Vanjari Srinivasa Chaithanya | My Journey From A Small Town Kid To A Self Made Individual

I begin by thanking all my website visitors for the exemplary support they have provided over the past four years. It has enabled me to traverse the challenging path from a small-town kid to a self-made individual successfully.

A Brief Intro

I am Vanjari Srinivasa Chaithanya, the founder of At present, I am residing in Hyderabad. However, my roots are in Gudur, a small town in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh.

Though I am successful in life today, I can say with conviction that my life has not been a bed of roses. I had a humble upbringing in life. I thank both my parents for instilling in me values of discipline that would, later on, stand me in good stead in life.

My Early Days

My father was into the construction business, and my mother was a schoolteacher in Gudur. I had my initial schooling in G V S Sankariah English Medium School. After completing my initial education, I did my B. Tech in Information Technology from Narayana Engineering College, Gudur from 2010-14.

Our Family Struggles

These four years of my life were the most tumultuous with my father suffering massive losses in the construction business. We had to sell off all our property and come to Hyderabad with virtually nothing on our hands.

At that time, I was in the third year of my engineering degree.

My father had a printing press at home in Gudur. He started working in a press again in Hyderabad, and my mother took up the job of a schoolteacher in a local school. I completed my engineering degree despite these financial issues.

My Childhood Passion

We had a computer in our printing press. Right since the time I was a kid, I had a particular interest in the functioning of computers and its hardware aspects. Like other schoolkids of my age, I used to play a lot of games like GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Counter-Strike, Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, WWE, Call of Duty, Battle-Field, FIFA, etc.

We did not have much money in those days to purchase the original game CDs. Hence, I used to download them using µTorrent and TPB The Pirate Bay. I realised later in life that it was unethical to use such sites, but I learned a lot of software and video editing from these sites. Initially, it was fun, but later on, it proved useful in life.

The First Spark Of Encouragement

Seeing my potential to do something different, one of my friends, Mr Charwaka, advised me that I could make money online through YouTube.

As I did not have money to purchase a laptop, I borrowed money from my brother and used his credit card to buy my first laptop. At that time, I was in my final year of engineering.

Learning Lessons The Hard Way

One of my friends casually suggested that we could start a YouTube channel in partnership and earn money online through Google AdSense. I admit that we were greenhorns in this business. We started uploading random videos downloaded from the internet without having any idea about copyrights issues.

Though we made some money initially, our AdSense account got banned because of copyrights. This incident woke me up to the fact that nothing can be better than original content. It made us realise that we should shoot and upload original videos to avoid such instances in the future.

My only aim was to make money to fund my education and other expenses. I did not want to be dependent on my parents, who have seen the worst phase of their lives recently.

The Start Of A New Journey

As I had a technical background, I started making tech YouTube videos, “How to” videos, solving errors, smartphone news, and similar content. Though I did not have a proper English accent, I managed to make around $500 a month by the end of 2015.

It was approximately this time that I started learning WordPress and other activities like creating websites, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc., using online resources like Shoutmeloud, WpBeginner, NeilPatel, Backlinko.

In 2015, I created my first website and started writing content on my own.

I monetised my website using Google AdSense. Though I was making around $500 a month, it was sufficient for an average Indian family. However, my parents did not know anything about my entrepreneurial experiments. I wanted to surprise them later on.

Subsequently, I learned about the Amazon Affiliate Marketing program. I applied for the same in 2016 and received the approval quickly. The year 2016 saw the introduction of my Amazon affiliate website Kitchenarena. in. My endeavour was to educate homemakers about the functioning of various kitchen appliances and helping them to decide the ideal one for their homes.

The Beginning Of A Fruitful Partnership

Somewhere around 2017, I found my first writer, Mrs Geetha Srinivasan, on the website She was a homemaker from Chennai. Together, we started posting excellent content on the website. Her writing skills and my SEO expertise was the perfect partnership I was looking for a long time.

I started using all the SEO skills I had cultivated over the past one year or so to good effect in making rank consistently on the first page of Google. Gradually, the web traffic started improving considerably. As a result of which, I started making approximately Rs 1.50 lakhs per month by the end of 2017.

The Setting Up Of VSBytes.Com

The success of encouraged me to open a second website to cater exclusively to electronics appliances like computers, laptops, televisions, Wi-Fi routers, etc. Initially, we hosted our websites on SiteGround. Though it was a good hosting platform, it did not have an extended reach.

Thus, I shifted to Kinsta that has a data centre in Mumbai, thereby making it easy for me to reach out to my predominantly Indian audiences.

Both the websites started working beautifully. As I found it challenging to manage both the websites separately, I decided to merge them into one,

Kinsta, a quality WordPress hosting site, helped in quick uploading of our website content. Though the pricing is a bit on the higher side, it is worth spending more to get quality output.

We started customising our website to make it load even more quickly. Succuri takes care of our website security, whereas we use the theme, Newspaper.

The Fruits Of Patience Taste Sweet

Our patience started paying off, whereby we started earning around Rs 5 lakhs per month by the end of 2018. Our primary source of income was the commission earned through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

For the designing aspect and marketing, I used to get it done through freelancers available on content milling sites like and

Throughout my struggles as an Amazon Associate, I was helped generously by my friends, my writer Geetha, and her son Padmanabhan who joined hands recently.

The thrilling part of it all was that my parents did not know what and how I was earning money. I had planned to save the money in Fixed Deposits and pay off all their loans.

A Major Twist In My Journey

My aim was to surprise my parents. However, nature had its ideas. In October 2019, my father had to undergo major surgery. They were worried about arranging their finances. At that time, I disclosed my earnings to them and took care of my father and helped him to recover from the trauma.

My father advised me that I should purchase a house as it could help me get income tax concessions. On his advice, I bought an apartment in My Home Bhooja, Hyderabad. We will be getting the possession of the house early in 2021.

I also cleared off many personal loans that we had using the money I made from the website VSBytes.

This site helped me earn around Rs 2.50 crores in 2019-20.

Our Achievements

Some of our significant achievements are as follows.

  • Our website VSBytes won the Amazon Associates Contest in August 2020, and our website got featured on the Amazon website.
  • We have worked with major websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Lenovo, LG, Kent, HUL, EMMA, The Sleep Company, and others.
  • Our website was also featured on major sites like Deccan Chronicle, Deccan Herald, Hindustan Times, Yahoo, Reuters, and Microsoft, and others.

Future Plans:

In 2021, I wish to start my own fashion ecommerce website for which I am making the necessary preparations.

The Lessons I learnt

The struggles in life have taught me many things.

  • Nothing comes easy in life. You have to work hard to earn your living.
  • Opportunities do not come your way often, but when it comes, you should grab it with both hands.
  • One should always remain rooted to the ground as you never know when times can change.

I wish to express my gratitude to Amazon, Mrs Geetha Srinivasan, and my parents, for helping me to overcome the challenges in life.

This fruitful journey from being a small-town kid to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not over yet. Life has challenges, and I am ready to face the same. I know that I have sturdy shoulders to lean on whenever I need them.