every person has the responsibility of saving water. Your contribution might be small, but collectively, you will be able to save a lot.

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