HDR10 vs HDR10+ | What’s the difference?

TV manufacturers are committed to delivering the best available technology to their customers. Hence, you find some innovation or the other, frequently introduced on the latest television brands. HDR10+ is the latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) format available today. It is an improved version of HDR10. We shall discuss HDR10 and HDR10+ to understand their … Read more

11 Best 32 inch Smart TV in India (2021) | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

Until recently, the TV was synonymous with the term “Idiot Box.” Now, there is a generational shift, with TVs becoming smarter and less expensive than ever before. A 32-inches smart TV is now available under Rs 15,000, an unheard-of proposition, about four to five years back. Secondly, with features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth compatibility, FHD, etc. … Read more